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One had to know that he had used the Ink Force from his Small Universe to deceive Lang Ya Paradise’s Ink Disciple. If the other end of the Void Corridor really was the Ink Battlefield, it was highly likely that he would encounter the Ink Clan or Ink Disciple, so Yang Kai’s disguise provided a certain degree of security.

Outside the Void Corridor, many Divine Monarchs were discussing what they knew about the Ink Battlefield with Yang Kai.

Yang Kai took note of all of this.

However, just as Six Wood Divine Monarch had said before, they didn’t know much about the Ink Battlefield, and all the information they had obtained was from outside the No-Return Pass. If it was in the the Ink Battlefield, as long as one paid close attention, they would be able to obtain this information, but for Yang Kai, it would be extremely helpful.

Several days passed in the blink of an eye.

The rate at which the Ancient Seal's power in the Void Corridor dissipated seemed to have increased significantly.

Mo Sha Divine Monarch said, “We can’t wait any longer, hurry up and seal it.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Seniors, please wait a moment!”

Saying so, he turned around and walked towards the group from High Heaven Palace.

The women stood at the very front, all of them staring at him with complicated expressions, their eyes filled with worry and unwillingness. When they got closer, Yang Kai simply smiled at them and didn’t try to comfort them. Saying anything to comfort them at this time was just deceiving himself; everyone knew how dangerous this trip was.

Standing at the very front, Yu Rumeng’s red lips trembled slightly, as if she wanted to say something, but in the end, she couldn’t say anything. All she could say was, “Be careful!”

Yang Kai nodded, “I will.”

Suddenly, his gaze swept across the crowd and towards the depths of the void where a few streaks of light were rushing towards.

Looking carefully, Yang Kai saw that there were indeed people rushing towards him. Yang Kai let out a long sigh, finally arriving at the last moment.

A short while later, the few streaks of light arrived and revealed themselves. The one leading them was Lan Youruo, who had left the Black Territory a few months ago and returned to the Star Boundary.

Perhaps it was because they had been rushing all this time, but even though Lan Youruo was now a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, she had consumed a great deal of energy and her aura was weak and her face was slightly pale.

“Proprietress has worked hard!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Lan Youruo stared at him hatefully before turning her eyes towards the Void Corridor and asking in a pained voice, “Is this still the conclusion?”

Yang Kai said helplessly, “There’s no other way.”

Lan Youruo pursed her lips and didn’t answer. She also knew that the trend of the world was not something that could be changed by one’s own strength. The Cave Heaven Paradise had already decided, so now they could only act according to plan.

Yang Kai turned to look at the people behind her. The fat Chen Tian Fei, Yun Xinghua, Black River, and Hua Qing Si had all been brought here by the Proprietress from the Star Boundary.

The group hurriedly bowed.

Yang Kai nodded slightly and called out one by one, “Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, Zhou Ya, Grey Bones, Black River, Chen Fatty, Yun Xinghua!”

“This subordinate is here!” The seven of them stepped forward.

“Back then, for various reasons, I recruited all of you into the Loyalty List. I know that some of you have some complaints about me, but that doesn’t matter. It has been hard on all of you over the years, and with all of your hard work, we were able to obtain the current High Heaven Palace and Void Land. All of you have contributed greatly to the Sect. Now that my fate is uncertain, I’ll set you free today. You may leave or stay, but I hope that when we meet again in the future, we can still drink and chat happily, no need to hate each other!”

Saying so, Yang Kai took out the Loyalty List, took the Xiezhi horn, and forced out a drop of Blood Essence to dip into it, drawing out everyone’s lives.

As the blood seeped into the Loyalty List, the names on the page gradually faded and disappeared.

The seven people who had left their names on the Loyalty List suddenly felt a sense of relief, as if they had been freed from some kind of shackles.

Mao Zhe frowned slightly as he looked at Yang Kai with a complicated expression.

Of all the people who had been accepted by the Loyalty List, he was the one who was most unwilling to accept this result. Back then, he had endured this humiliation in order to one day break through to the Seventh Order and escape the limits of the Loyalty List.

He had only heard that breaking through to the Seventh Order would allow him to break free from the restrictions of the Loyalty List, but he didn’t know if it would actually work, but he had been working hard for this matter all these years.

He had never thought that Yang Kai would actually take the initiative to dissolve the master and servant relationship between them, causing him to feel slightly surprised and relieved.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know Yang Kai was going to seal the Void Corridor these days, nor did he know what Yang Kai might encounter.

He, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya’s lives were tied to Yang Kai. If anything happened to Yang Kai, they would not have a good time.

Now that the restrictions of the Loyalty List had been lifted, he no longer had to worry about the lives of the three of them being implicated because of Yang Kai.

However, he was not as happy as he had imagined.

Thinking back to the days he had spent in the Void Land and High Heaven Palace over the past few years, it could be said that he had lived an extremely relaxed life. He had status, and a large amount of resources!

He had not been able to break through to the Seventh Order because of his lack of comprehension.

Now that he had obtained freedom, even if he left High Heaven Palace and the Void Land, where else could he find such a luxurious cultivation environment?

For Yang Kai to make this choice at the last moment, it was obvious he had been thinking about this matter, which also meant that this trip was extremely dangerous.

Even he wasn’t sure if he could survive.

“Sect Master, since we’ve already entered the Void Land, we won’t have any second thoughts. Sect Master, don’t worry, the Sect will be protected by us, so you won’t have any worries,” Mao Zhe cupped his fists.

Geng Qing and Zhou Ya also said, “Sect Master can rest assured!”

Chen Tian Fei’s face was filled with tears and snot, “Sect Master, regardless of whether I am loyal or not, I, Chen Tian Fei, am a member of the Void Land. If I die, I will be a ghost of the Void Land. I will never betray the Sect, otherwise, I will die a miserable death! With me, Chen Tian Fei, protecting the Sect, the Sect will not suffer any losses!”

Mao Zhe glanced over, a look of disdain appearing on his face. This bootlicker had always been like this, and what could a mere Fourth Order Open Heaven cultivator do? He actually dared to boast so shamelessly.

Yun Xinghua and Black River quickly expressed their loyalty when they heard the others say so.

To be honest, they had been living quite well in the Void Land these past few years. Any other Sect would not have been able to provide them with so many cultivation resources. If they were driven away now, they would not leave either.

Grey Bones wasn’t so emotional and simply asked, “Sect Master, do you want me to go with you? At least we can take care of each other.”

Yang Kai waved his hand, “This trip will be dangerous, and we’ll have to pass through the Void Corridor. I’m still quite weak, so if I bring you along, I’ll have to take care of you.”

When Grey Bones heard this, he didn’t say anything more. If he really became a burden, he might as well not go.

The seven people from the Loyalty List had removed their restrictions, while Luan Bai Feng and Xin Peng had long since broken free from the restraints of the Loyalty List, so there was naturally no need for them to waste any more effort.

Yang Kai then turned to Hua Qing Si and said, “Chief Manager, I’ll have to trouble you with the Sect’s matters in the future.”

Hua Qing Si squeezed out a smile, “Sect Master, don’t worry, when you return one day, I will definitely return a Sect thousands of times better to you!”

Along the way, she had also heard some things from Lan Youruo, so she was well aware of the dangers of Yang Kai’s trip.

It could be said that this was the greatest risk Yang Kai had ever taken. This was not something that could be resolved by accident, but rather, if he was unlucky, he would die.

As for luck, who could say for sure?

Yu Rumeng suddenly clenched her teeth and said, “You must survive, if you die, I will bring all my sisters and remarry! I mean what I say!”

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded seriously, not knowing if he was guaranteeing his survival or about their remarriage.

Everything that needed to be said had been said, and everything had been taken care of.

Yang Kai took a few steps back and looked towards the group from High Heaven Palace, his expression solemn as he cupped his fists, “Everyone, farewell!”

Sweeping his gaze over Yu Rumeng and the others, his eyes became profound, as if he wanted to forever remember their appearances.

Saying so, he turned around and flew towards the Void Corridor.

The girls endured for a long time, not giving Yang Kai any trouble before he left, but when he turned around, none of them could hold back their tears.

However, no one said anything and continued to endure!

Yu Rumeng clenched her fists so tightly that her fingernails dug into her flesh, causing fresh blood to flow out.

In front of the Void Corridor, Yang Kai nodded slightly to the many Eighth Order Supreme Elders, “Junior is ready.”

All the Eighth Order Cultivator cupped their fists and bowed respectfully.

The heavy burden of maintaining the peace of 3000 Worlds was placed on the back of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, making them feel very uncomfortable.

However, they also knew that other than Yang Kai, no one else could do this. Only he could seal the Void Corridor.

Fortunately, he was a man of his word and did not refuse.

To have this child in the 3000 Worlds was truly a blessing.

“Good luck, long fortune!” Six Wood shouted.

“Good luck, long fortune!” The voices rang out from the Cave Heaven Paradise’s Open Heaven Stage cultivators, resounding throughout the universe.

Yang Kai nodded slightly before turning around and rushing towards the Void Corridor.

The opening of the Void Corridor swallowed Yang Kai’s figure.

Not long after, the Void Corridor’s entrance suddenly began to tremble as the massive black hole began to rapidly shrink.

In less than an hour, the entrance had disappeared.

Many Supreme Elders quickly released their Divine Senses to carefully investigate, exchanging glances before nodding slightly.

Even with their cultivation, they couldn’t find anything wrong with the Void Corridor’s original location. In other words, the Void Corridor’s entrance had been completely sealed. Only someone like Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Space Laws, could open it again. Otherwise, no matter how powerful one’s methods were, they would never be able to find this entrance.

However, the Cave Heaven Paradise did not dare to be careless. After a brief discussion, they decided to make the Black Territory a restricted area and seal the Black Territory’s Domain Gates. No one from the 3000 Worlds was allowed to enter without permission, and they also had to send at least one Eighth Order Supreme Elder to guard this place all year round.

The Chaotic Dead Territory was the same. Every year, an Eighth Order Supreme Elder would lead a team to oversee the Domain Gate and monitor the movements of the Chaotic Dead Territory. Now, it was the same for the Black Territory.


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