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At Myriad Demon Heaven’s camp, Yang Kai naturally received a warm reception, and after a banquet, he was quite drunk.

On the other hand, Mo Sha Divine Monarch had not shown his face from beginning to end. It was only when Yu Rumeng proposed to bid farewell to her master that someone led the two of them to pay their respects.

Inside an empty hall, the two of them entered hand in hand and the door to the hall slammed shut.

A person sat cross-legged in the middle of the hall, his Demonic Qi thick to the point of being tangible, it was Mo Sha Divine Monarch.

“Master!” Yu Rumeng bowed.

Yang Kai also bowed.

Mo Sha Divine Monarch opened his eyes and stretched out his hand, gently lifting the two of them up.

Mo Sha Divine Monarch’s raised hand didn’t fall, instead pointing towards Yang Kai.

Yu Rumeng and Yang Kai hadn’t expected Mo Sha Divine Monarch to suddenly act like this, not to mention that the other party’s Eighth Order Open Heaven power had suddenly appeared, making it difficult for them to defend themselves.

Caught off guard, Yang Kai was hit by a finger strike.

With a muffled groan, Yang Kai involuntarily staggered back a few steps.

“Master!” Yu Rumeng’s face paled as she quickly stepped in front of Yang Kai. She knew that Yang Kai and Myriad Demons Heaven had some kind of grudge, so she thought that Mo Sha Divine Monarch was trying to harm Yang Kai.

Yang Kai placed his hand on Yu Rumeng’s shoulder and pulled her behind him, slowly shaking his head, indicating that he was fine.

However, under this finger, his eyes burned as if they had been set on fire. In the next moment, his left eye turned into a golden vertical eye while his right eye turned pitch-black.

At first glance, it looked like his right eye had been inked, but this was different from being inked, it was just a kind of Secret Technique.

“Demon Eye of Annihilation, Purgatory Black Pupil!” Mo Sha Divine Monarch nodded slightly before standing up and walking over to Yang Kai with his hands behind his back. After carefully examining his eyes and confirming that there was no mistake, he narrowed his eyes and asked, “Did you kill Ti Zheng?”

Saying so, he shook his head, “No, although Ti Zheng’s cultivation is not bad, he has never cultivated these two eye techniques. My Myriad Demons Heaven’s two great secrets are not something anyone can cultivate.”

Yang Kai endured the discomfort in his eyes and said in a low voice, “So the Divine Monarch had already noticed.”

Of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, the reason why he hated the people of Myriad Demons Heaven the most was not only because he had some grievances with them in his early years, but also because of these two great eye techniques.

Back in Shattered Heaven, Ti Zheng had noticed that Yang Kai possessed these two Great Eye Techniques and was very concerned about them. He had even offered to buy them, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t agree.

Before this, he had never displayed these two great eye techniques in front of Ti Zheng.

However, Ti Zheng was still able to sense it. It could only be said that Myriad Demons Heaven’s people had a special perception towards those who possessed these two great eye techniques.

Ti Zheng was a Seventh Order, Mo Sha’s Eighth Order Divine Monarch cultivation was naturally stronger.

During his time in the Black Territory, Yang Kai had deliberately avoided the Myriad Demons Heaven’ High Rank Open Heaven because he didn’t want to attract any trouble. The last time he had come to welcome the bride, Mo Sha Divine Monarch hadn’t said anything, so Yang Kai had thought he had gotten away with it, but now it seemed that the other party didn’t want to say anything and hadn’t noticed.

At this moment, it was unknown what Mo Sha Divine Monarch had done, but his two Great Eye Techniques had been involuntarily revealed, making it impossible to conceal.

Mo Sha Divine Monarch’s eyes flashed slightly as his left eye transformed into a golden vertical eye while his right eye became pitch-black like a black hole. In that instant, Yang Kai felt a sharp pain in his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, Mo Sha Divine Monarch’s eyes returned to normal.

Yang Kai suddenly realized that this person in front of him had also cultivated these two great eye techniques, and it was obvious that they were much more profound than his own, so it was not surprising that he was able to detect them.

“These two Great Eye Techniques are the secrets of Myriad Demon Heavens, not even ordinary disciples can come into contact with them. Where did you obtain them from?” Mo Sha Divine Monarch asked curiously.

Previously, he had thought that Yang Kai had killed Ti Zheng and taken it from him, but Ti Zheng himself had never cultivated these two great eye techniques.

Now that things had come to this, there was no point in hiding it from Mo Sha Divine Monarch, an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, not to mention that he was going to seal the Void Corridor soon. Mo Sha Divine Monarch would definitely not try to kill him at this time, so it would be better to be a bit more straightforward.

Feeling emboldened, Yang Kai quickly explained how he had obtained these two Great Eye Techniques.

Mo Sha Divine Monarch couldn’t help clicking his tongue in amazement, not having expected the entire process to be so complicated.

Yang Kai had obtained the Demon Eye of Annihilation a long time ago when he was still in Tongxuan Continent, his Purgatory Black Pupil were obtained much later.

However, these two seemingly unrelated eye techniques actually came from the same source.

“Mo Sheng…” Mo Sha Divine Monarch frowned and muttered to himself. He had never heard of this name before, but according to Yang Kai’s description, this person should have been a character from a long time ago. It was unknown what kind of unforeseen event he had encountered that caused his cultivation to fall greatly, causing him to be unable to break free from the world's shackles and be trapped in the Star Boundary.

Otherwise, he could have sent a message to Myriad Demons Heaven and asked them to bring him back to the Sect.

“That’s exactly what happened. Obtaining these two Great Eye Techniques was a coincidence, it wasn’t intentional.”

Mo Sha Divine Monarch looked up at him and said, “Whether it was by chance or intentional, this is my Myriad Demon Heavens’secret.”

Yang Kai asked, “Then what does Divine Monarch intend to do?”

Yu Rumeng couldn’t help feeling nervous. Speaking of which, she was the one who had chosen to return to the family. If Yang Kai was really in danger because of this, she would feel guilty.

Only now did she understand why a Senior Sister from the Myriad Demons Heaven had suddenly run over to her a few days ago, intentionally or unintentionally waking her up and giving her the idea of returning to her family's home.

It was clear that Mo Sha Divine Monarch had secretly ordered this to see her husband and confirm some things. The other families’ return was just a cover.

Mo Sha Divine Monarch slowly said, “Since it is a secret technique of Myriad Demons Heaven, naturally it cannot be leaked out. Either I cripple your two Great Eye Techniques or you become my Myriad Demons Heaven’s disciple.”

Yu Rumeng forced a smile and said, “Master, although my husband did not enter Myriad Demons Heaven, he is still the son-in-law of Myriad Demons Heaven and can be considered one of them.”

Mo Sha Divine Monarch shook his head, “We can’t mix them together.”

Yu Rumeng was just about to speak when Yang Kai raised his hand and interrupted her, staring at Mo Sha Divine Monarch and saying, “Entering the Myriad Demons Heaven is absolutely impossible. I don’t want to crippled these Great Eye Techniques, after all, I don’t know if I will become blind after my Eye Techniques is crippled. Does Divine Monarch have any other choice?”

“What choice do you want?” Mo Sha Divine Monarch looked at him with a faint smile.

“Divine Monarch pretending not to know?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Mo Sha Divine Monarch nearly burst out laughing as he snorted, “Do you think that’s possible?”

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “Since that’s the case, then Divine Monarch can only kill me!”

Mo Sha Divine Monarch’s brow twitched, “You think I won’t kill you?”

Yang Kai sneered, “If Divine Monarch kills me, your disciple will become a widow!”

Yu Rumeng nodded, “Please show mercy, Master.”

Mo Sha Divine Monarch lightly said, “The Cave Heaven Paradise has existed for countless years, and in the battle with the Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield, countless manpower have been invested. Which family doesn’t have thousands of orphans and widows?”

This topic was a bit heavy.

Yang Kai fell silent for a moment before turning to look at the worried Yu Rumeng, “Don’t be afraid, the Divine Monarch is just scaring people. I still need to seal the Void Corridor later, he won’t do anything to me.”

Yu Rumeng was also quite concerned, but after being reminded by Yang Kai, she finally reacted. Yang Kai was responsible for sealing the Void Corridor, and in all of the 3000 Worlds, no one but him was qualified to do so, so how could Mo Sha Divine Monarch possibly kill him?

If he really did that, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself to the other Cave Heaven Paradise.

Yang Kai turned to look at Mo Sha Divine Monarch and said, “Divine Monarch, just tell me what you want to do, it’s quite uncomfortable to beat around the bush.”

Mo Sha Divine Monarch let out a light snort. Yang Kai’s fearless appearance was truly infuriating. If it was any other time, he wouldn’t have spoken so much.

But now, Yang Kai really couldn’t be touched.

Moreover, he had called Yang Kai over today not to make things difficult for him.

Pondering for a moment, he suddenly flicked his finger and a jade slip flew towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai raised his hand and grabbed it before probing it with his Divine Sense, his brow immediately furrowing, “Divine Monarch, this is…”

“The Ink Battlefield is extremely dangerous. Your Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivation is too low, it’s too late for you to try to break through now. The Cave Heaven Paradise owes you a favor, Myriad Demons Heaven has nothing good to offer. Since you’ve managed to obtain these two Great Eye Techniques, you should focus on cultivating it,” Mo Sha Divine Monarch said lightly, “My Myriad Demons Heaven’s Secret Art is extremely powerful, it’s not what you think it is. Your current cultivation is far from perfect!”

“Many thanks, Divine Monarch!” Yang Kai was overjoyed.

“Scram!” Mo Sha Divine Monarch waved his hand impatiently. To him, today’s matter was just a small matter, it was a loss of face, but the situation was special, so it was not appropriate for him to pursue it any further.

Yang Kai and Yu Rumeng bowed and bid farewell to Mo Sha Divine Monarch.

On the way back from the Myriad Demons Heaven camp, Yu Rumeng finally had the time to ask what Mo Sha Divine Monarch had given Yang Kai.

“The cultivation methods of those two Great Eye Techniques,” Yang Kai explained.

After obtaining these two Great Eye Techniques, although his cultivation had increased and the power of his Eye Technique had also increased, Yang Kai had never truly cultivated it, much less practice it.

Now that Mo Sha Divine Monarch had taken the initiative to give him this cultivation technique, Yang Kai was truly overjoyed.

This was a great gift.

Whether it was the Demon Eye of Annihilation or the Purgatory Black Pupil, they were both secrets of the Myriad Demons Heaven. In the Myriad Demons Heaven, ordinary disciples were not even qualified to cultivate them, and only the elite disciples were fortunate enough to cultivate one of them.

Under normal circumstances, for an outsider like Yang Kai to possess these two Secret Techniques, Myriad Demons Heaven’s side would definitely want to fight him to the death and would definitely kill him to prevent the Secret Techniques from leaking out.

But now, the situation was different. Yang Kai was going to seal the Void Corridor soon, so Mo Sha Divine Monarch couldn’t be bothered to act as such.


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