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Inside the room, Yang Kai sat quietly.

The problem Tao Lingwan was facing seemed to have no other choice for him.

After all, this was related to her life. Unless Yang Kai could keep her by his side, there was no way to solve this problem.

However, this was obviously unrealistic. If the other end of the Void Corridor wasn’t the Ink Battlefield, it would be fine, but if it really was the Ink Battlefield, Tao Lingwan would only die if she followed.

The result was the same if he let her go.

After a long time, Yang Kai stood up, walked over to the table, poured two glasses of wine, and sat down next to Tao Lingwan. He took one glass and placed the other into Tao Lingwan’s hands.

“The rest of our lives are still long. If there’s a chance, we can slowly familiarize ourselves with each other in the future.”

Tao Lingwan had been wondering why Yang Kai had handed her a glass of water, but after hearing this, she faintly realized something and immediately nodded lightly, her heart filled with joy.

The two of them intertwined their hands and drank a glass of wine.

Yang Kai put down the wine glass and gently lifted the red veil. Under the veil, the shy Tao Lingwan lowered her head slightly, her cheeks blushing. Perhaps it was because she was nervous, but her long eyelashes kept trembling, not daring to look at him.

Yang Kai flicked his finger and the flickering red candle flame was extinguished, plunging the room into darkness.

Tao Lingwan’s breathing couldn’t help becoming heavy. Even though she had lived in Yin Yang Heaven for many years and had never gone out to experience the outside world, and was normally quite ignorant of the world, at this moment she realized what was waiting for her.

“It’s late, let’s rest,” Yang Kai said.

“En,” Tao Lingwan nodded lightly.

“Madam, Young Master has entered the innermost courtyard and the candle flame has been extinguished,” Yue He, who had received the news, walked into the room and whispered to Yu Rumeng.

Yu Rumeng nodded her head and lifted up the red veil covering her head, cursing, “Stinky man, you say one thing but you do another. You really don’t make me worry!”

Yue He was speechless as she thought to herself, 'Wasn't this something you planned together, and now you’re blaming the Young Master for being two-faced. Just now, who was it that caused the Young Master’s eyes to darken and drive him out? If you had kept him here, nothing would have happened.'

Although she thought so, she couldn’t say for sure. She naturally knew the purpose of today’s plan, and the current situation was the final result.

Yu Rumeng sighed again, “However, Xiao Wan’s matter has been resolved, so one thing has been settled.” Raising her head to look at Yue He, she asked somewhat blankly, “Do you think we made a mistake?”

Yue He shook her head and said, “Young Master’s personality is something Madam knows best. Previously, he was trapped for a hundred years and had no time other than dealing with the Ink Clan Royal. Now that he has escaped and is about to seal the Void Corridor, he should be able to leave without any worries.”

Yu Rumeng nodded, “Good.”

If they really let Yang Kai enter the Void Corridor with a heart full of worry and guilt, they wouldn’t be able to feel at ease, so in this last moment, they had arranged for Tao Lingwan’s matter to be resolved so that Yang Kai could focus on dealing with the upcoming difficulties.

“Does anyone else know?” Yu Rumeng asked again.

“They should know,” Yue He replied, “The candle flame just went out when Shu Mudan sent a message.”

Yu Rumeng nodded before gritting her teeth and cursing, “This smelly man must be having a good time right now!”

Yue He was speechless.

After receiving six newcomer at once, Yang Kai naturally didn’t dare to favor one of them. Every day, he would switch to a different Madam to accompany them. As the saying goes, even rain and dew are mixed together. He couldn’t let Yu Rumeng and the others think that he had forgotten his old friend because he had a new friend. If he really did that, with this Demon Succubus Saint’s temper, who knows what kind of trouble she would cause.

For the next half a month, Yang Kai barely stepped out of his house and spent his time resting in the six courtyards. Outsiders might be envious of him, but only he knew how hard it was to work.

Inside the Myriad Demons Heaven camp, Mo Sha Divine Monarch heard the report of a Seventh Grade Open Heaven, and the corners of his eyes twitched, “That brat has been like this for half a month now?”

The Seventh Order Open Heaven smiled and nodded, “Yes, it seems he’s a bit obsessed.”

Mo Sha Divine Monarch fell silent for a moment before asking, “In the secular world, shouldn’t those who have become relatives return to pay their respects to their families?”

The Seventh Order Open Heaven heard this and was stunned, not quite understanding why the Divine Monarch would suddenly bring this up, but he was also an intelligent person, so he immediately nodded and said, “There is indeed such a custom, what Divine Monarch means is…”

Mo Sha Divine Monarch waved his hand, “This Monarch was just speaking casually, there’s no meaning to it.”

Inside Xia Ningchang’s courtyard in High Heaven Palace’s Camp, Yang Kai was lying leisurely on a wooden armchair. Now that everything had been settled, the Void Corridor’s ancient seal could still be maintained for some time, so there was no need for him to rush into action. With a beautiful companion by his side, Yang Kai’s days were extremely comfortable and he couldn’t wait to continue like this.

But he also knew that this was impossible, so he could only enjoy this final moment of peace.

Xia Ningchang was sitting next to him and had somehow obtained a grape-like Spirit Fruit, skinned it, and fed it to him.

Yang Kai bit down and bit Xia Ningchang’s finger. Little Senior Sister couldn’t bear to use her strength and couldn’t pull back, so she couldn’t help staring at him with a slightly annoyed look, “Someone will see.”

Her face was slightly red.

“If someone saw, so be it,” Yang Kai replied vaguely.

“Not good.”

“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai grinned.

Xia Ningchang didn’t know what to do with him, so she could only allow him to act like this, her fingers itching.

The courtyard door was pushed open and Yue He walked in, causing Xia Ningchang to quickly withdraw her hand.

Yue He obviously saw this and grinned, standing in front of Yang Kai and bowing slightly, “Young Master.”

“Is something the matter?” Yang Kai asked while eating the fruit.

“It’s nothing. Madam Rumeng asked me to inform you that it’s time to return.”

“Return what?” Yang Kai was stunned.

Yue He said, “As newlyweds, it’s customary for a husband to bring his wife back to her parents' house.”

Yang Kai blinked. He naturally knew about returning to the house, but that was just a custom in the secular world, so he didn’t even think about it.

What’s more, those few Cave Heaven Paradise could not be considered his wives’ families. The reason those Divine Monarchs wanted to take them in as disciples was mainly because they wanted Yang Kai to take the initiative to seal the Void Corridor to avoid any future worries.

This trip of Yang Kai’s was a true gamble with his life. Once he succeeded, it would be a great accomplishment. Since he was so determined to accomplish this feat, as the guardian of the 3000 Worlds, they naturally had to show their gratitude.

“Madam said that regardless of whether those Cave Heaven Paradise are sincerely accepting disciples, now that they have this status, it cannot be erased. Young Master will bring the Madams back to the Sect, allowing them to fully confirm this matter. It will be beneficial to both the Madams and High Heaven Palace and Void Land. In the future, the Madams can treat those Cave Heaven Paradise as their own homes, and many times, they may be able to receive some care. Otherwise, after you leave, this friendship will fade.”

Yang Kai stroked his chin and pondered for a moment before nodding, “You’re right, I was too negligent. Let’s make some arrangements.”

Yue He nodded, “Young Master, which family will you return to first?”

Yang Kai asked, “What is Rumeng meaning?”

“Madam Rumeng’s meaning is that Yin Yang Heaven has two newlywed this time. The first one is Yin Yang Heaven, the rest doesn’t matter, Myriad Demons Heaven can be placed last.”

Yang Kai naturally didn’t have any objections and immediately agreed, “Then we’ll follow her arrangements.”

The next day, Yang Kai led Qu Huachang and Tao Lingwan to Yin Yang Heaven’s camp, where they were to return to their family!

Yin Yang Heaven was completely unprepared and obviously hadn’t expected Yang Kai to make such a move, but they still welcomed him warmly.

This was especially true for Chen Xiu. After asking Yu Xiangdie to ask Tao Lingwan about some things, he looked at Yang Kai with eyes full of gratitude, and when he returned to the banquet, he even pulled Yang Kai over to drink with him.

Chen Xiu was truly happy. After he had failed in his scheme and caused his own disciple to fall into a deep pit, the guilt he felt had been lingering in his heart, and now he could finally let it go.

What he needed to worry about now was whether Yang Kai would be able to return alive after entering the Void Corridor. If he really did encounter some kind of accident inside, then his disciple would likely become a widow.

In the end, Chen Xiu no longer had the demeanor of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage and instead stood shoulder to shoulder with Yang Kai, showing a deep brotherly affection, causing all the disciples to stare in shock. If it weren’t for the Second Disciple Feng Cheng Si trying his best to stop him, he would have become sworn brothers with Yang Kai on the spot.

Before leaving, Chen Xiu’s tears flowed down his face as he held Yang Kai’s hand and told him that he would have to rely on him to take care of Xiao Wan in the future.

Yang Kai naturally agreed.

The next day, Yang Kai led Ji Yao back to the Great Battle Heaven, naturally receiving a warm welcome.

On the third day, he led Xue Yue back to the Gold Antelope Paradise. The old man Six Wood led a group of people to pour wine into their deaths while Yang Kai fled.

On the fourth day, he and Xia Ningchang returned to Divine Medicine Heaven.

On the fifth day, he returned to Myriad Demons Heaven with Yu Rumeng.

In fact, up until now, Yang Kai still didn’t understand why Yu Rumeng was able to enter the Myriad Demons Heaven.

Yu Rumeng was indeed from the Demon Race and had some kind of relationship with Myriad Demons Heaven. Among the various Cave Heaven Paradise, it was the best choice for her to join Myriad Demons Heaven, but Myriad Demons Heaven’s Demon Monarch accepting her as a disciple was truly beyond Yang Kai’s expectations.

A few days ago, the news that Yang Kai had brought his wives back had spread far and wide, so as soon as the flying ship arrived at the base of the Myriad Demons Heaven, someone came to greet them.

Moreover, it was two Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters!

“Greetings, Senior Brothers!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and saluted.

After discovering that his wives had joined the Cave Heaven Paradise under the Divine Monarchs, his status had risen.

In the past, when he saw these Seventh Order Master, he had to address them as Master Uncle.

Now that they had met, they could only address each other as fellow disciples. Yu Rumeng is the personal disciple of Mo Sha Divine Monarch, so with her seniority, no one could find fault with it.


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