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Back in the Star Boundary, Yang Kai had intended for Xia Ningchang to become the disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, but Wondrous Pill Great Emperor had long since accepted his last disciple and no longer accepted any disciples.

However, Wondrous Pill Great Emperor had personally taught Xia Ningchang Alchemy, and Xia Ningchang had lived in Medicine Pill Valley for a long time before following Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s last disciple, Ji Ying, to cultivate Alchemy.

So although there was no master-disciple status between them, there was a master-disciple relationship.

Now that Xia Ningchang was fortunate enough to become a disciple of Divine Medicine Heaven's Purple Jade Divine Monarch, Wondrous Pill Great Emperor was also happy for her.

Originally, the Divine Medicine Heaven hadn’t wanted to make things too difficult for Yang Kai, but since other families had their own tests, they naturally couldn’t be an exception. As a formality, no matter how Yang Kai refined his pills, Xia Ningchang could still be taken away.

However, after the two sides began their Alchemy, the Divine Medicine Heaven Open Heaven Stage cultivator, had no choice but to use his full strength to deal with them. This was because he discovered that this person from High Heaven Palace was quite skilled in Alchemy. If he was careless, he might lose this competition.

In this Alchemy competition, both sides had learned many things.

The Spirit Pills they refined weren’t too complicated and it only took them less than an hour to refine all of them. The Divine Medicine Heaven Disciple cupped his fists towards Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, who returned the gesture.

Purple Jade Divine Monarch personally came forward and commented on the Spirit Pills refined by both sides, but he didn’t make any comparisons. If there was a comparison, there would be a winner and a loser.

However, anyone with a discerning eye could see that although Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s Alchemy skills were superb, he had only been promoted to Open Heaven Stage cultivator for a few hundred years, so how could he compare to the Open Heaven Stage cultivator from Divine Medicine Heaven?

The other party was at least a veteran Open Heaven Stage cultivator who had lived for thousands or even tens of thousands of years, and the amount of time he had spent immersed in Alchemy was not something Wondrous Pill Great Emperor could compare to.

This Alchemy competition was considered to have passed. Yang Kai happily rushed into the main hall, and under the guidance of the Divine Medicine Heaven Disciple, he entered a private room and carried out his little Senior Sister.

The last stop was Yin Yang Heaven.

There was no need to make things difficult here.

Yang Kai and Qu Huachang’s test had already been witnessed by everyone in the Samsara Pavilion. The feat of nine reincarnations was one of a kind so far, so there was no need to test anything.

The leader of Yin Yang Heaven’s team, Azure Feather Divine Monarch, stepped forward and respectfully greeted Yang Kai. Azure Feather nodded politely but didn’t say anything.

Standing beside her, Yu Xiangdie smiled and said, “Follow me, they're waiting inside.”

Saying so, she turned around and left, Yang Kai following closely behind.

Entering the main hall and entering a side room, Yu Xiangdie led Yang Kai inside. Yang Kai looked up and saw two women in red robes sitting on a bed, their heads covered in red cloth. Hearing the sound of the door opening, the one on the left stiffened slightly, her two hands subconsciously twisting together in a nervous manner.

Yang Kai was stunned.

How could there be two of them? He wondered if Yin Yang Heaven also had some kind of test, but after just a moment, he knew who these two were.

One of them was Qu Huachang, while the other was Tao Lingwan. The two of them didn’t conceal their auras at all, and although their faces couldn’t be seen through the red veil, their auras were quite distinct.

Yang Kai turned his head to look at Yu Xiangdie, a look of inquiry appearing in his eyes. His meaning was obvious, he wanted to ask what Yin Yang Heaven intention?

Yu Xiangdie smiled without saying anything.

After a moment of hesitation, Tao Lingwan, who was sitting motionless on the bed, became even more nervous. Qu Huachang, who was sitting next to her, reached out and grabbed her hand.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate for too long, and after a moment of hesitation, he immediately stepped forward and stood in front of the two women, stretching out his hands and gently saying, “Ladies, please rise!”

Holding the two small hands, Yang Kai walked past them, turned around, embraced them both, and walked out valiantly.

On the left, Tao Lingwan’s stiff body slowly relaxed.

Yu Xiangdie, who was following behind Yang Kai, let out a sigh of relief.

The arrangement here was not to make things difficult for him, but rather to catch him off guard. Long ago in Yin Yang Heaven, she had seen Yang Kai’s attitude towards Tao Lingwan and knew that if he had a choice, he might not be willing to become partner with Tao Lingwan.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like her, it was just that he wasn’t familiar with her and didn’t have much experience with her.

Tao Lingwan was implicated by her master's scheme. Back then, in order to resolve the awkward situation in Yin Yang Heaven, Chen Xiu had schemed against his own family’s disciple’s Qi deviation to let Yang Kai help Tao Lingwan. Since then, Yang Kai had left his mark on Tao Lingwan's small universe, and because of her cultivation technique, in this life, Tao Lingwan would only accept Yang Kai’s power. In order to break through to the Seventh Order, only Yang Kai could help.

This was a journey that Yin Yang Heaven Disciples had to experience when cultivating the Emotion Dao.

After that, Tao Lingwan had taken the initiative to enter the Samsara Pavilion and set up a heart barrier for herself. Fortunately, Yang Kai had recognized her at the last moment, allowing her to successfully retrieve her sealed memories and return to herself, leaving the Samsara Pavilion.

The cycle of reincarnation in that life was destined to be unforgettable for Tao Lingwan. In that life, she found her own path of sentiment, so when Yang Kai left Yin Yang Heaven, she accompanied him.

Since today was the wedding day, how could Yin Yang Heaven not be on her side?

In a few days, Yang Kai would set out to seal the Void Corridor, perhaps never to return. Without Yang Kai, she would never be able to reach the Seventh Order in her life, so no matter what, before Yang Kai left, Yin Yang Heaven had to pave the way for her to advance.

On such a special day, Yang Kai naturally couldn’t embarrass Tao Lingwan.

The two women sat together, if he take one away and leaving the other behind. How was Tao Lingwan supposed to face others in the future? This was simply forcing her to die. If it was a woman with a more open-minded personality, perhaps she would be able to live after suffering such humiliation, but Tao Lingwan was the kind of person who was reserved and easily embarrassed. Even now, when she was talking to Yang Kai, she would still blush. If she were to be left behind, who knew what would happen?

Although he didn’t have any special feelings for Tao Lingwan and knew that she was only close to him because of her cultivation technique and her reincarnation in that life, in that life, she, who had sealed her own memories, had risked her life to protect him.

The experience in the Samsara Pavilion was the most important.

The decision she made during the reincarnation cycle of her previous life would be the same in reality.

Yang Kai couldn’t bear to hurt a woman who was willing to risk her life to block a sword for him, so after seeing two people sitting in the room, he quickly came to a decision.

After a while, Yang Kai walked out of the main hall with two women in his arms.

Inside the main hall, Chen Xiu was eagerly waiting. Although his expression was calm, his heart was filled with suffering. He was afraid to see a scene he didn’t want to see. Yang Kai’s short time inside felt like hundreds or thousands of years had passed, and every inch of it was a torture.

In the end, when he saw Yang Kai leading the two women out, the burden in his heart finally lifted and he let out a long sigh.

Regarding his scheme, he also felt guilty, feeling that he had let down his disciple and pushed her into an extremely embarrassing situation. But from his perspective, the scheme at that time was indeed for the sake of the entire Yin Yang Heaven. In order to redeem the awkward situation and face of Yin Yang Heaven, he had no selfish motives.

Even if he did, it was because he felt that with Yang Kai’s status, he was worthy of his own disciple. If his disciple followed this man, it would not be an insult.

Originally, he didn’t expect Tao Lingwan to participate in today’s wedding. He also knew that his own disciple didn’t hold much weight in Yang Kai’s heart for the time being, not to the point where they could discuss marriage. It was Yu Xiangdie who suggested this, and in the end, Supreme Elder Azure Feather agreed and even included Tao Lingwan, much to Chen Xiu’s gratitude.

Just as everyone from Yin Yang Heaven breathed a sigh of relief, the group that had come to welcome the bride burst into cheers.

Although there were a total of four newcomers on the bridal escort ship, at least they were brought out one by one. After arriving at Yin Yang Heaven, they actually brought out two at once.

One of them was definitely Qu Huachang, while the other was probably Tao Lingwan.

One had to know that these two were Yin Yang Heaven Disciples, two Core Disciples at that! In the past, other people would only be allowed to marry into the Yin Yang Heaven, how could they marry into outside family's? Yin Yang Heaven would not let them go.

The status of those who married into their family couldn’t be too low, and their aptitude had to be passable, so it could be said that the requirements were extremely high.

But today, Yang Kai had actually welcomed two of them back from Yin Yang Heaven. From ancient times until now, this was probably the only case.

The sound of music became more resounding. The Open Heaven Stage cultivators on the flying ships who had come from different Cave Heaven Paradise exerted all their strength to add to this joyous atmosphere.

With all the newcomers in place, everyone boarded the ship, bid farewell to Yin Yang Heaven’s masters, and headed towards High Heaven Palace's camp.

Inside High Heaven Palace’s camp, everyone was waiting respectfully.

There was a long red carpet on the ground, and the flying ship stopped in front of it. One by one, the newcomers were led down, a total of six people.

Yang Kai led the way as the six women split into three groups, one on each side followed by the other. The seven of them were connected to each other by a red ribbon, each of them holding a big red flower in their hands. It was a joyous occasion, something that High Heaven Palace had long prepared.

Along the way, some of the people who had made arrangements earlier used their Secret Techniques and shot out a gentle light towards the sky to enhance the atmosphere.

Amidst the noise, everyone entered the main hall.

Yang Kai looked up and saw that the hall was covered in red and had long since been prepared.

The hall was filled with people, and in front of them, Six Wood Divine Monarch was waiting with a smile. No one knew when he had arrived from Gold Antelope Paradise.

Unsurprisingly, he was today’s master of ceremonies.

Six Wood Divine Monarch looked at Yang Kai with a smile and stretched out his hand to suppress the clamor around him before saying, “On this joyous day, you should pay your respects three times before becoming husband and wife. Whether it is in the secular world or cultivator's, this is the same.”


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying

IMO, this is too unfair for the 3 girls who are in the Ancestral Land. He's been with them for a long time especially Su Yan, his 1st segs as well. Yet he is marrying 2 newcomers b4 her. Poor woman.

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