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As soon as he stepped into the hall, Yang Kai realized something was wrong.

Although the entire hall had been decorated as a boudoir, there were more than a dozen fragrant beds in the hall. On each of these beds sat a woman wearing a phoenix coronet and a red veil, their figure graceful.

The door to the hall slammed shut.

What was going on? Yang Kai was puzzled, but at least he understood that Myriad Demons Heaven was not making things difficult for him, but was waiting for him here.

Mo Sha Divine Monarch’s voice rang out from somewhere, “Three chances, find the right person, take her away, if you can’t find her, hehe…”

After a moment of silence, his meaning was clear. If he couldn’t find her, she would have to stay.

Yang Kai smiled disdainfully, “There’s no need for that, just once is enough!”

Having known Yu Rumeng for so many years, Yang Kai was confident he could find her even with his eyes closed.

Mo Sha Divine Monarch sneered, “Don’t speak too confidently, otherwise you won’t be able to clean up this mess!”

Yang Kai frowned and immediately examined the dozen or so people. From their appearance, there was almost no difference between them. Whether it was their height or build, they were all exactly the same!

This surprised him somewhat. Where did Myriad Demon Heavens find these people to make up the numbers?

He quickly withdrew his contempt. Since Myriad Demons Heaven was waiting for him here, they probably wouldn’t let him pass so easily.

He focused his attention and released his Divine Sense to investigate.

Unexpectedly, these dozen or so people had some kind of protection, but Yang Kai was unable to determine their cultivation.

Yang Kai had thought that even if the Myriad Demons Heaven could find a dozen or so women who were about the same height as Yu Rumeng, there would still be some differences in their cultivation. Yu Rumeng’s cultivation was at the Sixth Order Open Heaven, so as long as he investigated their cultivation, he should be able to eliminate most of them.

But now that he tried it, he realized that Myriad Demons Heaven had already taken precautions.

He coughed lightly and cupped his fists, “Madam!”

More than a dozen voices called out, “Husband!”

Yang Kai’s jaw dropped as he was dumbfounded! Although the voices of these dozen or so people were quite different, they all sounded exactly like Yu Rumeng, as if they were her incarnations.

Moreover, when he called out to her just now, his original intention was to have the real Yu Rumeng give him some hints, but who knew that she would simply ignore him.

Thinking about it, Yu Rumeng had previously flown into a rage and was preparing to pack her things to find someone to marry. Now that she was preparing to marry him, it was likely that the anger in her heart would not subside for a while, so how could she obediently cooperate with him?

Perhaps this test was something Yu Rumeng herself had come up with.

With her temper, if she really did something like this, Yang Kai’s teeth would ache.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai slowly walked over to the closest bed and bent down to carefully examine it before sniffing it.

The person in front of him chuckled, “Husband, they’re all fake, don’t make a mistake. If you make a mistake, I won’t be able to go around you.”

Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “Don’t worry, I won’t make a mistake!”

Saying so, he walked over to the second bed and continued to observe and smell.

After half a cup of tea’s worth of time, Yang Kai finally finished examining everyone and smiled, “I think I know where you are!”

A burst of laughter rang out as Yu Rumeng’s voice rang out, “Since you know, take me with you.”

Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “I’ll take you with me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he strode over to a fragrant couch in the middle and reached out to grab the arm of the person in front of him, “It’s you!”

The figure staggered and fell into Yang Kai’s arms, letting out a giggle.

Yang Kai’s face immediately became a bit black as he lifted his red head and saw a beautiful young girl in his arms giggling. What Yu Rumeng? He didn’t know her at all.

“You…” Yang Kai was dumbfounded and quickly released her.

The young girl smiled and said, “Martial Aunt Rumeng is right, you really want to distinguish people by smell, so Martial Aunt left some of her scent on me!”

The young girl’s cultivation was at the Sixth Order Open Heaven, and although it was equal to Yu Rumeng’s, Yu Rumeng was now a disciple of Mo Sha Divine Monarch, so her status in Myriad Demons Heaven was no small matter, so the young girl had to call her Martial Aunt.

The young girl stuck close to Yang Kai and refused to retreat, her eyes flashing like silk as she asked, “Martial Uncle, do you want to marry me? I’m very happy to.”

“How impolite! Go away!” Yang Kai pushed her to the side and rubbed his chin as he stared at the dozen or so Yu Rumeng who were in front of him.

After a long time, he said earnestly, “Rumeng, don’t make a fuss. Be good and follow me.”

No one paid him any attention.

However, Yang Kai didn’t care. He played the bitter card and traced back to the time he spent with her in the Demon Territory. When he fell in love with her, it seemed like the best time of his life.

On the dozen or so fragrant concubines, the figure of a person flickered.

Yang Kai immediately rushed over and grinned, “Is it you, Rumeng?”

The person in front of him didn’t respond, but Mo Sha Divine Monarch’s voice rang out once more, “Boy, you only have one chance left, you must grasp it!”

Yang Kai’s face suddenly stiffened.

Could it be that the one in front of him wasn’t her? Unwilling to believe this, Yang Kai lifted her red veil and saw that it really wasn’t Yu Rumeng. It was another woman he didn’t know who was staring at him with a mocking smile.

Yang Kai was speechless, “What did you do just now?”

The woman replied, “I’m a bit tired after sitting for so long, what’s wrong with moving?”

Yang Kai wanted to ask, “Did you do this on purpose?” But this was meaningless. He had already wasted two of his three chances, so he only had one left.

Mo Sha Divine Monarch, Eighth Order Open Heaven. Yang Kai estimated that if he didn’t find the real Yu Rumeng by the third time, he might not even have a chance. [MSN: Just leave her then.]

This made him feel somewhat pressured.

However, this was truly difficult to find. Although there were only a dozen or so people here, and two of them had already been eliminated, these dozen or so people all had the same appearance as Yu Rumeng, and the fluctuations of their cultivations were also concealed by a mysterious force, making it impossible for him to detect them.

But soon, Yang Kai frowned.

There were indeed many people in this world who had similar forms, but it was impossible for so many of them to look exactly the same, especially when all of them came from the Myriad Demons Heaven.

Just a moment ago, he was a little surprised that Myriad Demons Heaven was able to find so many people who were similar in height to Yu Rumeng, but now it seemed like there was more to this than meets the eye!

These people must have used some kind of secret technique to achieve this.

In other words, as long as he could find the flaws of this Secret Technique, he would be able to determine which one was the real Yu Rumeng.

Yang Kai suddenly understood why Myriad Demons Heaven was making things difficult for him.

However, now that things had come to this, he had no intention of hiding anything. In any case, he was going to enter the Void Corridor to seal it, so even if he was exposed now, it wouldn’t matter.

Laughing lightly, Yang Kai immediately activated his Demon Eye of Annihilation.

Under this golden light, one could see through all illusions.

As soon as he did this, he saw that the dozen or so people in front of him had all undergone some kind of transformation. The dozen or so women who were originally in the same shape had all undergone varying degrees of change under the Demon Eye of Annihilation. Some had grown taller, some had become shorter, and some had even gained some weight.

Only the one in the middle remained unchanged!

Yang Kai stepped forward, stretched out his hand, and called out gently, “Madam!”

The person in front of him slowly stood up and placed her hand on Yang Kai’s. Yang Kai exerted his strength and grabbed her by the waist!

In the next moment, the soft flesh on his waist was pinched and Yu Rumeng’s voice rang out, “Consider yourself lucky!”

Yang Kai endured the pain with a smile on his face.

Walking out of the hall, Mo Sha Divine Monarch's gaze towards him was obviously filled with deep meaning, but he didn’t say anything.

After thanking him, the flying ship set sail again, heading towards the next Spirit Province.

The fourth stop was the camp of Divine Medicine Heaven.

Among the 36 Cave Heaven, there was Divine Cauldron Heaven and Divine Medicine Heaven, one focused on Artifact Refining, and the other focused on Alchemy.

The Open Heaven Pill recipe that was currently circulating in the 3000 Worlds was rumored to have been created by the ancestors of the Divine Medicine Heaven after countless years.

The vast majority of spirit pills and medicines in this world were also produced by the Divine Medicine Heaven.

Recalling Yu Rumeng’s situation when she entered Myriad Demon Heavens, Yang Kai suddenly understood, “The one who entered the Divine Medicine Heavens is Little Senior Sister?”

Little Senior Sister was born with Spiritual Medicine Holy Body, so she had a natural advantage in the Alchemy Dao. Entering the Divine Medicine Heaven was a perfect match.

Yang Xue nodded and said, “Yes, the Divine Medicine Heaven’s Purple Jade Divine Monarch accepted sister-in-law Ningchang as his disciple.”

Another Divine Monarch had personally accepted a disciple, the Cave Heaven Paradise had given him a great deal of favor. In order to become the son-in-law of Yin Yang Heaven, Yang Kai had gone through many hardships and even spent ten years in the Dao Exchange Conference. Now, he had suddenly become the son-in-law of many Cave Heaven Paradise.

Previously, every Cave Heaven Paradise had a different degree of difficulty, so when they arrived at the Divine Medicine Paradise, it was no exception.

Outside the camp, two giant pill furnaces had already been set up. From the looks of it, they were obviously competing in Alchemy.

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Competing with the disciples of Divine Medicine Heaven in Alchemy was somewhat like displaying one’s slight skill before an expert.

Although he was also proficient in Alchemy, the last time he had refined Alchemy was several hundred years ago when he was refining the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill. Since entering this 3000 World, he had not spent much time in Alchemy.

It could be said that his attainments in Alchemy were only slightly higher than when he had left the Star Boundary. According to his own understanding of the Dao, his Alchemy was only at the fourth level, and he was quite familiar with it.

How could this be compared to the other party? The Open Heaven Stage master of Divine Medicine Heaven had been immersed in the Dao of Alchemy for many years, so it was impossible for them to only have this little bit of skill.

If he won by a fluke, it would be fine, but if he lost, wouldn’t he be embarrassing himself?

At the critical moment, it was Wondrous Pill Great Emperor who took the lead.

Wondrous Pill Great Emperor was a man who had reached the Dao with Alchemy, and after reaching the Open Heaven Stage, his Alchemy had improved by leaps and bounds.

Yang Kai didn’t know how high his attainments in Alchemy were, but in the entire High Heaven Palace’s bridal escort team, he was the only suitable candidate to compete with Divine Medicine Heaven in Alchemy.

What’s more, Xia Ningchang was actually his anonymous disciple.


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