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Outside, Yang Xue, Zhan Wuhen, and the others took out a number of Space Rings they had prepared beforehand and distributed them to the Gold Antelope Paradise’s disciples who were blocking their way. Each Space Ring contained a hundred thousand Open Heaven Pill, but there weren’t many of them, so they just treated it as a form of reward.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t afford to pay more, it was just that this was only the beginning, the Gold Antelope Paradise's hundred or so people had already amount to ten million Open Heaven Pill, and who knew how many more he would have to pay in the future. What’s more, they didn’t rely on this.

The ones who received the wedding gift naturally spoke up and congratulated him.

A moment later, Yang Kai rushed out of the main hall and grabbed Xue Yue by the waist, holding her phoenix coronet and robe.

Yang Xue and the others led Yang Kai onto the ship while Zhan Wuhen, who was in charge of leading the way, waved his hand and ordered, “Let’s go, next!”

Xue Yue was arranged to sit in a room on the ship with a red veil covering her head.

Before Yang Kai could say anything to her, he was dragged out by his little sister.

“Where are we going now?” Yang Kai asked somewhat drunkenly.

Xue Yue had been accepted as a personal disciple by Six Wood Divine Monarch and was considered to have entered Gold Antelope Paradise. What about the others? Yang Kai didn’t know how they had arranged this, but he knew that this was the goodwill of all the Cave Heaven Paradise and High Heaven Palace’s preparations, so all he needed to do was cooperate.

This big wedding had come too suddenly, so he wasn’t prepared for it, but he was willing to accept it.

“You’ll know when we get there.”

Standing beside him, Yang Xue pursed her lips into a smile. Seeing her big brother get married, she was naturally happy in her heart. The only regret she had was that several of her sisters-in-law weren’t here, and their parents weren’t here either.

However, there was nothing she could do about it. Su Yan and the other sisters-in-law were in the Ancestral Land, while her parents were in the Star Boundary, she couldn’t ask them to come over in a short time. They could only go through the formalities first and make up for it later.

Soon, the escort ship arrived at the second Spirit Province.

Yang Kai swept his eyes over the flying ship and saw an Eighth Order Ancestor leading the way. Two rows of High Rank Open Heaven were arranged in a neat formation, blocking the entrance of the hall. Although there were only a few of them, they stood there like a great army, instantly understanding which Cave Heaven Paradise this was.

Great Battle Heaven!

Only a disciple from Great Battle Heaven would have such an appearance.

Moreover, Yang Kai had also paid attention to the Eighth-Order Ancestor standing in front of him. When he was fighting against the Ink Clan Royal, this person had displayed an extremely fierce performance.

Yang Xue whispered beside him, “Great Battle Heaven’s Thunderbolt Divine Monarch has accepted Sister-in-law Ji Yao as his disciple!”

Although Yang Kai had a vague guess about what had happened in the Gold Antelope Paradise, hearing his little sister’s words still shocked him.

This time, the Cave Heaven Paradise had been opened to the public. Xue Yue had become a disciple of Gold Antelope Paradise’s Six Wood Divine Monarch, and now Ji Yao had actually become a disciple of Great Battle Heaven's Thunderbolt Divine Monarch.

However, he didn’t know which Cave Heaven Paradise the other girls had entered or who their masters were.

The Cave Heaven Paradise approach was obviously raising the status of the girls and also giving Yang Kai explanation.

'Rest assured and boldly seal the Void Corridor. It would be best if you could return, but if you can’t, High Heaven Palace and Void Land will have the Cave Heaven Paradise protection, so you don’t need to worry about anything else.'

With all these rumors spreading, it would definitely be a wonderful story.

Yang Kai led the bridal escort team and flew down from the ship. When he arrived in front of Thunderbolt Divine Monarch, he quickly cupped his fists and greeted, “Greetings, Divine Monarch!”

Thunderbolt Divine Monarch sized up Yang Kai from head to toe before nodding slightly and saying with a serious expression, “Wanting to marry my Great Battle Heaven’s disciple is not an easy task. Little brat, are you prepared?”

With his experience in the Gold Antelope Paradise, how could Yang Kai not be mentally prepared? It would definitely not be easy for him to welcome the bride, and there would definitely be some difficulties along the way. Of course, they wouldn’t go too far and really try to stop him from escorting the bride, so it could be considered a ceremony.

Immediately raising his nose to the sky, his face filled with arrogance, “Divine Monarch, come at me.”

Thunderbolt Divine Monarch smiled faintly, “You have guts!”

Saying so, he waved his hand.

Seven Open Heaven Stage masters immediately rushed out from behind him and when they landed, they immediately formed a battle formation. Each of them wore a cold expression and a murderous look as they shouted, “Kill!”

The aura of a Open Heaven Stage master filled the air, and all of these people were Sixth Order.

Sixth Order was just right. If one’s cultivation was too low, there was no need to make things difficult for them. If one’s cultivation was too high, they wouldn’t be able to welcome the bride. High Heaven Palace’s Open Heaven Stage cultivators were basically all at this level, and the only Seventh Order cultivator had been ordered by Yang Kai to return to the Star Boundary.

Yang Kai immediately rubbed his palms together, eager to give it a try, “Is defeating them enough?”

His eyes swept over the seven of them one by one, as if he was looking for food like an ancient beast. Even though the seven of them were born in the Great Battle Heaven and had cultivated a fearless mentality since they were young, at this moment, they couldn’t help feeling a little scared.

They had heard many things about this man in front of them, not to mention the distant past, but the fact that he had lived alone with the Ink Clan for a hundred years and even survived, who could have done this?

Yang Xue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she stepped forward and grabbed Yang Kai’s arm, “Big Brother, what are you thinking? Today is your big day, are you going to personally act?”

In her heart, she thought that her big brother must have drunk too much at the Gold Antelope Paradise just now and couldn’t bear the stimulation, so she couldn’t help complaining to Six Wood Divine Monarch again. What they had agreed on before was different, but Six Wood Divine Monarch had suddenly changed his mind, so there was nothing she could do.

Zhan Wuhen also said, “The bridal escort team will naturally be responsible!”

Thunderbolt Divine Monarch finally smiled and said, “No matter what, you can only take her away after you defeat them.”

Yang Kai looked around and chuckled, “Looking down on my High Heaven Palace!”

Zhan Wuhen and the others also coldly snorted, each of them stepping forward and quickly gathering around Yang Kai.

There were quite a few of them, and basically all of High Heaven Palace’s Sixth Order masters were gathered here. There were nearly twenty of them, three times as many as those from Great Battle Heaven.

Looking at each other from a distance, the seven Great Battle Heaven's people all wore indifferent expressions, not showing the slightest bit of fear because of the difference in numbers, a testament to their mental fortitude.

Yang Kai wiped his mouth and waved his hand, “Kill them!”

As their figure flickered, nearly twenty Sixth Order masters rushed forward and instantly surrounded the seven Great Battle Heaven people. In the next instant, the sound of fists and feet colliding rang out.

At this time, there was no need to be modest. The other party had already said that they could do whatever they wanted, so they just rushed forward to settle things as soon as possible.

It was just a sparring match, so no matter if it was Great Battle Heaven or High Heaven Palace’s people, none of them used any Divine Abilities or Secret Arts, nor did they use any artifacts, only using their World Force to fight back.

The huge advantage in numbers didn’t allow High Heaven Palace’s forces to break through like a hot knife through butter. Instead, the battle immediately fell into a deadlock.

The seven people from Great Battle Heaven arranged themselves into a strange formation, the seven of them actually combining their strength into one, almost becoming one.

This surprised Yang Kai greatly.

These seven people were obviously skilled in coordinating with each other and had been working together for many years. Sometimes they would gather together and sometimes they would spread out, causing many of High Heaven Palace’s Sixth-Order masters to lose their footing.

However, these people from High Heaven Palace were not to be trifled with. After all, the disparity in numbers was too great, and after they had broken through to the Sixth Order, each of them had spent hundreds of years accumulating experience. In addition, almost every one of them had once entered the Cave Heaven Paradise's Small Source World.

Now, their Small Universe's foundation was no longer comparable to when they had just broken through.

The intense battle lasted for an incense stick of time.

In the end, it was Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wuhen who found an opportunity to break through the seven people’s formation with a single punch. Seeing this, the others rushed forward and separated everyone from the Great Battle Heaven, not giving them a chance to form another formation. This was the only way to win.

Zhan Wuhen walked back with a giant black eye ring and cupped his fists, “Fortunately, I did not fail!”

The dark circles under his eyes were caused by a Sixth-Order Great Battle Heaven’s fist, causing Yang Kai’s eyelids to twitch as he nodded slightly, “Thank you everyone!”

Turning to Thunderbolt Divine Monarch, the latter nodded, “You’ve passed the test!”

He stretched out his hand to invite him.

“Many thanks, Divine Monarch!” Yang Kai thanked before rushing into the hall and carrying Ji Yao out.

The ship continued forward.

The third stop was beyond Yang Kai’s expectations. This was actually Myriad Demons Heaven's camp!

The one who had entered the Myriad Demons Heaven was none other than Yu Rumeng.

One had to know that Yang Kai had some grievances with Thousand Crane Paradise and Myriad Demons Heaven. When he was determined to break through to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Stage directly, it was Myriad Demons Heaven who led a few Cave Heaven Paradise forces to obstruct him. The Seventh-Order Open Heaven Stage master named Ti Zheng had personally gone to the Shattered Heaven and forced Yang Kai to break through to the Fifth-Order.

Although Ti Zheng had died for no reason afterwards, this did not allow Yang Kai to relax.

Subsequently, Myriad Demons Heaven's core disciple Pei Wen Xuan were also killed along with Zuo Quan Hui.

Among all the Cave Heaven paradise, if one were to say which one Yang Kai rejected the most, it would undoubtedly be the Myriad Demons Heaven.

Therefore, he had never imagined that Myriad Demons Heaven would actually accept Yu Rumeng.

However, thinking about it carefully, there was nothing strange about this. After all, Yu Rumeng was from the Demon Race, so if one were to really investigate this matter, all of the Demon Race in the Demon Territory were grand-disciples of Myriad Demons Heaven. Back then, Mo Sheng, who was born in Myriad Demons Heaven, had been stranded in a Universe World. It was precisely because of the dissipation of Demonic Qi after his body fell that this world was transformed into a Demon Territory.

Yu Rumeng joining the Myriad Demons Heaven was also the best choice for her.

It is also an Eighth-Order Supreme Elder who had personally accepted a disciple and was called Mo Sha Divine Monarch!

At this moment, Mo Sha Divine Monarch was leading Myriad Demons Heaven's group outside the hall, each and every one of his disciples exuding a thick Demonic Qi. A few of them were even sneering at Yang Kai, not looking like good people.

Yang Kai led the bridal escort team up to greet him, and Mo Sha Divine Monarch carefully examined Yang Kai from head to toe before pointing behind him, “She’s inside, go in.”

Yang Kai was stunned.

The previous two places had made him suffered varying degrees of difficulty, so he had thought that Myriad Demons Heaven had also made some preparations and was secretly preparing for a big battle, but he hadn’t expected things to be so simple.

This was a good thing, so he quickly thanked him and rushed into the main hall.


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