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Yang Kai couldn’t help sitting down.

The next moment, Yang Kai was shocked and quickly grabbed his clothes, “Seniors, what are you doing?”

One couldn’t blame him for having such a violent reaction, the main reason being that as soon as he sat down, several women immediately began to strip his clothes.

“Hey, you’re still shy!” One of the High Rank masters smiled charmingly, obviously showing signs of Yin Yang Heaven's origin.

“What Senior, calling me old for no reason.” Another High Rank Open Heaven poked Yang Kai’s head, causing him to stagger.

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, thinking to himself that although all of them were young and beautiful, all of them had reached the High Rank. Which one of them wasn’t an old monster who had lived for thousands or even tens of thousands of years? Calling them ‘Senior’ was just an honorific, it wasn’t appropriate to call them ‘Elder Sister’.

In that moment of hesitation, the four of them had already taken off Yang Kai’s outer clothes, their movements extremely practiced. Immediately after, they took out a large red robe from somewhere and one of them pulled Yang Kai back to his feet. The two of them grabbed Yang Kai’s arms and stretched his body, quickly putting on his robes.

The few women shuttled back and forth, tidying up and tying up his belts, quickly tidying him up.

Yang Kai remained in a daze, completely unaware of what was happening.

As soon as he sat down again, a High Rank master walked up behind him and spread out his long hair, skillfully rearranging it.

In front of him was a bright mirror, and Yang Kai was staring at himself in a daze, wearing a red robe.

The woman beside him quickly took out some rouge and powder to apply on his face.

Yang Kai quickly raised his hand to resist. It was one thing for him to suddenly wear such a festive dress, but why did he have to wear make-up? He couldn’t stand it, “Seniors, what are you doing?”

“Don’t move!” The High Rank woman from Yin Yang Heaven patted Yang Kai’s arm and slapped his raised hand, rebuking, “It’s a joyous occasion, of course you have to dress up handsomely.”

“Joyous occasion?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded, “What joyous occasion?”

The Yin Yang Heaven's High Rank master smiled sweetly, “What joyous occasion do you think?”

Yang Kai quickly turned to look at his little sister, a look of inquiry on his face. Yang Xue grinned and said, “Big Brother, you don’t need to worry about anything, just cooperate.”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, vaguely understanding what he was doing. Hesitating for a moment, he gave up struggling and simply sat there, allowing the women to dress him up.

His heart stirred slightly.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, everything was settled. The several women surrounded Yang Kai and nodded, “Almost done!”

The Yin Yang Heaven High Rank woman took out a big red flower and tied it to Yang Kai’s chest, firmly placing it there before clapping her hands, “Done!”

“Let’s go, we’re going to welcome the bride!” Yang Xue shouted as the women pushed Yang Kai out of the hall.

There was already a group of people waiting outside. Yang Kai looked up and saw that all of them were from High Heaven Palace. The Great Emperors, Mao Zhe, Yue He, and the others were lined up on both sides. Seeing Yang Kai in his festive attire, they all cupped their fists and greeted, “Congratulations, Sect Master!”

Yang Kai grinned and returned the greeting, “Thank you!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the atmosphere became awkward. This bridal escort was his own business, what was there to celebrate!

The main reason was because he was a bit stunned by this sudden attack. He had just been thinking about how to apologize to Yu Rumeng and the others, but in the blink of an eye, he was actually going to welcome the bride.

Moreover, from the looks of it, it seemed that everyone in his family knew about this matter and had kept him in the dark.

“Sect Master, please!” Mao Zhe extended his hand.

In front of them, there was a luxurious-looking ship waiting for them. The ship was also decorated in red and there were many people waiting on it, obviously having been preparing for a long time.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai suppressed the excitement and nervousness in his heart and waved his hand, “Let’s go!”

It couldn’t be helped, this was the first time he had experienced something like marriage, so it would be a lie to say he wasn’t nervous. Even after spending a hundred years in that cage with the Ink Clan, he had never felt so nervous.

The group from High Heaven Palace masters followed Yang Kai onto the ship. Yang Kai glanced around and saw two Open Heaven Stage cultivators on the ship, one of whom was a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

Each of them held an instrument in their hands, but no one knew where they had found it.

The sounds of congratulations rang out incessantly, and as soon as the Iron Blood Great Emperor gave the order, the sound of drums and gongs immediately filled the air.

The flying ship slowly sailed towards a Spirit Province in front of them, and wherever it passed, the sound of joy could be heard.

The members of this band on the flying ship were quite complicated. There were at least a dozen or so Open Heaven Stage masters, many of whom were Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters. For a single person to be able to bring out so many Open Heaven Stage masters from so many Cave Heaven Paradise for such happy event, perhaps only Yang Kai had ever done so.

A short while later, they arrived above a Spirit Province. The sound of music continued as the escort team disembarked from the ship and headed straight for a large hall.

In front of the main hall, a group of people blocked the way, the leader of which was none other than Six Wood Divine Monarch from Gold Antelope Paradise!

Six Wood wore a smile on his face as he stood next to a group of Sixth and Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage. There were at least a hundred of them guarding the entrance to the hall.

“Divine Monarch!” Yang Kai stepped forward to greet him, his eyes filled with vigilance. The main reason was that Six Wood Divine Monarch’s expression was somewhat malicious, causing Yang Kai to feel that something was wrong.

Moreover, although he had rushed to welcome the bride, he had yet to fully understand the situation, so he didn’t know why he have to welcome the bride from the Gold Antelope Paradise.

Although he had never been here before, since Six Wood Divine Monarch was here, this was obviously the Golden Antelope Paradise’s camp.

Moreover, no one had told him about High Heaven Palace’s arrangements.

“Boy, when a happy occasion arises, one’s spirit will be refreshed. This dress is quite festive,” Six Wood looked Yang Kai up and down and teased.

Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed, “Divine Monarch is too kind. Junior is here to welcome the bride, so I hope Divine Monarch can accommodate me.”

“Good!” Six Wood Divine Monarch casually waved his hand and looked around before shouting, “Someone wants to marry a disciple from my Gold Antelope Paradise. Little brats, tell him, who is qualified to do so?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was stunned, wondering why he had come here to marry a disciple from Gold Antelope Paradise. His wives had nothing to do with Gold Antelope Paradise.

Six Wood Divine Monarch smiled and explained to him, “Xue Yue has already become this Monarch’s personal disciple!”

Yang Kai raised his brow. There was such a thing? When did this happen? He didn’t even know.

However, this was a good thing. The Cave Heaven Paradise’s requirements for accepting disciples had always been strict, and they basically wouldn’t accept disciples who didn't cultivate with them from young age, let alone a Supreme Elder like Six Wood Divine Monarch.

Being able to become an Eighth Order Supreme Elder Disciple was a great honor for anyone in the 3000 Worlds. The Supreme Elder Disciple wasn’t just for show. Six Wood Divine Monarch’s words meant that Xue Yue was really a disciple of Gold Antelope Paradise, and her master was an Eighth Order Supreme Elder like Six Wood. Whether it was in terms of seniority or status, she was not someone ordinary people could compare to.

Even if the Sect Master of Gold Antelope Paradise met Xue Yue in the future, they would still address her as Junior Sister.

Ordinary Open Heaven Stage cultivators in the Cave Heaven Paradise didn’t have such authority, but as a Supreme Elder, it was a simple matter for Six Wood to accept anyone as his disciple.

Yang Kai was moved, “Many thanks, Senior!”

Six Wood grinned, “There’s no need to thank me, it’s not easy to marry this King’s disciple.”

Yang Kai had a bad feeling.

Without giving him a chance to respond, Six Wood spoke again, “Come and tell me, who is qualified to marry a disciple of my Gold Antelope Paradise!”

Immediately, Open Heaven Stage cultivators rushed out from the left and right, each of them holding a huge wine jar and forming a human wall in front of them!

Yang Kai’s scalp went numb as he stared at this scene. This wine jar was as big as a water jar and there were more than twenty of them, and since it was taken out at this time, it must be extraordinary.

This was like drinking to death!

Sure enough, Six Wood opened his mouth and said, “Finish this and you’ll marry her. If you can’t finish drinking this, you can leave!”

Yang Xue immediately rebuked, “Senior Six Wood, this is different from what we agreed on before.”

Six Wood Divine Monarch laughed heartily, “Little girl, this Monarch is teaching you the ways of the world, don’t easily trust others!”

Yang Xue was so angry her mouth was hanging open.

“Don’t worry about it!” Yang Kai waved his hand and stretched out his hand, grabbing a wine jar in front of him and opening it before pouring it down.

Six Wood Divine Monarch smiled and nodded, “Little brat, you should take it easy. The wine brewed by my Gold Antelope Paradise isn’t something that can be easily enjoyed, there are many ways to do so. Be careful not to drink it until you collapse, otherwise you won’t be able to enter the bridal room at night!”

There was no need for him to remind Yang Kai, as soon as the strong alcohol entered his mouth, he noticed it.

The wine in his mouth flowed down his throat like a knife and into his stomach. In an instant, his stomach churned and a massive amount of energy exploded from his abdomen, flowing through his meridians. Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a muffled groan.

This wine was obviously no ordinary wine and had likely been brewed from many rare treasures. Not only was it strong, but it was also helpful for cultivation.

These things were definitely not cheap, but Gold Antelope Paradise had taken out more than twenty of them.

With a series of gulping sounds, under Yang Xue’s worried gaze, Yang Kai finished a jar of wine in less than ten breaths.

All around, there was a burst of cheers.

Yang Kai wiped his mouth and took another jar, doing the same!

After five consecutive jugs, Yang Kai’s figure staggered slightly, but his aura was still vigorous. Gritting his teeth, he praised, “Good!”

Normally, he didn’t drink much, but his alcohol tolerance was quite high. The main problem was that the alcohol in the Gold Antelope Paradise was quite strong, so it was quite difficult for him to drink it all at once.

However, he couldn’t show any weakness and continued drinking.

Ten jars, fifteen jars, twenty jars…

Yang Xue looked worried.

Fortunately, Yang Kai quickly drank all the wine.

Throwing down the wine jar, Yang Kai asked in high spirits, “Senior, is this enough?”

Six Wood smiled at him and waved his hand, “Let him through!”

The many Open Heaven Stage masters who were blocking the way immediately dispersed. Yang Kai led Luan Bai Feng, Yue He, Zhou Ya, Mo Mei, and the other women into the hall.


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