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Yu Rumeng glanced over at him, “Not necessarily dangerous? Then let me ask you, after sealing the Void Corridor, will you be able to return?”

Yang Kai was speechless.

Yu Rumeng grit her teeth, “See, if I’m not mistaken, after you sealed the Void Corridor, will you enter the Ink Battlefield?”

Yang Kai’s tone was weak, “That place may not be the Ink Battlefield, it’s just a guess.”

“What if it is?”

Yang Kai remained silent.

“It’s very likely, right?” Yu Rumeng stared at him.

Yang Kai nodded. The Void Corridor left behind by the Ink Clan Royal after their death was very likely related to the Ink Battlefield, so there was no doubt about this.

Yu Rumeng let out a cold laugh, “Us weak and helpless women have followed you for so many years without even a proper status. Every time you put yourself in danger, we would be on tenterhooks. But now, without even a proper explanation, you want to go to the Ink Battlefield? Who do you think we are?”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with shame and he couldn’t say anything in response. This was indeed his fault.

For countless years, these women had followed him without any complaints or regrets, without even a proper status. Although they had never asked for this, which woman didn’t look forward to this day?

Yu Rumeng stood up and called out, “Ningchang, Xue Yue, Ji Yao, Qu Girl, Xiao Wan, follow me to pack up and leave!”

Yang Kai was confused, “Where?”

Yu Rumeng coldly snorted, “Since we’re going to become widows, why do you care where we go? The world is vast and there are plenty of men with two legs. I’ll bring my sisters to find a random person and live a peaceful life.”

Xia Ningchang didn’t know what to do, “Sister Rumeng, my husband must have his own difficulties.”

Tao Lingwan also nodded fiercely. Among all the women present, the two of them were the most docile, so Yu Rumeng’s words had undoubtedly impacted them greatly.

“His own difficulties?” Yu Rumeng snorted, “No one forced him to do this, it was his own choice, what kind of difficulties did he have!” [MSN: well, the alternative is the Ink Clan invade the 3000 worlds, and he will be powerless to protect you all.]

Saying so, she turned to Xia Ningchang and the others, “Are you leaving or not?”

Helpless, Xia Ningchang could only stand up and nod apologetically to Yang Kai before walking towards Yu Rumeng.

She was also unwilling to see Yang Kai go to the Ink Battlefield. Although Yu Rumeng’s actions were somewhat excessive, if she could change Yang Kai’s mind, she would be happy to cooperate.

Xue Yue stood up and lowered her head, not looking at anyone.

Ji Yao also stood up.

Tao Lingwan looked at Qu Huachang.

Qu Huachang pondered for a moment before standing up as well. No matter what, she still had to spend time with Yu Rumeng and the others in the future, so it was better for her to stand on the same side at this time.

“Hmph!” Yu Rumeng raised her slender neck and glared at Yang Kai before turning around and leading the girls away.

The atmosphere in the hall became extremely awkward as the Great Emperors, Mao Zhe, and the others all exchanged awkward glances, not knowing what to say.

This was, after all, a family matter, so it wasn’t appropriate for them to say anything. Moreover, although Yu Rumeng’s words were a bit harsh just now, everyone knew that she just didn’t want Yang Kai to put himself in danger again. Even if Yu Rumeng didn’t use such a method to threaten him, they would still try their best to persuade him.

This matter concerned the stability of the 3000 Worlds, so there was no reason for a Sixth-Order Open Heaven to shoulder this burden.

This burden was too heavy for High Heaven Palace and Void Land to bear, much less Yang Kai.

“I’ll go see my sisters-in-law,” Yang Xue stood up and chased after them. When she reached the entrance of the hall, she turned her back to Yang Kai and said, “Big Brother, no matter what decision you make, I support you, but… I don’t agree with you!”

Saying so, she flashed away.

Yang Kai sighed lightly. When he made that decision, he was already mentally prepared.

This was different from the past.

In the past, no matter how dangerous the situation was, as long as he could resolve it, he would be able to return safely.

But this time was different. If he really entered the Ink Battlefield, it would be the same as abandoning everything in the 3000 Worlds and never returning.

Since ancient times, so many elites from the Cave Heaven Paradise step out from the No-Return Pass, so it was naturally impossible to make an exception for him.

Yu Rumeng was keenly aware of this, which was why her reaction was so intense.

“Does everyone also want to persuade mer?” Yang Kai looked towards the crowd and asked. Although the backyard was on fire and Yu Rumeng was in a fit of rage, he didn’t feel embarrassed. After all, they were all family, so he couldn’t afford to lose face.

Zhan Wuhen said, “Since you’ve made up your mind, I’m afraid it’s useless to try to persuade you. What’s more, if the Void Corridor isn’t sealed, if it really connects to the Ink Battlefield, who in the 3000 Worlds can remain unscathed? If you want to go, go. Don’t worry too much about your family’s matters. If anyone dares to approach the several madams while you’re gone, I’ll smash their heads.”

This was obviously a joke. Even if Yang Kai really left, Yu Rumeng and the others wouldn’t do anything. What she said just now was obviously to force Yang Kai to change his mind.

“When do you leave?” Serene Soul Great Emperor asked.

Yang Kai said, “It will take some time, while the Ancient Seal in the Void Corridor can still be maintained. I’ll only leave after I’ve finished my business.”

Yao Jun nodded slightly, “That’s good, without any worries, you can rest assured.”

Everyone chatted for a while before dispersing.

Yang Kai walked out of the main hall with a worried look on his face. Although he had many wives, to be honest, he wasn’t very proficient in dealing with women. Yu Rumeng leading all the women to rebel, he didn’t know how to appease her.

Of course, if he told them that he had changed his mind, Yu Rumeng and the others would definitely smile happily, but since he had already made up his minds, how could he change it so easily?

Yang Kai wasn’t someone who would neglect his personal relationships for the sake of the greater good of the world, he wasn’t noble enough to do so. If there really was someone in the Cave Heaven Paradise who could solve this problem, he naturally wouldn’t force himself to do so, but the problem at hand was that in all of the vast universe, besides him, no one else could.

He had to do this.

It was still the same as before. If the Ink Clan really invaded the 3000 Worlds through the Void Corridor, not to mention the several madams, High Heaven Palace, Void Land, and even his parents who had been living in the Star Boundary, none of them would have a good life.

This time, he couldn’t even say goodbye to Su Yan, Shan Qingluo, and Zhu Qing.

Because the three of them possessed the Holy Spirit Source, they had been brought to the Ancestral Land to cultivate until now.

Standing at the edge of the Spirit Province, Yang Kai gazed into the depths of the void, his thoughts constantly changing as he thought about how he had indeed owed his wives a great deal. After spending so many years together, it seemed he didn’t have much time to accompany them, always having to deal with such matters that he couldn’t stop.

This time, it was even worse. He clearly knew that there was no turning back, yet he still chose to walk this path. Perhaps they would never be able to see each other again for the rest of their lives, and before this, he had not even considered their feelings.

If it was him, Yang Kai felt that he wouldn’t be able to accept it either. Yu Rumeng had caused such a huge ruckus and didn’t care about his face at all. It was just a normal reaction, but if she accepted it calmly, that would be a problem.

What a scum! Yang Kai cursed himself in his heart and made up his mind. At worst, he would kneel in front of them and beg for their forgiveness!

Turning around, Yang Kai’s eyes remained firm and unwavering. Even if there were ten million people, he would not hesitate!

Just as he took a step forward, Yang Xue hurriedly descended from the sky and landed in front of Yang Kai, hurriedly saying, “Big Brother, I finally found you.”

Yang Kai’s face tightened, “What’s wrong?”

“Something happened!” Yang Xue blurted out.

“What happened!?” Yang Kai was shocked.

“I can’t explain it clearly, just follow me and we’ll know,” Yang Xue said as she grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and flashed away.

Yang Kai’s heart sank. He didn’t know what had happened to make his little sister so anxious, but she had gone to find Yu Rumeng and the others. Could it be that something had happened to them?

Along the way, Yang Kai asked a few questions, but Yang Xue simply shook her head and refused to answer, making him feel even more uneasy.

Soon, they arrived at a Spirit Province. He didn’t know which Cave Heaven Paradise this place belonged to, but at the moment, all of the mines in the Black Territory had been completely mined and broken Spirit Provinces were scattered all over the place. It would be a simple matter to obtain a few larger Spirit Provinces as a base.

There was a large hall on the Spirit Province.

Yang Xue and Yang Kai rushed into the hall.

As soon as he entered, several beautiful women appeared on both sides of him, all of them smiling brightly, none of whom Yang Kai recognized.

The key was that all of these women had exquisite cultivations and their bodies exuded a Seventh-Order Open Heaven aura.

These were obviously High Rank Open Heaven masters.

Yang Kai’s heart tightened. He really didn’t know what was happening, so he instinctively became vigilant.

Yang Xue just grinned and pushed Yang Kai forward.

The few women didn’t allow him to speak and instead grabbed him from both sides and dragged him inside.

“What’s going on?” Yang Kai was completely dumbfounded. Didn’t she say something is wrong? What was the meaning of this cheerful situation?

“Big Brother, don’t be afraid, I was just lying to you just now. Nothing happened, just cooperate obediently,” Yang Xue said as she walked inside.

“What the hell are you doing?” Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had been in such a hurry to comfort his wives, but now he had been dragged here, surrounded by a few beautiful and exquisite High Rank Open Heaven masters. A delicate fragrance wafted around him, making him feel uncomfortable.

“You’ll know soon enough,” Yang Xue smiled mischievously, refusing to speak the truth.

Yang Kai pointed her finger at her, but there was nothing he could do. He had never taken care of his little sister, nor had he accompanied her since she was a child, but their blood ties made Yang Kai reluctant to sat heavy words to her.

However, looking at the situation in front of him, it seemed that nothing had really happened. Even if something had happened, it was still a good thing.

Entering the inner room, it was obviously a boudoir with a sweet fragrance lingering at the tip of his nose. It was unknown which woman’s room this was.

Yang Kai was directly dragged to a chair, his shoulders were forced down.

“Sit down!”


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