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Seeing the blank look on Yang Kai’s face, Yue He didn’t try to beat around the bush and simply smiled, “All of the mines in the Black Territory have basically been mined, and all the resources obtained have been taken by us.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before quickly reacting, “In order to break that super array?”

Yue He nodded, “Yes.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help asking curiously, “Are the various Cave Heavens Paradise also willing?”

One had to know that there were many ore stars in the Black Territory, and each of them contained a rich amount of resources. This was not a small amount, and even the Cave Heaven Paradise would covet it. Unexpectedly, after these mining resources were mined, they all ended up in High Heaven Palace’s pocket.

Although it was just a few words, Yang Kai could already imagine what had happened while he was trapped in the cage for a hundred years.

The Cave Heaven Paradise must have mobilized a large number of people and spent a hundred years extracting all of the ore stars in the entire Black Territory. As a result, the Super Array was finally broken, allowing the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise to avoid being restrained by the power of the Super Array and fight with the Ink Clan Royal without any worries.

“It was Big Sister who argued with them that Young Master was willing to risk his life for the sake of these 3000 Worlds. The Black Territory was originally High Heaven Palace’s territory, so everything they obtained here naturally belonged to High Heaven Palace. With the great enemy Ink Clan in front of them, they couldn’t do anything shameless.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “This is a good thing.”

With the massive supply of resources from the Black Territory, the cultivation resources of High Heaven Palace and Void Land disciples became even more plentiful. Originally, he had a massive amount of Yin-Yang attribute resources in his possession, but now he didn’t have to worry about having insufficient Five Elements resources.

This was indeed a good thing, so everyone in the hall was quite happy.

“But Young Master, you can’t take such risks in the future,” Yue He suddenly changed the subject and grumbled, “So many people in High Heaven Palace and Void Land are counting on you. If anything happens to you, what will we do?”

Everyone nodded.

High Heaven Palace and Void Land had only risen recently, and almost all of its cohesion was focused on Yang Kai alone. If anything happened to him, the Sect’s morale would definitely fall apart.

Yang Xue also put on a straight face and said, “That’s right, Big Brother, you’re not alone right now, you should think about my sisters-in-laws. They’ve been living in fear all these years.”

Yang Kai’s smile suddenly became somewhat forced.

Yang Xue looked at him and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable as she frowned, “Big Brother, are you going to do something dangerous again?”

After all, they were brother and sister. Although they hadn’t spent much time together and Yang Kai hadn’t accompanied her when she was growing up, the bond of blood and kinship between them had allowed her to perceive many things.

Yang Kai let out a heavy sigh, causing all the laughter in the hall to disappear and Yu Rumeng and the others’ expressions to become solemn.

“There is a gate in this world called the No-Return Pass!” Yang Kai suddenly spoke about something completely unrelated.

“Ordinary people have never heard of this gate, and even the ordinary disciples in the Cave Heaven Paradise don’t know of its existence. Those who have the qualifications to know about it are all elite disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise, as well as the higher-ups. I only learned about it recently.”

“Once you leave this No-Return Pass, you will never return. Inside this gate is the vastness of the 3000 Worlds we can see now. Outside this gate is a continuous battlefield!”

Everyone was shocked, and Mao Zhe asked curiously, “What kind of battlefield?”

“Ink Battlefield!” Yang Kai replied.

Everyone’s jaws dropped. Although this was the first time they had heard of the Ink Battlefield, just by hearing this name they knew it was definitely not a good place.

“That’s right, just as you think, this Ink Battlefield has countless Ink Clan existences. Since a very long time ago, they have wanted to invade the 3000 Worlds and turn all the living beings in this world into their slaves and livestock. The Cave Heaven Paradise has the responsibility to protect the 3000 Worlds, and their masters have fought with the Ink Clan in the Ink Battlefield for many years to resist their invasion.”

All of the Great Emperor wore cold expressions while Mao Zhe and Grey Bones were dumbfounded.

It was understandable that the Great Emperors hadn’t heard of the Ink Battlefield. After all, they had only left the Star Boundary a few years ago, and it had only been a few hundred years since they had broken through to Open Heaven.

However, Mao Zhe, Grey Bones, and the others were all veteran Open Heaven Stage masters, and even they had never heard of the Ink Battlefield or the No-Return Pass. This was quite unbelievable.

Everyone turned to look at Qu Huachang and Tao Lingwan. Among all the people present, only the two of them were core disciples of Yin Yang Heaven and had reached the Sixth-Order, so they naturally knew more secrets than anyone else.

Qu Huachang nodded slightly, “Three hundred years ago, my master brought my Senior Brother and Senior Sister to the Ink Battlefield. According to what I know, every few years, every Cave Heaven Paradise would send a group of people to the Ink Battlefield to replenish their losses.”

No one dared to imagine just how brutal and intense the battle in the Ink Battlefield was, to the point where even the Cave Heaven Paradise had to constantly send people in.

“Regarding the matter of the Ink Clan, the Cave Heaven Paradise has intentionally sealed the news, so it’s normal that you haven’t heard about it,” Yang Kai explained lightly.

Mao Zhe and the others immediately understood. If it weren’t for this incident in the Black Territory being too big, they really would have never heard of the existence of the Ink Clan in this world. Even the Ink Clan is unknown to them, let alone the Ink Battlefield.

“But… what does this have to do with us?” Xue Yue asked with a pale face.

Yang Kai had no reason to bring this up for no reason, especially after his battle with a powerful Ink Clan master.

“Originally, there wasn’t much to do with it. Since ancient times, the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise have fought against the Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield to protect the peace of the 3000 Worlds. Although the losses were great, there have never been any mistakes. If nothing goes wrong, this situation will continue for a long time, but… the battle in the Black Territory has changed the situation.”

Everyone listened attentively.

Yang Kai suddenly asked, “Do you know how many people were lost in this battle?”

Everyone shook their heads, only Qu Huachang’s expression was solemn as she said, “In the previous battle, more than a thousand people were sent from the Cave Heaven Paradise, each of them a High-Rank Open Heaven master, but after that battle, 268 peope died, and five of them were Eighth-Order masters!”

After all, she was a core disciple of Yin Yang Heaven. Although she was now a member of High Heaven Palace, she still had some methods to obtain accurate information.

When they were fighting against the Ink King Clan, Yin Yang Heaven had also sent an Eighth-Order Supreme Elder to lead the team. Qu Huachang inquire this information from that Supreme Elder.

Hearing this number, everyone was shocked. They knew that in this battle, there were High-Rank Open Heaven masters who had fallen, but none of them had expected so many High-Rank masters to die. Two to three hundred Seventh-Order masters had died, and even five Eighth-Order masters had died?

This was an Eighth-Order, almost standing at the top of this world.

“The Ink Clan is so fierce?” Beast Martial Great Emperor cried out.

“The Ink Clan in this Black Territory is extraordinary, it is the Ink Clan's Royal Lord, and their peak strength is comparable to a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Stage master!” Yang Kai explained, “If it weren’t for the many years of imprisonment that caused her strength to fall greatly, we might not have been able to do anything to her.”

Everyone was relieved. The Ink Clan's Royal Lord, which was equivalent to a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Stage master, was indeed powerful.

“After she died, she left behind a Void Corridor!”

Everyone’s expression became serious.

Zhan Wuhen frowned, “The place where the Void Corridor connect…”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t know for now, but I can only guess the worst situation.”

“Ink Battlefield…” Someone muttered softly.

If that was the case, it would be a big deal.

“That’s right!” Yang Kai nodded, “We can only assume that the Void Corridor is connected to the Ink Battlefield. Right now, the Void Corridor is sealed by the power of an ancient seal, so it hasn’t been fully connected yet, so we can still live in peace. However, the ancient seal is gradually dissipating, and it won’t be long before it completely disappears. At that time, the Void Corridor will connect the two places. If the other end is really the Ink Battlefield, the Ink Clan will follow the Void Corridor into the 3000 Worlds. At that time, it will definitely be a catastrophe.”

Yang Kai paused for a moment to let everyone digest this information, and after a moment, he said in a low voice, “I want to enter the Void Corridor and seal it again. Only by doing so can I resolve this disaster.”

Yu Rumeng clenched her teeth and said, “Why do you need to go? There are so many masters and supreme elders in the Cave Heaven Paradise, yet you, a junior, insist on taking action. What is the meaning of this?”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “It’s not them who want me to stand up for them, it’s me.”

Yu Rumeng slapped the armrest of her chair to smithereens, “I think you want us sisters to become widows!”

“Sister-in-law Rumeng…” Seeing Yu Rumeng’s anger, Yang Xue quickly called out to her. Her elder brother is now a Sect Master after all, so her sister-in-law’s anger was not giving him any face at all, especially with so many people in the hall watching, even if she want to say something to her elder brother, she should say it in private.

“Am I wrong?” Yu Rumeng’s anger soared as she pointed at Yang Kai, “Has this big brother of yours done too few dangerous things in the past few years? Not to mention far away, but just recently. When he rushed into the Chaotic Dead Territory with the Giant Spiritual God, was that really a place for humans? If Mao Zhe and the others weren’t alive, how would we know if he was dead or alive? When he ran into the cage alone to live with the Ink Clan for a hundred years, we still had to see if Mao Zhe and the others were dead or alive to know if he was alive.”

Mao Zhe had an innocent look on his face as he rubbed his nose.

“It wasn’t easy for him to return from the Chaotic Dead Territory and return alive from the Ink Clan, but now he wants to seal the Void Corridor? Is he tired of living?”

Yang Kai smiled apologetically, “Madam, please calm your anger. Sealing the Void Corridor is not necessarily dangerous.”


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