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Although the Cave Heaven Paradise was filled with talents, there were not many who were proficient in the Space Laws. Even if there were, they were far inferior to Yang Kai.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have allowed Yang Kai to comprehend the secrets of the Universe Temple and repair its Universe Formation.

To be able to completely repair the Universe Formation that had been damaged for a long time in the Universe Temple, it could not be said that no one had ever done so before, but at the very least, no one could compare to it.

“Do you know what you’ll face if you do this?” Someone asked.

Yang Kai laughed self-deprecatingly, “Junior naturally knows.”

He had proposed this plan himself, so how could he not know what kind of situation he would be facing? If he thought about it carefully, he might be able to live in peace, but if he thought about it negatively, after he sealed this Void Corridor, he would enter the Ink Battlefield alone. That place was filled with thorns, and danger was everywhere, with the possibility of dying at any moment.

“But now, aside from this Junior, I’m afraid no one else is capable of this task,” Yang Kai sighed lightly, “Even if the other end of the Void Corridor is connected to the Ink Battlefield, this Junior still has some ability to protect himself.”

This ability to protect himself was naturally not referring to his cultivation. In the Ink Battlefield, it was common for an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator to fall. He was only a Sixth-Order, far from being comparable to an Eighth-Order.

However, in terms of strength, he had an advantage others didn’t have.

The World Spring sealed the Small Universe. Small Universe was round and flawless, impervious to external forces, so there was no need to worry about him being Inked by the Ink Force. At the critical moment, he could even disguise himself as an Ink Disciple to conceal his identity.

This was an ability that no other Open Heaven Stage cultivator possessed.

Everyone fell silent.

Yang Kai continued, “To tell you the truth, this Junior also hesitated for a few days before making up his mind. This Junior knows that if the nest is destroyed, there will be no more eggs left. If this Void Corridor is not properly dealt with, no force or individual in this world will be able to remain unscathed. Once the Ink Clan invades, the flames of war will spread throughout all the great domains.”

Lan Youruo had previously thought that Yang Kai was hesitating about something and had asked him about it, but Yang Kai had not explained much.

What he was hesitating about was precisely this matter. After all, this was not a small matter and no one could make a decision.

Six Wood Divine Monarch sighed lightly, “It’s rare for you to be so wise, it’s truly the fortune of my 3000 Worlds.”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “Seniors, for the sake of the stability of these 3000 Worlds, I, Yang Kai, am willing to die to protect them. This little brat’s strength is low, but I can’t allow the Seniors to worry about it alone.”

To be honest, the battle between the Eighth-Order Supreme Elders of the various Cave Heaven Paradises and Ink Clan Royal had greatly affected him. Everyone knew that the Ink Clan Royal had hidden a Royal Lord Secret Technique, a power that they absolutely could not resist, and no one knew if they would fall for it and be transformed into Ink Disciples. However, during the battle with the Ink Clan Royal, no one retreated, no one hesitated, and all of them held the mentality of sacrificing themselves to fight the Ink Clan Royal, forcing her to use that strange Secret Technique.

Being able to cultivate to the Eighth-Order, which of these Supreme Elders hadn’t lived for thousands of years or even longer? They had long since stopped caring about worldly affairs, but how could they not cherish their lives?

As for those Seventh-Order Open Heaven Stage masters, each of them was a proud son of Heaven, each of them had a family, but in the battle with the Ink Clan, the casualty rate was nearly twenty to thirty percent.

An ordinary person would never have heard of such an earth-shattering battle.

As for the Cave Heaven Paradise elites who had fought against the Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield for many years, all of them were silently paying the price. Apart from the Cave Heaven Paradise, ordinary cultivators and forces had no idea that the 3000 Worlds were facing a constant crisis.

The seemingly calm and vast universe was actually being guarded by someone.

Since ancient times, the world had only seen the domineering and tyrannical nature of the Cave Heaven Paradise, but no one had ever heard of their sacrifices. Even Yang Kai had many misunderstandings about the tyranny of the Cave Heaven Paradise.

If he didn’t have the ability to seal this Void Corridor, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Naturally, he would gather his forces and quickly return to the Star Boundary to protect himself.

But he did have the ability.

If he didn’t do this and allowed the Ink Clan to invade from this Void Corridor, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

After hesitating for a few days, he finally made up his mind.

“You sent that little girl Lan Youruo back to the Star Boundary to bring people here because of this?” Six Wood Divine Monarch’s eyes drooped.

Yang Kai smiled, “When i leave this time, I don’t know if I’ll be able to come back… There are some things I need to explain.”

If the other side wasn’t the Ink Battlefield, he would naturally be able to return safely, but if it really was the Ink Battlefield, even if he managed to survive, he would probably never be able to return.

Since ancient times, there had never been a precedent for those who come back from the No-Return Pass! Although he had never entered the No-Return Pass and didn’t even know what it looked like, his destination was the same as the ancestors of the Cave Heaven Paradise, the Ink Battlefield.

Everyone fell silent.

Making such a decision required not only great courage, but also a high level of awareness. Yang Kai being able to make such a decision made these Eighth-Order masters couldn’t help feeling deep respect for him.

Six Wood bowed slightly, “The Cave Heaven Paradise owe you a favor, the 3000 Worlds owe you a favor!”

With him as the leader, all the Eighth-Order masters bowed.

Yang Kai quickly returned the greeting.

Suddenly, someone smiled and said, “I heard that you had some disagreements with some of the little brats below, so I’ll help you teach them a lesson later.”

Yang Kai looked over suspiciously. Although he recognized this Supreme Elder, he had only met him a few times, so he didn’t know his name or background.

Six Wood Divine Monarch explained to him, “This is Thousand Crane Paradise’s Senior Brother Flying Clouds!”

Yang Kai suddenly understood and bowed, “Junior is young and ignorant, please forgive this Junior for his previous offense!”

Thousand Crane Paradise’s Zuo Quan Hui branch had almost been wiped out by him. For so many years, although Thousand Crane Paradise had not made things difficult for him on the surface, Yang Kai also knew that the enmity between them was not so easily resolved. It was only because of the Star Boundary World Tree that Thousand Crane Paradise had endured.

He had always been wary of whether Thousand Crane Paradise would seek revenge, but now with this Flying Clouds Divine Monarch’s words, all his problems were solved.

Compared to the stability of the entire 3000 Worlds, personal grudges were nothing. This was also why Flying Clouds Divine Monarch was willing to lower himself and take the initiative to turn hostility into friendship.

The Flying Clouds Divine Monarch smiled and nodded, not saying anything more. With his status, it was enough for him to take the initiative to speak with Yang Kai, so there was no need to say anything more.

Six Wood Divine Monarch said, “Don’t worry, after you leave, the Void Land and High Heaven Palace will be under the care of us old fogies, so there won’t be any problems. This old master will use all of the Cave Heaven Paradise’s reputation to guarantee!”

Although he was only a Supreme Elder of Gold Antelope Paradise, no one objected to his words.

Yang Kai thanked him, “Then I’ll have to trouble Senior.”

This was the selfishness he wanted to express. Although the Void Land and High Heaven Palace was not small in size, it was still far inferior to the Cave Heaven Paradise. When he was here, everything was fine, and he was quite familiar with the Seventh and Eighth Order Open Heaven of the Cave Heaven Paradise, so he could ensure the safety of his Sect. But if he left, no one could guarantee what would happen.

However, with Six Wood Divine Monarch’s guarantee, Yang Kai didn’t need to worry.

Previously, he had proposed two methods, both of which could seal the Void Corridor, but the first one was too risky, so he had chosen the second one to tell these Supreme Elders that for the sake of these 3000 Worlds, he was willing to pay the price himself, but they also had to avoid any future worries.

Six Wood Divine Monarch understood.

“Is there anything else I can help you with? If there is, feel free to ask. Although these old fogies are a bit old and their limbs aren’t very flexible, they still have some methods,” Six Wood Divine Monarch asked.

Yang Kai shook his head, there was nothing he needed their help with. Since he had already made this choice, all he needed to do was arrange his own affairs.

Once he left, he might never return!

“The ancient sealing power can still be maintained for some time, and this Void Corridor won’t be completely opened for a while. I’ll have to trouble the Seniors to guard it in batches and monitor it at all times. If there is any news, inform me immediately and I’ll rush over as soon as possible. As for the rest of the time… I want to handle some personal matters.”

Six Wood Divine Monarch immediately nodded, “Go.”

Yang Kai cupped his fists and left behind a Space Spirit Bead for emergencies. His figure flickered as he activated his Space Laws and disappeared.

Inside High Heaven Palace station, Yue He and the others returned.

When the fight with the Ink Clan start, the entire Black Territory had been cleared out and all those below the Seventh Order had been expelled.

Everyone waited anxiously outside the Black Territory, but fortunately, good news came out that the Ink Clan had fallen and the Cave Heaven Paradise had won.

When the people who had been driven out returned, Yue He and the others naturally followed.

However, until today, they had not seen any trace of Yang Kai, so Yue He wanted to investigate him, but she was stopped by the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise and could only wait patiently.

As such, when Yang Kai’s figure appeared in High Heaven Palace’s camp, many Sixth Order masters immediately gathered and greeted him.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Let’s go in first.”

Everyone received their orders and entered the hall before taking their seats.

Seeing the happy looks on everyone’s faces, Yang Kai couldn’t help asking curiously, “Is there a good thing happening?”

Yue He pursed her lips and smiled, “Young Master, we’ve struck gold.”

“Struck gold?” Yang Kai was stunned, “What do you mean?”

Why had they suddenly struck gold? It had to be known that High Heaven Palace and Void Land now had a lot of resources. Controlling two super star cities and a new Great Domain.

The cultivation of the Void Land and High Heaven Palace disciples had now opened up their supply of resources. This kind of treatment might not even be found in the Cave Heaven Paradise.

With this as a prerequisite, Yang Kai couldn’t imagine what kind of massive resources they could get now.

Yue He asked, “Did you see anything different when you came back?”

Yang Kai had been trapped in that cage for a hundred years, so during this time, he knew nothing about the outside world. After the Super Array was broken, he participated in the Ink Clan’s battle and had been monitoring the Void Corridor’s movements.

How could he know what was different about the outside world?


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