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The worst scenario was that the other end of the Void Corridor was connected to the Ink Battlefield!

This guess wasn’t completely baseless. The fact that an ancient master had sealed the Ink Clan Royal here and turned it into a part of the seal meant that the other end of the Void Corridor had some connection to the Ink Royal Lord.

It was highly likely that something that can be related to a Royal Lord is the Ink Battlefield.

“Now that the Ink Clan Royal is dead, the seal has loosened and the Void Corridor is gradually revealing itself. If our expectations are correct, we must prepare for the worst.”

“Junior has also made some attempts recently. With Junior’s current attainments in the Dao of Space, it may be difficult to seal this Void Corridor again, but it is not impossible.”

Many Eighth-Order Supreme Elders nodded slightly when they heard this. Yang Kai had mentioned this to Six Wood before, and many of them had also heard it. They were all very glad that in this generation’s rising star, there was someone like Yang Kai who was proficient in the Dao of Space. Otherwise, facing the current situation, there really wouldn’t have been any solution for the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Although they could also find a way to seal the Void Corridor, they definitely wouldn’t be able to do it better than an ancient master, much less compare to Yang Kai.

Professional things had to be handled perfectly by professionals.

“What are you worried about?” An Eighth-Order Supreme Elder asked. Although Yang Kai’s tone was filled with great confidence to seal the Void Corridor again, the worry on his face was obvious.

Yang Kai smiled wryly, “Junior is only worried about one thing right now. When the seal set up by the ancient ancestors is completely lifted, the Void Corridor will be opened. At that time, even if Junior is able to seal it again, the Void Corridor will have a risk of being discovered.”

If that was the case, re-sealing would become meaningless.

If the other side wasn’t the Ink Battlefield, then so be it. But if it really was the Ink Battlefield and the Ink Clan discovered the existence of this Void Corridor, they would definitely try to open it up again to see what was inside. At that time, how could this vast universe resist?

This was a problem, so everyone fell into deep thought.

The white-bearded Eighth-Order Supreme Elder said, “Can you take advantage of the fact that the ancient seal hasn’t been completely removed and seal it a second time?”

“Yes and No!”

These ambiguous words left everyone confused. If this matter could be done, then so be it; if it couldn’t be done, so be it. How could it be yes and no?

Six Wood Divine Monarch let out a bitter laugh, “Little brat Yang, if you have something to say, just say it, you’re confusing us old fogies.”

Yang Kai cupped his fists in apology and pondered for a moment before suddenly reaching out and taking out a bamboo stick.

This bamboo was about the thickness of a human arm, and there were even some green bamboo leaves growing on it. Everyone was familiar with this bamboo and recognized it as Profound Yin Bamboo.

In the past hundred years, in order to compete with the Ink Clan, they had spent a great deal of effort and resources to cultivate the Profound Yin Bamboo in their Small Universe, and now each of them had a bamboo forest inside their Small Universe.

Yang Kai’s Small Universe also had Profound Yin Bamboo, which he had transplanted when he first went to the new Great Domain to investigate the situation.

With a slight shake of his hand, the Profound Yin Bamboo immediately connected and its branches and leaves withered, transforming into a long, cylindrical stick.

The group of people watched in confusion, not knowing why Yang Kai had suddenly made such a move. Everyone was talking about the Void Corridor, why did he take out a Profound Yin Bamboo?

However, everyone knew that Yang Kai had a purpose, so they didn’t interrupt him.

“If this Junior uses this bamboo tube as a Void Corridor,” Yang Kai held the Profound Yin Bamboo in one hand and pointed at the two ends of it, “It connects the two void, and this one is the Black Territory. As for where this one is, we don’t know yet, so we’ll just treat it as the Ink Battlefield!”

Everyone nodded, indicating for him to continue.

Yang Kai pushed his strength into the Profound Yin Bamboo, and in an instant, the Profound Yin Bamboo was filled with a yellow energy that was clearly a Yang Attribute.

Yang Kai continued, “The ancient ancestors used a Divine Ability to seal this Void Corridor, cutting off the connection between the two places. If the seal is not broken, it is impossible to discover this Void Corridor.”

“But now, the seal has loosened and the sealing power in the Void Corridor is slowly dissipating.” As he spoke, the yellow energy that filled the bamboo tube slowly moved back from one end to the other. In just a moment, more than half of it had disappeared and the entire bamboo tube was about to be reattached.

This method of explanation was quite refreshing and also quite obvious.

Soon, someone saw the problem, and a burly Eighth-Order Supreme Elder frowned and said, “You want to say that the power of the Void Corridor’s seal began to dissipate from the end of the Black Territory, gradually pushing back!”

It wasn’t strange that he was able to see this, Yang Kai had shown it clearly before, and when they had been exploring the Void Corridor recently, they had also felt this way.

When his Divine Sense probed the Void Corridor, he could clearly feel an invisible wall blocking his senses, which was undoubtedly the sealing power of the Void Corridor.

Now that a period of time had passed, the power of the seal was indeed constantly retreating.

“That’s right!” Yang Kai nodded. Since someone had realized this point, it saved him a lot of time explaining, “Junior said before that it could be sealed because Junior truly has this ability!”

It wasn’t that he was boasting, but he was speaking the truth.

Saying so, he activated the blue crystal’s power and sealed the mouth of the bamboo tube representing the Black Territory.

The yellow and blue lights were extremely obvious.

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “But it’s useless. Sealing up the passage to the Black Territory is just a self-deceiving act, so this kind of sealing is not allowed.”

As he spoke, the yellow energy representing the Ancient Seal continued to dissipate, meaning that once the seal’s power completely disappeared, the Void Corridor on the other side would be revealed.

At that time, the creatures on the other side would be able to find their way here, break the seal Yang Kai had left behind, and enter the Black Territory.

Everyone fell silent. Yang Kai’s explanation couldn’t be any clearer. They were all Eighth-Order Supreme Elder from their respective Sects, so whether it was their aptitude or talent, they were all top-notch. If they couldn’t understand this, they would be fools.

The white-haired Supreme Elder said, “Sealing the Black Territory is indeed the only way to treat the symptoms, but since you’ve revealed this matter, I assume you have a solution?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes!”

Everyone was shocked.

“Everyone, please take a look!” As Yang Kai spoke, he withdrew his yellow and blue colored power and began to use it again.

This time, he didn’t say anything, only demonstrating.

The yellow energy once again filled the bamboo tube, and after the explanation just now, everyone knew that it represented the sealing power left behind by the ancient ancestors.

Under Yang Kai’s demonstration, the yellow energy continued to melt away from the bamboo tube that represented the Black Territory and soon disappeared.

In other words, when this happened, it meant that the Void Corridor had completely opened.

The moment the yellow energy disappeared, the blue energy lit up from the other end and filled the entire bamboo tube.

However, the erosion of the blue energy and the yellow energy were in opposite directions.

Everyone understood that this method of sealing the Void Corridor had to wait until the power of the Ancient Seal completely disappeared. When the Void Corridor connected the two places, Yang Kai would enter it and seal it from the other end to the Black Territory, completely sealing it!

This couldn’t be helped. The power of the seal filled the Void Corridor, and if it didn’t dissipate, Yang Kai couldn’t use it from the other side.

“It won’t take long. In half a day at most, this Junior will be able to completely conceal the traces of the Void Corridor from the other place. As long as no one discovers it during this half a day, the existence of the Void Corridor will be a secret and there will be no risk of it being broken through.”

“It’s not appropriate!” Among the crowd, an eighth-grade Supreme Elder immediately shook his head.

Forget about half a day, even an incense stick’s worth of time wouldn’t be enough. No one knew where the other end of the Void Corridor was. If it wasn’t the Ink Battlefield, everything would be fine, but if it really was the Ink Battlefield, once the Ink Clan discovered it, the consequences would be unimaginable. Just as Yang Kai had said before, all they could do now was prepare for the worst and use this as a prerequisite for their best plan.

This sealing method was too risky and lucky.

Although the others didn’t say anything, it was obvious they had the same idea.

“Then there’s only one way left,” Yang Kai once again filled the bamboo tube with the yellow energy representing the Ancient Sealing power, and this time, as the yellow energy receded, the blue energy representing his own Sealing Force followed closely behind, not leaving.

When the yellow energy completely disappeared, the bamboo tube was also filled with blue energy! The Void Corridor’s seal was still intact, but the ancient sealing power had been replaced by Yang Kai’s.

Six Wood’s expression changed slightly as he saw through Yang Kai’s intentions, “You want to enter the Void Corridor?”

Either way, Yang Kai had to enter the Void Corridor.

The first method was to start from the other side and retreat to the back. Once the seal was complete, Yang Kai would retreat back to the Black Territory.

However, the latter method was completely different. This meant that he had to chase after the place where the ancient seal had disappeared and apply his own sealing power. Once the seal was complete, he would only appear at the other end of the tunnel.

“This is the only way to ensure our safety,” Yang Kai said solemnly.

“If you do this, you won’t be able to return,” Six Wood frowned, feeling the need to remind Yang Kai, “We still can’t determine what kind of place that is, if it really is the Ink Battlefield…”

If it really was the Ink Battlefield, with Yang Kai’s Sixth-Order Open Heaven cultivation, he would definitely be doomed.

“Even if it really is the Ink Battlefield, this Junior will not refuse,” Yang Kai put away the bamboo tube, dispersed the yellow and blue energies, and looked around at the crowd, “Of course, if Seniors have a better candidate or method to achieve this, this Junior is happy to see it happen.”


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