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However, as soon as she stepped into the Black Territory, she was discovered by the ancient great expert.

It would definitely be a shocking battle.

In the end, the Ancient Great Expert won, but the appearance of the Void Corridor made things difficult.

The ancient great expert had set up a great array in the Black Territory, transforming it into a cage and imprisoning the Ink Clan Royal. At the same time, they had used the power of the array to transform her into a part of it, sealing the Void Corridor.

Until today!

This was only Yang Kai’s guess. As for what had happened in the ancient era, it was impossible to trace, and no one could say for sure.

There were many unreasonable points, but there were also some that made sense.

Yang Kai had always been curious. If the ancient masters had the ability to imprison the Ink Clan for countless years, why didn’t they kill her in the first place? Before, he had thought that the reason they didn’t kill her was because it was difficult to deal with the Ink Force left behind by the Ink Clan after they died, but now it seemed that wasn’t the case.

Perhaps the Void Corridor had been opened by the Ink Clan Royal, it's better to use her to better seal the tunnel.

During the previous battle, no matter how dangerous the Ink Clan Royal situation was, she had never moved.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to move, nor was it that she didn’t want to escape, but rather that her entire existence had already become one with the seal in the Void Corridor. She couldn’t escape, nor could she move, so she could only remain where she was and endure the attacks of countless masters in the Cave Heaven Paradise until she died.

If she had been able to freely move or escape at that time, perhaps this battle would have ended differently.

But now that she was dead, the seal had loosened and the Void Corridor slowly appeared, allowing Yang Kai to notice it.

When Lan Youruo heard this, she fell into deep thought. If things were really as Yang Kai had guessed, once the seal was completely lifted, the 3000 Worlds that had been stabilized for countless years would be completely connected to the Ink Battlefield. At that time, countless Ink Clans would descend into the Black Territory through this Void Corridor and continue to spread the disaster to this vast universe.

It was as if she could already see the scene of people dying and wailing, causing her to shudder.

After being imprisoned for countless years, the Ink Clan Royal's strength had fallen drastically, but it already caused the Cave Heaven Paradise unimaginable losses. If another peak Royal Lord were to appear, who could resist?

All of the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Stage masters in the Cave Heaven Paradise were stationed on the Ink Battlefield, and none of them were able to resist the Ink Clan Royal’s forces here.

She secretly prayed that the other end of this Void Corridor was not the Ink Battlefield.

As the days passed, the speed at which the seal loosened was not fast, but as time passed, the existence of the Void Corridor became clear.

At first, only Yang Kai could sense its existence, and even an Eighth-Order Supreme Elder like Six Wood could only sense that something was wrong.

However, after half a month, any Eighth or Seventh-Order cultivator would be able to feel the faint fluctuations of the Space Force in the air.

This was undoubtedly a sign that the seal was continuing to loosen. Once the seal was completely broken, the Void Corridor would connect the void.

However, what was on the other side of the Void Corridor was still a mystery.

In the place where the Ink Clan Royal had fallen, Yang Kai stayed close to it, constantly monitoring the changes in the tunnel.

Six Wood Divine Monarch had been busy for a few days and had finally managed to clean up the battlefield with the others, but the residual power of the Ink Force was a problem. Without Yang Kai’s help, they could only use their Arrays to seal up the remaining Ink Force and wait to deal with it later.

Moving to Yang Kai’s side, Six Wood focused his senses for a moment before frowning, “It seems to have become more obvious?”

Yang Kai nodded, “En.”

“Are you still unable to investigate the situation on the other side?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “The seal still exists, unless I have the ability to bypass it, there’s nothing I can do.”

This seal was left behind from the ancient era, Yang Kai tried to sense it, but to no avail. It had been too long ago, so the methods of the ancient era were very different from the current one. What’s more, the ancient great expert who had set up this seal must have an unfathomable cultivation, not something Yang Kai, a mere Sixth-Order, could see through.

Six Wood frowned. Since they couldn’t investigate the situation on the other side, they couldn’t determine where the other side was. All they could do now was to guard against any possible dangers.

“If one day,” Six Wood said solemnly, “I mean if this seal is completely broken, will you be able to seal it again?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Sure!”

His straightforward answer surprised Six Wood, “Are you sure?”

Yang Kai smiled proudly, “In terms of cultivation, this Junior is naturally inferior to the masters of ancient times, but in terms of attainments in the Space Laws, this Junior is confident he is not inferior to anyone. It won’t be difficult to seal this Void Corridor.”

Six Wood let out a long sigh, “Good, then we’ll see what you can do.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Senior can rest assured, but in this case, there is a problem.”

Six Wood understood immediately, “When the seal is broken, the Void Corridor will definitely be exposed. If anyone on the other side notices it, they will come here!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

The conversation between the two was naturally heard by the Eighth-Order Supreme Elders who were guarding the Void Corridor. Hearing this, all of them frowned. If this problem was not resolved, it would be meaningless to seal the Void Corridor again.

However, no one had a solution, so everyone could only wait and see.

Half a month later, a needle-sized black hole suddenly appeared in the void. Yang Kai immediately noticed it and focused his attention on it, confirming that it was the Void Corridor.

The Void Corridor naturally couldn’t be so narrow, but because of the existence of the ancient seal, it had never appeared. Before, only he could sense its existence, but now, with the weakening of the seal’s power, this Void Corridor had appeared. Although it was only the size of a needle, as time passed, it would definitely become larger.

This was indeed the case. In less than a month, the needle-sized Void Corridor had been reduced to the size of a fist and the inside of it had become chaotic.

Under their investigation, everyone could clearly sense that there was an invisible wall-like force inside the Void Corridor that was blocking their Divine Sense.

This invisible wall was naturally the seal's power. It filled the Void Corridor and sealed the connection between the two place.

But now, as the seal loosened, this seal became weaker. One day, it would completely disappear and at that time, the two places would be completely connected.

After another month, the fist-sized black hole had expanded to more than twice its original size, and the joy of defeating the Ink Clan Royal had long since faded as everyone stared at the changes in the Void Corridor with solemn expressions.

Lan Youruo felt that there was something wrong with Yang Kai’s condition these days. Ever since the Void Corridor entrance had become the size of a fist, his expression had been filled with hesitation, as if he was struggling to make a decision.

Although she had asked before, Yang Kai only said he was fine, so she didn’t ask further.

But today, she suddenly noticed that Yang Kai’s expression had become firm, as if the problem that had plagued him for many days had finally been solved.

Just as she was about to ask, Yang Kai suddenly turned around and asked, “Proprietress, can I trouble you with something?”

Lan Youruo frowned, “What is it?”

“I would like to ask you to return to the Star Boundary and invite the Chief Manager over, as well as Chen Tian Fei and Yun Xinghua.”

Lan Youruo’s expression changed slightly, “Why are you taking them here?”

She faintly felt that something was wrong. For Yang Kai to suddenly want to see these three people for no reason, it was obvious he had some kind of plan.

Yang Kai shook his head and didn’t answer, only staring at her stubbornly.

“I’m not going. If you want to see them, you can go back and see them yourself.” Lan Youruo looked away.

“Proprietress…” Yang Kai called out softly.

“Cut it out!” Lan Youruo’s anger soared to the sky, and in the blink of an eye, she disappeared without a trace, too lazy to speak with him.

When the surrounding Eighth Order Supreme Elders saw this, they all smiled kindly.

But soon, Lan Youruo returned and glared at Yang Kai, “Little brat, no matter what you want to do, do it when I return!”

She also knew that even if she didn’t agree to Yang Kai’s request, the rest of High Heaven Palace would still comply. After all, she wasn’t the only one in the Black Territory right now.

“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded.

Lan Youruo glared at him again before turning into a stream of light and flying off. Although she was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Stage master, it would take at least several months for her to return from the Black Territory to the Star Boundary.

She didn’t know what Yang Kai wanted to do, but it was obviously not something safe, so all she wanted to do was hurry back.

“Did you discover anything?” An Eight Order Supreme Elder asked.

Yang Kai suddenly asking Lan Youruo to return to the Star Boundary to bring some people here was obviously because he had something to entrust them with. Thinking about everything that had happened here, everyone naturally had some guesses.

“Seniors, please gather everyone, this Junior has something to say,” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

“Good!” The Eighth Order Open Heaven raised his hand and pointed towards the void. A stream of light shot out from his fingertip, transforming into a dazzling light that lasted for a long time.

A short while later, the Eighth Order Supreme Elders who were scattered throughout the Black Territory gathered from all directions.

The people who came later didn’t know what had happened, but after asking around, they understood what had happened and all of them turned to look at Yang Kai.

When everyone was present, Six Wood Divine Monarch said, “Since everyone is here, Little Boy Yang, if you have something to say, just say it.”

Yang Kai stood up and said, “Junior has been observing this place for a long time, so I have some discoveries to share with the Seniors.”

Everyone listened carefully. Although their seniority was high and their cultivation was high, their Space Laws were still inferior to Yang Kai’s. Although they had been constantly investigating the Void Corridor these past few days, they hadn’t made much progress.

“Although this Junior has yet to figure out where the other end of this Void Corridor connects to, the only thing we can confirm now is that the Ink Clan Royal is indeed a part of the seal. The ancient ancestors spent a great deal of effort to suppress the Ink Clan Royal here in order to seal this Void Corridor. Since they are so serious, we can only assume the worst.”


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