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In other words, the Small Universe of the High Rank Open Heaven, had been corroded by the Ink Force and had no choice but to part with his own Small Universe's territory. Only by doing so could he protect himself.

For the past hundred years, all of the High Rank Open Heaven masters in the Cave Heaven Paradise had been cultivating the Profound Yin Bamboo in seclusion, each of them gaining great benefits.

The Profound Yin Bamboo was one of the Universe 12 Small Pillars and was extremely helpful to the High Rank Open Heaven, especially when it came to resisting the Ink Force.

However, even with the Profound Yin Bamboo suppressing the Small Universe, these High Rank Open Heaven were still unable to resist the invasion of the Ink Force, showing just how powerful the Ink Clan Royal was.

Fortunately, although the situation was bad, it wasn’t at its worst. Many Eighth-Order Ancestor were still intact, the World Force around them fluctuating wildly, and with the protection of the Profound Yin Bamboo, there was no need to worry about the risk of being turned into ink.

Yang Kai withdrew his gaze and closed his eyes, quickly recovering.

The battle that was supposed to end soon was progressing in an unexpected direction. After this battle, who knew how many Cave Heaven Paradise would be destroyed.

Time slowly passed.

The anxiety on Yang Kai’s face gradually calmed down. He was well aware that in this current situation, it was useless for him to be anxious. The most important thing was to quickly recover.

Two days later, Yang Kai opened his eyes.

Lan Youruo waited for a long time, when Yang Kai opened his eyes, she turned around and asked, “Are you done?”

Yang Kai stood up and nodded, “Don’t get too far from me!”

Lan Youruo curled her lips, “I should be the one saying that!”

She is a Seventh-Order while Yang Kai was only a Sixth-Order. On such a battlefield, she should be the one protecting Yang Kai.

The two of them smiled at each other before transforming into streaks of light and rushing towards the battlefield.

After two days, the situation on the battlefield had become more chaotic. Looking around, Yang Kai saw that the number of High Rank Open Heaven cultivators in the Cave Heaven Paradise had greatly decreased, at least two hundred of them now.

Such losses were truly shocking.

On top of that, he also saw many High Rank Open Heaven attacking their fellow disciples.

These people had obviously been turned into Ink Disciples!

Facing the attacks of these Ink Disciples, the High Rank Open Heaven masters who had maintained their rationality were unable to do anything, so although the number of High Rank Open Heaven masters that had been Inked was not high, the entire battlefield was thrown into chaos.

Yang Kai’s timing was perfect.

Six Wood Divine Monarch was able to sense Yang Kai’s aura from a distance, and after two days of sullenness, he was finally able to vent his anger. He ferociously sent a palm strike towards a nearby Disciple who had been Inked. The Ink Disciple didn’t even try to dodge his Supreme Elder’s attack, instead choosing to take him down with him.

Six Wood cursed loudly, “Little brat, you’re too bold, even dare to fight this old master!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he slammed his palm into the other party’s chest and released a burst of World Force, causing the Ink Disciple to freeze for a moment as if he had been struck by lightning.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Six Wood formed a series of hand seals and slapped him several times, thoroughly imprisoning him. In the next moment, he grabbed this man and turned around to face Yang Kai!

A short while later, the two sides met. Six Wood didn’t say a word and directly threw the Ink Disciple to Yang Kai. Yang Kai was also prepared for this and immediately sent out a purifying light towards the Ink Disciple.

A look of pain appeared on the Ink Disciple’s face, but as the Ink Force was expelled, the pain gradually softened.

In just a moment, the High Rank Open Heaven that had been transformed to Inked Disciple had regained its clarity.

He didn’t forget what had just happened, his face filled with shame.

Six Wood returned with Ink Disciple in his hand.

Seeing this, Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had rushed over in a hurry, wanting to participate in this great battle. After all, the Purifying Light he had grasped was the nemesis of the Ink Force. With him joining, perhaps it would bring some changes to the Cave Heaven Paradise, but from the looks of it, Six Wood was treating him like a logistics doctor.

There was nothing for him to complain about. Right now, in the entire universe, he was the only one who could dispel the Ink Force.

Six Wood tossed the Ink Disciple in his hand to Yang Kai and removed the Ink Disciple’s restriction before shouting at the man, “Scram back! Be careful, if you get corroded by the Ink Force, hurry up and find that little brat Yang!”

“Yes!” the Ink Disciple, who was the first to be rescued, accepted the order and rushed back to the battlefield.

“It’s all up to you!” Six Wood nodded towards Yang Kai before returning to the battlefield.

One Ink Disciple after another was sent over to Yang Kai to be purified. Many of the High Rank Open Heaven contaminated by the Ink Force, who still retained a certain amount of rationality, took the initiative to rush over and seek help from Yang Kai.

The light of purification continued to shine and the Ink Force was constantly being dispelled, causing Yang Kai to feel a little overwhelmed.

He didn’t relax his vigilance. Whether or not these High Rank Open Heaven that had been corroded by the Ink Force had completely transformed into Ink Disciples was impossible to tell from their appearance. The more Ink Disciples, the more skilled they will be at disguising themselves.

Therefore, when Yang Kai took action to help a High Rank Open Heaven purify the Ink Force, and this person broke out, Yang Kai wasn’t surprised at all.

It was unknown which Cave Heaven Paradise this Seventh-Order Open Heaven cultivator came from, but his strength was quite extraordinary. As soon as he attacked, he unleashed a powerful Divine Ability.

Yang Kai instantly summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and thrust it forward.

As the World Force swept over, Yang Kai’s spear stabbed into his shoulder, but this Ink Disciple didn’t care, seemingly determined to kill Yang Kai.

Lan Youruo had always been by Yang Kai’s side, vigilant towards every High Rank Open Heaven cultivator who had taken the initiative to seek help.

At the same time that Yang Kai attacked, she also attacked, her slender jade palm containing a massive amount of energy as it ruthlessly struck the Ink Disciple’s body.

With their combined strength, the Ink Disciple was sent flying.

Yang Kai hurriedly retreated.

Not far away, a streak of light was speeding towards them, and it was none other than Six Wood divine Monarch. Seeing this scene from afar, Six Wood’s eyes bulged as he roared, “Little brat, you dare!”

The Ink Disciple, who had launched a sneak attack on Yang Kai, probably knew that he had no chance to attack, so he didn’t hesitate to self-destruct. Under his deliberate guidance, after his death, the Small Universe suddenly expanded, filling the entire void with a black energy.

Six Wood quickly stopped and stared at the Small Universe, which was now filled with Ink Force.

Although he was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven master and had the Profound Yin Bamboo protecting his Small Universe, he was unwilling to be contaminated by this strange power.

What made him feel slightly relieved was that after a while, Yang Kai and Lan Youruo rushed out from the Small Universe.

The purifying light enveloped the two of them, preventing them from being corroded by the Ink Force.

Boom boom boom…

A series of explosions rang out and Six Wood turned his head, his expression becoming increasingly solemn.

On the battlefield, there were originally only a dozen or so Ink Disciples left, but at this moment, these Ink Disciples all self-destructed at the same time, shattering their Small Universe, causing the entire battlefield to become chaotic and filled with countless Shattered Spirit Provinces. On top of these Spirit Provinces, there was also a thick ink-like Ink Force.

On the other hand, after these Ink Disciples died, their Small Universe’s World Force was swallowed by the Ink Clan.

Six Wood handed over the last Ink Disciple in his hand to Yang Kai, and in an instant, he seemed to have aged several hundred years.

From the start of this battle, the Cave Heaven Paradise had lost two or three hundred people, all of whom were Seventh-Order, each of whom had suffered heavy losses.

Although they had also caused quite a bit of damage to the Ink Clan, if they wanted to kill her, they had to pay a great price.

However, this was the responsibility of the Cave Heaven Paradise since ancient times. When the vast universe encountered a crisis, everyone could avoid it, but only they had to face it head-on.

A lofty and immovable position also meant that they also bear the responsibility to the ordinary people.

When the entire Black Territory was completely sealed off, the Eighth-Order Supreme Elders of the Cave Heaven Paradise had already made their plans. Even if all of them died in the Black Territory, they would still annihilate the Ink Clan here.

“It’s your turn!” Six Wood turned to look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai purified the Ink Force in the Ink Disciple’s body and nodded slightly, “I will not refuse!”

The cruel battlefield caused Yang Kai’s heart to tremble. Only now did he truly understand how powerful the Ink Clan Royal was. Being able to remain unscathed after being trapped in this cage for a hundred years was completely due to the super Super Array restricting her strength.

But now, even though she had been imprisoned for countless years and her strength had yet to reach its peak, she was still abble to slaughter many people even after being surrounded by thousands of High Rank Open Heaven. Yang Kai couldn’t imagine what would happen if she could restore her peak strength.

While secretly vigilant, he also yearned for the legendary Ninth-Order Open Heaven Stage.

Ninth-Order Open Heaven was comparable to the Ink Clan Royal!

“Follow me closely!” Six Wood shouted and took the lead to rush towards the battlefield.

Yang Kai and Lan Youruo followed closely behind.

From afar, Yang Kai was unable to clearly see what was happening on the battlefield. Only when he stepped into it did he understand the killing intent here.

In the vast void, a giant spiderweb had appeared at some point in the surrounding ten thousand kilometer radius. At the center of this spiderweb was the territory of the Ink Clan. Every thread of this spiderweb was condensed from a thick ink-like Ink Force, and when they fell into this net, all the masters in the Cave Heaven Paradise were like insects about to be eaten.

This was the home ground of the Ink Clan, and within the range of this spider web, she was able to control everyone’s life and death.

The strands of silk condensed from the Ink Force were like living creatures, occasionally bouncing and cutting, occasionally injuring someone.

Yang Kai finally understood what had happened two days ago. Many of the High Rank Open Heaven masters had obviously never fought with the Ink Clan Royal before, so they were completely defenseless against the sudden appearance of this spiderweb. When the spiderweb cut towards them, more than a dozen High Rank Open Heaven masters died on the spot.

As for those who were injured by the spider silk, their wounds were stained with the Ink Force, so even if all of the High Rank Open Heaven masters present had the Profound Yin Bamboo protecting their Small Universe, they still couldn’t avoid the fate of being turned into Ink Disciple.

The Profound Yin Bamboo could help them resist the power of the Ink Force better, but it was unable to completely resist it like the World Spring. At Inkst, it could only delay the Ink Transformation.

There weren’t many dazzling Divine Abilities or Secret Techniques, everyone was trying their best to charge towards the Ink Clan, but every time they did, they would be blocked by the threads.

Only a small number of people had actually rushed to the side of the Ink Clan to fight with her.


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