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The Light of Purification played an important role. Over the years, as the power of the Super Array weakened, the Ink Clan gained more freedom and strength.

Every ray of purifying light Yang Kai sent out was capable of dealing a certain amount of damage and suppression to her, preventing her from recovering her strength.

She had long since hated Yang Kai to the core. If it weren’t for the fact that she hadn’t completely regained her freedom, Yang Kai wouldn’t have had a chance to breathe in this small cage.

The two thousand zhang long dragon’s body was covered in large and small wounds, and many of its scales had fallen off, making Yang Kai, who had transformed into a Dragon, look quite miserable.

Even if he had strength comparable to a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Stage master, in front of such an Ink Clan master, he still couldn’t compare.

Yang Kai silently endured and calculated.

In the beginning, under the super array’s suppression, a total of twelve chains had pierced through the Ink Clan’s body, firmly locking her in a cage, making it impossible for her to even move.

However, as the power of the Super Array weakened over the years, ten chains had been broken one after the other, and now only the last two chains remained to restrain the Ink Clan.

The day these two chains disappeared was the day the Ink Clan escaped.

A few days later, another chain broke, and the power of the super array had been weakened to its limit.

The Ink Clan suddenly fell silent.

After countless years of imprisonment, she was finally able to regain her freedom, but the Ink Clan’s reaction was extremely strange. She no longer tried to sneak attack Yang Kai, treating him as if he wasn’t in her cage, even her previous chatter had disappeared.

She was accumulating strength! Yang Kai was well aware of this.

She also knew that once the Super Array was broken, she would have to face the masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise, so she took this last moment to accumulate her strength.

Yang Kai entered a rare period of safety.

At this time, he should try his best to weaken the strength of the Ink Clan. Only by doing so would the Ink Clan not have too much strength when she escaped.

But he soon gave up on this idea.

He also needed to accumulate his strength! Otherwise, once the Ink Clan broke free, he would likely encounter misfortune, he have to save himself first.

In this current situation, only by quickly breaking through to the Seventh-Order would he be able to escape this calamity. Although Yang Kai had been confronting the Ink Clan all these years and didn’t have the time to cultivate, the countless living beings in his body had been constantly helping him strengthen his foundation.

The Small Universe's foundation should be enough, all he lacked now was his Internal Qi.

He carefully returned to his human form, vigilant of the Ink Clan’s movements, ready to transform into a dragon at any moment to resist the Ink Clan’s assault.

Fortunately, his worries were unfounded, and the Ink Clan really did become quiet, not making any moves to harm him.

He didn’t relax his vigilance, instead silently searching for the Internal Qi of a breakthrough.

The Proprietress had secluded herself in the Void Land for several hundred years before she was able to break through from the Sixth-Order to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Stage. The Proprietress’ aptitude wasn’t bad, but even she was only able to break through to the Seventh-Order after several years seclusion.

In fact, the difference between a Sixth and a Seventh Order was like the difference between Heaven and Earth. Although a Sixth Order was not bad and could be considered one of the best in the Open Heaven Stage, the Small Universe was still illusory, while a Seventh Order was different. The Small Universe had already transformed from an illusory state to a solid form, a qualitative change.

Since ancient times, countless Open Heaven Stage cultivators had been stuck at this barrier, unable to advance even an inch.

It wasn’t to say that one would definitely be able to break through to the Seventh-Order in the future after directly reaching Fifth Order Open Heaven, it was just a possibility. Breaking through from the Sixth-Order to the Seventh-Order was extremely dangerous. If one’s accumulation was insufficient and one’s perception was insufficient, forcefully breaking through would only lead to the risk of death.

Yang Kai felt that his accumulation should be enough. A few hundred years ago, he had wanted to enter seclusion and break through to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Stage, but he had been delayed by various matters.

But now, under the threat of the Ink Clan, he had no choice but to try his best to accomplish this goal he had failed to accomplish in the past. Yang Kai could only sigh with regret at how fate had played tricks on him.

The result was disappointing.

He was unable to sense the opportunity to advance!

The Ink Clan was glaring at him from the side, ready to deliver a fatal blow at any moment, so how could Yang Kai concentrate on breaking through?

Yang Kai didn’t feel the passage of time, but when he heard the familiar sound, he immediately realized that several years had passed.

The Super Array had been completely broken, and the Ink Clan had truly obtained freedom.

The most dangerous moment had arrived, and he could feel the great power that the Ink Clan desperately needed reviving. The majestic will instantly recovered from its dormant state, causing the entire cage to tremble.

A moment of hesitation was the difference between life and death.

The cry of the Golden Crow suddenly rang out, and when the great sun leapt out, its light illuminated the world. Following the great sun, a cold full moon slowly rose, the moonlight pouring down like a beautiful woman’s hair.

The sun and moon shone together! The Time Law began to flow.

The Space Law were simultaneously activated and merged with the Time Law, transforming into a new and profound power.

The sun and moon intertwined, spinning like a top towards the Ink Clan’s location.

The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was the most powerful Secret Technique Yang Kai had ever comprehended. With this Secret Technique, Yang Kai had once used his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Stage to sweep through Shadowless Cave Heaven’s Profound Yang Mountain.

With this Secret Technique, he was able to defeat the strong and injure the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Zuo Quan Hui.

The power of space and time was an extremely profound power, and even Yang Kai was only able to grasp a superficial understanding of it.

The Ink Clan’s sharp laughter rang out, filled with pride and ruthlessness. After countless years of imprisonment, now that she had finally obtained freedom, this was truly a joyous matter.

The sharp foot slashed towards the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.

This powerful Secret Technique, which could even severely wound a Seventh-Order Open Heaven, had no effect on the Ink Clan at all. With a single step, the sun dimmed, the full moon collapsed, and the power of space and time dissipated.

However, right after the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, another dazzling little sun suddenly appeared.

It was a purifying light so pure that there was no impurities mixed into it!

Since he knew that the gap between their strengths was huge, how could Yang Kai place his hopes on the Secret Technique he had created? The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was just a cover, the real killing move was this purifying light hidden behind the Divine Wheel.

This was the killing weapon that could restrain the Ink Clan!

The Ink Clan obviously didn’t expect Yang Kai to be so treacherous. In that moment of hesitation, the purifying light like a small sun broke through her blockade and smashed into her massive body.

The light dispersed the darkness, leaving behind a giant pit on the Ink Clan’s body, from which a thick ink-like liquid flowed.

At the same time, a miserable scream rang out, and the Ink Clan member roared, “I want you dead!”

The long leg that broke through the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel slashed towards Yang Kai’s head, sealing off all of his retreat routes.

Yang Kai was already prepared for this, as soon as he activated his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, his body transformed into a Dragon, his two thousand zhang long dragon body covered in dragon scales, forming the strongest defensive barrier.

Even so, when the long leg slashed towards him, Yang Kai’s dragon scales were sent flying as his blood splashed through the air.

The lower half of the dragon’s body was immediately cut in half by a deep wound that was dozens of meters long.

Although he had escaped death, it was clear that the Ink Clan did not intend to let Yang Kai off so easily. Many of her long legs slashed towards him from different angles, causing Yang Kai’s face to turn ashen. Even if he had transformed into a Dragon, he would not be able to resist this attack.

And in this cage, even if he wanted to dodge, he couldn’t.

The Space Law were activated fiercely, placing all his hopes on the masters in the Cave Heaven Paradise.

However, the result did not disappoint him. The cage that had once been so solid that not a single crack could be seen had now been loosened. This was also a normal phenomenon. The Super Array had been completely broken, so the cage that imprisoned the Ink Clan was naturally no longer smooth and flawless.

Over the past hundred years, Yang Kai had secretly activated his Space Laws countless times in an attempt to find a hole in the cage, but he had found nothing until now!

The Dragon’s tail swung rapidly, smashing into the invisible barrier of the cage.

In the next instant, it was as if a new world had been torn open and the cage was completely broken.

One powerful aura after another immediately entered Yang Kai’s perception, and at the same time, countless figures rushed out from his side and blocked his path.

These figures all exuded the powerful aura of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Stage master.

Boom! Boom! Boom! A violent energy burst out, blocking the long legs attacking Yang Kai one by one. Some people let out muffled groans while others sneered.

In an instant, the entire world calms down.

The masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise had long been preparing to break through this final barrier. Yang Kai’s fierce attack had saved them a lot of trouble and also saved his life.

Otherwise, if the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise were to break this cage themselves, it would take them at least a few breaths of time, which was not as fast as Yang Kai using his Space Law.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s vision was filled with stars, but before he could recover from his near-death experience, he suddenly felt someone standing above him.

“Boy, you’re still alive?” Six Wood Divine Monarch asked from above.

Yang Kai shook his head and replied, “I was lucky!”

Six Wood chuckled, “Those who survive a great catastrophe will have good fortune in the future. The rest will be left to us old fellows. You should rest well.”

Yang Kai fell silent for a moment before saying, “Seniors, please be careful. She calls herself the Ink Clan's Royal Lord, but I don’t know what it mean.”

Six Wood Divine Monarch clicked his tongue, “Although I had already guessed it, hearing you say this is really not good news.” Pausing for a moment, he explained, “The so-called Royal Lord is equivalent to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven!”

Ninth-Order Open HEaven!

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s heart trembled. The Ink Clan had been imprisoned for countless years, so it was impossible for her to possess her peak strength, and in the past hundred years, he had constantly used the Light of Purification to weaken her strength, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Who knew how much strength she could display?

Thinking about how he had spent a hundred years in the same cage with a Ink Royal Lord that's equivalent to a Ninth Order, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit scared.


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