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“If you want information, you can exchange it for it. No one will suffer a loss,” After listening to Yang Kai’s singing, she decided not to give him a chance to speak.

“What do you want to know?” Yang Kai asked.

“Anything. I’ve been imprisoned for countless years and know nothing about the outside world.”

“Didn’t you transform many Ink Disciples? Did they not provide you with any information?”

“Although Ink Force is omnipotent, it cannot bring me the information I want.”

Yang Kai was silent for a moment before saying, “3000 Worlds, vast and boundless, with countless forces of various sizes, but all of them have the respected 36 Cave Heaven and 72 Paradise. These one hundred and eight forces are the top forces with countless masters.”

This information couldn’t be considered secret information, it was the most basic information, so Yang Kai wasn’t worried about exposing anything.

The Ink Clan snort, “A bunch of clowns dare to act so arrogantly, how laughable!”

Yang Kai ignored her and continued, “They are the rulers and protectors of this vast world. The stability of the 3000 Worlds is not without their contributions. It is admirable.”

The Ink Clan sneered, “Just a dove occupying a magpie’s nest.”

“Would you like to hear more?”

The Ink Clan snorted. Although she knew that Yang Kai was trying to trick her, she obviously didn’t mind revealing some information, “This vast space was originally the Ink Clan's. You people are nothing more than livestock and slaves raised by the Ink Clan. On the surface, you pretend to be docile, but you have a rebellious heart. You stole everything that belongs to the Ink Clan and drove my Ink Clan to the edge of this universe. Sooner or later, the Ink Clan will come back and take back everything we once had.”

Yang Kai frowned, “In this world, besides you, are there any other Ink Clan?”

“Ink Force is eternal!” The Ink Clan declared proudly.

This was not the first time Yang Kai had heard such wordsm he had heard it from the Ink Disciples.

From the looks of it now, these words had obviously come from the Ink Clan’s own beliefs. This Royal Lord in front of him firmly believed that Ink Force would never cease.

The other information she revealed made Yang Kai even more concerned.

“Where did the Ink Clan go?”

“You don’t know?” The Ink Clan asked back.

Yang Kai shook his head, “Most people have never heard of your existence, only the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise know. I only learned of your existence in the last few hundred years.”

“Hehehe…” The Ink Clan suddenly chuckled, “You all fear the Ink Clan, that’s why you’ve sealed this news. You also know that you’re not the Ink Force opponent in the end. Just wait, that day will soon arrive. At that time, this vast world will once again become Ink's territory!”

Her words were filled with confidence, but Yang Kai remained indifferent, “In ancient times, we cultivators were able to drive you away, but now we can completely exterminate you.”

“Shameless boasting!” The Ink Clan sneered.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything more, silently healing his injuries.

Although he had obtained some information from this Ink Clan, she had been imprisoned for countless years and didn’t know much about the outside world. All she knew was some information from ancient times.

If what she said was true, then in ancient times, this vast world was the Ink Clan's. Under the Ink Clan's Throne, everyone was nothing more than ants, all of them slaves and livestock raised by the Ink Clan.

But how could so many living beings endure such a thing? After countless years of accumulation, countless years of resistance, they had finally obtained freedom. Perhaps there had been countless battles and countless deaths of their ancestors, finally defeating the Ink Clan and expelling them into the unknown.

The 3000 Worldds welcomed a period of peace.

The relationship between Yang Kai and the Ink Clan was extremely strange. Both of them wanted to kill each other, but neither of them was able to do anything about it. At times, they would calmly chat with each other, and at other times, they would launch attacks at each other. Yang Kai’s injuries kept repeating, the Ink Clan also have difficulty to gather strength.

Every time the Light of Purification was released from Yang Kai’s hands, it would bring her unimaginable torture and pain.

Yang Kai felt like he had really been forgotten.

He silently calculated the time. It had been almost ten years since he volunteered to enter this cage, but the Cave Heaven Paradise had no intention of rescuing him.

He knew that the Cave Heaven Paradise were wary of him, so he didn’t complain, but after confronting the Ink Clan for so long, he couldn’t see any hope.

All he could do was continuously weaken the power of the Ink Clan, but the difference in strength between them was too great, so he was unable to kill the other party.

One day ten years later, Yang Kai, who was healing his injuries, suddenly heard a strange sound.

This voice was somewhat familiar, as if he had heard it before.

But before he could figure out what was happening, the Ink Clan’s attack arrived, and the aura of death enveloped him, causing Yang Kai to quickly dodge.

Before he could stabilize himself, another wave of killing intent came from the side.

Yang Kai’s eyes went wide as he activated his Space Laws and activated So Close, Yet Worlds Apart.

Space was twisted and stretched, but under this violent power, the So Close, Yet Worlds Apart Secret Technique was instantly broken.

Fortunately, with this small delay, Yang Kai had a chance to catch his breath, so he summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and swung it to the side.

A violent force surged towards him and Yang Kai’s body shook violently, using all his strength to resist.

Yang Kai’s five viscera and six bowels were in chaos, but he didn’t dare relax for even a moment, using the rebound force to retreat to the edge of the cage.

“Consider yourself lucky!” The Ink Clan’s tone was filled with resentment and unwillingness. Although she sometimes chatted with Yang Kai like old friends, sometimes even humming a song for him to listen to, the Ink Clan had never given up on killing him.

As long as there was an opportunity, they would launch a surprise attack.

This opportunity was truly rare, but unfortunately, Yang Kai’s reaction was too fast and his methods were extremely powerful, allowing him to avoid this disaster.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything. The Purifying Light in his hand once again expanded into a small sun and shot towards the Ink Clan.

Two beams of cold light slashed down, and before the small sun could even reach the Ink Clan’s body, it was cut apart in the air. The light of purification exploded, illuminating every inch of the cage. Although it still had the ability to purify and disperse the endless darkness, even evaporating a great deal of the Ink Clan’s Ink Force, it did not cause her much harm.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly.

With the help of this brief burst of light, he saw that the Ink Clan actually had two free long legs.

He finally understood what the strange sound he had just heard was. It was the sound of the Secret Technique Chains breaking. He had heard it once not long after entering this cage.

Over the past ten years, although the Ink Clan had been cutting the Secret Technique Chains, she had not made any progress. Yang Kai had not expected that one of the chains would break again, allowing her to regain some freedom.

Was this the result of her own efforts?

Yang Kai quickly denied this conjecture. The source of this Secret Technique Chain was the Super Array that covered the entire Black Territory. If this Super Array was not broken, this Secret Technique Chains would never break.

The reason why one of them had been broken before was because the power of the Super Array had been weakened, but now another one had been broken.

The power of a super array couldn’t be weakened for no reason, unless it was destroyed by someone!

Thinking so, Yang Kai vaguely guessed what was happening outside.

This caused Yang Kai’s spirits to rise. He hadn’t been abandoned, and the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise were trying to find a way to weaken the power of the Super Array.

However, this way, his life would only become more difficult.

As time passed, the power of the Super Array would become weaker, and the strength the Ink Clan could display would become stronger. At that time, how could he resist?

Perhaps he had already died to the hands of the Ink Clan before the masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise had arrived.

He immediately felt a strong sense of crisis.

There were countless ore stars in the Black Territory, and each one of them could produce an extremely rich amount of cultivation resources. If a certain force were to mine them, it might take tens of thousands of years or even longer, but it would be impossible to completely mine them.

However, each of the Cave Heaven Paradise was participating in this operation, with at least a hundred or even a thousand people participating. Naturally, their speed was extraordinary.

In order to break the Super Array, all they needed to do was destroy the ore stars. This way, things would be much simpler and faster.

However, in order to cooperate with this hundred-year plan, the Cave Heaven Paradise continued to mine ore stars step by step.

A massive amount of black stones were constantly being sent to High Heaven Palace. In just a short ten years, the resources accumulated by High Heaven Palace were unimaginable.

Fortunately, they had made an agreement before, and with a great enemy like the Ink Clan, the Cave Heaven Paradise did not do anything greedy.

All of the High Rank Open Heaven, regardless of whether they were Seventh or Eighth Order, were in urgent seclusion, not hesitating to use their resources to cultivate the Profound Yin Bamboo in their Small Universe.

Everyone knew that once the Ink Clan was released, there would definitely be a great battle, and the Profound Yin Bamboo was the best treasure to resist the Ink Force. At the critical moment, it might be able to save their lives.

It was precisely because cultivating the Profound Yin Bamboo required time that the Cave Heaven Paradise had come up with this hundred-year plan.

Ten years passed, and the number of ore stars in the Black Territory continued to decrease. The Black Territory’s Spirit Arrays were also slowly being broken, and the power of the Super Array was constantly being weakened.

As the hundred year deadline approached, everyone seemed to be able to feel the tension in the air.

The masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise didn’t know how weak the Great Array had become, but Yang Kai, who was in the center of the cage, could clearly feel it.

Inside the cage, Yang Kai could no longer maintain his human form and had already taken on his dragon form.

He was only a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so facing a member of the Ink Clan's Royal Lord who had been imprisoned for so many years was not enough. As the power of the Super Array weakened, the power of the Ink Clan became stronger, so Yang Kai had no choice but to use his Dragon Form to deal with it.

A two thousand zhang dragon’s body was comparable to a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, allowing him to preserve his life.

However, he was still barely hanging on to his last breath! Every time the Ink Clan attacked, he had to resist with great difficulty and was injured almost every time. If it weren’t for the powerful recovery ability of his Dragon Body and the Eternal Tree, he would have long since been unable to endure.


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