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The Super Array was composed of countless ore stars and an endless array that filled the Black Territory.

The most effective way to break this super array was to destroy the ore stars in the Black Territory. Luan Bai Feng had done so before.

The Ore Star contained a rich amount of cultivation resources, and these things belonged to High Heaven Palace, so they couldn’t be handed over casually.

Lan Youruo’s argument had allowed High Heaven Palace to seize the ownership of these resources and also spared Black Prison’s resources from being divided up by the Cave Heaven Paradise.

This was a good thing for the entire High Heaven Palace and even the Void Land, but a hundred years of planning was not necessarily good news for Yang Kai.

But he couldn’t save any time.

It would take time to break through the Super Array, and it would also take time for the masters in the Cave Heaven Paradise to prepare. At the very least, they would need to cultivate the Profound Yin Bamboo to a certain extent in order to resist the erosion of the Ink Clan’s Ink Force.

Lan Youruo understood this point, so she did not refute it, because she knew that in the face of such a situation, it was useless to refute. Right now, she could only pray that Yang Kai could persist until then.

Soon, large batches of Open Heaven Stage cultivators arrived at the Black Prison. These people were all people who had been transferred from their respective Cave Heaven Paradise. Each of them numbered in the hundreds or thousands, all of them above Fourth Order Open HEaven.

The entire Black Territory was divided into countless regions, each Cave Heaven Paradise was responsible for a single region, mining the ore stars in that region, and deciphering the various Spirit Arrays hidden in that region.

Numerous mining stars were destroyed and countless black stones were mined. The people of High Heaven Palace also began to busy themselves, collecting the black stones they had mined and sending them to the Star Boundary to be handled by Chief Manager Hua Qing Si.

Inside the cage, Yang Kai confronted the Ink Clan.

The weakening of the Super Array allowed the Ink Clan, which had been imprisoned for countless years, to regain some freedom. Although this little bit of freedom didn’t seem like much, it was extremely dangerous for Yang Kai.

This freedom represented a certain degree of resistance from the Ink Clan.

Yang Kai found it difficult to imagine just how powerful this Ink Clan’s peak strength was. Even though it had been imprisoned since ancient times and was gradually weakening, the strength it could display was far beyond what he could contend with.

If it weren’t for the fact that he possessed a great killing weapon that could suppress the Ink Force, in front of this Ink Clan, he would have been powerless to resist.

It was by relying on this pure white light that Yang Kai was able to survive.

Almost at the same time, an ear-piercing grinding sound rang out from the cage. This was the sound of the Ink Clan using their sharp, long legs to cut the Secret Technique Chains. They were probably trying to cut open the chains binding them, but the source of these chains was the power of the Super Array. If the Super Array was not broken, how could the chains loosen?

Everything it did was destined to be futile.

Extremely rich Ink Force filled the cage, and the only place where Yang Kai stood was the last pure land.

He maintained the white light in his hand at all times, and under the illumination of the white light, it transformed into an invisible and firm barrier that blocked the Ink Force.

Although with the protection of this pure white light, Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about the threat the Ink Force would pose to him, in this cage, there was more than just Ink Force.

He was constantly on guard.

The ear-piercing sound of friction continued, disrupting Yang Kai’s thoughts. Everything seemed to be normal, but from the endless darkness, a silent yet devastating attack suddenly came.

The darkness became the best cover, and only when the attack was about to reach him did Yang Kai manage to react.

The tough dragon scales instantly appeared on his body and transformed into a solid defense. At the same time, Yang Kai’s hand flashed with a white light, and in that instant, he saw a sharp long leg cutting towards him.

Yang Kai hurriedly retreated.

Although his reaction was quick, he was still injured. Even the dragon scales covering his body couldn’t withstand this thunderous blow. Yang Kai’s body was sent flying as he spat out a mouthful of blood. There was a foot-long wound on his chest and abdomen where his internal organs could be seen.

If it had been just a moment later, he would have been cut in half.

In mid-air, the white light in Yang Kai’s hand was blasted out like a falling sun, slamming into the massive body of the Ink Clan.

A bloodcurdling scream rang out as the Ink Clan member cried out in pain, cursing non-stop, clamoring that one day she would tear Yang Kai into a million pieces and make him unable to reincarnate.

Yang Kai ignored it.

When he first encountered this kind of situation, he would often argue with the Ink Clan, but after so many times, he had become accustomed to it.

Inside this cage, the man and the Ink Clan seemed to have been forgotten by the entire world. Although they were each other’s companions, they were like mortal enemies. Sneak attacks and counterattacks were almost always carried out, and each time, both sides suffered heavy losses.

In the beginning, Yang Kai had found it difficult to resist the Ink Clan’s sneak attack, but as time passed, he gradually became familiar with the Ink Clan’s attacking methods and had a way to counter them.

Even if the Ink Clan didn’t try to ambush him, he would find an opportunity to do so.

The power of purification was a very good method to deal with the Ink Clan. Every purifying power could wear down some of the Ink Clan’s power. If Yang Kai wanted to live, he couldn’t give them any chance to recover.

The amount of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals he had consumed was already quite a lot, but he couldn’t be bothered to care about it.

In the darkness, after the confrontation, the two of them silently recuperated. Even the Ink Clan who had been clamoring to tear Yang Kai into pieces just now gradually calmed down.

The only sound was the sound of chains being cut.

Another inexplicabale song sounded softly.

It was hard to imagine that an existence like the Ink Clan would be able to sing such a beautiful song without saying anything. The Ink Clan only hummed lightly without any strange power.

However, when this song entered one’s ears, it gave off an indescribable tranquility, as if they had returned to their mother’s womb and could trace back to the source of life.

“Do you know how to sing?” The Ink Clan suddenly stopped singing and asked, “If you do, sing a song.”

“I won’t,” Yang Kai replied simply, “I won’t.”

The Ink Clan’s crisp laughter rang out, “Since we have nothing to do, we should find something to do to pass the time, right?”

“Then keep singing, I’ll listen.”

“Wouldn’t that be a loss for me? I’m a member of the Royal Lord, so I don’t have the habit of singing to slaves or animals. That’s how you flatter us.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly.

During this period of time he had spent with the Ink Clan, the other party had constantly brought up the topic of the Royal Lord, as well as the subject of slaves and animals, making him somewhat concerned.

“The Ink Clan is divided into different grades?” Yang Kai asked.

In the darkness, the Ink Clan chuckled lightly, like a lover whispering, “Of course, the Ink Clan’s hierarchy is strict, unlike you animals who have no order. Some clansmen have always been high and mighty since birth, while some clansmen are born low and lowly. I am a Royal since i was born.”

“The Royal Lord should be very noble, right? What about those below the Royal Lord?”

“Below the Royal Lord…” The Ink Clan member dragged out her voice, trying to keep Yang Kai in suspense as she chuckled, “I’ll tell you if you sing a song.”

Yang Kai decisively refused, “I don’t know how to sing!”

“Just sing whatever you want. If you want to know anything about the Ink Clan, I can tell you, but this information isn’t for nothing. You have to pay a price for it. Don’t feel embarrassed. A long time ago, only the most beautiful girl had the qualifications to sing in front of me.”

“Then I am honored.”

The Ink Clan didn’t say anything else, and the ear-piercing grinding sounds continued.

Yang Kai braced himself and began humming a tune Qu Huachang had once hummed in front of him.

However, after a while, the Ink Clan interrupted him, “Enough! Your humming is quite unpleasant, the sound of me cutting the chains is even more beautiful than your singing.”

In the darkness, Yang Kai’s face blushed slightly, but he simply shrugged and said, “I told you.”

“Women are always curious,” The Ink Clan’s words were filled with playfulness, as if they were acting coquettishly. Yang Kai, on the other hand, had goosebumps all over his body, mainly because this voice was related to the image of the Ink Clan, making him feel somewhat uncomfortable.

In order to make himself feel better, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly flickered and he appeared behind the Ink Clan. The light in his hand suddenly burst out and a dazzling white light shot towards her.

Wherever this beam of light passed, the darkness would retreat and ruthlessly strike the Ink Clan’s back, leaving behind a giant pit. The Ink Force flowed like blood as the Ink Clan screamed madly. It's only free leg from the chains, instead transforming into a life-threatening weapon that flew towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai had already retreated.

The Ink Clan’s screams and curses continued for a while, but after tossing and turning for a while, Yang Kai’s ears began to grow calluses.

This sneak attack made the Innk Clan extremely angry, so angry that she ignored Yang Kai for several days.

It wasn’t until several days later when she successfully launched a counterattack and severely wounded Yang Kai that she finally smiled happily.

She actually remembered the previous topic and kept her promise.

“In the Ink Clan, the Royal Lord is supreme, and below the Royal Lord are the Territory Lord, followed by the Feudal Lord, and below the Feudal Lord are the ordinary clansmen. Every class has absolute authority over the next class,” The Ink Clan slowly explained, and Yang Kai listened carefully.

“Does that mean your status is very noble?”

“Supreme!” The Ink Clan’s voice was filled with indescribable pride.

“Still imprisoned here for countless years!” Yang Kai’s words were like sharp knives, stabbing into the heart of the Ink Clan.

She angrily said, “Isn’t it all because of you inherently rebellious animals, pretending to be docile but actually harboring evil intentions? Sooner or later, the Ink Clan will turn these 3000 Worlds into a farmland!”

Yang Kai continued, “Tell me about this animals.”

The Ink Clan giggled, “It can’t be all me doing the talking.”

“Shall I sing you another song?” Yang Kai suggested.

“I’d rather die!” The Ink Clan said solemnly.


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Haha it must be weird for Yang Kai the voice sounds sweet but we all know she’s a spider with a human head in her spider form

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