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Outside the Black Territory Cage, Six Wood Divine Monarch and the other Eighth-Order Supreme Elders were paying close attention.

Yang Kai had been inside for some time now, but the changes in the Great Array in front of them just now must have been caused by Yang Kai. Right now, they couldn’t even determine whether Yang Kai was alive or dead, let alone the situation inside the cage.

At a certain moment, a thick ink-like force suddenly broke through the seal of the Great Array and spread out. The black tide was like a fierce army, pressing forward.

Along with this black tide came a faintly discernible will.

Six Wood and the others’ expressions suddenly became serious.

Ink Force was leaking out, indicating that the hole in the super array was becoming bigger, so big that they could faintly feel the existence of the Ink Clan.

All of this should have something to do with Yang Kai, otherwise there would have been no reason for such an accident. In other words, Yang Kai was probably still alive.

Fortunately, although the power of the Super Array had weakened somewhat, its influence was still present. The amount of Ink Force leaking out was not much, and it was greatly limited. The Ink Clan would not be able to escape for a short time, but if this continued, it would only be a matter of time before the Ink Clan regained their freedom.

“We have to make arrangements early. If we wait any longer, it will be too late,” Six Wood said solemnly.

The other four nodded slightly.

The few of them glanced at each other and without saying a word, turned around and left.

At the same time, inside the cage, the Ink Clan master was struggling madly, trying to break free from the Great Array’s shackles. The Secret Technique Chains that penetrated its body let out a series of crackling sounds as it used its long, sharp legs to cut through the Secret Technique Chains.

The leaking of the Ink Force was a manifestation of its freedom.

Inside the Cave Heaven Paradise station, many Eighth-Order Supreme Elders gathered once again to discuss the matter of the Ink Clan.

Six Wood first briefly explained what had happened before shaking his head, “Little Boy Yang went deep into it, I don’t know if he’s still alive.”

As soon as he finished speaking, someone interrupted, “He’s not dead!”

Everyone turned around and saw that the one who spoke was the only Seventh-Order Open Heaven cultivator present, Lan Youruo, who had some kind of relationship with Xuanyuan Cave Heaven.

Six Wood Divine Monarch said, “Little Boy Yang is quite a good person, and he also has methods to deal with the Ink Clan. This King does not wish for anything to happen to him, but now that he has entered the depths of that cage alone, it is difficult to predict what will happen.”

Lan Youruo replied, “I said he didn’t die, so naturally there’s a reason!”

Saying so, she lightly clapped her hands and a person immediately walked into the hall.

Many Eighth-Order cultivators turned their heads and discovered that this person was only a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so he should be a member of High Heaven Palace.

Lan Youruo said, “Mao Zhe once signed a contract with Yang Kai, and his life and death are tied to Yang Kai. If Yang Kai dies, he will not be able to survive. Since he is safe and sound, it means that Yang Kai’s life is not in danger.”

Mao Zhe stood still and bowed to the many Eighth-Order masters.

Hearing this, Six Wood Divine Monarch raised his brow, “If that’s the case, then it’s a good thing.” He then asked Mao Zhe, “Since you and that little brat Yang have some relationship with the Loyalty List, how do you feel about his current state?”

Mao Zhe shook his head, “The Loyalty List could only verified the Life and Death of the Sect Master. This Junior has no idea what kind of state Sect Master is currently in.”

Although he had some guesses, hearing Mao Zhe say so, Six Wood Divine Monarch was still somewhat disappointed.

Lan Youruo waved her hand and Mao Zhe bowed once more before retreating. He had only come here to prove that Yang Kai was still alive.

An Eighth-Order Supreme Elder said, “If that’s the case, the Ink Clan showing signs of escaping should have something to do with Yang Kai’s trip.”

Six Wood nodded slightly, “I think so too. Little Boy Yang has a killing weapon that can deal with the Ink Clan. Perhaps he provoked the Ink Clan, and coupled with the weakening of the Super Array, this accident occurred.”

Lan Youruo frowned, “Could Senior be blaming him?”

Six Wood waved his hand and said, “This King naturally doesn’t mean it that way. If that Ink Clan really wants to escape, it has nothing to do with Little Boy Yang. Moreover, he is putting himself in danger. With him implicating the Ink Clan in this cage, it may be possible to delay their escape. This is a great merit!”

Saying so, he turned to look at the other Eighth-Order Supreme Elders, “What I mean is, the matter of the Ink Clan cannot be delayed any longer. Us old fogies only have a supreme cultivation, but we’re actually letting a young boy face the Ink Clan head-on. How could we let this happen?”

Many people nodded slightly.

Someone said, “The Ink Clan must be dealt with, but how can we do so? The influence of the Super Array is extremely great, and the power of the Array in the depths of that cage is so great that even we can’t stay there for long, let alone fight with the Ink Clan.”

“That’s right, we were facing this problem before. If we can’t solve the problem of the Super Array, we won’t be able to solve the problem of the Ink Clan.”

Many Divine Senses began to discuss amongst themselves.

Six Wood Divine Monarch stood idly by.

Someone noticed his calm demeanor and said, “Six Wood, if you have any ideas, just say them. There is no need for you to be so secretive with us.”

Six Wood Divine Monarch smiled and said, “It’s not like I’m trying to hide anything, it’s just that the method I came up with might be a bit dangerous and I can’t make up my mind.”

“Let’s hear it.”

Six Wood looked around and after a long time, said in a low voice, “Break the formation, fight to the death!”

As soon as these two sentences were spoken, the Eighth-Order Supreme Elders present immediately understood what Six Wood Divine Monarch was thinking.

Some of them shook their heads and called out in panic.

Some people frowned and fell into deep thought.

Six Wood Divine Monarch said, “In this current situation, even if we don’t do anything about it, the Ink Clan will sooner or later break free. If that happens, we’ll be forced into a passive position. At that time, not only will we have to deal with the influence of the Super Array, but we’ll also have to fight with the Ink Clan. In such an environment, how much of our strength can we display?”

“That’s right, but if we act according to your wishes, we will only release the Ink Clan ahead of time.”

Six Wood nodded and said, “That’s what I’m worried about. If we really do that, we’ll be helping the Ink Clan, but from a different perspective, if we don’t do that, the situation will become worse. The Cave Heaven Paradise is filled with talents and powerful masters, so what can a single Ink Clan do? What’s more, that’s the Ink Clan that has been imprisoned for countless years. No matter how strong it is, how much strength it has left, right now, there’s still that little brat Yang in that cage. That little brat Yang is only a Sixth-Order Open Heaven cultivator, not someone from the Cave Heaven Paradise, he can take the world’s peace as his responsibility. I don’t understand what we’re hesitating about.”

Everyone remained silent, not because they were rendered speechless by Six Wood's words, but because they were considering the feasibility of his method.

“In that place, our fellow disciples have fought with the Ink Clan for many years, and if we don’t return to the pass, it will be a natural chasm of peace and chaos, one that will never return. The stability of the 3000 Worlds behind us was obtained through the sacrifice and blood of many generations, so we cannot allow our ancestors’ efforts to be ruined by us.”

Six Wood had been hesitating about whether his plan was feasible, but as he spoke, his expression became firm. This was the only way to resolve the Ink Clan here, and being overly cautious was definitely not the style of the Cave Heaven Paradise.

“Everyone, make your decision. Do you want to wait for the Ink Clan to break free and fight to the death with him, or do you want to take the initiative to find an opportunity to kill him and end all future troubles? The stability of these 3000 Words is entirely up to you.”

The hall was silent for a long time before someone finally spoke, “Since things have reached this point, we can only do this.”

“Then do it.”

“A hundred years is the limit.”


After many days of discussion, the Cave Heaven Paradise finally reached a consensus.

Six Wood Divine Monarch let out a sigh of relief, but also couldn’t help feeling a bit worried. A hundred years… Even if that little brat Yang was still alive, could he survive a hundred years there?

Could this cage imprison the Ink Clan for another hundred years?

However, this amount of time could not be saved.

Lan Youruo suddenly stood up and slammed her palm on the table, saying in a low voice, “My High Heaven Palace has no objections to everyone’s plans and can fully cooperate with you, but all the resources in the Black Territory belong to High Heaven Palace!”

More than a hundred pairs of eyes instantly turned towards her, each of them belonging to an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Stage master.

Under this kind of gaze, ordinary cultivators would definitely panic, but Lan Youruo simply raised her long, white neck and argued, “Your family is so big, yet you still have the nerve to compete with High Heaven Palace for resources. Think about how Yang Kai is still holding back the Ink Clan in that cage right now! If you really carry out this plan, he will contribute a lot to it, and the resources mined from the Black Territory will be his reward!”

Everyone immediately looked away.

Six Wood Divine Monarch looked around and chuckled, “Little girl, what are you thinking? Since the Black Territory belongs to High Heaven Palace, the resources mined here will naturally be handed over to you. The Cave Heaven Paradise will not greed for it, you can rest assured.”

“That’s for the best!” Lan Youruo sat down again, but her heart was clear. If she hadn’t used her words to block these Supreme Elders just now, the Black Territory's resources would have been divided up by them. The resources here weren’t small, enough to tempt even the Cave Heaven Paradise.

If that was the case, she wouldn’t be able to explain herself when Yang Kai returned.

The matter was settled, and soon, a piece of news spread.

The Cave Heaven Paradise wanted to destroy the ore stars and the Spirit Array that filled the entire Black Territory in order to break the Super Array that enveloped the Black Territory.

Only by doing so would the power of the Super Array not affect the combat power of the Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

This was also what Six Wood Divine Monarch had said about breaking the formation, allowing one to fight for survival in the face of death.

However, there was indeed a drawback to this method, and that was that it could speed up the Ink Clan’s escape. Every time the power of the Super Array weakened, the Ink Clan’s chances of escaping would increase.

However, if they didn’t do so, no matter how many Cave Heaven Paradise masters there were, they wouldn’t be able to display their full strength. If they really fought with the Ink Clan, they would only be at a disadvantage. Only by doing so would the Cave Heaven Paradise have the opportunity to confront the Ink Clan.

When Six Wood Divine Monarch said this, many Eighth-Order Supreme Elders immediately understood his intentions. Lan Youruo’s reaction was a bit slow, but she managed to comprehend it in time.


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