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The entire Black Territory was filled with Spirit Arrays. These Spirit Arrays and the countless ore stars formed a Super Array that covered the entire Black Territory, forming a cage that had imprisoned the Ink Clan since ancient times.

The Spirit Arrays in the central region were undoubtedly extremely important and profound. Finding the flaws of these Spirit Arrays and finding a safe way in was not an easy task.

Fortunately, the Ink Clan had once sent out the Black Ink Insect, allowing many Array Dao masters to find them.

With Yang Kai Small Universe protecting them, they didn’t need to worry about the loss of their foundation and had plenty of time to study.

The dozen or so Grandmasters of the Array Dao each used their own methods and busied themselves every day, sometimes lost in thought, sometimes using their Secret Techniques to peer into the mysteries of the Array, sometimes gathering together to argue.

Yang Kai couldn’t help in this matter, and the five Eighth-Order Supreme Elders who had escorted them here were equally helpless.

During his free time, Yang Kai began to study the methods that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had bestowed upon him to purify the Ink Force. When Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had given him this method, Yang Kai didn’t think too much about it, simply thinking that they found it troublesome and wanted him to do it himself.

However, when he left Chaotic Dead Territory, Big Brother Huang’s words made him realize that this method wasn’t just to save Ink Disciples who had been corroded by the Ink Force.

To the Ink Clan, this method was likely a great killing tool!

However, if he wanted to use this method, it would be somewhat troublesome. He would have to first swallow the energy of the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals before he could use it.

Yang Kai didn’t lack Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals. His Small Universe had accumulated countless Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, but in a battle with a powerful enemy, any delay could result in death.

The Small Universe is under his control, so the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals were stored in the Small Universe. There was no need for him to take them out of the Small Universe and absorb their energy.

Devouring it directly from the Small Universe would save him a lot of time and also take people by surprise.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai immediately tried.

So for a long time after that, the five Eighth-Order Supreme Elders all saw Yang Kai condense a ball of Yang or Yin Attribute energy in his hands from time to time.

Realizing that Yang Kai was studying something, they didn’t disturb him.

After more than a month, the dozen Array Dao masters who had been searching for flaws finally found a way to avoid the Great Array and enter the heart of the Black Territory.

“This passage is theoretically feasible, but whether or not it will activate the Great Array here, we can’t say for sure, unless someone can probe it first,” Luan Bai Feng explained to Yang Kai, “The Ancient Arrays are slightly different from what they are now. Many of the methods used to set up the Great Arrays are completely inexplicable, so you must be careful and immediately retreat if you notice anything wrong.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I will be careful.”

Luan Bai Feng glanced at the other Array Grandmasters and continued, “When you’re ready, we’ll work together to open that passage for you. The rest will be up to you.”

“I don’t have anything to prepare,” Yang Kai said before turning to Six Wood Divine Monarch and the others and bowing, “Seniors, Junior will be leaving now.”

Six Wood stepped forward and said, “There’s no hurry.”

Saying so, he suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed towards Yang Kai, a drop of dark red blood seeping out from his fingertip, containing a great deal of energy.

This was his own Blood Essence.

When this finger touched Yang Kai, Six Wood's finger gently waved and his Blood Essence exploded, transforming into a mysterious symbol that entered Yang Kai’s body.

After doing all of this, Six Wood Divine Monarch's face became slightly pale, obviously having consumed a great deal of energy.

After him, the other four Eighth-Order Supreme Elders also did the same. Although their methods were different, all of them had planted a Secret Technique on Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t resist and immediately felt as if there were five powerful barriers protecting his body. He understood and cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Seniors.”

Six Wood waved his hand weakly, “There’s nothing I can help you with. These five Secret Techniques were created by the five of us, and in times of crisis, they can block five attacks.”

“It’s enough!” Yang Kai said before turning to Luan Bai Feng and nodding.

Luan Bai Feng understood and took a step forward, joining the other Array Grandmasters to cast a series of Formation Plate into the void. As everyone’s hand seals changed, the void in front of them began to ripple and a glowing tunnel appeared, seemingly leading to the center of the cage. The glowing tunnel was like a bridge of light, extremely obvious.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai stepped onto the bridge and stepped forward.

After just a few steps, when he turned around again, the others had already disappeared. In the empty and lonely void, Yang Kai was suddenly alone.

Outside the bridge of light, there seemed to be a fierce killing intent hidden inside. This killing intent was undoubtedly the power of this great array, so Yang Kai didn’t dare to even use his Divine Sense, lest he trigger some accident.

Step by step, Yang Kai walked forward steadily.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, he still couldn’t see the end.

There was no change in his surroundings, and Yang Kai even felt like he was standing in place.

However, he knew that he wasn’t just standing in place. The only reason he felt this way was because of the influence of the Spirit Array.

Continuing forward, Yang Kai suddenly felt as if he had stepped into a bottomless abyss, his figure rapidly falling.

This sudden turn of events caused Yang Kai’s expression to become serious, and he quickly stabilized himself. For some reason, the light bridge channel beneath his feet had been shortened, and he hadn’t noticed this at all.

When he looked up, the light bridge in front of him became dimmer, as if it would disappear after a short distance.

Killing intent suddenly swept towards him from behind, causing Yang Kai’s hair to stand on end. Turning his head, he saw nothing, but he could clearly feel death approaching!

The accident just now must have triggered the Great Array.

After a moment of hesitation, Yang Kai immediately rushed forward. If he retreated, he would only fall into the array, and if he pushed forward, he might have a chance to survive.

The killing intent behind him grew stronger and the light bridge beneath his feet became dimmer, seemingly on the verge of breaking apart at any moment.

It seemed like only a moment, but it also felt like ten million years has passed. When Yang Kai rushed out of the area covered by the light bridge, he fell into endless darkness.

Outside the center of the cage, after Yang Kai left, the five Eighth-Order Supreme Elders had already place the array grandmasters into their respective Small Universe to prevent them from being unable to resist the influence of the Super Array.

Although the Eighth-Order masters couldn’t resist it completely, they could at least last longer.

Under their close watch, Yang Kai’s figure gradually disappeared into the light bridge channel, but at a certain moment, the light bridge channel instantly collapsed. At the same time, the Spirit Array outside the cage also began to surge. The power of this Spirit Array caused even these Eighth-Order Supreme Elders to pale.

This change occurred quickly and ended quickly.

Just as they were hesitating about whether they should retreat to avoid being affected by the array, everything became calm again.

The few of them looked at each other in dismay while Six Wood Divine Monarch's face sank.

The unforeseen event just now was not a good sign. Yang Kai had obviously encountered some kind of accident inside. Judging from the power of the Spirit Array just now, if Yang Kai, a mere Sixth-Order, was caught up in it, it was impossible for him to survive.

But now, they couldn’t even tell if Yang Kai was alive or dead.

The few of them watched silently, trying to find some clues.

Endless darkness enveloped him, and a cold, lonely feeling welled up in his heart. Yang Kai’s senses became fuzzy, and he even felt like he was about to melt into this darkness.

A majestic will, like a sleeping dragon, slowly awakened, filling him with endless darkness, instantly alarming him.

This will gave Yang Kai a very familiar feeling. This was the will of the Ink Clan! And this was the place where the Ink Clan was imprisoned.

In other words, he had successfully entered.

Yang Kai immediately became vigilant. Although he had the World Spring to seal his Small Universe and was not afraid of the Ink Force, if he were to really face the Ink Clan, he didn’t know if he could resist the corrosion of this strange power.

As his perception slowly recovered, Yang Kai realized that the place he was standing was wrapped in an extremely rich and pure Ink Force.

Fortunately, his Small Universe was round and flawless, otherwise he would have fallen into the enemy’s trap.

Under such circumstances, even an Eighth-Order Divine Monarch like Six Wood wouldn’t be able to last long here.

Not only that, Yang Kai also felt something crawling on his body.

A hot yellow light and a cold blue light suddenly lit up and the two palms merged together, forming a pure white light.

The endless waves of black light were like frightened snakes as they frantically retreated. As the white light enveloped the area, a crackling sound rang out as a large portion of the Ink Force was instantly purified.

However, the ever-present pure white light was only able to illuminate a radius of a hundred meters around Yang Kai, leaving behind a thick darkness.

Seemingly stimulated by this pure white light, the resuscitated will suddenly released an endless fury. Yang Kai could clearly feel the aura of destruction coming from this will, causing him to shiver in fear. He secretly circulated his Small Universe's strength to protect himself.

However, it was clear that he was worrying too much. Although the Ink Clan was extremely angry, it had no intention of attacking him. At the edge of the pure white light, a thick ink-like energy began to stir. Every time it came into contact with the light, it would be purified into nothingness.

Yang Kai finally saw what was squirming and crawling on his body.

These were actually Black Ink Insects!

There were quite a number of them.

He had always heard the Ink Disciples say that even to the Ink Clan, Black Ink Insects were extremely precious, but now it seemed that this was not the case.

Yang Kai could only guess that if the Ink Disciples wanted to take these Ink Insects, they would need to expend a great deal of effort, so the Black Ink Insect in the Ink Disciples' hands were extremely rare.

But to the Ink Clan, these Black Ink Insects were undoubtedly not precious.

The Black Ink Insects were also unable to resist the purification of this pure white light, and their insect-like bodies began to emit a thick black aura as they rapidly shrank and soon disappeared.


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