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Yang Xue shook her head, “I’ve never heard of it.”

Yang Kai replied, “Perhaps you missed it.”

If she hadn’t just broken through to the Eighth Order and urgently needed to consolidate her cultivation, Luo Tinghe wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to leave the Black Territory. After all, the matter of the Ink Clan had occurred here, and as Yin Yang Heaven Supreme Elder, she had a duty to handle it.

When she left, Yang Kai asked her to bring his Third Disciple Xu Yi back to the Star Boundary.

Xu Yi had cultivated in his Small Universe for many years and had a solid foundation. Now that he had some cultivation, it was time for him to go to the Star Boundary and enjoy the benefits of the World Tree.

If it was any later, it would be too late.

Yang Kai himself was unable to send him back to the Star Boundary, so he had Luo Tinghe take him with her.

However, when Luo Tinghe left, the group from High Heaven Palace was on their way to the Black Territory, so it was normal for them not to meet.

During the hundreds of years he had been away from High Heaven Palace, a large number of Open Heaven Stage masters had appeared in the Sect. Among them, Yang Xue, Mo Xiaoqi, and Lin Yun’er had all broken through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Stage. The many Sixth-Order Open HEaven Stage masters who had broken through to the Sixth-Order directly, such as the Great Emperors who had not hesitated to use their resources to cultivate, had also greatly increased their strength.

What’s more, because of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, Yang Kai had previously reached an agreement with the various Cave Heaven Paradise that each Small Source World chance to enter will be given to the High Heaven Palace to train.

High Heaven Palace and Void Land’s Sixth-Order Open Heaven Stage, almost everyone who entered the Small Source World had obtained great benefits.

Coupled with the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Proprietress, Yang Kai’s forces could be said to have greatly increased.

On top of the continuous Cave Heaven Paradise station, there was a huge hall where many Supreme Elders discussed official matters.

At this moment, almost every Cave Heaven Paradise had Supreme Elders present, each of them sitting or standing, nearly a hundred of them.

Many Supreme Elders were currently expressing their opinions, and when their voices converged together, it sounded very noisy, but each Supreme Elder could clearly hear every word they said. Some of them even began to speak at the same time as several others.

Among them, Six Wood Divine Monarch's voice was the loudest. He had just returned from the Chaotic Dead Territory with Yang Kai and had come here. As a member of the Battle Faction, he naturally had to try his best to persuade the other Supreme Elders who disagreed with him.

“That Yang boy obtained a technique bestowed upon him by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, so he can be said to be extremely proficient in purifying the Ink Force. With such a technique, we’ll be like tigers with wings. What are you old fogies afraid of? Get that Ink Clan out and we’ll fight him to the death. Keeping him alive will always be a hidden danger.”

Many people were moved by his words, but some still insisted.

Six Wood Divine Monarch had a violent temper and couldn’t wait to beat all those who opposed him into submission.

However, what these people were worried about was reasonable. After all, Yang Kai had only purified the Ink Disciples, and he was at most a Sixth Order master. If he really encountered someone like the Ink Clan, it was hard to say if his methods would have any effect.

Six Wood's words had no effect on his parched throat. The persistence and stubbornness of the others made him furious.

After a few words of disagreement, Six Wood flicked his sleeve and left.

This was not the first time this had happened. The last time they had quarreled, Six Wood had followed Yang Kai to the Chaotic Dead Territory, so none of the Supreme Elders stopped him.

“A bunch of old farts!” Six Wood was indignant as he looked towards the deepest part of the Black Prison, a crazed look flashing across his eyes.

Since these people were suspicious of Yang Kai’s purification methods, as long as this method was effective, they could be convinced.

Six Wood decided to take the risk. Otherwise, if they continued arguing like this, who knew when they would come to a conclusion.

He soared into the sky, his figure transforming into a streak of light as he flew towards the depths of the Black Territory.

Half a day later, he easily arrived at the central region of the Black Territory, where the Ink Clan was imprisoned.

If he continued forward, they would be surrounded by a great array. Although Six Wood Divine Monarch was powerful, he was not proficient in the Dao of Arrays, so he did not dare to advance rashly.

Now that he was here, he could clearly feel that his Small Universe's foundation was being rapidly drained by the super Array.

“What a damned place!” Six Wood cursed silently. In this kind of place, even he wouldn’t be able to last for more than a few days. At that time, all of the Small Universe's foundation he had accumulated for thousands of years would disappear.

For a time, the ancient but powerful masters who had set up this great array in the Black Territory were filled with admiration. In this era, even if the 108 Cavev Heaven Paradise were combined together, they might not be able to set up such a super array.

Staring straight ahead, without any hesitation, the small universe appeared and opened behind him, and shouted, “Do you want to escape? Come!”

The open Small Universe was completely defenseless, and the aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven was extremely rich. Such an aura was like the smell of blood in the sea, able to attract sharks thousands of kilometers away, let alone the Ink Clan that was so close!

Six Wood was already mentally prepared to deal with any unforeseen circumstances, but he hadn’t expected his opponent to act so quickly.

Before he could finish speaking, a black light shot out from the depths of the Black Prison and crashed into his Small Universe.

It was as if the Ink Clan had been waiting for his arrival.

The moment the black light fell into his Small Universe, Six Wood noticed the true form of the black light.

Black Ink Insect!

As an Eighth Order Ancestor of Gold Antelope Paradise, he naturally knew what the Black Ink Insect was. Although he had never seen it before, once it entered his Small Universe, he understood.

This was the most direct and effective way for the Ink Clan to transform people into Ink Disciples.

Six Wood quickly put away his Small Universe and turned around to flee, his figure as fast as lightning. At the same time, the Black Ink Insect exploded inside his Small Universe and transformed into extremely pure Ink Essence.

As the Ink Essence assimilated the World Strength in his Small Universe, it was as if a drop of ink had been sprinkled onto the Small Universe, causing a large black spot to rapidly spread out.

Six Wood Divine Monarch's complexion changed slightly. He had overestimated his ability to resist the Black Ink Insect and had also underestimated the abilities of the Ink Clan.

His original plan had to be changed slightly!

When Yu Rumeng rushed over to inform Yang Kai that something had happened to Six Wood Divine Monarch, Yang Kai was discussing some matters with the Proprietress about his breakthrough to the Seventh Order.

Yang Kai’s Small Universe's accumulation was more or less complete, and it was only a matter of time before he broke through to the Seventh Order. The Proprietress had just broken through, so she naturally had enough experience in this area.

This conversation benefited him greatly.

At this moment, Yu Rumeng pushed open the door and entered with a solemn expression, “Husband, there is news from the Cave Heaven Paradise that something has happened to Six Wood Divine Monarch and they want you to go take a look.”

Yang Kai was slightly surprised, “What happened to Senior Six Wood?”

Yu Rumeng shook her head. She had only received news from the Cave Heaven Paradise and no one had told her what had happened.

Yang Kai quickly got up and left. Outside the camp, an Eighth Order Supreme Elder was waiting.

Yang Kai didn’t recognize this person, nor did he know which Cave Heaven Paradise he came from, so he simply cupped his fists and greeted him.

“Follow me!” The Eighth-Order Supreme Elder said before turning around and stepping into the void.

Yang Kai followed closely behind, and the two of them quickly disappeared.

Halfway through, the Eighth-Order said, “Six Wood has been turned Inked!”

Yang Kai’s first reaction was that it was impossible. He had just returned from the Chaotic Dead Territory with Six Wood Divine Monarch a few days ago, so how many days had it been? If Six Wood Divine Monarch had been Inked, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan would have noticed.

Neither Big Brother Huang nor Big Sister Lan say anything, which meant that when they left the Chaotic Dead Territory, Six Wood Divine Monarch was still fine.

On the way back, he didn’t encounter any Ink Disciples or Ink Force.

What’s more, Six Wood Divine Monarch was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Stage master, so how could he be so easily Inked?

The Eighth-Order Supreme Elder explained, “There’s no need to doubt it, you’ll understand once you see it.”

Yang Kai suppressed his doubts and his mood became heavy.

Half an hour later, Yang Kai saw a Universe World spread out in the void in front of him. Although this Universe World was a physical entity, it was not a real Universe World, but a High Rank Open Heaven Small Universe World.

Even though he was far away, Yang Kai could still feel the aura of Six Wood Divine Monarch from the Small Universe World.

This should be the Small Universe of Six Wood Divine Monarch!

However, what he saw in front of him caused Yang Kai’s eyes to narrow.

This Small Universe World was filled with a rich ink-like energy, its evil aura apparent.

On top of the Small Universe, there were eight huge pillars that were like eight giant nails that nailed the eight corners of the Small Universe World in place, immobilizing it.

A figure was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the Small Unvierse World. It was none other than Six Wood Divine Monarch, his hands forming mysterious seals as he chanted something. Yang Kai was too far away to hear what he was saying.

Six Wood Divine Monarch had really been Inked!

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Yang Kai wouldn’t have believed it.

How did this happen?

In the periphery of this Small Universe World, a number of figures stood tall, all of them staring at Six Wood with solemn expressions.

Each of these figures exuded an Eighth-Order Open Heaven aura.

Sensing someone’s arrival, everyone turned around and saw Yang Kai, all of them nodding slightly.

Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed before stopping outside Six Wood Divine Monarch's Small Universe. Frowning, he looked around for a moment before asking, “What happened? How did Senior Six Wood become Inked? Did the Ink Clan make a move, or did some fish slip through the net?”

The Eighth-Order who led Yang Kai to this place shook his head and said, “Neither. It was Six Wood who took the initiative to let the Ink Clan turn him.”

“He took the initiative?” Yang Kai was surprised, “Why would Senior Six Wood do that?”

The Eighth-Order Open Heaven fell silent for a moment before replying, “He probably wants to prove something to us.”

Yang Kai didn’t know what Six Wood Divine Monarch was trying to prove, but the fact that he had taken the initiative to seek out the Ink Clan was no small matter.

An Eighth-Order Open Heaven cultivator being transformed into an Ink Disciple was an extremely dangerous matter. If he were to secretly hide, who knew how many people would suffer?

Fortunately, he had no intention of hiding.

“Although Six Wood's actions were somewhat rash, he should have a great deal of trust in you, which is why he did what he did. When he was still awake, he used a secret technique to seal himself and take out his Small Universe, explaining this point.”


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