With a series of hand seals, a series of Secret Techniques flew out. With an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage personally taking action, these Ink Disciples were mostly Third and Fourth Order, so how could they resist?

Each and every one of the Ink Disciples' bodies had been sealed by a Secret Technique and their strength had been completely sealed. Even the Small Universe had been sealed.

In such a situation, not to mention using the Small Universe's strength, even moving a finger was only a dream.

This was the only way to ensure that the Ink Disciples would not explode.

While Six Wood Divine Monarch and Luo Tinghe were busy, Yang Kai was also busy.

Each and every one of the Ink Disciples with sealed Small universe was quickly transferred out and thrown onto the abandoned Spirit Province outside.

The three of them worked for half a day before the two thousand Ink Disciples have been processed.

Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief, suddenly feeling a sense of relief.

He turned his head towards Luan Bai Feng and hesitated for a moment before deciding not to go over.

Now that Luan Bai Feng had been corroded by the Ink Force, the depths of her heart was no longer her original self. Ink Disciples regard the Ink Clan above all else, so it was useless to speak to her now.

After a dozen days, more masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise arrived at the Black Territory, and this time, there was an endless stream.

Two months later, almost all of the masters from the various Cave Heaven Paradise had gathered. Each of them was led by at least an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, with an endless number of Seventh Order masters and at least a Sixth Order.

For a time, an unimaginable amount of power had gathered in the Black Territory. There were more than a hundred people who had broken through to the Eighth Order.

This was the accumulation of the Cave Heaven Paraidse's many years of heritage. Normally, it was reserved, but if something big were to happen, it would instantly display its power.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit envious. When would the Void Land and High Heaven Palace become like this? Not inferior to these top forces.

The Eighth Order Ancestors guarded the central region of the Black Prison in batches, constantly monitoring the movements of the imprisoned Ink Clan. However, due to the influence of the Super Array that enveloped the Black Prison, even an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator would not be able to hold out for long. At most, it would take a day or two.

The thousands of Ink Disciples imprisoned on the Abandoned Spirit Province were also the object of their interest. Because of the previous battle, the Ink Force scattered throughout the Black Territory had attracted many people to investigate.

To the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise, the matter of Ink Clan was not a secret, but knowing it was their first time seeing it, so they were naturally curious.

The strangeness of the Ink Force and Ink Disciples' stubbornness deeply shocked them.

Yang Kai’s brilliant performance in this incident had also piqued the interest of many High Rank cultivators.

As the master of the Void Land and the Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, Yang Kai wasn’t a nobody. Most of the High Rank Open Heaven had heard of him.

However, they had never seen him before.

This time, they were able to see the real person, allowing Yang Kai to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know many Seventh and Eighth Order Open Heaven.

During this time, the most he had done was sell the Profound Yin Bamboo.

As one of the Universe 12 Small Pillars, the value of the Profound Yin Bamboo was naturally well known. Now that the matter of the Ink Clan had occurred, the Profound Yin Bamboo became even more important.

Although it couldn’t completely immunize its user like the World Spring, it could still resist the corrosion of the Ink Force to a large extent, allowing the Small Universe to become more stable.

Although Yang Kai had negotiated with many foreign envoys about the right to use the Good Fortune Divine Furnace in the past, he had also added the existence of the Profound Yin Bamboo to one of the conditions for negotiation, so High Heaven Palace would provide each Cave Heaven Paradise with some Profound Yin Bamboo.

However, there were simply too few of them.

Compared to the High Rank Open Heaven of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, the Profound Yin Bamboo provided by High Heaven Palace was simply insufficient.

Now that they had seen Yang Kai, the master of High Heaven Palace in the Black Territory, the many High Rank Open Heaven masters naturally wanted to target him.

However, with Yang Kai’s money-seeking personality, how could he give away the Profound Yin Bamboo for free?

In Lang Ya Paradise, he had even sold a batch of healing pills, let alone a treasure like the Universe 12 Small Pillars.

From the standpoint of a Sect Master, Yang Kai was trying his best to accumulate resources.

The number of Profound Yin Bamboo he had cultivated in his SMall Universe was not small, but because he was about to break through to the Seventh Order, it had been a long time since he had spent any effort in cultivating it, lest the growth of the Profound Yin Bamboo consume his foundation.

After a series of probing and bargaining, Yang Kai and the many High Rank Open Heaven masters reached a relatively satisfactory price.

One Profound Yin Bamboo after another was sold.

However, with just one Profound Yin Bamboo, it would not be of much use. The owner would first need to consume their own foundation to cultivate the Profound Yin Bamboo and transform it into a large bamboo forest. The larger the bamboo forest, the stronger the effects of the Profound Yin Bamboo.

This was definitely something that required time and effort, but the lifespans of High Rank Open Heaven masters were long, so they didn’t really care.

During this period of time in the Black Territory, the amount of resources obtained from the Ore Star was quite large, and Luan Bai Feng had even brought Yang Kai to investigate it.

After returning, Yang Kai also put all of them into his Small Universe.

By the time Yang Kai had sold most of the Profound Yin Bamboo, the Gold Antelope Paradise's flying ship had arrived.

All of the Ink Disciples were placed on a large ship. Thirty Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators from different Cave Heaven Paradise were stationed on this ship. Yang Kai led them all the way in the Black Territory.

These thousands of Ink Disciples were extremely important, and the Cave Heaven Paradise didn’t want any accidents to happen along the way. If such a group of Ink Disciples were to suffer any mishaps or be taken away, the vast universe would instantly fall into chaos, but the Supreme Elders doesn't have to take action.

The lineup of thirty Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters was also quite grand, enough to deal with any unexpected situation.

The flying ship was huge, but its speed was extremely fast. Soon, it left the Black Territory and headed towards the Chaotic Dead Territory.

At a certain moment, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator suddenly let out a long roar, and the High Rank Open Heaven cultivators who had been scattered all around suddenly appeared.

Yang Kai also appeared at the source of the voice and asked, “What is it?”

“Someone’s chasing after us,” The Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage who had issued the warning raised his hand and pointed.

Yang Kai looked over and found that there was indeed a stream of light rapidly approaching from behind. Judging from its speed, it was obviously not something an ordinary Open Heaven Stage cultivator could possess.

Everyone’s expressions couldn’t help becoming solemn. No one knew who was chasing after them or what their purpose was.

“Be on guard!” Yang Kai ordered in a low voice. Although his cultivation was the lowest in this trip to the Chaotic Dead Territory, he was the one in charge, so the thirty High Rank masters guarding this ship all had to obey his orders.

With a single command, the thirty Seventh Order masters all activated their World Force and became vigilant.

A moment later, Yang Kai stared speechlessly at the figure behind them.

The one chasing them was none other than Six Wood Divine Monarch from Gold Antelope Paradise!

Six Wood landed directly at the stern of the ship and turned his head to see a group of Seventh Order masters staring at him vigilantly, instantly dissatisfied, “What are these little brats doing?”

Many of the Seventh Order masters looked at each other, not knowing what to say, but all of them knew that this Supreme Elder from Gold Antelope Paradise had a fiery temper and although his words were harsh, he didn’t have any malicious intent.

Yang Kai quickly asked, “Senior, what brings you here? Do you have any instructions?”

Six Wood Divine Monarch replied stiffly, “Nothing, I just wanted to go out with you to relax.”

The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he asked, “Relaxing?”

Six Wood Divine Monarch sighed, “It’s mainly because I can’t win a fight with those old farts, so I’m too lazy to argue with them. I said I wanted to kill that Ink Clan as soon as possible to avoid future troubles, but they just had to take their time to think about it, what the hell are they talking about? By the time they come to a decision, it would already be too late.”

“Uh…” Yang Kai was speechless for a moment. The matters of the Ink Clan were no longer something he could interfere with. The Supreme Elders of the Cave Heaven Paradise had their own conclusions, and Six Wood could freely vent his anger, but he could not.

However, Six Wood Divine Monarch suddenly threw this matter to the back of his mind and asked excitedly, “Little brat Yang, have you personally seen the Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer?”

“En!” Yang Kai nodded.

“How strong are they, how big are they?” Six Wood Divine Monarch asked curiously.

This time, even the thirty Seventh Order cultivators became interested and listened attentively.

Everyone knew about the existence of Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer, and had even heard countless rumors about them, but none of them were fortunate enough to witness their true appearances.

Those who had seen them were all dead.

Yang Kai thought about the image of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan and felt that it had nothing to do with being mighthy and big. The two of them were simply children who needed to be coaxed.

Accompanying these two people in the Chaotic Dead Territory was definitely a stain on his life…

“It’s alright,” Yang Kai glanced at the look of reverence on Six Wood Divine Monarch's face and felt that it was best not to break his fantasy.

Six Wood Divine Monarch came over and said sneakily, “Little brat Yang, when we arrived at the Chaotic Dead Territory, can you… introduce them to this Monarch? This Monarch wants to admire the elegance of those two.”

Without even thinking about it, Yang Kai said, “I’ll try my best. Senior also knows that those two existences don’t have a good temper. Whether or not we can successfully meet them this time, whether or not we can ask them to help us, I’m actually not sure.”

Six Wood Divine Monarch nodded solemnly, “I understand, just do your best. Even if you can’t, it’s because my luck isn’t good enough, I can’t blame you.”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Why does Senior want to see those two?”

Six Wood Divine Monarch said leisurely, “That’s the Sun’s Burning Shine, and Moon's Nether Glimmer. Who doesn’t want to see them? Don’t you want to see them?”

His last sentence was to ask those Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

Everyone nodded silently, some of them even showing a flattering look towards Yang Kai, probably wanting him to introduce them.

Six Wood Divine Monarch grinned and said, “When this King sees those two and returns alive, I’ll brag to those old farts.”

He kept calling them old fart, never having thought that in the eyes of others, he was probably one of them.

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


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