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The many masters from Gold Antelope Paradise had arrived just in time. If it had been a few days later, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to stop the Ink Disciples who had returned.

The lineup of several hundred Sixth and Seventh Order Open Heaven masters was quite grand, allowing Yang Kai to breathe a sigh of relief.

It was only now that he felt exhausted.

In fact, the battle with Ink Disciples this time wasn’t too intense, nor was it the most dangerous battle he had ever encountered, but it was the most difficult battle he had ever fought.

After taking in nearly two thousand Ink Disciples, his Small Universe's space was almost pushed to the limit, greatly affecting Yang Kai’s ability to circulate his strength. He also had to use his strength to suppress these Ink Disciples. Under all kinds of restrictions, he was unable to display much of his strength.

What’s more, in this central region of the Black Prison, Yang Kai didn’t dare to kill the Ink Disciples as he wished. If they were to fight, his hands and feet would be tied, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

The arrival of the Gold Antelope Paradise's masters was a timely rain that pulled him out of his difficult situation.

Yang Kai quickly recovered. Although Six Wood Divine Monarch had guaranteed that he would not allow any Ink Disciples to rush over, he still had to take precautions.

As time passed, Yang Kai continued to recover while checking on his Small Universe.

Inside the Small Universe, the vast territory was filled with Ink Disciples who had been sealed here. All of them were like statues, not moving at all. Xu Yi stood in mid-air with a pale face, not knowing what to do.

His Master had ordered him to guard this place, but he hadn’t expected the situation to develop like this.

At first, he thought that what he needed to guard was just a short old man and a powerful Monster Beast, but soon, one after another, people who had obviously been sealed appeared in front of him.

One became a hundred, a hundred became a thousand, and finally, nearly two thousand people.

Xu Yi couldn’t tell how high these people’s cultivations were, but he knew that each and every one of them was not someone the masters of the Void World could contend with. In front of them, an Emperor Realm master was as weak as an ant.

Fortunately, although these people looked incredibly powerful, they were obviously unable to move. While he was shocked, he is also proud of his Master’s strength.

Just what kind of battlefield had caused his Master to suddenly capture so many masters?

Just as he was at a loss as to what to do, a figure suddenly appeared beside him. Xu Yi stared at it for a moment before his eyes lit up and he quickly stepped forward to greet, “Master!”

Yang Kai glanced at the Ink Disciples below and after confirming that there was nothing unusual about them, he nodded slightly.

He used his Divine Sense to manifest his body inside his Small Universe, just like when his main body appeared, so no one on the Void World could see any flaws.

“Master, are these all… enemies?” Xu Yi couldn’t help asking.

“Sort of,” Yang Kai replied.

“Then why did you only capture them?” Xu Yi asked again.

“Because they didn’t take the initiative to become enemies with me, they were only bewitched by a mysterious force, so I didn’t kill them,” Yang Kai frowned and added, “Sometimes, killing isn’t the only way to solve problems.”

Xu Yi nodded, “Disciple understands.”

Yang Kai was very satisfied with these three disciples, each of them had their own advantages and disadvantages.

Zhao Yebai was simple and honest, but his aptitude was lacking. Zhao Ya’s aptitude was outstanding and her murderous nature was too strong. Compared to the First and Second Disciples, Xu Yi’s personality was the most flexible.

“How is your cultivation now?” Yang Kai asked.

Xu Yi said, “Fortunately, Disciple has been suppressing his cultivation recently.”

This was also an order from Yang Kai. If one wanted to obtain benefits from the World Tree of the Astral Boundary, they couldn’t have too high a cultivation. Zhao Ya had suppressed her cultivation for a long time, but now it was Xu Yi’s turn.

Yang Kai had originally planned to return to the Star Boundary after the Yin Yang Heaven incident and arrange for Xu Yi to stay in High Heaven Palace to cultivate with the other two disciples, but in the end, he had been delayed and hadn’t been able to return.

Each of these three disciples had inherited one of his legacies, so he didn’t know how far they could go in the future or how much they could achieve.

“Continue suppressing it. When this matter is settled, I’ll send you to see Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister.”

Xu Yi was slightly nervous and also somewhat expectant, “Yes!”

He was very curious about this Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister he had never met before. He was an orphan and didn’t have any family, so his Master was his only family. Now that he had a Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister, he cherished them greatly.

“Continue monitoring, if there is any disturbance, inform me immediately,” Yang Kai ordered before disappearing.

Outside the central region of the Black Prison, there were no more Ink Disciples figures. Yang Kai estimated that these Ink Disciples had all been captured by the Gold Antelope Paradise.

However, he didn’t dare to leave so easily. Right now, he was the last line of defense here. Once he left, if the Ink Disciples came here, they would provide the imprisoned Ink Clan with enough nutrients to awaken and escape.

Six Wood Divine Monarch would occasionally visit Yang Kai to discuss the current situation of the Black Territory.

The Ink Disciples were indeed taken down one by one, but during this process, many Ink Disciples saw that the situation wasn’t right and immediately died. Currently, in the void of the Black Territory, there were many Ink Force remnants left behind by the Ink Disciples.

This Ink Force was extremely dangerous for any Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and once they were contaminated by it, the consequences would be unpredictable.

As such, Six Wood Divine Monarch had ordered his people to mark this place and then used a Spirit Array to seal the Ink Force.

The many Open Heaven Stage masters who had been mining on the ore stars had all been summoned back and placed in various Spirit Provinces.

Before determining whether or not they had been corroded by the Ink Force and transformed into Ink Disciples, none of them had obtained freedom.

Although this action caused many people to have a bellyful of complaints, when Gold Antelope Paradise acted, they could only endure it.

Even now, they still didn’t understand what had happened in the Black Territory. The news of the Ink Clan and the Ink Force was something the Gold Antelope Paradise didn’t dare leak out.

This was a principle that the various Cave Heaven Paradise had stuck to for a long time.

Gradually, more Cave Heaven Paradise masters arrived at the Black Territory, each of them bringing at least a hundred people with at least an Eighth Order Supreme Elder leading them.

They had been searching for hundreds of years, but there had been no news of the Ink Clan, and now they were actually hiding in the Black Territory. When they received this news, all the Cave Heaven Paradise were shocked.

Prior to this, they had been searching Shattered Heaven but had not found anything.

Now that the location of the Ink Clan’s hiding place had been determined, the Cave Heaven Paradise naturally had to be eliminated, lest Lang Ya’s tragedy repeat itself.

In less than three months, at least ten Eighth Order Open Heaven, a hundred Seventh Order, and a thousand Sixth Order arrived!

This was only the strength of seven or eight Cave Heaven Paradise, but it was also the ones who had rushed over after receiving Luo Tinghe’s message.

There were even more Cave Heaven Paradise that had yet to arrive.

Luo Tinghe also returned. Worried about Yang Kai’s safety, she hurriedly sent a message to a few Cave Heaven Paradise before returning to the Black Territory.

Yang Kai was finally free to move.

After meeting with the several Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters and explaining the situation of the Black Territory, many Eighth Order cultivators also realized the seriousness of the problem.

This Black Prison cage was obviously the work of an ancient Great Expert, otherwise, the ancient records of the various Cave Heaven Paradise would have recorded that the Ink Clan had been imprisoned here. The Ink Clan is definitely imprisoned here before the Cave Heaven Paradise were born.

The originally flawless Super Array’s power had decreased slightly over the years, but this did not stop it from imprisoning the Ink Clan.

With such a powerful Great Array surrounding them, it was impossible for Open Heaven Stage cultivators to enter the center of the Black Territory. Luan Bai Feng had been here for many years, but all she had done was allow her mining slaves to mine some of the surrounding mines.

This was not a big deal.

If this continued, even after ten thousand years, this super array would not loosen.

The key was that Yang Kai had set his sights on the resources produced by the Black Territory and had even refined a set of Void Yin-Yang Mirror, teleporting over a hundred ore stars from the depths of the Black Territory.

The destruction of these ore stars had caused the perfect super array to loosen slightly, allowing the Ink Clan to take advantage of it.

Luan Bai Feng, who was guarding this place, had been transformed into an Ink Disciple. She had spread the news and attracted even more people to mine and transform them into Ink Disciples.

More ore stars were mined and destroyed, and the power of the super array was further weakened.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s sudden arrival, in less than a hundred years, the Ink Clan would have truly escaped.

Fortunately, it was not to the point where it was impossible to clean up.

The Super Array was still displaying its power, and the Ink Clan was still imprisoned, so it was unlikely they would be able to escape for a while. However, how to deal with this matter was a huge headache for many Eighth Order Supreme Elders.

No one knew just how strong the Ink Clan was, but just by looking at the methods of the ancient Great Expert, one could infer just how terrifying the Ink Clan was at its peak.

This wasn’t something they could contend with. Old Man You and Luan Bai Feng had both said that under the Ink Throne, everyone was an ant.

They had great confidence in their Master.

Nearly ten Supreme Elders had different opinions. Some wanted to perfect the Super Array, repair the damaged parts, and allow the Ink Clan to continue be imprisoned here.

Some people felt that it was better to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. If they allowed the Ink Clan to remain here, there would be a day when they would raise a tiger.

Each of them had their own reasons, so for a time, the argument was quite heated. In the eyes of the various disciples, these high and mighty Supreme Elders were like peddlers in a wet market, without any grace to speak of.

Among them, Six Wood Divine Monarch's voice was the loudest, clamoring to rush over and kill that Ink Clan member right now, not allowing anyone to stop him…

After arguing for a while, Six Wood suddenly turned to Yang Kai and asked, “Little brat Yang, do you have any opinions?”

Many of the Eighth Order Supreme Elders immediately looked over.

Because Yang Kai had participated in many of the Black Territory’s matters, he had been called over for this Eighth Order Discussion. Yang Kai had thought that he only needed to answer some of the Supreme Elders’ questions and answer some of their doubts, but who would have thought that he would suddenly be thrown a difficult question by Six Wood.

Yang Kai didn’t want to comment on this matter, but now that things had reached this point, he could only express his opinion, “This Junior has been thinking about something. Since those Ancient Great Expert were able to arrange an entire Great Domain into a Super Great Array to seal this Ink Clan, their methods should be extraordinary, but why did they only imprison them instead of killing them?”


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