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Luan Bai Feng’s expression suddenly changed as she quickly turned her head to look behind her. The streak of light in the distance was rapidly approaching, far exceeding the standard of a Third Order, Fourth Order, and Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage. At the same time, she felt the pressure of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage spreading from that direction.

These were not her fellow Daoists, they were masters from some Cave Heaven Paradise!

It had been two or three months since Luo Tinghe and Qu Huachang had left. This amount of time might not be enough for Qu Huachang to arrive in the Star Boundary to inform the foreign envoys of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, but it was enough for Luo Tinghe to call for reinforcements from the nearest Cave Heaven Paradise!

The Eighth Order Open Heaven master's momentum was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he had already appeared in front of Luan Bai Feng. At the same time, a loud shout rang out from the void, “Gold Antelope Paradise's Six Wood is here, who dares cause trouble here?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he plunged into the Confusing Array behind Luan Bai Feng and disappeared.

This Confusing Array had been set up by Luan Bai Feng to avoid Yang Kai’s attack. Although she had walked out from it, it was still intact.

This was the Gold Antelope Paradise, and the fact that an expert named Six Wood had actually rushed into it made Luan Bai Feng and Yang Kai, who were both looking forward to it, stunned.

However, before the two of them could react, the Confusing Array suddenly expanded rapidly and a violent energy fluctuation began to spread from it. In the next moment, the array broke and Six Wood Divine Monarch’s figure reappeared.

Turning his head to look at the place where he had been trapped, he flicked the dust off his clothes and sneered, “You dare show off your insignificant skills in front of an expert!”

Luan Bai Feng finally came back to her senses and tried to flee, but the seemingly nervous Six Wood was still an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, so how could he allow her to escape right under his nose?

With a wave of his hand, a massive amount of energy surged out, directly locking Luan Bai Feng in place.

Black Ink Force surged out from Luan Bai Feng’s body and at the same time, an extremely unstable energy fluctuation burst out from her body.

Yang Kai hurriedly shouted, “Senior, be careful, she wants to explode!”

The self-destruction of the Open Heaven Stage cultivator was extremely simple. They didn’t need to cultivate any Secret Techniques and only needed to collapse their Small Universe, so every Open Heaven Stage cultivator had the ability to self-destruct.

Six Wood Divine Monarch had obviously noticed this as well. Without even seeing him move, he stood in front of Luan Bai Feng and gently flicked her forehead.

He didn’t seem to have used any strength in this attack, but Luan Bai Feng's head suddenly flew back and the power of the Small Universe in her body instantly became chaotic, no longer having any chance of exploding.

A golden rope artifact suddenly flew out from Six Wood Divine Monarch's hand and wrapped around Luan Bai Feng like a snake.

Only then did Six Wood smile proudly, “In front of this King, how could you have the chance to die!”

Examining Luan Bai Feng from head to toe, especially paying close attention to the Ink Force leaking out from Luan Bai Feng’s body, he nodded slightly, “It really is Ink Disciples!”

Turning his head to look at Yang Kai, Yang Kai’s two thousand zhang long dragon body caused him to become slightly absent-minded. Although he was an Eighth Order, this was the first time he had seen a Big Dragon at such a close distance, so he warmly asked, “Are you Yang Kai?”

Yang Kai withdrew his dragon body and transformed into his true form, cupping his fists and greeting, “Yang Kai greets Senior Six Wood.”

Just now, Six Wood had reported his identity to Yang Kai, probably because he wanted him to know his identity. Yang Kai naturally knew about the Gold Antelope Paradise. In fact, although he had never been to this Paradise and did not know many people, this is the first Paradise he has heard of.

After the great war between the Human and Demon Race, after the Star Boundary was pacified, Yang Kai and Zhang Ruoxi jumped out of the world's shackles and came to this vast world.

Zhang Ruoxi then told him a lot of information about the Outer Universe, including the Gold Antelope Paradise. This Paradise was famous and was loved by many cultivators.

This was because there was a Secret Realm in Gold Antelope Paradise that was rich in Gold Element Resources, and this Secret Realm was open to everyone. As long as one paid a certain amount of Open Heaven Pills, they could enter and search for resources.

If one was lucky, you could make a huge profit.

At that time, Zhang Ruoxi had said that if Yang Kai wanted to find Gold Element resources in the future, he could go to Gold Antelope Paradise to try. Before he broke through to the Open Heaven Stage, Yang Kai had this idea. At that time, he really did lack the Gold Element resource, but the trip to Blood Monster Cave Heaven had given him his wish, so there was no need to go to Gold Antelope Paradise.

The Gold Antelope Paradise was the closest to the Black Territory, so the first place Luo Tinghe went to was the Gold Antelope Paradise, so the support from this Paradise was also the fastest.

“Young and promising, you live up to your reputation!” Six Wood praised and quickly went straight to the point, “Enough small talk, what is the situation now?”

Although Luo Tinghe had gone to Gold Antelope Paradise to deliver a message and ask for reinforcements, she didn’t know much about it. Moreover, when she left, the Black Territory was still calm and the Ink Disciples' movements were all hidden. From the looks of it today, the Black Territory had clearly changed.

Yang Kai quickly said, “As Senior can see, the center of the Black Prison is behind me, which is also the place where the Ink Clan was imprisoned. These Ink Disciples know that their identities have been exposed, so they want to break through Junior’s blockade and use their own deaths to restore their Master's strength.”

Hearing this, Six Wood Divine Monarch raised his brow, “You can do that? So you only knocked them out and didn’t dare kill them?”

“Yes, but there are already a lot of Ink Disciples rushing over,” Yang Kai replied honestly, “There are also more than a thousand Ink Disciples rushing over!”

Six Wood nodded, “We met halfway and I killed a lot of them.” As he spoke, he looked around and frowned, “This place is really strange. This King’s Small Universe's strength is constantly draining away, I’m afraid it won’t last long. Is there anything I can do?”

The strange power generated by the Black Territory’s super Great Array was to prevent anyone from approaching the imprisoned Ink Clan. Yang Kai had to rely on the World Spring to stay here safely, while the Ink Disciples relied on their Ink Force to protect themselves.

Although Six Wood Divine Monarch is an Eighth Order, it was still difficult for him to resist the influence of the Super Array, but he could only last a little longer.

“Senior, please take these Ink Disciples away,” Yang Kai pointed.

Six Wood nodded, “No problem.”

“Senior, please show mercy and don’t kill them!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and begged.

Six Wood frowned, “Why?”

He had originally planned to bring these Ink Disciples far away and kill them. After all, these Ink Disciples were not easy to deal with, and if they were to die, the power of their Ink Force would disperse, causing a great deal of trouble. It would be better to just kill them far away.

What’s more, the cultivators who had been corroded by the Ink Force no longer had any chance of recovering. Lang Ya Paradise had lost several Open Heaven Stage masters last time, even a Vice Sect Master.

“They didn’t voluntarily turn into Ink Disciples, they were just harmed by others. If possible, Junior would like to save their lives!”

Hearing this, Six Wood Divine Monarch's eyes lit up, “You have a way to disperse the Ink Force and restore their sanity?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Junior is powerless, but perhaps there is someone who can.”

Six Wood Divine Monarch didn’t ask any more questions and simply nodded slightly, “Since that’s the case, I’ll let them live for now, but with so many Ink Disciples, it’s really not easy to guard them. Fortunately, this King brought many people with me.”

The large group of light behind him were all masters from Gold Antelope Paradise. This matter concerned the Ink Clan, so the cultivators from the Gold Antelope Paradise this time were all Sixth and Seventh Order. Those below Sixth Order were not allowed to come here, and with him, an Eighth Order Supreme Elder leading the group, there were more than three hundred people.

This was an extremely terrifying lineup.

Six Wood Divine Monarch's speed was faster, so he was the first to arrive. As the two of them spoke, the many masters from Gold Antelope Paradise finally arrived.

Every one of them frowned as they pushed their strength to resist the effects of the super array, but none of them were able to stop their Small Universe's strength from leaking.

“Supreme Elder!” Everyone cupped their fists.

Six Wood Divine Monarch ordered, “Little brats, move! Do you see those unconscious Ink Disciples? Seal their strength and take them away!”

A Seventh Order Disciple asked hesitantly, “Are we not going to kill them?”

On their way here, they had also encountered many Ink Disciples, but all of them had been killed by them, so when they heard the Supreme Elder’s order, they couldn’t help feeling a bit strange.

“Fighting and killing all day long, what a shame!” Six Wood mercilessly reprimanded, “If I tell you to take them away, then take them away. Enough nonsense, hurry up and move, don’t waste any time, it’s not safe to stay here!”

The Seventh Order Open Heaven who had been reprimanded was also quite old, but in front of Six Wood, he didn’t dare to complain in the slightest. His Supreme Elder had a bad temper and was always quick to act, so it was best not to refute his orders.

The Gold Antelope Paradise's masters quickly gathered the unconscious Ink Disciples and each of them exerted their strength to imprison them.

Six Wood asked worriedly, “Little brat Yang, what should we do?”

Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and replied, “Junior still needs to guard this place to prevent the Ink Disciples from seeking death again.”

Six Wood frowned, “Then I’ll have to trouble you. Be careful, if anything goes wrong, leave this place immediately.”

Behind Yang Kai was the place where the Ink Clan had been imprisoned. No one knew what the current situation of the Ink Clan was or whether they would be able to escape, so staying here was undoubtedly dangerous.

“Junior understands,” Yang Kai nodded seriously, “In addition, I must ask Senior to seal off the exit of the Black Territory and not allow any Ink Disciples to leave.”

Six Wood Divine Monarch said, “You don’t need to worry about that. When this King entered, he ordered people to guard the Domain Gate and seal it off. Now, no one is allowed to enter or leave this place.”

“There are also many Ink Disciples who were teleported elsewhere by this Junior, they should all be rushing here right now…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Six Wood said, “You can rest assured, my Gold Antelope Paradise will not let any of them pass.”

“Right now, in the Black Territory, many Ore Stars are still mining resources. Senior, please gather those who don’t know about this and don’t let Ink Disciples take advantage of this opportunity to convert more Ink Disciples.”

“No problem, leave it to this King!” Six Wood nodded.


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