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The Space Spirit Bead was a very good choice. The Space Spirit Bead was connected in the void, and under Yang Kai’s control, the power of the Space Spirit Bead was greatly amplified. The Ink Disciples who had been swallowed by the black hole were now hundreds of millions of kilometers away.

Although these Ink Disciples could still return, he could at least delay them for a few days. Facing the current situation, this was the only method Yang Kai could use.

The silent Ink Disciples suddenly scattered and rushed forward again.

The Space Spirit Beads continued to burst, transforming into black holes that swallowed the nearby Ink Disciples, but the results were minimal.

Yang Kai’s figure also flickered as he forcefully pulled Ink Disciples into his Small Universe.

However, there was always a limit to manpower. Although he had deployed all of his forces, it was still difficult for him to resist the suicidal attacks of the Ink Disciples. Finally, one of the Ink Disciples broke through all of his defenses and rushed straight into the great array that surrounded the Ink Clan’s prison.

The power of the Great Array erupted and the Ink Disciples was reduced to dust. Small Universe collapsed and the World Force dissipated.

Although Yang Kai had personally witnessed the deaths of two groups of Ink Disciples, he had no idea what their intentions were until he heard Luan Bai Feng’s explanation.

At this moment, under his watchful eyes, he discovered that the World Force that had dissipated because of the Ink Disciple's death seemed to be drawn towards the center of the Black Prison by some mysterious force.

This was undoubtedly the sleeping Ink Clan devouring the World Force.

With the first, there would be a second…

One after another, Ink Disciples broke through the blockade and offered himself to the Ink Clan.

All the Space Spirit Beads had been consumed, and Yang Kai’s figure had become sluggish, no longer as agile as before.

Luan Bai Feng, who was hiding in the Spirit Array, finally revealed herself and looked at Yang Kai with a big smile, “How long can you last?”

She could see the problems Yang Kai needed to face right now, so she became fearless and no longer worried about Yang Kai’s intentions.

Being in this place, Yang Kai could not kill her, otherwise he would be providing nourishment for the Ink Clan’s recovery. Since she was also a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, Yang Kai was unable to force her into his Small Universe.

Not to mention, Yang Kai’s Small Universe should have reached his limit.

From the beginning until now, Yang Kai had taken in almost two thousand Ink Disciples into his Small Universe.

There was a limit to the Small Universe's capacity, and with every Ink Disciples he took in, Yang Kai’s Small Universe's space would decrease slightly, making it impossible for him to take in an endless amount.

In fact, being able to forcibly take away nearly two thousand Ink Disciples was already an extremely terrifying number.

If such a large number of Ink Disciples were to be taken into the Small Universe, it would definitely affect Yang Kai’s strength and cause his strength to fall. Not to mention, he would also need to divert a large amount of his attention to suppress these two thousand Ink Disciples in his Small Universe, preventing them from harming him.

Because of these hidden dangers, although the High Rank Open Heaven had the ability to take others into their own Small Universe, they would not do so unless necessary.

Firstly, with other Open Heaven Stage in the Small Universe, it will effect their strength.

Secondly, if the person who was taken in had malicious intentions and used some kind of method inside the Small Universe, it would bring great risks to the Small Universe's master.

The current Yang Kai had obviously reached his limit.

The fish that had escaped the net and his sluggish figure were the best evidence!

A trace of hesitation flashed across Luan Bai Feng’s eyes as she considered whether she should take this opportunity to kill Yang Kai. Right now, he was absolutely unable to display his full strength, perhaps not even half of his peak strength. This was a rare opportunity.

However, after thinking about it for a moment, Luan Bai Feng gave up on this tempting idea.

Killing Yang Kai was important, but the most important thing right now was her Master’s recovery. As long as her Master could awaken and escape, what did a mere Yang Kai matter?

High Rank Ink Disciple's Divine Sense surged, and all of the Ink Disciples rushed forward like mad, no longer paying any attention to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai let out a soft sigh and formed a series of hand seals with one hand, sending a burst of Holy Spirit power into his body.

Luan Bai Feng’s heart skipped a beat as she suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Dragon Transformation!”

At the same time, a Dragon Roar shook the sky as a giant golden dragon head appeared behind Yang Kai’s back. The Dragon Prestige spread out and enveloped the entire sky. The dragon head didn’t stop for even a moment before disappearing into Yang Kai’s body.

In the next moment, with a series of explosions, a massive creature suddenly appeared in front of all of the Ink Disciples' eyes.

It was a golden dragon!

The giant dragon was covered in dragon scales and had two powerful dragon horns on its forehead. Its dragon claws flashed with a sharp cold light while its dragon beard fluttered in the wind. Its huge dragon eyes were like two great suns, emitting a dazzling light that made it difficult to open one’s eyes.

The 2000 Zhang long body stretched across the void like a boundary between life and death!

Luan Bai Feng’s eyes narrowed.

She knew that Yang Kai has the bloodline of the Dragon Clan and could even be said to be a pure Dragon Clan. She had also personally witnessed Yang Kai use his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique.

However, that had happened hundreds of years ago. At that time, under the leadership of Heavenly Sword Union’s Union Master Kong Feng, a hundred forces had besieged the Void Land and Yang Kai had transformed into a Dragon.

However, after Yang Kai transformed into his Dragon Transformation, he had only transformed to a mere two hundred zhang tall, and he was only a half-dragon.

After several hundred years, what appeared in front of her was a Big Dragon that was 2000 zhang long!

A terrifying dragon might spread out, seemingly materializing, causing all of the Ink Disciples to be stunned. As the leader of the Holy Spirit Race and the leader of all living beings, the Dragon Clan’s existence naturally had a kind of suppression towards other living beings. This was something that had never changed because they had become Ink Disciples.

However, Luan Bai Feng soon reacted.

Yang Kai’s own strength had been affected because he had taken in too many Ink Disciples, so he had no choice but to transform into a Big Dragon in an attempt to resist these Ink Disciples.

This was good news for their side.

“Ignore him, for the glory of our Lord!” Luan Bai Feng shouted.

Many Ink Disciples charged forward once more. Although 2000 zhang is massive, it was still miniscule in the vast void.

The tide-like Ink Disciples seemed to have encountered a reef as they split up in front of the Big Dragon.

How could Yang Kai allow them to do as they wished? As the distance between them gradually shortened, the Dragon raised its head high and in the next instant, a loud dragon roar resounded.

This dragon roar was one of the Dragon Clan’s unique Secret Techniques.

All of the Ink Disciples who had rushed forward seemed to have crashed into an invisible barrier and their figures were all blocked. The weaker Ink Disciples didn’t make a sound and was directly knocked unconscious, while the stronger Ink Disciples' nose and ears were also bleeding as they staggered back and forth.

In the blink of an eye, nearly two thousand Ink Disciples had been knocked out!

Luan Bai Feng’s face instantly became ashen.

The Dragon Roar continued as the Ink Disciples used their strength to protect themselves against it.

After a while, the Dragon Roar gradually stopped, and the still conscious Ink Disciples didn’t hesitate and continued to rush forward fearlessly.

This time, they were even more separated.

A trace of helplessness flashed across the Dragon’s eyes. He had already tried his best, but it was still impossible for him to block these suicidal Ink Disciples' path.

He could only do his best and listen to fate.

Activating the Space Laws and using So Close, Yet Worlds Apart Secret Technique, the entire void distorted.

Many Ink Disciples bodies were enveloped by the So Close, Yet Worlds Apart Secret Technique and they were clearly moving forward, but no matter how they tried, they could not move forward.

The Big Dragon rushed forward, swinging its tail and waving its dragon claws. Even the dragon horn on its forehead transformed into a weapon, knocking out the Ink Disciples one by one.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to kill them. If any Ink Disciples died here, it would be a chance for the Ink Clan to restore their strength.

One by one, the Ink Clan fell unconscious, but even more Ink Disciples broke through his blockade and rushed into the Great Array. [MSN: Why they don't just explode themself? Why need to rush there. LOL]

After a day or two of fierce fighting, he had knocked out at least a thousand of Ink Disciples, but hundreds of others had broken through his blockade and died.

This made Yang Kai feel quite helpless.

But now, he had to face an even more difficult situation.

The Ink Disciples he had move to another place with the Space Spirit Beads were about to return, which meant there were another one or two thousand of them!

The Ink Disciples had gradually become familiar with his fighting style, and with his strength alone, he was no longer able to stop so many of them.

Luan Bai Feng smiled at him, obviously realizing this point.

Yang Kai didn’t know what the consequences would be if so many people rushed over, but perhaps the sleeping Ink Clan would be able to obtain enough nutrients to awaken and escape.

In front of the central region of the Black Prison, the Big Dragon quietly floated in the air, transforming its body into a final barrier. Not far away, Luan Bai Feng was gently humming a beautiful tune, seemingly in a good mood.

In addition to the two of them, the void was also filled with unconscious Ink Disciples.

“To be able to accomplish this by yourself, Yang Kai, you’re quite amazing. Give up, it’s not too late to surrender to my Lord,” Luan Bai Feng suddenly said.

The Big Dragon shook its head, “Different paths lead to different goals!”

“What is the Dao, and what kind of Dao are you pursuing? But no matter what you seek, my Lord can give you the Dao you want!”

“He can’t!”

“He can,” Luan Bai Feng said gently, as if she was coaxing a child.

“I think you want to die!”

“I can’t ask for anything more!” Luan Bai Feng smiled, “If I want to die, do you dare kill me?”

As she spoke, she suddenly turned her head towards the depths of the void and saw a streak of light rapidly approaching.

Luan Bai Feng smiled again, “Look, my comrades have returned, and you’re already an arrow at the end of its flight. What will you use to stop them this time?”

Yang Kai remained silent as his dragon eyes stared at the first stream of light that had returned from the distance.

Behind the first streak of light, more streaks of light appeared!

Luan Bai Feng smiled even more happily, “In the end, this universe is still under the rule of the Ink Clan. Yang Kai, don’t be so stubborn!”

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became strange, “Are you sure?”


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Jul 26, 2023

@MSN it's upto author's convenience when he/she wanted his characters to become dumb. Lol

Most of the time he thinks like a kid who is telling stories to infants. We readers just need to broaden our minds to correct it to make the story appealing.


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Pickle Pickleson
Dec 29, 2022

Imma call this Yang Kai, NYK for new yang kai. Because new yang kay is a completely different person lol author’s been switched is how it feels ngl


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Nade Walker
Nov 01, 2022

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