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Yang Kai once again arrived at the central region of the Black Prison where the Ink Clan was imprisoned.

Now that there were so many Ink Disciples scattered across the various ore stars, Yang Kai couldn’t determine which group of Ink Disciples would come here to seek death, so he could only choose to wait here.

Under the Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai could clearly feel the dangers hidden here. This was the core region of the Super Great Array, the place with the most power. Even someone as powerful as him didn’t dare to rashly enter.

The strange power generated by the Super Array was also extremely fierce here. If Yang Kai didn’t have the World Spring to seal his Small Universe, he wouldn’t have been able to last long here. Before he could safely arrive here, the Small Universe's foundation would likely be completely exhausted.

The reason why the Ink Disciples were able to arrive here was because of the protection of the Ink Force.

There was only one thing that Yang Kai couldn’t figure out. How did the Ink Disciples avoid the many layers of Arrays that filled the Black Territpry? In this Black Territory, countless Great Arrays and Ore Stars formed the Super Great Array that imprisoned the Ink Clan. Every part of the Black Territory was filled with unknown dangers.

The reason he was able to reach this place was because of his Demon Eye of Annihilation’s ability to see through illusions. He might not be able to see through the mysteries of these Great Arrays, but under the Demon Eye of Annihilation, there were Spirit Arrays that could be traced, so he just needed to avoid them.

These Third and Fourth Order Ink Disciples obviously didn’t have this ability, so Yang Kai could only guess that Luan Bai Feng had planned a safe route for them, allowing them to come here and contribute to the Ink Clan.

The next day after Yang Kai arrived here, he stopped a group of five Ink Disciples and, just like before, sent them into his Small Universe to suppress them.

Two or three days later, another group of Ink Disciples arrived.

Yang Kai originally wanted to find a pattern, but after several attempts, he found that there was no pattern at all. The number and frequency of the Ink Disciples who came here was completely illogical. Sometimes there were more people, sometimes there were fewer people, sometimes there were three to five days between each day when no one came, sometimes every day.

In just a month, Yang Kai had forcibly absorbed more than a hundred Open Heaven Stage masters into his Small Universe.

Apart from the Fifth Order Old Man You, all of these people were Third Order or Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

Perhaps to the current Ink Disciples, a Fifth Order Open Heaven was a rare power, so they were not willing to sacrifice it.

However, Yang Kai felt that he was about to be exposed. In fact, the fact that he had been able to spend a month here had already surprised him greatly. At any moment, he was prepared to reveal his identity and fight the Ink Disciples.

This day had finally arrived.

One day a month later, Yang Kai was sitting in the void with his eyes closed, waiting for the Ink Disciples to fall into his trap when he suddenly opened his eyes. At the same time, a chill ran down his spine, causing him to involuntarily activate his World Force to protect his body.

It was as if a faintly discernible gaze was staring at him from the depths of the void, and the majestic will he had felt during the process of the ritual flashed across his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, the will cannot be felt, making him think it was just an illusion.

However, Yang Kai knew that this was not an illusion.

He had been trying to stop the Ink Disciples from falling into the trap for a whole month, but the Ink Clan had not been nourished, which had undoubtedly disturbed him, causing him to awaken from his slumber for a moment.

Yang Kai didn’t know if he had fallen into a deep sleep again, but the only thing he was certain of was that the Ink clan behind Lang Ya Paradise was the one imprisoned in Black Prison.

The two times he had felt this will was extremely similar, almost identical.

This was good news. In other words, there was only one Ink Clan in this vast Universe, not many more.

The bad news was that a great battle was about to break out, and there were thousands of Ink Disciples in the Black Prison, while he was all alone.

The imprisoned Ink Clan had already noticed his existence, so how could the Ink Disciples not know?

During this month of waiting, he had not simply waited, but at the same time, he had thought about many things, and now he could act.

One after another, the Space Spirit Beads flew out and filled the void.

The tiny Space Spirit Bead was extremely inconspicuous in this deep void. If one didn’t pay attention to it, they wouldn’t be able to see it.

After setting up the Space Spirit Bead, Yang Kai quickly flew towards the edge of the black territory.

In less than half a day, he returned and took a deep breath, his eyes focused in a certain direction as he waited for the battle to begin.

The Ink Disciples didn’t let him wait too long.

Two days later, several streaks of light flew over from the distance. Behind these streaks of light, a dense number of figures covered the sky like a swarm of locusts.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly. He had still underestimated the speed at which Luan Bai Feng developed her Ink Disciples.

Previously, Luan Bai Feng had told him that the number of Ink Disciples in the Black Territory was almost a thousand, but now, how many times had this number increased?

Looking at these densely packed figures, Yang Kai estimated that there were at least five thousand Ink Disciples present.

This was a total of five thousand Open Heaven Stage masters! Although most of them were Third Order or Fourth Order, it was still a massive force.

Leading the group was Luan Bai Feng, followed closely by Fan Xiuqi and Xin Peng.

A group of people stopped several dozen kilometers away from Yang Kai. Luan Bai Feng’s face was gloomy as she stared at Yang Kai, her eyes filled with anger and disbelief.

She had personally witnessed the Black Ink Insect rush into Yang Kai’s body and personally witnessed the process of Yang Kai’s transformation. She had thought that Yang Kai would become her companion from now on and had completely trusted him.

Unexpectedly, this was just an act.

If it wasn’t for her Master issuing a decree the moment he woke up, she would have been kept in the dark.

She understood Yang Kai’s strength better than many others, so she knew that she was no match for him. As such, she immediately summoned all of the Ink Disciples and spared no expense to kill him here.

“How did you do it?” Luan Bai Feng glared at Yang Kai angrily. This question was very troubling to her. If Yang Kai could even resist the invasion of the Black Ink Insect, what other method in this world could possibly turn him into a companion?

If she didn’t understand this question, would she be able to trust the Ink Disciples in the future? Without trust, the Ink Disciples would become a pile of loose sand.

“Make a guess!” Yang Kai grinned and naturally wouldn’t tell her the truth, happily chatting with her to pass the time.

Luan Bai Feng said, “Many Profound Yin Bamboo have been found in the new Great Domain, and your Small Universe has long since transformed from an illusory state into a solid one. It can be used to nurture Profound Yin Bamboo. As one of the Universe Twelve Small Pillar, Profound Yin Bamboo is extremely beneficial to the Small Universe. Not only can it stabilize the Small Universe, but it can also resist external forces. Is that the reason?”

Yang Kai clapped his hands, “Smart!”

Luan Bai Feng, on the other hand, shook her head, “Although the Profound Yin Bamboo is powerful, it is difficult for it to resist the Black Ink Insect. The Universe Twelve Small Pillars don’t have this ability, unless you have the Universe Four Big Pillars!” Saying so, Luan Bai Feng’s expression changed, “Originally I wanted to spare your life, but now it seems I can’t.”

With the Universe Four Pillars suppressing the Small Universe, Yang Kai would never be able to transform into a companion. Although the Ink Force was strange and difficult to defend against, the Universe Four Pillars were its greatest nemesis.

Yang Kai looked behind her, “You want to rely on these people behind you to kill me? Luan Bai Feng, aren’t you thinking too much? They don’t know what I’m capable of, how could you not know?”

Luan Bai Feng coldly snorted, “Whether we can kill you or not, we’ll know once we try.”

Although she said so, she didn’t immediately give the order to attack, instead continuing to ask, “You lied about sending those people to the Void Land and High Heaven Palace to gather people, but in reality, you went to ask for help, right?”

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded, “If nothing goes wrong, the masters from the various Cave Heaven Paradise are already on their way.”

“Hmph, so what?” Luan Bai Feng didn’t panic in the slightest, “As long as Master breaks free, the so-called Cave Heaven Paradise will be nothing more than an ant under the Ink Throne!”

Yang Kai sighed lightly, “Luan Bai Feng, look at your own heart, the current you is not the real you! You are only influenced by the Ink Force, a woman who can cultivate to the Sixth Order alone, your willpower should not be so weak.”

“Impudence!” Luan Bai Feng shouted, “It’s not your place to criticize the matters of our generation.”

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, speechless. Luan Bai Feng was his former subordinate after all, so persuading her was just an attempt, but he also knew that after being corroded by the Ink Force, it was impossible for her to change her mind.

“I have another question,” Luan Bai Feng frowned, “I hope you can answer it.”

“Go ahead,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Now that I look back, it seems you came to the Black Territory prepared. Have you already noticed the situation in the Black Territory?”

“You could say that.”

“How did you notice?” Luan Bai Feng asked curiously.

Yang Kai lowered his head for a moment before saying, “I thought you and Xin Peng had died.”

As he spoke, he took out the Loyalty List and flipped it over to the place where the two of them originally had their surnames. “Your names suddenly disappeared, causing me a great deal of pain, so I came to the Black Territory to investigate the situation, only to discover that you were all alive and well. This is truly a strange matter.”

Luan Bai Feng’s face was filled with shock. She had never imagined that the reason the situation in the Black Territory had been exposed was actually related to the Loyalty List.

What happened after that was easy to explain. Yang Kai had come to investigate the cause of Luan Bai Feng and Xin Peng’s deaths, and in the end, he had encountered a living Xin Peng, so he had concealed his identity and followed Yuan Tong Guang and the others into the Black Territory to investigate the situation.

It wasn’t until Luan Bai Feng took out her Black Ink Insect to deal with him that Yang Kai was finally certain.

“The affairs of the world are truly unpredictable,” Luan Bai Feng let out a long sigh. If the matter of the Black Territory hadn’t been exposed so early, she would definitely have been able to find a way to free her master. But now, everything was filled with variables. Although she didn’t care about the masters in the Cave Heaven Paradise, in reality, she regarded them as great enemies. After all, the Cave Heaven Paradise had been passed down for many years and had a deep foundation. It was definitely not something these old fogeys from the Black Territory could resist.

And all of this was because of Yang Kai. At this moment, Luan Bai Feng hated Yang Kai to the bone.


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