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“What should I do?” Yang Kai asked.

“Develop more companions,” Luan Bai Feng smiled lightly, “More and more people have entered the Black Territory, these are the forces Master needs after waking up, we can’t miss them.”

Yang Kai respectfully replied, “It is my honor to serve Master!”

“Go, I’ll wait for your good news.” Luan Bai Feng waved her hand.

Yang Kai quickly rushed into the depths of the Black Territory while simultaneously thinking about the problems he needed to face as Ink Disciple.

The masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise had yet to arrive, so what he needed to do now was to stabilize Luan Bai Feng. But now, Luan Bai Feng wanted him to convert more companions, making things difficult for Yang Kai.

He did indeed have the power of Ink Essence in his body, which could be used to transform Ink Disciples, and Yuan Tong Guang had been transformed by him.

However, he had no choice but to act under Luan Bai Feng’s gaze.

Now that Luan Bai Feng had allowed him to act freely, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t do it again. But if he didn’t act now, sooner or later he would be exposed. When Luan Bai Feng asked, how could he explain himself?

The other problem he was worried about was the Ink Clan imprisoned in the depths of the Black Prison!

At the time, he had used the sacrificial ceremony to summon that vast will in an attempt to find where he was hiding, but unfortunately, he had failed. However, he could clearly feel the existence and strength of that will, and at the same time, it had definitely sensed his existence.

If the Ink Clan imprisoned in the Black Prison was the master of the will he had felt before, his current situation would be very dangerous.

In the depths of the Black Prison, because the Ink Clan had been imprisoned for many years, they were still in a deep sleep. Once they woke up, they might be able to detect Yang Kai’s existence.

At that time, his identity would definitely be exposed.

So no matter what, Yang Kai felt that he couldn’t hide his identity for long. Exposing his identity was only a matter of time. This was a competition against time.

Before his identity was exposed, if the masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise could arrive in time, everything would be saved, but if they couldn’t arrive in time, things would become troublesome.

With these thoughts in mind, Yang Kai walked all the way to the Heaven's 16th Ore Star.

The moment he descended from the sky, the cultivators on the 16th Ore Star felt something and soon, Old Man You, Yuan Tong Guang, and the others rushed over and bowed, “Greetings, Sect Master Yang!”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “I’m just here to take a look, you can go back to work.”

Everyone replied, “Yes!”

Yuan Tong Guang and the others dispersed and continued with their work.

Yang Kai had stayed on the Heaven's 16th Ore Star, although there was a risk of exposing his identity, he was not willing to transform more Ink Disciple, so he could only pray that the masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise would arrive soon.

However, it had only been a month or two since Luo Tinghe and the others had left, so even if they were fast, the reinforcements should still be on their way.

Fortunately, for the next half month, everything was peaceful. Yuan Tong Guang and the others were focused on mining resources, and Luan Bai Feng had no intention of looking for him, allowing Yang Kai to live a comfortable life.

However, he soon discovered something that left him speechless.

On the Heaven's 16th Ore Star, there were a total of thirteen Open Heaven Stage masters mining resources. The one with the highest cultivation was the old man surnamed You who was riding the Blue-Eyes Toad. He was a Fifth Order, while the rest were Third and Fourth Order.

These thirteen Open Heaven Stage masters had all been transformed into Ink Disciples!

Luan Bai Feng must have taken action earlier.

Yuan Tong Guang had been personally transformed by Yang Kai. After becoming an Ink Disciple, he had returned to the 16th Ore Star. With his cooperation from both inside and outside, Luan Bai Feng should be able to easily take down the Open Heaven Stage cultivators here.

If this was all there was to it, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Twenty days after Yang Kai arrived at the 16th Ore Star, Yuan Tong Guang and the others who were mining resources suddenly gathered together.

Yang Kai noticed this but didn’t understand, so he went to the side to investigate.

He didn’t try to conceal himself, although the Ink Disciples cultivators noticed him, they didn’t say anything.

With Yuan Tong Guang as the leader, everyone quickly took out their Space Rings and handed them to the old man surnamed You. The latter took them without a word, his expression solemn.

“I’ll leave it to you,” Yuan Tong Guang looked at Old Man You and said.

The old man surnamed You nodded, “Rest assured, you may leave first, this old master will accompany you in a few days.”

Yuan Tong Guang and the others all placed their hands on their chests, “Ink Will Last Forever.”

The old man surnamed You replied, “Ink Will Last Forever.”

The next moment, the twelve Open Heaven Stage masters flashed out and turned into twelve streaks of light.

Yang Kai’s face was gloomy as he vaguely realized what had happened. He slowly walked over to the old man surnamed You and stood next to him, looking up in the direction Yuan Tong Guang and the others had left.

“Under the Ink Throne, all are ants,” The old man surnamed You suddenly said, a look of yearning appearing on his face, as if he couldn’t wait to chase after Yuan Tong Guang and the others. “They want to become one with Master and obtain eternal life, this is the glory of our generation.”

Yang Kai confirmed his guess.

There was one question that made him curious.

“Who gave you this order?” He asked.

The old man surnamed You shook his head and said, “No one has given any orders. If Master needs it, we can offer it to him. Next time it may be me or you!”

Yang Kai frowned. Could it be that these Ink Disciples could sense the needs of the Ink Clan? Was that why they were acting so autonomously?

However, he didn’t have time to think about it. After waiting for so many days, he didn’t want to expose himself so soon, but now that things had come to this, he had no choice but to act.

Firstly, Yuan Tong Guang was personally transformed into Ink Disciple by him, so if he died because of this, it would be the same as dying in Yang Kai’s hands. It wasn’t that Yang Kai hadn’t killed anyone, but the people he had killed were all people deserved to be killed by him, and he had never killed anyone he had no grievances with, so he didn’t want to see Yuan Tong Guang die.

Secondly, the Ink Clan imprisoned in the depths of the Black Prison used the World Force as food, so he has to stop Yuan Tong Guang to block his chance of recovering.

The old man surnamed You suddenly became alert and looked at Yang Kai, “Did you not feel it?”

Yang Kai grinned at him, revealing a mouthful of snow white teeth. Just as Old Man You was in a daze, the phantom of a Small Universe suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai, like a ferocious beast with its mouth wide open, swallowing Old Man You whole.

The Small Universe of High Rank Open Heaven was able to transform from illusory to solid, allowing it to contain living creatures and even lower-rank Open Heaven Stage cultivators.

Although Yang Kai’s cultivation wasn’t at the High Rank, his Small Universe had long since transformed from an illusionary state to a solid one. He was now a Sixth Order, so forcefully taking the Fifth Order Old Man You into his Small Universe was naturally feasible. However, he needed to release a burst of power that he couldn’t resist in an instant, and at the same time, he had to take a certain amount of risk.

None of this was a problem for Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s strength was comparable to an ordinary Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, so when he suddenly attacked, the old man surnamed You didn’t even have time to react before he was sucked into the Small Universe. In the next instant, the World Sealing Force enveloped him, causing the old man surnamed You to freeze in place, unable to even move a finger.

Inside Seven Star Square on the Void World, Xu Yi was feeding the Golden Carp that had obtained a Dragon Vein after drinking Yang Kai’s Dragon Blood when he suddenly felt the world spin around him. When he came back to his senses, he found himself in an extremely unfamiliar place.

In front of him was a short old man who stood in a stiff posture.

Beside the old man, a three-story-tall Blue-Eyes Toad rumbled, its pustules releasing a poisonous aura.

Xu Yi was shocked.

He could feel an unimaginable power fluctuation from this old man and the Blue-Eyes Toad. In the past, he had thought that the Emperor Realm was the strongest in this world, but if the Emperor Realm was placed here, it wouldn’t be much.

He had only felt such a majestic and powerful aura from his Master.

Before he could figure out what was going on, his Master’s voice rang in his ears, “Keep an eye on this person. If there is any movement, call out to me immediately!”

“Yes!” Xu Yi quickly replied, the panic in his heart instantly subsiding because of his Master’s voice. As long as his Master was here, even if the sky collapsed, he wouldn’t be afraid.

Yang Kai had already activated his Space Laws and his figure flickered as he flew forward.

Not long after, he saw the figures of Yuan Tong Guang and the others, so he flashed forward and blocked their path.

The twelve Ink Disciples wore blank expressions as Yuan Tong Guang asked curiously, “Does Sect Master Yang have any instructions?”

“No, I’m just here to save your lives!” Yang Kai said lightly, and in the next moment, he had already crashed into the twelve Ink Disciples. Behind him, the Small Universe suddenly opened and wrapped them around the Ink Disciples.

Xu Yi’s eyes were wide open as he stared at the old man surnamed You’s movements. Realizing that he really couldn’t move, he turned to look at the Blue-Eyes Toad. He had never seen such a fierce Monster Beast before. The Golden Carp he had been ordered to raise was simply too beautiful in front of this Blue-Eyes Toad.

From the corner of his eye, several figures suddenly appeared, just like the short old man, all of them stiff and unable to move.

Xu Yi quickly retreated further away, wondering what his Master was doing.

These people were obviously captured by his Master, and the reason why they couldn’t move should be because of his Master, but why?

If it was before, Yang Kai would naturally not show mercy to these Ink Disciples.

After being contaminated by the Ink Force, there was no way to save them, this was the belief Lang Ya Paradise had instilled in him.

Lang Ya Paradise's side also did the same. The few disciples who has important position in Lang Ya and had outstanding aptitude as Fifth Order and Sixth Order Open Heaven were all killed, even Gu Ling’er, who was an extremely popular female disciple, was not spared.

Those under Yuan Du, none of the Ink Disciples survived.

But now, Yang Kai wanted to try his best to salvage the situation while also trying to verify his own guess.

When a cultivator was transformed into an Ink Disciple, their temperament would change greatly, but that was not their original self.

If this conjecture was successful, then it wouldn’t be impossible to save Ink Disciple in the future. This would be a great merit for the world.


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