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Luan Bai Feng was currently leading Yang Kai through this void, but no one dared to casually step into it.

In this void, there were many Shattered Spirit Provinces scattered about. It could be seen that these Shattered Spirit Provinces were all part of the destroyed ore stars and could be considered fragments of Universe World.

Yang Kai looked around and found that there were cultivators all over the Shattered Spirit Province, and all of them were shrouded in a black mist, obviously Ink Disciples.

From the looks of it, they seemed to be cultivating.

A strange energy fluctuation suddenly came from a certain direction and Yang Kai immediately turned his head.

Luan Bai Feng also noticed this and smiled, “Good timing, there’s some movement there, let’s go take a look.”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything and simply followed behind Luan Bai Feng.

A short while later, the two of them arrived at the outskirts of a Shattered Spirit Province. Looking around, they saw that on the Shattered Spirit Province, there was an Ink Disciples who was performing a hand seals with his bare hands, the power of his Ink Force fluctuating wildly.

The figure of the Ink Disciple looked somewhat familiar to Yang Kai, obviously Luan Bai Feng’s former subordinate. Yang Kai had been to the Black Territory twice so he should have seen him before.

At this moment, the phantom of Small Universe behind this person flickered, and the World Force fluctuated wildly, obviously showing signs of breaking through.

“Is he trying to break through?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Luan Bai Feng nodded, “Yes, Fan Xiuqi has been stuck at the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage for two thousand years.”

Fan Xiuqi was the name of the Ink Disciple who was about to break through. Luan Bai Feng herself was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so her subordinates were generally below the Sixth Order. A Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was the one she relied on the most, and Fan Xiuqi was one of them, having followed Luan Bai Feng for over a thousand years.

This man had a violent temperament and was born in a small Sect. Because he was dissatisfied with the Sect Master’s unfair distribution of resources, he had killed and betrayed the Sect in a fit of rage, eventually ending up in the Black Territory and being taken in by Luan Bai Feng.

A Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator that had been stuck in this realm for two thousand years, it was obvious that Fan Xiuqi’s aptitude was just average.

Yang Kai faintly realized what Luan Bai Feng wanted to show him.

“Do you know? When Fan Xiuqi first advanced to Open Heaven, he was only a Third Order master,” Luan Bai Feng looked over with a fanatical expression.

A Third Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator could be found easily in this universe. This was the starting point for most Open Heaven Stage cultivators.

Due to the limitations of one’s aptitude, the difficulty of obtaining resources, financial resources, and so on, most cultivators in this world had many better choices to choose when they wanted to break through to Open Heaven. Being able to break through to the Third Order was a dream many people had never dreamed of.

Fan Xiuqi was just a member of the common people, ordinary but extremely representative.

As for breaking through to the Third Order Open Heaven, the end of one’s Martial Dao was the Fifth Order. In other words, if nothing unexpected happened, Fan Xiuqi’s highest cultivation would be the Fifth Order, which was why he had been stuck at this level for two thousand years.

But now, he was showing signs of breaking through!

This obviously had nothing to do with his aptitude, nor did it have anything to do with the resources provided by the Black Territory. It was all because of the Ink Force.

The Ink Force could break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Stage, allowing Fan Xiuqi to have a chance to advance after reaching his Fifth Order limit!

This was the other corner of the iceberg that Luan Bai Feng wanted to show Yang Kai!

The wonders of Ink Force were fully displayed here.

Yang Kai’s expression also became fervent, but in his heart he was secretly horrified. Although he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes before and could feel the attraction of the Ink Force towards cultivators, it was far less intense than it was now.

The various Cave Heaven Paradise sealing the news of Black Ink Clan was not wrong. If news of the Ink Force were to spread, there would definitely be many people who would not be able to resist the temptation and, in order to pursue a stronger power, throw themselves into the Ink Clan's embrace.

Advancing from the Fifth Order to the Sixth Order was not an easy task, but Fan Xiuqi had immersed himself in the Fifth Order for two thousand years, so his foundation was extremely rich. Amongst the Fifth Order, he was considered to be at the peak, so although the process was difficult, he still persevered.

A few days later, the commotion over there gradually died down, and Fan Xiuqi’s cultivation had also broken through from the Fifth Order to Sixth Order Open Heaven.

Luan Bai Feng was obviously very happy.

Although the number of Black Ink Disciple's was not small, due to various reasons, only she and Yang Kai has a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivation. Now that Fan Xiuqi had joined them, they had gained a lot of strength.

Fan Xiuqi didn’t immediately come out of seclusion. After his breakthrough, he still needed to stabilize his cultivation, but he could clearly feel Luan Bai Feng and Yang Kai’s gazes on him, so he opened his eyes and nodded slightly.

However, Yang Kai clearly felt that something was wrong.

Although the Ink Force was mysterious and profound, it was not as useful as he had imagined.

Before his breakthrough, Fan Xiuqi was a short and thin man, but at this moment, his entire body had swelled up, becoming tall and mighty, as if he had become a completely different person.

If someone he wasn’t familiar with saw him, they wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

A single breakthrough had caused his physique to undergo such a huge change. Obviously, this was a hidden danger brought about by the Ink Force. Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of consequences this hidden danger would bring, but it was definitely not a good thing.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked towards another Shattered Spirit Province.

During the past few days of Fan Xiuqi’s breakthrough, an Ink Discple on another Spirit Province also showed signs of a breakthrough, perhaps due to the impact of Fan Xiuqi’s breakthrough.

This man was also Luan Bai Feng’s former subordinate, but he was only a Fourth Order Open Heaven cultivator. According to Luan Bai Feng’s explanation, this man was called Shu Yuansi.

Shu Yuansi’s initial breakthrough to Open Heaven Stage was Second Order, and Fourth Order was his limit. Now, under the influence of the Ink Force, he had already surpassed this limit and was able to break through to the Fifth Order.

With Fan Xiuqi’s experience, Luan Bai Feng became even more excited.

When she first broke through to Open Heaven, she was the same as Yang Kai, a Fifth Order. In the future, Seventh Order would be her limit.

Currently, she was not far from reaching the Seventh Order. Once she broke through to the Seventh Order, she would no longer have any direction to work towards.

However, the Ink Force gave her even greater hope that she could break through to the Eighth Order and even reach the Ninth Order, an existence that even the Cave Heaven Paradise could only look up to.

However, Shu Yuansi’s breakthrough was obviously not as smooth as Fan Xiuqi’s, and the sudden change was extremely sudden.

Under Luan Bai Feng and Yang Kai’s watchful eyes, Shu Yuansi’s aura rose steadily from the Fourth Order to Fifth Order. The moment he broke through the Fourth Order shackles and reached the Fifth Order, the Ink Force that had been lingering around his body suddenly began to surge violently, as if it was no longer under his control. A miserable scream rang out.

Luan Bai Feng’s expression changed.

She didn’t act rashly to interfere. She had only come here to observe the situation of her companions breaking through the limit so that she could prepare for the future. She didn’t know what happen to cause this sudden change in situation, much less interfere.

Under her and Yang Kai’s close attention, Shu Yuansi’s advancement was filled with ups and downs, sometimes dangerous and sometimes calm.

After more than ten days, everything calmed down.

On the Spirit Province, Shu Yuansi lay on the ground, breathing heavily.

Luan Bai Feng and Yang Kai flew over from the distance and landed in front of him. Looking over, they couldn’t help frowning.

At this moment, Shu Yuansi’s condition wasn’t very good. His strength was fluctuating uncontrollably, sometimes having the aura of a Fifth Order, sometimes falling back to a Fourth Order.

What made the two of them even more concerned was that at this moment, Shu Yuansi’s appearance had clearly changed greatly. His clothes had been torn and his entire body was covered in something that looked like a tumor. This tumor was as big as a head and as small as a fist, and there was a dark energy flowing within it.

Moreover, some of these tumors were still rupturing, the Ink Force leaking from them like pus.

The current Shu Yuansi could be described as having a hateful appearance.

He also clearly felt that something was wrong, so he turned to Luan Bai Feng and begged, “Save me!”

Luan Bai Feng stared at him indifferently for a moment before shaking her head and reaching out to her chest, her tone solemn, “Ink Will Last Foremer!”

The panicked expression on Shu Yuansi’s face instantly became calm. He obviously realized something, but without any complaints, he simply reached out and heavily pounded his chest, “Ink Will Last Foremer!”

Luan Bai Feng suddenly shot, releasing her Sixth Order Open Heaven force on Shu Yuansi, directly reducing him to dust.

Shu Yuansi was no longer fit to live, and even if she didn’t act, with his current condition, he wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

The Small Universe collapsed and the World Force dissipated.

At the same time, a rich Ink Force spread out.

Luan Bai Feng, on the other hand, took a deep breath and sucked in all of the remaining Ink Force.

A look of joy appeared on her face as she closed her eyes for a moment, as if she had just eaten a delicious meal.

Yang Kai’s hair stood on end.

After a while, he said, “It seems that using Master’s strength to break through the shackles is quite risky.”

Shu Yuansi’s fate was the best testament to this, and Fan Xiuqi, although he had successfully broken through, his appearance had obviously changed drastically and there were already hidden dangers.

Luan Bai Feng suddenly opened her eyes, her gaze sharp, “Are you questioning Master?”

Yang Kai was slightly alarmed and lowered his head, “I wouldn’t dare.”

Luan Bai Feng stared at him for a long time before saying, “Master’s strength is omnipotent. Shu Yuansi’s failure was due to his own lack of effort, but Fan Xiuqi’s success was because he was loyal to Master!”

“You’re right!” Yang Kai nodded in agreement.

“Don’t ever disrespect Master again!” Luan Bai Feng warned sternly, “Even if Master is willing to let you go, I won’t let you go.”

“There won’t be a next time,” Yang Kai promised seriously while secretly reminding himself that before the experts from the Cave Heaven Paradise arrived, he had to be careful when talking to Luan Bai Feng. He had to carefully act like an Ink Disciple.

Seeing Yang Kai’s sincere attitude, Luan Bai Feng’s expression relaxed slightly and she nodded, “Recently, you’ve become familiar with the situation here. A few days ago, you had the experience of transforming your companions, so now it’s time for you to act.”


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