As the days passed, more Open Heavne Stage cultivators from all over the world poured into the Black Territory before being assigned to various ore stars to mine for resources.

Because they were now companions, Yang Kai gradually came into contact with some information about Black Prison.

The number of Ink Disciples continued to increase, and in less than a month, the number of Ink Disciples had increased by several hundred. Moreover, almost every day, there would be a number of Ink Disciples who would take the initiative to head to the place where the Ink Clan was imprisoned, break into the Great Array, and die.

All they wanted to do was turn the World Force after their death into food for the Ink Clan to restore their strength.

Luan Bai Feng was very careful in this regard and did not allow too many Ink Disciples to act together. After all, if a lot of people were to suddenly disappear, it was highly likely that they would reveal some kind of flaw and cause others to become suspicious. It would be best if there were several of them every day, no one would care about the whereabouts and deaths of the few who were missing. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the rich reserves of the Black Territoru Ore Star.

Every day, Yang Kai would explore the Black Territory, and all the information he had gathered made his heart ache.

If this situation continued, it was likely that in less than a hundred years, the number of Ink Disciples would grow to a shocking number. The most important thing was that at that time, the Ink Clan trapped in the depths of the Black Prison would definitely be able to escape. At that time, they would definitely be able to stir up a bloody storm.

However, he was currently powerless to stop this. A Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator might be able to dominate an entire region, and his status as the Star Boundary's Great Emperor was enough to allow him to stand on equal footing with the foreign envoys from the various Cave Heaven Paradise, but in the end, his current cultivation was still too low in the face of such a major event that could affect the entire universe.

It was completely useless.

Yang Kai felt a deep sense of helplessness. He could only hope that the masters of the various Cave Heaven Paradise would arrive at the Black Territory as soon as possible and take care of the matters here. Only those old monsters who had cultivated for many years had the qualifications to contend with the imprisoned Ink Clan, only then would they be able to nip this danger in the bud.

On this day, after receiving Luan Bai Feng’s invitation, Yang Kai arrived at a large hall.

There was no one else in the hall, and Luan Bai Feng was already waiting there. Seeing Yang Kai arrive, she nodded towards him.

Yang Kai looked around and asked curiously, “What is it?”

Luan Bai Feng grinned, “Wait a moment.”

A moment later, a person walked into the hall, looking somewhat timid. Yang Kai looked up and couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

The newcomer was none other than White Teeth Province’s Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage, Yuan Tong Guang.

Yuan Tong Guang also saw Luan Bai Feng and Yang Kai, and his expression couldn’t help becoming somewhat anxious as he quickly stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Greetings Sect Master Yang, Warden Luan.”

His heart was filled with anxiety. He had only come here to turn in his supplies and ask for a reward.

During this time, he and several of his companions had harvested a lot of black stones from the 16th Ore Star and were quite lucky. After spending a great deal of effort to dissolve the black stones, they had obtained quite a number of resources. The other resources is fine, the key was that one of them was a Seventh Grade Earth Element resource.

According to the rules of the Black Territory, high grade resources had to be handed over at the first possible moment, so Yuan Tong Guang rushed back from 16th Ore Star and reported this matter to one of Luan Bai Feng’s subordinates.

The man led him directly to the main hall. Yuan Tong Guang didn’t expect Luan Bai Feng and Yang Kai to personally wait here.

However, thinking about how this was related to the reward of ten million Open Heaven Pills, it was understandable that the Black Territory’s side was serious about it.

Ten million Open Heaven Pills was not a small number for a force like White Teeth Province. One had to know that this amount of wealth was enough to purchase an entire set of Fifth Grade resources. With an entire set of Fifth Grade resources, it was possible to create a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage, allowing White Teeth Province’s overall strength to rise to a whole new level.

When Yang Kai first entered these 3000 Worlds, because of the Golden Crow’s corpse, Great Moon Province had given him some compensation, but the compensation was only a hundred thousand Open Heaven Pills, which was the limit Great Moon Province could offer.

The Great Moon Province and White Teeth State were almost the same, and the level of wealth between the two was about the same. It could be said that a person like Yuan Tong Guang had a hundred thousand Open Heaven Pills in his possession, not to mention ten million, that was an unimaginable amount of wealth.

“I, Yuan Tong Guang, have collected a Seventh Grade Earth Element resource on the Heaven's 16th Ore Star. Please take a look,” Yuan Tong Guang didn’t dare to speak any nonsense and quickly explained the purpose of his trip while offering up the seventh grade earth element materials he had collected.

“You’ve done well,” Luan Bai Feng stretched out her hand and grabbed the Seventh Grade Earth Element Resource, stuffing it into her Space Ring without any intention of checking it. Turning to Yang Kai, she smiled and said, “Weren’t you curious about how to convert your companions? You can try now.”

Yang Kai’s expression was indifferent, but Yuan Tong Guang was completely confused.

Logically speaking, Luan Bai Feng should have given him a reward when he presented the Seventh Grade Earth Element Resource to her, but now that he hadn’t seen it, he had heard some strange words from Luan Bai Feng.

Yuan Tong Guang instinctively felt uneasy, wondering if the rumors were all false. Was Luan Bai Feng trying to silence him so she could save the ten million reward? But if she did so, wouldn’t she be labeled as a traitor? With so many people coming to the Black Territory to help with mining, if she lost her reputation, how could others trust her?

Just as he was feeling suspicious, Yang Kai suddenly took a step towards him and pointed.

Under the manipulation of the Space Laws, a shackle enveloped Yuan Tong Guang.

He was only a Fourth Order Open Heaven cultivator, so how could he resist Yang Kai’s methods? Even Luan Bai Feng would be slightly affected when he used his Space Shackles.

“Sect Master Yang?” Yuan Tong Guang’s expression changed greatly, becoming more certain that he was about to encounter some kind of misfortune, but he really couldn’t understand why.

With his back facing Luan Bai Feng, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a trace of apology.

He had indeed asked Luan Bai Feng how to convert his companions, but that was only to inquire about information. He hadn’t expected Luan Bai Feng to ask him to do it himself.

He didn’t dare hesitate in the slightest, because even the slightest hesitation could become a flaw in his disguise. Right now, the masters from the various Cave Heaven Paradise had yet to arrive, so if he were to expose himself here, it would likely lead to some unpredictable consequences that he couldn’t bear.

Standing in front of Yuan Tong Guang, one could clearly see the fear and pleading in his eyes.

Luan Bai Feng’s voice rang out behind him, “Activate your Small Universe's Ink Essence, that is Master’s power, no one can resist its call!”

Yang Kai didn’t say a word as he raised his hand and a black fog appeared in his hand.

An evil aura instantly spread out, making one feel extremely uncomfortable.

Yuan Tong Guang became more frightened, “Sect Master Yang, please spare my life, you and I have no grievances, this Yuan has never wronged you in any way, Sect Master Yang please spare my life!”

“Don’t worry, I don’t want your life!” Yang Kai said to him, “I just want you to experience the most amazing power in this world!”

Saying so, Yang Kai placed his hand on Yuan Tong Guang’s face.

The constantly squirming black mist in his hand suddenly seemed to have been given life, flowing into Yuan Tong Guang’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

In an instant, Yuan Tong Guang’s eyes bulged and his whole body trembled violently as he let out a grunt, as if he was enduring an unimaginable torture.

However, from beginning to end, he had been imprisoned by Yang Kai’s Space Laws, so no matter how he struggled, he was unable to break free.

A short while later, Yuan Tong Guang’s body began to exude an aura of Ink Force, a dark color gradually climbing up his eyes and slowly taking over his pupils.

His struggles slowly came to a stop, as if he had accepted his fate.

“You can release him now,” Luan Bai Feng said from behind.

Yang Kai released his shackles and Yuan Tongguang collapsed to the ground.

Frowning, Yang Kai asked, “That’s it?”

Luan Bai Feng shook her head, “How could it be so easy? Although Master’s power is profound and boundless, turning a person is not so simple. It depends on how strong his will is and how long the Ink Force will take to corrode his Small Universe.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat. His previous performance had not been like this.

Luan Bai Feng smiled and said, “You’re different. The Black Ink Insect’s transformation is very fast, but the Ink Essence is much weaker.” Looking down at Yuan Tong Guang’s condition, she continued, “At his level, he has basically completed the transformation, all we needs to do now is wait.”

It was true.

In less than half a day, Yuan Tong Guang had been completely transformed into Ink Disciple. He stood up, his expression the same as before, but his eyes had already turned black.

“Greetings, Sirs!” Yuan Tong Guang cupped his fists and saluted.

Luan Bai Feng nodded and casually tossed him a Space Ring.

Yuan Tong Guang took it and used his Divine Sense to examine it, discovering that there were countless Open Heaven Pills inside.

If he had seen so many Open Heaven Pills before today, Yuan Tong Guang would definitely have been overjoyed, but now, his expression was calm.

“Do you know what to say when you return?” Luan Bai Feng asked.

Yuan Tong Guang quickly said, “This subordinate will carefully promote Sir’s integrity.”

“Good, go.” Luan Bai Feng waved her hand.

Yuan Tong Guang bowed again and left.

As for the remaining two, Luan Bai Feng looked at Yang Kai and smiled, “See, it’s that simple.”

Yang Kai wore a respectful expression, “Master’s strength is truly amazing.”

Luan Bai Feng grinned, “This is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s go, I’ll take you to the other corner!”

Saying so, she led the way.

Yang Kai curiously followed after her, not knowing what Luan Bai Feng wanted to show him.

Leading Yang Kai, Luan Bai Feng went to a remote area.

There didn’t seem to be anyone around here, everyone who came to the Black Territory knew that this place was filled with danger. There was a great killing array hidden in the unconspicuous void, cultivators who came to the Black Territory to mine resources didn’t dare run around recklessly, only taking the paths they had taken before.


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