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Thinking back to the majestic will he had felt before, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling his scalp go numb.

The owner of this will was definitely not someone he could contend with.

This matter had to be quickly reported to the various Cave Heaven Paradise. The matters of the Black Territory were no longer something he could handle, so he needed the higher ups of the Cave Heaven Paradise to come here.

But before that, he still had many questions to be answer.

Walking over to the chair beside Luan Bai Feng, Yang Kai sat down and took a sip of tea.

Luan Bai Feng’s mood was quite good as she turned to look at him and smiled, “How do you feel?”

Yang Kai said gloomily, “Not bad, I think I’ve found my life goal and direction.”

Luan Bai Feng’s face showed a hint of fanaticism, “Our goal and direction is to offer everything to Master, including our lives!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Is Master in the Black Territory?”

Luan Bai Feng was somewhat surprised, “How did you know?”

Yang Kai casually explained, “When I was exploring the Black Territory these past few days, I saw some things and had some guesses.”

“So that’s how it is!” Luan Bai Feng didn’t ask what Yang Kai had seen. Since they were companions, they could trust each other unconditionally.

“Is there any way for me to see Master?” Yang Kai asked.

Luan Bai Feng shook her head and said, “Not for now, Master is still in a deep sleep. The last time he woke up, he only issued some orders in a hurry, so I can’t bring you to see him. However, our main goal now is to help Master escape!”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Escape?” This statement surprised him greatly. He had thought that the Black Ink Clan was hiding in the Black Territory, and it was highly likely they were hiding in the central region of the Black Territory he had just arrived in, but from Luan Bai Feng’s words, it seemed that the Black Ink Clan was trapped there.

“En!” Luan Bai Feng nodded, “Master has been trapped in the Black Prison for countless years. Before meeting Master, I had always thought that the Black Prison was just a simple name, but after meeting Master, I realized that the Black Prison is a true prison! A prison specifically used to imprison Master!”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly, “How could this be?”

This reminded him of the Sealing Demon Land in the Ancestral Land.

Although all the Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land had always known about the existence of the Sealing Demon Land, the existence of the Sealing Demon Land had been misunderstood by the younger generation. All the Holy Spirits thought that there was something related to Demonic Qi sealed there, and only after the Sealing Demon Land was opened did he learn that it was the Sealing Ink Land that sealed the Ink Giant Spiritual God!

The situation in Black Prison was actually quite similar.

This was actually a true prison with a powerful Black Ink Clan imprisoned inside!

In a daze, Yang Kai recalled the first time he had come to the Black Prison. At that time, he had thought that this Black Prison was a giant cage, but at that time, he had only thought about it and not thought about it deeply.

It was only at this moment that Luan Bai Feng confirmed his guess.

He couldn’t help thinking, “The countless natural Spirit Arrays in this Black Territory, as well as the ore stars, are all part of this prison?”

Luan Bai Feng nodded solemnly, “That’s right, those so-called natural Spirit Arrays aren’t natural, they were set up by humans. However, the person who set up these Spirit Arrays had extremely high attainments, so no one noticed this and thought they were created by the Heavens and Earth. These Spirit Arrays and Ore Stars formed a super Spirit Array that covered the entire Black Territory, and at the center of this Spirit Array was the place where Master was imprisoned.”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with horror.

The entire Black Territory was a super large array, so who could have such an ability?

He felt that the situation in the Black Territory was more similar to the Ancestral Land. The Ancestral Land had the Sealing Ink Land, and the Black Prison was a prison that imprisoned the Black Ink Clan.

Outside the Ancestral Land, there was a Divine Ability Sea that formed a barrier, and inside the Black Territory, there were many great arrays.

Perhaps the arrangements in the Ancestral Land and the Black Prison were all done by the same group of people. In an extremely distant era, a group of great masters had fought with the Black Ink Clan. The Ancestral Land had sealed the Ink Giant Spiritual God while the Black Prison had imprisoned the real Black Ink Clan.

“It’s been a long time since then, and I don’t know when all of this happened. Master didn’t tell me about this, perhaps to Master, being imprisoned for so many years is also a kind of humiliation,” Luan Bai Feng continued, “Master’s power is irresistible, and the reason why they set up all this in the Black Prison was to prevent anyone from approaching Master and giving him a chance to escape.”

The Black Prison was originally filled with an extremely strange power, and under the cover of this power, no one was able to enter the depths of the Black Prison. If they didn’t enter the Black Prison, they naturally wouldn’t have to worry about anyone being turned into Black Ink Disciples and serving the Black Ink Clan.

“Fortunately, you came here!” Luan Bai Feng looked at Yang Kai excitedly.

“What does that have to do with me?” Although Yang Kai had some guesses, he wasn’t certain.

Luan Bai Feng smiled and said, “What I told you before was not a lie, but the truth. It was precisely because you teleported over a hundred ore stars from the depths of the Black Territory that the power of this super great array weakened, giving me the opportunity to be summoned by Master.”

Yang Kai lowered his eyes and said, “Every ore star in the Black Territory is a part of this super formation, so every time one of them is damaged, the power of this super formation will decrease slightly.”

“Exactly!” Luan Bai Feng nodded, “The destruction of more than a hundred ore stars isn’t enough to shake this great array, but what if there are a thousand or even ten thousand? One day, Master will be able to escape and return. At that time, no one in these 3000 Worlds will be able to stop his advance.”

Yang Kai understood and said, “That’s why you spread the news and let outsiders open the ore star.”

Luan Bai Feng pursed her lips into a smile, “The efficiency of my subordinates alone is too slow. As you said, since ancient times, humans die for wealth while birds die for food. The rules I set are reasonable, so naturally, many people will come to help.”

“What a good idea!” Yang Kai praised.

“You also think it’s a good idea, right?” Luan Bai Feng looked towards Yang Kai eagerly, “With your help, I believe the efficiency will be higher, so I need you to transfer the people from High Heaven Palace and Void Land here.”

“I can arrange that!” Yang Kai readily agreed.

“When Master breaks free, he will definitely reward you,” Luan Bai Feng said enviously.

“This is my duty, serving my master to the death is the lifelong dream of all of us Black Ink Disciples!” Yang Kai’s face was filled with righteousness as he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Listening to Luan Bai Feng’s words, the Black Ink Clan's escape was not something that could be accomplished in a short time, there was still time to stop it.

He suddenly thought of something and bluntly said, “When I went deep into the Black Territory to investigate, I once arrived at the central region, but unfortunately, there was a great array over there that prevented me from entering. That should be where Master was trapped, right?”

Luan Bai Feng nodded and said, “That’s right, I’ve also gone to take a look, but unfortunately, with my Array Dao attainments, I can’t see any flaws at all, let alone decipher them. If I act rashly, it may bring danger to Master.”

“I saw many people rush into that great formation and die!”

“You mean them?” Luan Bai Feng sighed lightly, “They are all companions, but Master has been trapped for too long and is currently very weak, so he needs some nourishing substance to restore his strength.”

Yang Kai frowned, “A nourishing substance?”

“The World Force they emit after their deaths is Master’s best food!”

The Black Ink Clan's actually fed on the World Force! Yang Kai’s heart sank.

“There’s a great array over there, so how did they manage to arrive safely?”

Although the power of the Greaat Array had decreased due to the destruction of many ore stars, the strange power still existed in the centre of it. Before the Third or Fourth Order Open Heaven cultivator could arrive, their Small Universe's foundation would have been completely drained.

Luan Bai Feng pursed her lips and smiled, “Naturally, it’s because they have the protection of Master’s power. Otherwise, with their strength, how could they have reached such a position?”

Yang Kai immediately understood that the Ink Force could actually resist the power of the Great Array.

“Is there anything else you want to know? You can ask me, I can tell you anything I know,” Luan Bai Feng showed complete trust in Yang Kai.

“How did our companions transform? It seems there are quite a few of them.”

Luan Bai Feng pursed her lips into a smile, “Indeed, there are almost a thousand of them, but this is only the beginning. In the future, we will have more companions. As for how to transform them… En, the original companions were all personally transformed by me. Those second, third, and fourth orders basically couldn’t resist the corrosion of the Black Ink Force, and if they fall into my hands, there will only be one outcome. You can also transform others now, those who are transformed by the Black Ink Insect all have this ability. Those who aren’t transformed by Black Ink Insect can’t transform others.”

“What happened after that?” Yang Kai asked. No matter how vigorous Luan Bai Feng was, it was unrealistic for her to transform a thousand people by herself.

“Later, with the help of more companions, they had their own fellow disciples and friends. I also received some Ink Essence from Master and gradually developed into our current scale. In the future, our scale will only grow larger.”

“Ink Essence?” Yang Kai raised his brow. This was the first time he had heard of such a thing, so he couldn’t help but pay attention to it.

Luan Bai Feng explained, “The one who transformed you just now was a Black Ink Insect. It is also an autonomous creature, but there aren’t many of them. Most of them are used to turn Open Heaven Stage cultivators above the Fifth Order. As for the Ink Essence… you can imagine it as an existence slightly inferior to the Black Ink Insect. Although the pure Ink Force has a corrosive effect, it is difficult to completely turn people. The Ink Essence is different, it can be used to turn Open Heaven Stage cultivators below the Fifth Order, allowing them to serve it's Master loyally.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding, “Black Ink Insect, Ink Essence, Ink Force… Does this mean that the Ink Essence is in my body?”

“En, you can put it that way, so you can try to transform Open Heaven Stage cultivator below the Fifth Order. If you're transformed by it, you won’t be able to transform anyone else. The Ink Force is a threat to the enemy, but it can’t turn people effectively.”

“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded. This information was also extremely important, “Do you have any Black Ink Insect?”


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