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What’s more, this Blue-Eyes Toad's body was obviously poisonous, and its long tongue was also incredibly poisonous. Even an ordinary Open Heaven Stage cultivator wouldn’t be able to resist it, yet this woman was able to withstand it with just two fingers?

Yuan Tong Guang suddenly couldn’t understand Luo Tinghe and felt that something was wrong, so he quickly turned to look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, didn’t even glance over, as if he didn’t notice the conflict here and simply said, “I’ll leave this place to you, I’ll go take a look.”

Saying so, he soared into the sky and flew deeper into the Black Territory.

Leaving just like that? Before Yuan Tong Guang could react, Luo Tinghe’s hand exerted some force and the giant Blue-Eyes Toad flew into the air before crashing heavily to the ground. The old man surnamed You on the toad’s back also fell to the ground, his face covered in dust.

Before he could get up, Luo Tinghe stepped on his chest and asked with a smile, “Who did you say you were going to teach the rules for?”

The old man surnamed You decisively begged for mercy, “Great Aunt, please spare my life, this little one has eyes but can’t see, this little one doesn’t understand the rules. In the future, all of the resources mined here will be handed over to you by thirty percent, this little one is willing to do anything for you.”

Yuan Tong Guang and the others were dumbfounded.

Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he flew deeper into the Black Territory. Driven by the Space Laws, his speed was extremely fast.

Originally, Yang Kai should have been enveloped by this strange power, but now he was able to travel freely through this territory where ordinary Open Heaven Stage cultivators couldn’t even approach. This made Yang Kai extremely concerned.

He had never been able to figure out what this strange power was. In his early years, he had planned to carefully study the situation in the Black Territory when he was completely free, perhaps he would be able to find the true face of this strange power.

He also knew that the Black Territory was a vast territory with abundant resources. The only reason it could be so easily occupied by a Sixth Order woman like Luan Bai Feng was because of that strange power.

If it weren’t for that kind of power, the mines in the Black Territory would have been targeted long ago, and even the various Cave Heaven Paradise would have coveted it.

However, because of the existence of this strange power, the Black Territory’s resources were difficult to extract, and most of the time human lives will be sacrificed. As a result, the Black Territory had never been able to enter the eyes of the various Cave Heaven Paradise.

This strange power could be said to be the natural restriction of the Black Territory.

But now, this restriction is gone!

Luan Bai Feng even spread the news abnormally, attracting many Open Heaven Stage cultivators to come here to mine for resources. This situation was quite unusual.

Along the way, he passed by many ore stars. It was obvious that many of these ore stars has Open Heaven Stage masters who were busy. These Open Heaven Stage masters all used their own Divine Abilities, causing a great disturbance. Some of the smaller ore stars had almost been destroyed, and the black stones hidden within had all been found.

As he continued forward, Yang Kai suddenly felt a strange power envelop his body and couldn’t help raising his brow. Only now did he understand that the strange power that had filled the Black Territory had not completely disappeared, but the range it had covered had greatly decreased. This was why the safe zone in the Black Territory had expanded. Originally, it was impossible to mine ore, but now, anyone could mine it.

However, if one were to walk deeper into this Black territory, the strange power would still exist and it would be extremely rich.

The first two times he had entered the Black Territory, he had relied on his own Wood Element Secret Technique to protect his body and forcefully resist the corrosion of this strange power, but even with the Wood Element energy condensed from his Eternal Tree’s essence, he was unable to persist too far.

Once he reached the limit of the Towering Evergreen Secret Technique, he would no longer be able to go any further.

But now, it was different. In Shattered Heaven, he had obtained a World Spring, which allowed him to seal his Small Universe World with the Universe Four Pillars.

Therefore, although he could feel the existence of this strange power, it had no effect on him at all.

Yang Kai’s expression changed.

Perhaps… he could find the source of this strange power.

This power filled the entire Black Territory, so there was bound to be a source of it. In the past, Yang Kai had wanted to explore it, but he didn’t have the ability to do so. Now that he has the Word Spring, he didn’t need to fear the corrosion of this power, so he naturally didn’t need to worry about his Small Universe's foundation leaking.

This time, he might really be able to find the source of this strange power and investigate it thoroughly.

After arriving here, there was no one on the Ore Star to extract resources. After all, this place was not meant for people to stay. Yang Kai continued deeper and arrived at a place he had not been to the last two times.

The strange energy became denser and Yang Kai even wondered how long an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage like Luo Tinghe could last in this place.

In this place, Yang Kai vaguely felt the existence of another power, but because of the interference of this strange power, he was unable to tell what kind of power it was.

He continued deeper, but after a few hours, he found it difficult to move.

What stopped him from advancing was not the strange force. With the World Spring’s protection, this strange force in the Black Territory posed no threat to him.

What made him unable to continue forward was the many natural restrictions that filled the Black Territory.

The dangers of the Black Territory were partly due to the existence of this strange force and partly because there were countless natural restrictions here.

The reason Luan Bai Feng’s attainments in Array Dao were so high was because she lived in the Black Territory all year round. Without a Master’s guidance, all her Array Dao achievements were self-taught, and every natural restrictions in the Black Territory was her master.

Yang Kai didn’t have a deep understanding of the Dao of Arrays, the only reason he was able to reach this point was because of the Demon Eye of Annihilation’s ability to see through all illusions. The Demon Eye of Annihilation was obtained from the Great Demon God, but if one were to trace its origins, it was a secret technique of the Myriad Demons Heaven. The Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Purgatory Black Pupil were both extremely profound. Yang Kai didn’t have any cultivation methods, so the two eye techniques he had obtained were all by chance. Although their power wasn’t bad, it was difficult to improve.

Unless one day he could obtain the orthodox cultivation method from Myriad Demons Heaven, it would be possible for him to improve these two Eye Techniques.

At this moment, under the gaze of his Demon Eye of Annihilation, there was nothing but death in front of him. If he were to really enter this place, he would die.

After putting away the Demon Eye of Annihilation, everything in front of him was normal, but he knew that beneath this seemingly calm void, there were many hidden dangers.

He could only take a detour, but before long, he encountered the same situation and took another detour.

It was as if there was a large area in front of them that was covered by layers of Spirit Arrays, preventing anyone from approaching.

As for the area covered by the Spirit Array, it was the central region of the Black Territory! Yang Kai faintly suspected that the source of this strange power was within it. If he could explore it, he should be able to understand many things.

However, the obstruction of the restrictions in front of him forced him to give up.

Just as he was about to turn around and return, he suddenly noticed someone nearby.

This discovery shocked him. The only reason he was able to arrive here was because he had relied on the World Spring to protect his Small Universe. The Demon Eye of Annihilation was able to see through all illusions and avoid many array formations, so how could anyone else have the ability to approach this place?

Moreover, it seemed like more than one person had come!

Yang Kai quickly activated his Space Laws and pushed himself into the void, instantly concealing himself.

A moment later, streams of light entered Yang Kai’s eyes and soon, these streams of light arrived near him and revealed themselves.

Yang Kai quietly observed these people and found that he didn’t recognize any of them, and their cultivation wasn’t high either. Most of them were Second or Third Order, with the highest being only Fourth Order Open Heaven.

Looking at their clothes, it seemed they weren’t from the same Sect. There were only six or seven of them.

The hidden restrioctions in front of them was like an invisible barrier, blocking their path. They stood in front of the Spirit Arrays, silent and without any communication, appearing extremely strange.

Yang Kai was even more surprised. In this kind of position, the strange energy was already extremely rich. Even an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master like Luo Tinghe might not be able to last long, so how could these Second Order, Third Order, and Fourth Order Open Heaven cultivators be safe?

Logically speaking, there was no way for them to approach this place, and before they arrived, their foundation would be completely exhausted.

Could it be that because he had the World Spring to seal his Small Universe, his perception had gone wrong?

Just as he was feeling suspicious, an even more shocking scene appeared.

The several people who had been silent all this time suddenly felt their bodies tremble, and soon after, all of them were wrapped up in a thick ink-like aura. This thick ink-like aura made Yang Kai feel extremely familiar and hateful!

Ink Force!

Yang Kai almost cried out in surprise. Although he had only interacted with Black Ink Disciple a few times, the scenes he had witnessed had left a deep impression on him. He also knew how strange the Ink Force was.

The trip to Lang Ya Paradise had allowed him to find the hidden Black Ink Disciple, as well as discovering the existence of the Black Ink Clan.

After he left Lang Ya, the various Cave Heaven Paradise were all searching for traces of the Black Ink Clan.

However, after more than a hundred years, there seemed to be no harvest. Everyone suspected that the Black Ink Clan was hiding in the Shattered Heaven, but so far, there had been no trace of the Black Ink Clan in the Shattered Heaven, not even Black Ink Disciple. [MSN: wow, they spend a hundred years searching at the same place. LOL.]

The fact that there was no progress in tracking down the Black Ink Clan had also become a concern for the higher-ups of the various Cave Heaven Paradise. After all, the power of the Black Ink Clan was too strange. If they didn’t find the Black Ink Clan soon and eliminate them, perhaps one day, a large number of Black Ink Disciples would emerge in the 3000 Worlds, making it difficult to control their losses.

Yang Kai had never imagined that he would see Black Ink Disciples in the Black Territory, and that he would see so many of them at once.

The different Black Ink Disciples in Lang Ya Paradise were all Open Heaaven Stage cultivators with bright futures, these Second, Third, and Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators obviously had little value.

Thinking about it this way, it seemed they had not been corroded by the Black Ink Insect.

To the Black Ink Clan, Black Ink Insects were also extremely precious and could not be squandered. Using Black Ink Insects on these Open Heaven Stage cultivators was truly a waste.

They should have been transformed by the erosion of the Ink Force.

Compared to the Black Ink Insects, the Ink Force erosion is even more difficult to transform Black Ink Disciple, but it wasn’t impossible. If one’s cultivation was low, they wouldn’t be able to resist the Ink Force.


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