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The situation in the Black Territory was quite complicated, and it seemed that he would have to investigate it personally.

He had originally planned to wait here for Xin Peng to return before heading to the Black Territory, but now he had changed his mind.

After all, if he went to the Black Territory with Xin Peng, he would definitely see Luan Bai Feng as soon as possible and there would be many things he could not figure out.

So facing Yuan Tong Guang’s attempt to win him over, Yang Kai only hesitated for a moment before agreeing, “That’s good, I’ll have to trouble Brother Yuan.”

Yuan Tong Guang was overjoyed and enthusiastically called out to his fellow disciples to introduce themselves.

Yang Kai casually gave a fake name, still surnamed Yang.

His current name was not well-known throughout the 3000 Worlds, but there were many who had heard of him. As for his origins, he was just lying that he came from Great Moon Province.

Yuan Tong Guang and the others immediately relaxed.

This vast universe, a force named after 'Province', was not very powerful, so after hearing that Yang Kai and the others came from Great Moon Province, Yuan Tong Guang and the others naturally didn’t feel any pressure.

What’s more, in their opinion, Yang Kai and the others had also been attracted by the resources of the Black Territory, and the Open Heaven Stage cultivators who had been attracted here weren’t too high grade, at most Fifth Order.

The group of seven flew towards the Domain Gate.

Hiding one’s cultivation wasn’t a difficult task. As long as one carefully activated their strength, Yuan Tong Guang and the others naturally wouldn’t be able to discover any flaws.

The other people from White Teeth Province seemed to be very interested in Qu Huachang’s group of three and would occasionally speak to them, but Qu Huachang and the others only responded indifferently.

A few hours later, everyone arrived at the Domain Gate.

Yuan Tong Guang took out a flying shuttle-shaped artifact and nodded slightly towards Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, we’ll take our leave first and wait for you on the other side.”

Saying so, the group entered the artifact one after another, the artifact transforming into a stream of light and rushing into the Domain Territory.

Yang Kai suddenly remembered that his current role wasn’t very strong, so logically speaking, he shouldn’t be able to use his physical body to travel through the Domain Gate.

In fact, the pressure required to pass through the Domain Gate was extremely great, and only a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator could safely pass through it. If a Mid Rank and Low Open Heaven cultivator wanted to pass through the Domain Gate, they would have to use a treasure to guard it.

Because Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Laws and had a powerful physique, he had been able to travel through the Domain Gates without encountering any danger.

However, he really didn’t have any artifacts that could allow him to pass through Domain Gates.

Fortunately, Qu Huachang was prepared and knew what Yang Kai was thinking. She summoned a seemingly ordinary flying artifact and the four of them entered the Domain Gate.

In the next instant, everyone arrived at the Black Territory.

Qu Huachang put away the artifact and everyone appeared.

The three women looked around curiously. This was the first time they had come to this Black Territory, and this place was different from all the other Great Domains. At a glance, there were no stars in the sky, as if it was shrouded in endless darkness. A desolate aura filled every corner of this Great Domain, and even the great sun in the depths of the void only emitted a turbid light, like an old man on the verge of death, a candle flickering in the wind and rain, about to extinguish at any moment.

Luo Tinghe frowned slightly. The aura of this Black Territory made her feel uncomfortable.

Yang Kai immediately saw Yuan Tong Guang and the others who had arrived a step earlier than him, all of them standing in the air, waiting.

Seeing Yang Kai and the others appear, he immediately waved enthusiastically, “Brother Yang, here, here.”

Yang Kai nodded and led the three people towards him.

After both sides had gathered, Yuan Tong Guang said, “Brother Yang, I’ll first take you to register and collect your identity tokens before going to those mineral star to mine for resources.”

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded.

Yuan Tong Guang took the lead and flew off in a certain direction while everyone followed closely behind.

Not far from the entrance of the Domain Gate, there was a broken Spirit Province. It wasn’t big, but there was a huge palace built there.

Inside the palace, there were people entering and exiting from time to time, some of them dejected, some of them grinning from ear to ear.

There were also Third Order, Fourth Order and Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage ones, but there weren’t many of them.

These people were obviously willing to come to the Black Territory to mine, and there were quite a few of them. As Yuan Tong Guang had said, the opening of the Black Territory allowed anyone to freely enter and mine resources. It had only been three months since the news had spread, but so many people had already come. It could be imagined that after a while, more people would arrive.

Moreover… three months was something Yang Kai was extremely concerned about.

A few months ago, he had felt a sense of unease and soon discovered that Luan Bai Feng and Xin Peng’s names had disappeared from the Loyalty List. Counting the time, the changes in the Black Territory had occurred after the two names disappeared.

The people entering and exiting the main hall were basically all in groups, with very few of them alone. It seemed that everyone who came here to mine resources knew the principle of grouping up to warm themselves up.

Yuan Tong Guang had been here before, so he was obviously very familiar with the process. He led everyone into the main hall, and Yang Kai looked around and saw that there were many tables lined up in front of them. The Open Heaven Stage cultivators behind these tables were all busy asking the names and cultivations of the people in front of them before registering and distributing their identity tokens.

“Let’s go this way!” Yuan Tong Guang looked around for a while before calling out to everyone and leading them to a line.

Afterwards, he whispered to Yang Kai, “I have some friendship with this Senior, I can ask him to distribute a good mineral star later.”

Yang Kai showed a look of understanding.

The people working behind these tables should all be Luan Bai Feng’s subordinates. Yang Kai had been to the Black Territory twice before, so most of Luan Bai Feng’s subordinates had seen him before.

Yang Kai was worried that he would be exposed because of this, but after carefully examining the person Yuan Tong Guang was talking about, he found that this person was extremely unfamiliar, obviously someone he had never met before, so he immediately relaxed.

Not long after, it was Yuan Tong Guang’s turn.

As expected, the two of them had some kind of friendship, especially after Yuan Tong Guang had silently stuffed a Space Ring to him.

The man’s face was full of smiles as he said, “Little Brother Yuan’s speed is quite fast, returning in just a dozen days.”

Yuan Tong Guang smiled and said, “Warden Luan give a great opportunity, if this Yuan does not grasp it, it will be a waste of efforts.”

The man nodded and said, “It’s good that Little Brother thinks so. En, although you and I are familiar with each other, there are still rules. Are these your fellow disciples?”

Yuan Tong Guang did not hesitate and nodded, “Yes.”

“Then tell us your name and cultivation,” The man called out.

Yuan Tong Guang motioned for everyone to step forward.

After registering and distributing their identity tokens, it didn’t take long for everyone to receive their own.

The man’s expression became solemn as he turned to Yuan Tong Guang and said, “Brother has been here once and knows the rules of our Black Territory, so I won’t say anything more. I only hope that Brother can seriously abide by them and not hide anything. If you are discovered, you won’t have a good end.”

“Absolutely not,” Yuan Tong Guang quickly nodded and whispered, “This time’s mineral star…”

The man gave him a knowing look and said, “Little Brother, don’t worry, the mineral star assigned to you is naturally excellent. Ten days ago, someone mined a Seventh Grade Wood Element and obtained ten million Open Heaven Pills from our Lord!”

Yuan Tong Guang’s breathing suddenly stagnated as he gulped, “Ten million…”

According to the market price, a Seventh Grade Wood Element resource was worth 150 million, even a Sixth Grade one was worth 15 million.

A Seventh Grade Wood Element for Ten Million Open Heaven Pill were naturally not enough, but if they were used as a reward, this number would be quite generous.

After all, the entire Black Territory was Luan Bai Feng’s territory, so if she didn’t open this place up, no one would be able to come in here to mine for resources. If she let you in here to mine and handed over some good things, who would dare not be satisfied with such a generous reward?

The man patted Yuan Tong Guang’s shoulder and said, “Work hard, little brother. If you become rich, don’t forget about this brother. Ah, to be honest, I really envy you. If it weren’t for Sir’s orders, I would have gone to mine for resources.”

“Old Brother, don’t worry, if this Yuan is lucky enough to obtain a seventh grade resource, I will never forget your guidance.”

The man grinned, “Then I’ll be counting on Brother Yuan!”

After chatting for a while, the man waved his hand and a short Open Heaven Stage cultivator immediately walked over. The man ordered, “Take them to Heaven’s Number 16 Ore Star!”

The short Open Heaven Stage cultivator nodded in understanding before turning to Yuan Tong Guang and saying, “Follow me.”

Yuan Tong Guang bid farewell to his acquaintance and led Yang Kai and the others to follow him.

After leaving the Shattered Spirit Province, the short Open Heaven Stage cultivator summoned a flying ship and everyone boarded it.

On the deck, Yuan Tong Guang’s face was flushed red as he said, “Heaven’s Number 16 Ore Star’s ranking is quite high, so its resources should be quite abundant. Junior Brothers, when you get there, you must work hard. Whether White Teeth Province can rise or not will all depend on us.”

His Junior Brothers all nodded in agreement, rubbing their fists as if they were ready to fight.

Yuan Tong Guang then turned to Yang Kai and said, “Brother Yang, please forgive me. I didn’t want to cause too much trouble just now, so I lied that you were my fellow disciples.”

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “Brother Yuan is too polite. On the other hand, Brother Yuan’s actions have saved us a lot of trouble. We should be thanking you instead.”

Yuan Tong Guang smiled, “However, I still have something to discuss with Brother Yang.”

“Brother Yuan, please speak!”

“It’s the same rule I told Brother Yang before, whether you keep or hand over resources of different grades, Brother Yang must remember that when you leave the Black Territory, there will be a special investigation. Anyone who is discoverd having a hidden treasure will suffer a miserable fate. There was once someone who hid a sixth grade resource, but in the end…”

“What was the result?” Qu Huachang asked.

Yuan Tong Guang sighed, “He may still be alive.”

Tao Lingwan didn’t understand, but she didn’t dare ask Yuan Tong Guang, instead whispering to Qu Huachang, “Isn’t it a good thing if he didn’t die?”

Qu Huachang smiled, “Sometimes, living is no better than dying. Senior Sister, haven’t you heard of the saying ‘living is worse than death’?”

Tao Lingwan finally understood what Yuan Tong Guang’s words meant and her face paled.


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