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Hearing this, Luo Tinghe and Qu Huachang both nodded in agreement, the former saying, “Indeed.”

Yang Kai said, “Wan’er is quite observant, I also think so.”

Tao Lingwan received this praise and smiled shyly, not saying anything more.

This matter was a bit strange. The names of these two people had disappeared from the Loyalty List for no reason, while the two who should have died were still alive and well, yet these two people had no idea about this matter.

At this moment, a group of people rushed over from the direction of the Star City, all of them talking and laughing, obviously familiar people.

However, the auras emitted by these people weren’t very strong. The leader was only a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator while the rest were all Third Order.

These people didn’t discover Yang Kai and the others until they were a short distance away and were immediately shocked.

In this void, killing and looting was a common occurrence, so if one’s strength wasn’t high enough, they could encounter some kind of accident at any time.

However, since they were so close to each other, it wasn’t appropriate for these people to suddenly turn around, otherwise they would appear weak. Without any further conversation, these people all became vigilant and slowly walked past Yang Kai and the others.

Seeing that Yang Kai and the others didn’t have any malicious intent, nor did they show any signs of stopping them, the few of them let out a sigh of relief.

But soon, the leader of the group, a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage, returned.

Yang Kai looked at him curiously.

Seemingly confirming that Yang Kai really had no ill intentions, the Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cupped his fists and said, “White Teeth Province’s Yuan Tong Guang greets several friends.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “What advice do you have?”

Although he had never heard of this White Teeth Province before, it was likely a Second Class Force from some great domain. Just like Great Moon Province, although the Sect had a Mid Rank Open Heaven master who was qualified to be called a Second Class Force, the strongest of them was definitely not a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

Such a force was as common as the hairs on an ox in all the 3000 Worlds.

Yuan Tong Guang was only a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator while Yang Kai and the others just stood there quietly. He had no way of determining the cultivation of this man or woman, but he could faintly feel that these four people’s cultivation wasn’t inferior to his own, so his attitude was very polite, “I don’t dare to offer any guidance, this Yuan just wants to ask, are you also going to the Black Territory?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s expression changed and he quickly followed up, “Yes, you too?”

At the same time, he was puzzled. Before Yang Kai arrived, the Black Territory had always been occupied by Luan Bai Feng. Although there were mining slaves in the Black Territory, she had used all kinds of methods to capture them. Later, when Heavenly Sword Union was defeated, many of their captives were taken into the Black Territory by Luan Bai Feng to mine.

Those who entered the Black Territory were all Luan Bai Feng’s slaves and would mine resources for her for the rest of their life.

She never allowed outsiders to interfere.

However, from the meaning of Yuan Tong Guang’s words, it seemed as if the Black Territory was now open to everyone.

Yuan Tong Guang smiled and said, “That’s right, I’ve long heard that there are many resources in the Black Territory, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to see them. Now that Warden Luan is so kind as to open up the Black Territory and allow us to mine for resources, for people like us who have neither high nor low cultivation bases, this is a great opportunity and many people have already gone there.”

Yang Kai frowned and probed, “Brother Yuan, the few of us came here after hearing the news from a different Great Domain. We don’t know much about this Black Territory and Warden Luan, but I’ve heard that Warden Luan is not some kind-hearted woman. Instead, she acts ruthlessly and has a cruel heart. If you really entered the Black Territory, would you still be alive? Would you be able to obtain the resources you mined? I don’t believe it.”

Yuan Tong Guang looked Yang Kai up and down and smiled, “So that’s what you were worried about, friend. That’s why you stayed here and never entered the Black Territory.”

He had obviously misunderstood something, so Yang Kai didn’t intend to explain. In any case, he was just trying to get some information out of him.

As Yuan Tong Guang spoke, he nodded and said, “Friend’s worries are not unreasonable. If it was Warden Luan in the past, I’m afraid no one would have believed it, but the current situation is different. Currently, Warden Luan has already pledged allegiance to the Void Land and is an Elder of the Void Land. By the way, have you heard of Void Land’s Lord?”

“A little,” Yang Kai replied vaguely.

A look of admiration suddenly appeared on Yuan Tong Guang’s face, “This Void Land is incredible, especially the Void Land’s Lord. I heard that he was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, but he managed to kill a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master! Even after offending Thousand Crane Paradise, he is still safe and sound. At the same time, he is also the Star Boundary’s Great Emperor. Friend, you should know about the Star Boundary, right? The World Tree is located in the Star Boundary, and now all the Cave Heaven Paradise have their own Training Halls in the Star Bounday to work with.”

“I’ve heard about him for a long time!” Yang Kai’s expression became strange. Hearing others praise him in front of him, he really didn’t know what kind of expression to make.

On the side, Qu Huachang grinned.

“Warden Luan is an Elder of the Void Land, so there’s no need to worry about her. In fact, some people have already obtained great benefits from the Black Territory and become rich overnight.”

“Is that true?” Yang Kai wore a suspicious look, “Did Warden Luan really allow others to freely mine resources on her territory?”

This news made him slightly angry. What the hell was Luan Bai Feng doing? The resources in the Black Territory were extremely vast, if they were really mined by someone else, how could the Void Land and High Heaven Palace continue to play?

But soon, he remembered something else. There was a strange power in the Black Territory, and the deeper one went into the Black Territory, the faster one’s foundation would leak. Ordinary people would not be able to enter the depths of the Black Territory.

On the other hand, after so many years of mining, there was basically not much left of the mineral star in the periphery. Yang Kai had relied on the World Spring to seal his own Small Universe, as well as the Void Yin-Yang Mirror he had refined, to move the mineral star in the depths of the Black Territory to the periphery. [MSN: It should be the Eternal Tree's Divine Ability, not the world spring. IIRC, he doesn't have it yet back then.]

In other words, in this world, besides him, it was impossible for anyone else to enter too deep into the Black Territory.

If these people went to the Black Territory, where would they mine the mineral star? How could they have such a great harvest?

Yuan Tong Guang smiled and asked, “Friend, where did you come from? You don’t know much about the Black Territory, right?”

Yang Kai nodded, “I only heard some rumors.”

“No wonder!” Yuan Tong Guang showed a look of understanding, “Let me put it this way, although Warden Luan allowed outsiders to enter the Black Territory to mine resources, she wouldn’t make such a loss. Once you enter, you naturally have to follow the rules inside.”

Yang Kai said humbly, “Please enlighten me, Brother Yuan.”

Yuan Tong Guang didn’t dare refuse and explained, “Now, no matter where you come from or what cultivation you have, you can enter the Black Territory to mine resources, but the resources you mine don’t all belong to you. Warden Luan has her own rules. According to the rules, the resources below the Third Grade, no matter how much they are mined, are all owned by the miners. The resources above the Third Grade and the Fifth Grade should be reserved for half of the resources mined. The resources above the Fifth Grade cannot be kept by oneself and must be handed over to them. Of course, Warden Luan won’t let you work for nothing. When you hand over the resources above Fifth Grade, she will give you the corresponding Open Heaven Pills as compensation. The compensation won’t be too much, but it will still be satisfactory.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai raised his brow, “There’s such a rule?”

“It's fair enough!” Yuan Tong Guang smiled.

It was indeed very fair.

If Luan Bai Feng didn’t open up the Black Territory, outsiders wouldn’t be able to enter it to extract resources, and the value of resources below the Third Grade was too low, so it didn’t matter if she let them take it. The value of a Fourth Grade or Fifth Grade was already quite high, so she could only leave half of them behind. As for those above the Fifth Grade, they were even more valuable and couldn’t be given away, but Luan Bai Feng would compensate them with the corresponding Open Heaven Pill.

This way, it would definitely attract a large number of Open Heaven Stage cultivators with low cultivation.

A Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator like Yuan Tong Guang was one of them. Their cultivation was neither high nor low, and they didn’t have many resources on hand, nor did they have a way to obtain them. The Black Territory was undoubtedly an excellent choice.

Not to mention Fourth Order, even many Fifth Order cultivators would be attracted here, let alone those below Fourth Order. These people’s grades were too low, so it would be too difficult to obtain cultivation resources. Once news of the Black Territory spread, countless people would flock to it.

“Many people went?” Yang Kai asked.

“For the time being, there shouldn’t be many people. After all, the news has only just spread, but I believe in another year or so, there will be more people.”

“When did the news spread?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Only three months,” Yuan Tong Guang replied, suddenly looking at Yang Kai suspiciously, “When did you hear this, friend?”

“Half a month ago,” Yang Kai said casually, “I heard someone mention it in Star City, so I was curious and wanted to take a look, but I couldn’t make up my mind.”

Yuan Tong Guang laughed heartily, “It’s normal for friend to be worried, not to mention you, even I couldn’t believe it before. If it weren’t for the fact that I was too short on money, I wouldn’t have taken such a risk so easily, but in fact, the situation in the Black Territory is just as I said, if you go in and take a look, you’ll understand.”

Yang Kai looked at him in surprise, “From Brother Yuan’s words, could it be that you’ve entered the Black Territory?”

Yuan Tong Guang nodded and said, “That’s right, I went in once two months ago, so it can be considered a small harvest. However, this kind of good thing cannot be enjoyed alone, so this Yuan will come out and bring a few of my fellow disciples with me.” Saying so, he pointed towards a few people behind him. These were obviously his fellow disciples, and their cultivations were probably similar to his.

Pausing for a moment, Yuan Tong Guang said, “Friend, if you don’t mind, why don’t you travel with us? To be honest, there are some risks involved in mining resources in the Black Territory. Although Warden Luan is generous and won’t detain our harvest, she won’t pay too much attention to outsiders like us. If we don’t stick together for warmth, if we mine something good, we may be targeted by others.”

Yang Kai immediately understood why Yuan Tong Guang had returned and told him so much.

He obviously wanted to rope them into the Black Territory and form a small group. Although their cultivations weren’t obvious, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that their cultivation wasn’t too low, and there were three beautiful women in the group, so it was only natural for them to have a favorable impression.


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