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“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded.

“What do you want to do?” Luo Tinghe asked.

“I need to go to the Black Prison and find out the reason. No matter who it is, they must pay the price,” Yang Kai said coldly.

He didn’t know who it was that had attacked Black Prison, but Luan Bai Feng had been under his command all those years ago. When he fought against Zuo Quan Hui, she had put in a lot of effort, so it was only natural for those who were interested to know that Luan Bai Feng was his subordinate, someone from the Void Land.

If this unknown enemy dared to attack Luan Bai Feng, it was likely they were targeting him. With Luan Bai Feng’s cultivation and her advantage in the Black Prison, the one who could kill her was at least a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, and not just any ordinary Seventh Order!

In other words, perhaps it was someone from the Cave Heaven Paradise, it was impossible for those High Rank Open Heaven from the Shattered Heaven to have the courage to enter the 3000 Worlds.

Thousand Crane Paradise? Or perhaps Myriad Demons Heaven? Yang Kai had some grievances with these two Cave Heaven Paradise, but he couldn’t think of any reason for them to attack Luan Bai Feng.

At this moment, Yang Kai was extremely glad that Luo Tinghe had come along with him, otherwise he would not have been able to enter the Black Territory so easily with Qu Huachang and Tao Lingwan.

No matter what dangers lurked in the Black Territory, with Luo Tinghe, a newly promoted Eighth Order, there was no problem.

The flying ship changed course and headed straight for the Black Territory.

A few months later, the group of four arrived at the Great Domain adjacent to the Black Territory.

Yang Kai didn’t rush into the Black Territory to investigate. Luan Bai Feng and Xin Peng were both dead, which meant that the Black Territory had undergone some kind of unforeseen event, so no one knew what was happening inside. Even with an Eighth Order like Luo Tinghe accompanying him, it was always best to be careful.

On a Shattered Spirit Province, everyone waited quietly.

Yang Kai had been to this place once before, and it was here that he had encountered Xin Peng, who had emerged from the Black Territory, forcing him to leave his name on the Loyalty List and then taking over Luan Bai Feng’s Black Territory.

Although there were countless mineral stars in the Black Territory that produced abundant cultivation resources, they were extremely barren in other domains. Luan Bai Feng was a woman, after all, and she enjoyed a comfortable life, so every once in a while, she would send people to the nearby Great Domain Star City to purchase some daily necessities.

Yang Kai wanted to wait for someone to come out first to investigate the current situation in the Black Territory.

His luck was quite good. After waiting for about half a month, Yang Kai, who was meditating, suddenly heard Qu Huachang say, “Junior Brother, someone has come out.”

Yang Kai quickly looked up and saw a figure appear on the other side of the Domain Gate that was connected to the Black Territory, heading straight towards the nearby Star City.

Yang Kai’s eyes widened as he stared at this scene, his face filled with disbelief.

“What is it?” Luo Tinghe asked.

“That’s Xin Peng!” Yang Kai frowned.

Luo Tinghe was extremely surprised, “The one who left his name on the Loyalty List? Didn’t you say he was dead?”

She didn’t know Xin Peng, but Yang Kai had told her about the Loyalty List before, so she remembered this name.

Yang Kai said, “When people left their name on the Loyalty List, and their names disappeared. One possibility was that I set them free, and the other possibility was that they had encountered some kind of accident and died. I didn’t touch the Loyalty List, but their names disappeared, so I thought they had died.”

But now, it seemed that Xin Peng, who Yang Kai had thought had met with misfortune, was still alive and well. If he was still alive, what about Luan Bai Feng?

“Is your Loyalty List… broken? Or is it fake?” Luo Tinghe asked.

“Impossible,” Yang Kai shook his head, “The Loyalty List is real, and I’ve always kept it safe, so it shouldn’t be damaged.”

Qu Huachang’s eyes flashed as she said, “That means they found a way to safely remove their name from the Loyalty List!”

This was a possibility, but Yang Kai didn’t think Xin Peng and Luan Bai Feng had the ability to do so. Moreover, even if they had the ability to do so, it wouldn’t do them any good.

The Black Territory was now Yang Kai’s strategic logistics, and Luan Bai Feng and Xin Peng had to obey his orders, but in fact, Yang Kai had never reprimanded them for so many years, and he had always been generous and forgiving towards his subordinates.

For example, Mao Zhe and the others had enjoyed countless resources in the Void Land over the past few years, and their status in the Sect was extremely high.

There was no reason for them to risk their lives to free themselves from the Loyalty List.

Could it be that an expert was playing some kind of trick behind his back? What was his purpose?

“Why don’t we just go over and ask?” Luo Tinghe was an impatient person. If it weren’t for this, she wouldn’t have run into the Samsara Pavilion for such trivial matters and set up such a difficult heart barrier for herself, waiting for Senior Brother Sun to find her.

This was also a good idea. Regardless of the reason for the removal of their name on the Loyalty List, or whether there was a master behind it, everything was clear once they met.

If the master behind the scenes really wanted to lure Yang Kai into the Black Territory, he should be able to expose it when he saw Xin Peng.

Thinking so, Yang Kai immediately rushed out from his hiding place, the three women following closely behind.

In the void, Xin Peng’s figure transformed into a streak of light as he rushed towards the Star City of this great domain. Suddenly, a figure blocked his path, giving him a fright.

Activating his World Force instinctively, he shouted, “Who goes there!”

“Xin Peng, it’s been many years, don’t you recognize me?” Yang Kai called out to him.

Hearing this voice and seeing the appearance of the person in front of him, Xin Peng was obviously shocked and quickly bowed respectfully, “So it’s Sect Master. This subordinate has been rude, Sect Master, please forgive me!”

“No worries, where are you going?” Yang Kai asked lightly.

Xin Peng didn’t dare to raise his head and quickly replied, “This subordinate is under the orders of Elder Luan to purchase some supplies from the Star City.”

Luan Bai Feng, a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master who had been accepted by Yang Kai, was an Elder in the Void Land, so Xin Peng called her Elder Luan.

Of course, this was in front of Yang Kai, the Sect Master, it's unknown how he address her in private.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly, “Is Elder Luan getting drunk again?”

Luan Bai Feng had a hobby, which was drinking. This was something Yang Kai had observed after subduing her for a long time. Usually, when she had a mission to complete, Luan Bai Feng could avoid drinking, but when she was free, she would become addicted to drinking.

There were no materials to brew wine in the Black Territory, so Luan Bai Feng basically had Xin Peng come to the nearby Star City to purchase a large amount of wine, but each time he bought a large amount, she couldn’t resist it and would quickly finish it before letting Xin Peng come out to buy more.

It had been like this for so many years.

Xin Peng smiled awkwardly, “Sect Master’s eyes are quite sharp, Elder Luan… really does want to drink a little. Sect Master came at the right time, Elder has always said that wine is tasteless, but now that Sect Master is here, Elder can drink to her heart’s content.”

Yang Kai stroked his chin, “It’s been many years since we last met, but she’s still the same!”

Luan Bai Feng really wasn’t dead! When he saw Xin Peng still alive and kicking, Yang Kai had already made this guess, and now hearing Xin Peng’s words, it undoubtedly confirmed his guess.

Luan Bai Feng was still alive, but for some reason, both of their names had disappeared from the Loyalty List.

Moreover, judging from Xin Peng’s current reaction, he didn’t know about this! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so calm.

If he had known that his name had disappeared from the Loyalty List, he would have been filled with fear and trepidation the moment he saw Yang Kai, but even though he was filled with awe, he didn’t show any fear.

Was his other guess wrong?

Yang Kai had thought that some master had helped Luan Bai Feng and Xin Peng break the Loyalty List shackle, but now it seemed that this was not the case.

Xin Peng smiled as Yang Kai commented on Luan Bai Feng, but he didn’t dare interrupt.

Quietly raising his eyes, he looked at the three women standing behind Yang Kai. He didn’t recognize any of them, but these three women were all stunning beauties, each with their own merits. He couldn’t help but sigh at the Sect Master’s good fortune.

There were already so many beautiful wives in the family, and now he had brought three back.

Xin Peng continued, “Where has Sect Master been all these years? Rumor has it that you went to the Chaotic Dead Territory, everyone thought that Sect Master had met with some kind of mishap, but Elder Luan and I know that Sect Master’s luck is as good as the heaven and that he can turn misfortune into fortune.”

Yang Kai’s safety was directly reflected on Xin Peng and the others. The fact that they were still alive all these years meant that Yang Kai had not met with any misfortune.

Therefore, when the outside world heard that Yang Kai had fallen in the Chaotic Dead Territory, the people who had left their names on the Loyalty List all knew that Yang Kai was still alive, but they had always been on tenterhooks. After all, the Chaotic Dead Territory was notorious for its dangers, so if Yang Kai were to enter it, he would likely die.

If Yang Kai encountered any misfortune, they would all be buried with him.

Now that Yang Kai had suddenly appeared in front of him, Xin Peng was sincerely happy and relieved.

Yang Kai nodded, “There was an accident. Since Elder Luan wants you to buy wine, you should go. I’ll wait here for you before returning to the Black Territory.”

Xin Peng hesitated for a moment before asking, “Should I send Sect Master into the Black Territory first?”

“No need,” Yang Kai waved his hand.

Xin Peng bowed and quickly left, obviously wanting to quickly buy some wine.

Looking at his disappearing figure, Yang Kai asked, “What did you see?”

Luo Tinghe shook her head and said, “Everything is normal, there’s nothing wrong. Although he's nervous, it’s just a normal reaction from a subordinate facing the higher up.”

Qu Huachang nodded, “I didn’t see anything wrong either.”

Nothing's wrong, that was what was wrong!

Yang Kai suddenly felt that things in the Black Territory were not simple.

Tao Lingwan’s red lips twitched as if she wanted to say something, but she didn’t dare to. Qu Huachang saw this and smiled, “What did Senior Sister Tao see?”

Yang Kai immediately looked up at her.

Tao Lingwan blushed slightly and whispered, “He… that person doesn’t seem to know that his name has disappeared from the Loyalty List.”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Why do you say so?”

Tao Lingwan said, “If he knew, he would definitely be nervous and worried because… because if his name disappears from the Loyalty List, it means he has betrayed you. Seeing you… makes him afraid.”


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