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The matter was settled. Yang Kai would take out two thousand Sixth Grade and two hundred Seventh Grade Yin Yang Attribute resources as betrothal gifts and marry two Yin Yang Heaven Disciples at the appropriate time.

The generosity displayed by Qu Huachang made Chen Xiu extremely grateful.

In any case, he is a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. As an Inner Sect Elder of Yin Yang Heaven, he naturally knew some insider information. Moreover, it was also because of his contributions to the Supreme Elders that the marriage of Tao Lingwan became one of the conditions.

Chen Xiu’s actions were naturally for the sake of his disciple’s future. After all, Tao Lingwan's Small Universe had been contaminated with Yang Kai’s aura. Without Yang Kai, Tao Lingwan would never be able to break through to the Seventh Order, and her life would be in danger at any moment.

Qu Huachang’s magnanimity saved Tao Lingwan from embarrassment and allowed the two women to sit on equal footing.

The news that two Sixth Order Core Disciples might be married off at some point in the future couldn’t be concealed, and once this news spread, the entire Yin Yang Heaven shook.

However, after learning about the betrothal gifts Yang Kai had paid, they were shocked again.

Two thousand Sixth Grade, two hundred Seventh Grade resources, and all of them were Yin Yang Attributes. Such a massive amount of resources was unimaginable.

As a betrothal gift to welcome two Core Disciples into his family, it was indeed enough.

Outside Yin Yang Heaven, everyone bid farewell.

Yang Kai wanted to return to the Star Boundary. On the day he left the Star Boundary, he first went to Lang Ya Paradise and caused a huge ruckus, then followed the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er to the Chaotic Dead Territory. After being trapped for several dozen years, he stayed in Yin Yang Heaven’s Samsara Pavilion for more than a hundred and thirty years.

It was time to go back.

Now that the Yin Yang Heaven matter had been resolved, he had to go into seclusion and attempt to break through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage.

Qu Huachang naturally followed along with Tao Lingwan. Tao Lingwan was at risk of Qi Deviation at any moment, so she needed to be by Yang Kai’s side at all times.

Because of the World Tree, Luo Tinghe was also prepared to make a trip to the Star Boundary to admire the rare treasures in this world. Moreover, she had only recently broken through to the Eighth Order, so if she could cultivate in seclusion beside the World Tree, she might be able to obtain some unexpected benefits.

A group of four people.

Chen Xiu and Yu Xiangdie sent them off while Chen Xiu’s disciple Feng Cheng Si also followed.

“Martial Niece Qu, Martial Nephew Yang, everything that happened in the past was this Chen Xiu’s fault. Please don’t take it to heart, Chen Xiu hereby apologizes to the two of you.” Saying so, Chen Xiu bowed deeply towards Yang Kai and Qu Huachang, his attitude extremely sincere.

As a Sect Elder, it was not easy for him to make such a statement.

Yang Kai originally had some resentment in his heart, but now that he thought about it, it didn’t seem to matter. He stretched out his hand and said, “Martial Uncle Chen is too serious.”

Chen Xiu glanced at Tao Lingwan, who was standing next to him, and sighed, “This child, Wan’er, may have been led astray by me. I’ve always kept her by my side, so she hasn’t seen much of the world and is quite innocent. I’ll have to trouble Martial Nephew to worry about her in the future. If she makes any mistakes, please punish her.”

Qu Huachang held Tao Lingwan’s arm and smiled, “Martial Uncle Chen, don’t worry, Senior Sister Tao is obedient. Junior Brother likes her more than anything, so how could he punish her?”

Yang Kai nodded, “I definitely won’t let Junior Sister suffer any grievances.”

Chen Xiu said to Tao Lingwan, “Wan’er, this time, you must listen to your future husband’s words. Don’t be disobedient. When you go out, you must marry your husband. If I find out that you’ve done wrong to your family or your Sect, Master will definitely not forgive you.”

Tao Lingwan’s eyes reddened slightly as tears welled up in her eyes. Lowering her head, she said, “Yes, Master, Disciple will listen.”

She had lived in Yin Yang Heaven since she was a child. Although she was now a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, she had never left her Master’s side for a long time.

Now that she had left, it was unknown how long it would be before she could return, so she couldn’t help feeling a bit sad. The 3000 Worlds were too big, perhaps she would never see them again.

“Go.” Chen Xiu turned his head.

Feng Cheng Si cupped his fists, “Senior Sister, take care!”

Tao Lingwan couldn’t hold back her tears any longer and slowly knelt down, kowtowing three times to Chen Xiu, “Disciple will never forget the kindness and teachings of Master!”

“Go, go,” Chen Xiu waved his hand.

“Junior Brother, take good care of Master,” Tao Lingwan worriedly reminded Feng Cheng Si, who nodded, “Senior Sister can rest assured.”

“Let’s go, why are you still dawdling here?” On the deck of the ship, Luo Tinghe stood beside the ship and called out to everyone, looking like she couldn’t wait to set off.

Yang Kai glanced back and cupped his fists towards Chen Xiu and Yu Xiangdie, “Martial Uncle, Martial Aunt, please stay here. Disciple will take his leave!”

“Be careful!” Yu Xiangdie smiled lightly.

Leading the two women onto the ship, Yang Kai urged his strength to send the ship into the void and soon disappeared.

Chen Xiu and Yu Xiangdie watched as the ship disappeared from their sight.

Yu Xiangdie suddenly turned her head and said, “You’re not young anymore, why are you still crying? Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at?”

Chen Xiu’s face flushed red, unable to respond.

Yu Xiangdie said to Feng Cheng Si, “Take good care of your master.”

“Yes!” Feng Cheng Si replied.

Chen Xiu couldn’t bear it any longer, “Don’t listen to your Martial Aunt's nonsense, Master is fine.”

Yu Xiangdie slowly said, “Wan’er suddenly left the Sect and went somewhere else. I don’t know if she’ll be bullied, but Yang Kai’s character is quite good, so I’m sure he’ll treat her well. However, he has quite a few partners, when women start fighting over each other… they’ll use all kinds of methods, so Wan’er won’t be able to resist. If she’s bullied and no one supports her, how pitiful would that be?”

Chen Xiu stopped in his tracks, his eyes reddening as he almost couldn’t resist turning around and chasing Tao Lingwan back.

Yu Xiangdie had already run off while laughing, and Chen Xiu’s eyes were filled with fire as he stared at her back, his face filled with anger and helplessness.

For Tao Lingwan, who had left her Sect for the first time in her life, everything was unfamiliar to her. The sadness of parting had yet to subside, but her heart was already filled with uneasiness.

Fortunately, Qu Huachang had been accompanying her all this time, it took her a few days to calm down.

With Yang Kai controlling the ship, the three women didn’t need to worry about anything.

Luo Tinghe was in seclusion in her room, consolidating her Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation and did not show up.

Qu Huachang led Tao Lingwan over to Yang Kai. The former was graceful, but the latter was still shy and lowered her head, not daring to look at Yang Kai.

It was as if in the first reincarnation, someone else had stood in front of Yang Kai and taken a fatal blow for him, not this woman.

Yang Kai looked at them curiously.

“Husband!” Qu Huachang’s eyes flashed with a cunning light as she bowed, her tone gentle and pleasant.

Yang Kai was speechless as he put his hand to his forehead.

Before he could say anything, Tao Lingwan trembled slightly and also bowed, seemingly mustering all of her courage to speak, “Husband!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help glaring at Qu Huachang, implying that she was up to no good.

With Tao Lingwan’s personality, it was impossible for her to call out such a title. Qu Huachang must have instigated something with her, and Tao Lingwan’s personality was simple and innocent, easily deceived.

Qu Huachang pretended not to notice, her voice still as sweet as ever, “Does Husband want to eat me first or Senior Sister Tao first?”

Yang Kai almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Tao Lingwan’s eyes suddenly widened as she stared at Yang Kai in shock, as if she had heard something unbelievable.

Qu Huachang’s playful tone became more relaxed as she said in a seductive tone, “Why don’t you eat us together?”

“Stop fooling around!” Yang Kai reprimanded with a straight face.

Qu Huachang immediately pouted in protest.

Yang Kai ignored her and just stared at Tao Lingwan, not knowing what to say.

On this trip to Yin Yang Heaven, there were many accidents, and the biggest one was Tao Lingwan. Although Qu Huachang had decided the matter for him, he was still not prepared to face this timid and shy woman.

They didn’t have much contact with each other and weren’t familiar with each other. Moreover, her personality wasn’t as easy to get close to as Qu Huachang’s.

“Wan’er… En, can I call you that?” Yang Kai asked after a moment of silence. Just as Qu Huachang had said before, Tao Lingwan was Qu Huachang’s Senior Sister, and Qu Huachang had always called Yang Kai Junior Brother. If Yang Kai were to call Tao Lingwan Junior Sister again, it would be a bit messy.

Tao Lingwan nodded slightly.

“You and I haven’t known each other for long, so we don’t know each other very well, but it doesn’t matter, we can slowly familiarize ourselves with each other in the future. You can also carefully consider this engagement, if one day you wish to renege on it…”

“I won’t renege on it!” Tao Lingwan didn’t know where she got her courage from, but she suddenly cut off Yang Kai’s words and looked straight at him.

After saying this, she suddenly lowered her head, “I… I won’t renege on it.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I was wrong. Regarding my matters, you can learn about them from Senior Sister Qu, or you can observe them for yourself in the future. After all, we are still young and have a long life ahead of us, so there’s no need to rush things. If there comes a day when you miss your Master and Junior Brother, remember to tell me, I’ll have someone send you back to Yin Yang Heaven. Yin Yang Heaven can also be considered your parental home, so it’s fine for you to move around often.”

“Also, if you feel like you’re on the verge of Qi Deviation, you must tell me in advance, don’t force yourself.”

Yang Kai continued nagging while Tao Lingwan nodded, no longer as nervous.

Saying so, he suddenly paused and frowned.

Qu Huachang sharply noticed that something was wrong and asked nervously, “What’s wrong?”

Yang Kai frowned for a moment before slowly shaking his head, “I don’t know, I suddenly feel uneasy.”

“Uneasy?” Qu Huachang raised her brow. For Yang Kai, who had a profound cultivation and a powerful Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, this kind of restlessness was not a good sign. This usually meant that something bad was about to happen.

“Perhaps it’s an illusion,” Yang Kai’s complexion returned to normal.

“Don’t be careless!” Qu Huachang said seriously, “Go investigate yourself first, I’ll help you take a look.”

Yang Kai nodded.

After a while, neither of them noticed anything unusual, as if the uneasiness he felt just now was just an illusion.

This wasn’t impossible. Although powerful cultivators had sharp senses, it wasn’t always correct.


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