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“Deal!” Luo Tinghe slapped the armrest of her chair so hard that it shattered.

“Senior Sister!” Yu Xiangdie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This was a discussion about marriage, not a transaction, so how could there be a deal?

However, the number that Yang Kai had just listed deeply shocked her. A thousand Sixth Grade, and a hundred Seventh Grade, if converted into Open Heaven Pills, that would be 40 to 50 billion! [MSN: Anyone remember the price tag for one resources? i forgor.]

However, this was just a simple exchange of value. In fact, the resources of Sixth and Seventh Grade Yin Yang Attribute weren’t things that could be bought with the Open Heaven Pill, let alone in the current world with such a massive amount of strategic resources is needed!

The entire Yin Yang Heaven did not have so many reserves.

It could be said that if such a large amount of wealth was placed in any Cave Heaven Paradise, it would be enough to tempt anyone. With these resources, Yin Yang Heaven wouldn’t need to worry about its disciples’ promotion for the next thousand years.

Suddenly regaining her composure, she asked, “Is this what you were talking about to Headmaster Senior Brother, giving more Eighth Order Open Heaven capital to Yin Yang Heaven?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Yes.”

With so many resources and the support of the Star Boundary World Tree, there would definitely be a large number of direct Sixth Order and Seventh Order Disciples in Yin Yang Heaven in the future, all of whom could slowly advance to the Eighth Order.

Yang Kai couldn’t create an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage because he himself was only a Sixth Order, but the resources he was talking about were essential to creating an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage.

Compared to this, it was not impossible for Qu Huachang to marry into Yang Kai's family.

It wasn’t impossible to break the precedent, it was just a matter of whether one could pay a sufficient price.

If the higher ups of Yin Yang Heaven were to hear this news, they would surely consider it seriously.

“Where did you get so many Sixth and Seventh Grade Yin Yang resources?” Yu Xiangdie asked curiously. She had a rough understanding of the situation between Void Land and High Heaven Palace. Although the new Great Domain was extremely mysterious, it was impossible for it to bring Yang Kai so many good things.

After asking this question, she suddenly reacted, “Chaotic Dead Territory!”

If one were to ask where the most fertile place for Yin Yang Attribute in this world was, there was no other place besides the Chaotic Dead Territory. It was a place where the Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimemr fought all year round and attacked each other. The power of the Yin Yang Attribute had clashed for countless years, giving birth to unimaginable Yin Yang Attribute resources.

However, the Chaotic Dead Territory was extremely dangerous, and even the Eighth Order Supreme Elder who was guarding the Domain Gate could only stay at the edge for a short time. If he stayed too long, his life would be in danger.

Yu Xiangdie had never entered the Chaotic Dead Territory before, the Eighth Order Supreme Elder who was currently guarding the Chaotic Dead Territory had come from another Cave Heaven Paradise. However, this was not a permanent position. The various Cave Heaven Paradise had all sent their own Supreme Elder to guard this place, so Yin Yang Heaven naturally had its own Supreme Elder sent there.

According to the Supreme Elder, he had once attempted to enter the Chaotic Dead Territory and had seen many yello and blue crystals emitting rich Yin Yang fluctuations. He was certain that these were all Yin Yang resources that everyone dreamed of obtaining, but unfortunately, his strength was insufficient and he had failed to obtain them.

When Yang Kai entered the Chaotic Dead Territory with the Giant Spiritual God, everyone thought he would die.

The fact that he was able to walk out safely had already shocked the Cave Heaven Paradise, so it was even more unexpected that he would obtain such a great benefit from the Chaotic Dead Territory.

Since Yang Kai was able to take out a thousand Sixth Grade and a hundred Seventh Grade, it meant that his harvest in the Chaotic Dead Territory was not limited to this.

Compared to the price he had paid, his harvest was several times, maybe dozen times higher… Yu Xiangdie thought to herself.

What she didn’t know was that Yang Kai’s harvest in the Chaotic Dead Territory was already unimaginable. A thousand Sixth Grade, and a hundred Seventh Grade was nothing to him.

To put it bluntly, with Yang Kai’s current wealth, just a little bit of oil leaking from his fingers was enough to drive the world crazy.

“It’s the Chaotic Dead Territory,” Yang Kai didn’t deny it. Not even an idiot would not be able to guess the origins of such a large amount of precious materials, so he couldn’t hide it.

“You’ve been to the Chaotic Dead Territory?” Luo Tinghe asked in surprise, “How did you survive?”

“It’s a long story,” Yang Kai thought back to the time he played house games with Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan in the Chaotic Dead Territory.

He couldn’t possibly tell others that he had accompanied the two of them for many years to play games, and only then did he manage to survive and obtain a massive amount of wealth.

He changed the subject and asked, “Martial Aunt Luo just said it was a deal, do you think this disciple’s method is feasible?”

“It's too good,” Luo Tinghe nodded, “I’m afraid I can’t help agreeing to your request right now, but after all, this matter is related to the Sect. I still have to discuss it with the old fogeys, but don’t worry, in front of so many good things, no matter how pedantic they are, they will still be reasonable.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble Martial Aunt Luo,” Yang Kai bowed.

“En, I’ll go convince them now. Wait for my good news,” Luo Tinghe said as she got up and rushed out.

Yu Xiangdie shook her head and smiled bitterly as she watched Luo Tinghe’s departing figure. Turning to Yang Kai, she said, “Don’t worry too much, your sincerity is great. If I were a higher-up of the Sect, I would also be tempted. Rules are dead and can be broken at the appropriate time. Moreover, if Senior Sister Luo were to personally explain it, the effect would be better.”

Pausing for a moment, she continued, “What’s more, rescuing Senior Sister from the Samsara Pavilion is a great contribution to Yin Yang Heaven. If Yin Yang Heaven doesn’t have anything to thank you with, it’s fine, but there’s no reason to make things difficult for you.”

“If everything goes smoothly, that would naturally be for the best,” Yang Kai nodded.

“You two wait for the news, I’m sure it won’t be long before the results are out,” Yu Xiangdie said before quickly leaving.

Indeed, the results were soon out, the next day, Luo Tinghe came back.

Qu Huachang was prepared for this and prepared a lot of the spirit fruits Luo Tinghe had eaten yesterday before obediently serving them.

However, Luo Tinghe didn’t eat it, instead frowning deeply with a look of worry.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat as he faintly felt that things weren’t going as he had hoped. Suppressing his temper, he asked, “Martial Aunt Luo, does the higher-ups have an answer?”

Luo Tinghe let out a long sigh and looked towards Yang Kai apologetically, “I tried my best, but those old fogeys were too stubborn. I was no match for them.”

Qu Huachang’s face was slightly pale, but Yang Kai held her hand tightly and gave her a comforting look before asking, “Do the Supreme Elders not agree? Do you have any other requests? Martial Aunt, please feel free to ask. If it’s possible, I will not refuse!”

“You said that!” Luo Tinghe immediately looked up at him, “Little girl Qu, you heard it yourself, I didn’t force him to do anything. Be a witness, he can’t go back on his word later!”

Yang Kai and Qu Huachang were both stunned.

Initially, they thought it was a bad result, but seeing Luo Tinghe like this, the two of them couldn’t be certain.

Qu Huachang quickly stepped forward and stood behind Luo Tinghe. Rubbing her shoulders, she said coquettishly, “Martial Aunt, what kind of answer is it? Please explain.”

Luo Tinghe pursed her lips into a smile and teased, “Are you in such a hurry to get married? The matter hasn’t been decided yet and you’re already siding with an outsider.”

Qu Huachang said generously, “For a woman, isn’t the most important thing is to meet the right man?”

Hearing this, Luo Tinghe thought about it for a moment before agreeing, “You’re right, don’t worry, I’ll personally take action, how could there be anything inappropriate? Although there were some disagreements between the old men, they were all convinced by me.”

Qu Huachang asked happily, “Really?”

“How could I lie to you about such a thing?” Luo Tinghe picked up a nearby spirit fruit and stuffed it into her mouth. As she ate, she muttered, “It’s mainly because Yang Kai’s sincerity is too great, and this betrothal gift is enough. Forget about marrying you, even if he wanted to marry me, the old fogeys would probably agree.”

Of course, this was impossible. Luo Tinghe had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage in the future, and such a person was Yin Yang Heaven’s future pillar. No matter how sincere he was, Yin Yang Heaven would never let her go.

She didn’t try to cover up, but Yang Kai couldn’t bear it and could only say gratefully, “I’ve troubled Martial Aunt.”

Luo Tinghe waved her hand and said, “There’s no need to thank me yet. The old fogeys may agree, but there’s one more request. If you don’t satisfy it, I’m afraid you won’t be able to take Little Qu away.”

“Please explain!”

Luo Tinghe smiled and said, “Now that I think about it, you’re the one having the advantage in this situation. The Sect has agreed to allow you to marry that little girl Qu, but there’s also a gift. Buy one, get one free. This deal is really a big loss to us.”

Qu Huachang’s hand that was massaging her shoulder suddenly stopped and she understood, “Senior Sister Tao!”

Luo Tinghe nodded, “That’s right. Sigh, speaking of which, it was Chen Xiu’s fault. If he can’t be a good master, then he shouldn’t be one. This time, he’s screwed over his disciple.”

If Yang Kai hadn’t helped Tao Lingwan when she suffered Qi Deviation and prevented her Small Universe from being contaminated by his aura, there would still have been room for negotiation. But now, Tao Lingwan’s future was completely dependent on Yang Kai, and no one could change that.

All of this was Chen Xiu’s plan.

Although his original intention was to resolve the awkward situation in Yin Yang Heaven, and although he had a good heart, it was ultimately a bad thing.

However, his disciples bear the responsibility.

Yang Kai didn’t know how to answer this question. These past few days, he had been trying to avoid this problem, thinking about how to deal with Qu Huachang’s matter first, but he didn’t expect that his plans would fail to keep up with the changes. Yin Yang Heaven had actually put Qu Huachang and Tao Lingwan’s matter together.

It was Qu Huachang who made the decision for him, “I agree!”

Yang Kai was speechless, “Aren’t you going to ask me for my opinion?” If he brought Qu Huachang back with him, he could explain it to Su Yan and the others when they returned. After all, they knew about Qu Huachang’s existence and also knew about the Dao Exchange Conference. With Tao Lingwan, how could he explain himself?

Wouldn’t Yu Rumeng and Shan Qingluo kill him?

Qu Huachang acted as if she didn’t hear him and continued to massage Luo Tinghe’s shoulders, smiling as she said, “However, I must ask Martial Aunt to inform all the Supreme Elders that Senior Sister Tao is not a gift. Junior Brother will also offer a betrothal gift of one thousand sixth grade and one hundred seventh grade Yin Yang Attribute resources to marry Senior Sister Tao and me into his family!”

Saying so, she looked up at Yang Kai, “Can you take it out?”

Yang Kai braced himself and muttered, “I can!”


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