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Yu Xiangdie said, “Headmaster Senior Brother is very concerned about what you said before. He really wants to know what methods you have to create more Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators.”

Luo Tinghe’s mouth let out a cracking sound as she swallowed the Spirit Fruit’s core, as if she was a hungry ghost. “Yang Kai, we’re not outsiders, so don’t beat around the bush. Let’s just say what we want, no one should hide anything.”

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded.

Luo Tinghe said, “Then I’ll first explain Yin Yang Heaven’s intentions. I believe Little Zuo also told you that Yin Yang Heaven’s Core Disciples have never married outside of the Sect before, so if you want Little Girl Qu to marry into your family, it will be quite difficult. No one in the Sect will support you, not even me. If this precedent is set, it won’t be a good thing for Yin Yang Heaven. In the future, if the elite disciples marry outside, wouldn’t the Sect lose their talents?”

“I understand.” How could Yang Kai not understand this point? Core Disciples of the Cave Heaven Paradise never married outside because they were afraid of losing their family’s talents. Disciples who were painstakingly raised would become members of other families once they were married. Even if they still cared about their Sect, it was still different.

Luo Tinghe continued, “As the Supreme Elder of Yin Yang Heaven, I don’t approve of little Qu marrying into your family, but as your friends, I want to see you two get what you want. Otherwise, I’ll be letting down your nine reincarnations, so you have to tell me your method so I can convince those old fogies.”

Yu Xiangdie said, “Senior Sister Luo is now Yin Yang Heaven Supreme Elder, so her words still carry a lot of weight.”

If it was an ordinary newly promoted Supreme Elder, even if their words carried weight, it wouldn’t be too great. After all, their foundation was unstable, and the other Supreme Elders would have more authority to speak, but Luo Tinghe was different. She was a Supreme Elder who had a chance of advancing to the Ninth Order, so if one were to say such an advantage, the other Supreme Elders would have to seriously consider it.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before nodding, “Since Martial Aunts have said so, I won’t hide it anymore.”

In fact, he had originally planned to discuss this matter with Luo Tinghe, and the reason he had been acting so secretive with Zuo Qiu Ming a few days ago was to attract the interest of Yin Yang Heaven’s higher-ups.

In Yin Yang Heaven, the only people he was familiar with were Xu Linggong, Yu Xiangdie, and now Luo Tinghe.

The Sect Master Zuo Qiu Ming and Elder Chen Xiu were unable to obtain a definite answer from him, so they could only rely on Luo Tinghe’s strength to investigate the situation.

Yang Kai had also been waiting for Luo Tinghe or Yu Xiangdie to arrive.

With these two as the middlemen, Yang Kai could finally speak his thoughts without worry.

“Does Martial Aunt Luo know about the Star Boundary World Tree?” Yang Kai asked.

Luo Tinghe didn’t understand what this conversation had to do with the World Tree, but she still nodded and said, “I heard from Junior Sister Yu that you’ve done a great job in this matter, a great contribution to the entire 3000 Worlds. I’ve heard about the World Tree many years ago, but I’ve never seen it before, so I’m preparing to pay it a visit.”

“Martial Aunt has just broken through to the Eighth Order. If she can cultivate near the World Tree, it will be greatly beneficial to stabilizing her cultivation. Once this matter is settled, I will set out with Martial Aunt Luo,” Yang Kai simply changed the subject and continued, “The World Tree will feed the Star Boundary back, allowing the cultivators who live in the Star Boundary to reap great benefits. Over the years, many talented seedlings have appeared in the Star Boundary, and the power of the World Tree can even allow cultivators to have a better future than their original potential.”

“In the past, the number of Core Disciples who could break through to the Sixth Order directly in the various Cave Heaven Paradise would not be many, and reaching the Seventh Order directly would be as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns. But now, with the World Tree’s support, the future prospects of the entire Vast Universe will become better. After that, when the first batch of cultivators who benefited from the World Tree grows up, there will probably be many who can break through to the Sixth Order directly. When the second batch of cultivators grows up, there may be many who can break through to the Seventh Order directly.”

Yu Xiangdie nodded and said, “You may not know this, but after all these years of travelling, the World Tree’s power has been displayed. The various Cave Heaven Paradise who were sent to the Star Boundary to cultivate have already produced some seedlings with the qualifications to enter the Sixth ORder directly.”

The various Cave Heaven Paradise all had their own Training Hall in the Star Boundary. Among these Training Halls, there were disciples who had been recruited from the Star Boundary, but most of them were disciples who had migrated from the various Cave Heaven Paradise. Most of these disciples were young children, but there were also some who had made great achievements in their cultivation. Of course, those who had made great achievements in their cultivation were far from being able to break through to Open Heaven, and most of them were below the Dao Source Stage.

This was because the lower one’s cultivation was and the younger one was, the greater the benefits they would receive from cultivating in the Star Boundary. If they already condense their Dao Seal and achieving Open Heaven, there was no point in going to the Star Boundary.

It had been several hundred years since the Star Boundary World Tree incident had spread, and after such a long time, it was enough for some of the first batch of disciples to mature.

For the time being, no one had broken through to Open Heaven, but many people had already condensed their own Dao Seals and were not far from breaking through.

With the stability of the Dao Seal and the grade of the resources it can refine, it was enough to show the achievements of these disciples when they broke through to the Open Heaven Stage.

In the past, no matter which Cave Heaven Paradise it was, Core Disciples were treated like treasures, but in the future, the number of Core Disciples who had broken through to the Sixth Order would only increase by ten times, or even a hundred times.

It was precisely because they had seen such benefits early on that Thousand Crane Paradise was willing to turn hostility into friendship with Yang Kai. Otherwise, with just the matter of Yang Kai killing Zuo Quan Hui, Thousand Crane Paradise wouldn’t have shown any face.

Of course, Zuo Quan Hui’s early betrayal of Thousand Crane Paradise also gave Thousand Crane Paradise some leeway to redeem itself. Otherwise, even if they were willing to turn hostility into friendship, for the sake of their own reputation, they would still fight to the death with Yang Kai.

The final result would not be something Void Land or Star Boundary could bear.

The first batch of cultivators who benefited from this would be like this, and when the children who had grown up in the Star Boundary grew up, they would become the second batch of cultivators.

Among them, there might be some who could break through to the Seventh Order directly because they were younger, so obtaining the World Tree’s benefits would be more beneficial.

The third batch, the fourth batch… the prospects would only become better.

Every Cave Heaven Paradise was looking forward to this beautiful future.

The name of Star Boundary being Open Heaven Stage Cradle had long since spread to every corner of the 3000 Worlds, and the various Cave Heaven Paradise had also regarded the World Tree of the Star Boundary as the most important treasure in this world, with a large number of High Rank Open Heaven masters guarding it all year round.

“One day, there may be many more Sixth Order and Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage in Yin Yang Heaven. When these disciples advance, they will need a lot of resources, and when they cultivate, they will need even more resources,” Yang Kai looked at Luo Tinghe, “I know that with Yin Yang Heaven’s foundation and countless years of accumulation, they will naturally have a stockpile of resources that can be used for emergencies, but with Yin Yang Heaven’s reserves, if they can satisfy the needs of the disciples under normal circumstances, will they be able to support the future eruption of the Star Boundary’s direct Sixth Order and Seventh Order Disciples? Even if they can, how long can they last?”

Luo Tinghe shook her head, “I just escaped from the Samsara Pavilion, so I don’t know much about this matter.”

Yu Xiangdie frowned, “I don’t know much either. The one in charge of these precious materials is a Supreme Elder, but I once heard Headmaster Senior Brother casually mention that the storage of these precious materials isn’t ideal. He wants us to look for more Yin Yang attribute resources of Sixth Grade and above, so Sect Master must have anticipated the situation in the Star Boundary.”

Precious materials were all Yin Yang Attribute resources of Sixth Grade and above, especially Sixth Grade and Seventh Grade.

When cultivating in the Open Heaven Stage, one could use other low-grade resources or Open Heaven Pills to replace them, but the resources needed to advance and refine them required these things.

In the past, Yang Kai had spent a great deal of effort in order to find a Seventh Grade Yin Attribute, but in the end, he was unable to obtain what he wanted. From this, it could be seen just how scarce these precious materials were, they were things that could not be bought with money.

“As for what Sect Master Zuo Qiu can see, the other Cave Heaven Paradise can also see it. I dare say that all the Cave Heaven Paradise are currently collecting Sixth Grade and Seventh Grade Yin Yang attribute resources.”

Yu Xiangdie smiled bitterly, “It’s not just the Sixth Grade or Seventh Grade. Because of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, everyone is collecting all the Yin Yang attribute resources, regardless of their grade. In addition to the Yin Yang attribute, even the slightly higher grade Five Elements resources are the same. In today’s world, the price of Yin Yang attribute resources is ten or twenty percent higher than before.”

The Good Fortune Divine Furnace was an extremely mysterious artifact that could transform a large number of lower grade materials into higher grade materials.

In the past, First or Second Grade Yin Yang attribute resources were useless, but if they were thrown into the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, they might be able to obtain a third or fourth grade Yin Yang attribute.

“In the current market, there are basically no Yin Yang attribute resources above Fourth Grade.”

Yang Kai nodded, “It seems that the various Cave Heaven Paradise have been preparing for this long ago, but no matter how much everyone collects, when it comes time to use them, they will always feel that they are lacking.”

“What are you trying to say?” Luo Tinghe listened for a long time but still couldn’t understand.

It was obviously a matter of one marrying into their family or marrying into other family, so how could it be related to cultivation resources?

Yang Kai said seriously, “I am willing to offer a thousand Sixth Grade and a hundred Seventh Grade Yin Yang attribute resources as betrothal gifts. Yin Yang Heaven, please allow Senior Sister Qu to marry into my family!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire hall was shocked.

The three pairs of beautiful eyes stared at Yang Kai in shock, wondering if they had heard wrong.

Even though Luo Tinghe had been trapped in the Samsara Pavilion for two thousand years and didn’t know much about the current 3000 Worlds, the impact Yang Kai’s words had on her was clear.

She couldn’t help turning to look at Yu Xiangdie, “Xiao Die, I’m afraid I’ve been trapped here for too long. What did that little brat Yang say?”

Yu Xiangdie’s face was filled with shock, but when she heard her Senior Sister’s question, she subconsciously replied, “He said he want to give a thousand Sixth Grade and a hundred Seventh Grade Yin Yang Attribute resources as betrothal gifts!”


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