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Saying so, Zuo Qiu Ming glanced at Tao Lingwan again and added, “Martial Nephew Tao shouldn’t mind either.”

Tao Lingwan lowered her head silently, her face red.

Chen Xiu quickly waved his hand, “It's more lively with more people.”

Zuo Qiu Ming nodded slightly before turning to Yang Kai and saying, “Martial Nephew, you can decide on the wedding date yourself. One day, when all of your partners have gathered and are free, inform Yin Yang Heaven in advance, Yin Yang Heaven will definitely prepare a grand wedding for you.”

Yang Kai cupped his fists gratefully, “Many thanks for Sect Master’s kindness, this Junior is deeply grateful.”

Zuo Qiu Ming stretched out his hand and stroked his beard, “We’re family, so let’s not stand on ceremony. Although your background is a bit lacking, in terms of ability, you are far superior to this generation’s Cave Heaven Paradise disciples. Being able to marry into my Yin Yang Heaven is also a great blessing.”

Chen Xiu also chimed in from the side, “That’s right, although this generation’s Cave Heaven Paradise Disciples have produced many good saplings and will be the cornerstones of the various Cave Heaven Paradise in the future, in terms of achievements, up until now, no one has been able to compare with you, Nephew Yang. Senior Brother Xu’s vision is truly good, and Martial Nephew Qu is also quite fortunate.”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “Sect Master, regarding the matter of marrying into your family, this disciple has a presumptuous request.”

“En, go ahead,” Zuo Qiu Ming said.

“If Disciple was alone, it would have been fine. Being able to marry into Yin Yang Heaven and rely on Yin Yang Heaven, this towering tree, is something Disciple can only dream of, but Sect Master also knows about Disciple’s situation. As the master of the Void Land, and High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master, with hundreds of thousands of subordinates waiting to be fed, I’m afraid it’s not suitable for Disciple to marry into Yin Yang Heaven.”

“Why not?” Zuo Qiu Ming asked.

Yang Kai said, “May I ask Sect Master, if I were to marry into your family, what would happen to Void Land and High Heaven Palace?”

Zuo Qiu Ming replied, “Naturally, It will become a subordinate of Yin Yang Heaven.”

Chen Xiu said from the side, “Nephew Yang’s situation is not without precedent. My Yin Yang Heaven currently has many subordinate Sects, all of which are married into Yin Yang Heaven by Sect Master, so Nephew Yang doesn’t need to worry. If you marry into my Yin Yang Heaven, Void Land and High Heaven Palace will naturally be under your control, and Yin Yang Heaven won’t interfere in the slightest. It’s just that you have a superior sect in name. Not to mention, with Yin Yang Heaven’s protection, Void Land and High Heaven Palace will be safer, which is a good thing.”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “Let’s not talk about the Void Land for now. To other forces, the Void Land may be extraordinary, but when you look at the Cave Heaven Paradise, the size of the Void Land is still too small, not worth mentioning. High Heaven Palace is different. The World Tree in the Star Boundary is now the focus of all the 3000 Worlds. All the great Cave Heaven Paradise have their own Training Hall set up in the Star Boundary, and each of them has a master who can find outstanding disciples in the Star Boundary. Yin Yang Heaven is the same. If High Heaven Palace becomes Yin Yang Heaven’s subordinate, then wouldn’t the Star Boundary also become Yin Yang Heaven’s territory? Even if I can agree to this, I believe the other Cave Heaven Paradise will not agree.”

Zuo Qiu Ming said, “If it’s because of this matter, Martial Nephew doesn’t need to worry. My Yin Yang Heaven will take care of this matter and make the other families speechless.”

Yang Kai still shook his head, “No.”

No matter how good Zuo Qiu Ming and Chen Xiu’s words were, once Void Land and High Heaven Palace became Yin Yang Heaven's subordinate, they would definitely be controlled by others. As the Sect Master of these two Sects, Yang Kai naturally had to consider his subordinates.

What’s more, he wanted to develop the Void Land or High Heaven Palace into one of the Cave Heaven Paradise. If they really became Yin Yang Heaven’s subordinate sect, this goal would never be achieved.

Zuo Qiu Ming narrowed his eyes slightly, “Then what does Martial Nephew have in mind?”

“I don’t dare have any opinion,” Yang Kai said humbly. He had already anticipated today’s situation, so he naturally prepared an excuse, “Disciple means that Disciple will not marry into Yin Yang Heaven, Disciple is willing to marry Senior Sister Qu into my family!”

Zuo Qiu Ming raised his long eyebrows.

Chen Xiu also looked at Yang Kai in surprise and said, “Nephew Yang, since ancient times, although my Yin Yang Heaven Disciple has a precedent of marrying an outsider, that is only a marriage with another Cave Heaven Paradise. Outside the Cave Heaven Paradise, if one wants to marry a Yin Yang Heaven Disciple, the only way to do so is to marry into our family, even if it is an ordinary disciple. Moreover, Martial Nephew Qu is a core disciple of Yin Yang Heaven, so her status is even more different.”

Zuo Qiu Ming nodded and said, “Since ancient times, Yin Yang Heaven’s Core Disciples have never married outside. Not only Yin Yang Heaven, but the other Cave Heaven Paradise are also the same. Martial Nephew may ask about it, but if there is such a precedent, this Sect Master has nothing to say.”

Those who could become Core Disciples were all those who directly promote to Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters and had a chance to become Eighth Order Supreme Elder in the future.

Which Cave Heaven Paradise would be willing to let such a disciple go? Naturally, they would hold them tightly in their hands.

“The precedents are always created by someone,” Yang Kai persuaded.

Zuo Qiu Ming shook his head, “Yin Yang Heaven will not make an exception for Martial Nephew.”

His attitude was firm, obviously not moved by Yang Kai’s words, and Yang Kai didn’t expect him to be moved.

Chen Xiu asked, “Has Nephew discussed this matter with Martial Nephew Qu?”

Yang Kai shook his head. He hadn’t told Qu Huachang about this yet, but he believed that after experiencing the nine reincarnations together, no matter what decision he made, Qu Huachang would support him.

“Then why don’t you ask Martial Nephew Qu’s opinion? If Martial Nephew Qu is willing to marry outside, we can discuss it later.”

“No need!”

It wasn’t that he didn’t respect Qu Huachang’s opinion, but if he really asked her about this matter, it would only put her in a difficult situation. On one hand, she was engaged to him, and on the other hand, she was his companion who had experienced nine reincarnations. On the other hand, they were the people who had raised her, so no matter what choice she made, it would be difficult for her to make a decision.

“Sect Master,” Yang Kai cupped his fists and looked at Zuo Qiu Ming, “Disciple knows that Yin Yang Heaven has its own rules. Senior Sister Qu is also a core disciple of Yin Yang Heaven and has a noble status. If she really marry outside, it will be a great loss to Yin Yang Heaven. If I marry Senior Sister Qu like this, Yin Yang Heaven may lose a future Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master.”

Zuo Qiu Ming remained silent while Chen Xiu nodded, “This is only one aspect.”

Yang Kai continued, “Yin Yang Heaven has lost a future Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage, but what if I can increase Yin Yang Heaven’s future Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage? Will Sect Master agree to this disciple’s request?”

Zuo Qiu Ming’s interest was piqued, “What kind of ability does Martial Nephew have to allow my Yin Yang Heaven to have even more Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage?”

Chen Xiu raised his brow and guessed, “The World Tree of the Star Boundary?”

“It’s not the World Tree.”

The World Tree’s feedback could indeed tap into a cultivator’s potential, allowing them to walk further and reach greater heights, but this was already the trend of the 3000 Worlds. In the next thousand years, the various Cave Heaven Paradise would all benefit, not just Yin Yang Heaven.

Yang Kai looked at Zuo Qiu Ming and said, “If Sect Master agrees, Disciple will naturally explain. If Sect Master doesn’t agree, Disciple will say no more.”

Zuo Qiu Ming smiled and said, “You have to explain first so this Sect Master can make a better judgment. Otherwise, who knows if you’re just spouting nonsense?”

“Disciple will naturally not speak nonsense about this matter.”

The situation suddenly went into a deadlock. Zuo Qiu Ming wanted to know what kind of method Yang Kai had to make such a bold claim, but Yang Kai wanted him to agree first before explaining.

Chen Xiu tried to sound Yang Kai out, but Yang Kai kept his mouth shut, causing Yin Yang Heaven's two higher up to become somewhat suspicious, wondering if Yang Kai really had such ability.

If an ordinary person dared to say such words in front of them, the two of them would have long become impatient.

However, now that Yang Kai had made great contributions in the Samsara Pavilion, Zuo Qiu Ming couldn’t afford to show any disrespect to Yang Kai, and Chen Xiu didn’t dare either. He was still counting on having his disciple to have proper arrangements, so although his words were probing, they were quite polite.

Two hours later, Yang Kai and Qu Huachang bid their farewells and left. This time, there was no result.

However, to Yang Kai, this was a good start.

He had already made his stance clear, so the rest was up to Yin Yang Heaven to slowly accept.

“Will Senior Sister blame me?” Yang Kai suddenly asked as he flew alongside Qu Huachang.

Qu Huachang turned her head and smiled, “Blame you for what? For not discussing this with me beforehand?”


Qu Huachang smiled and said, “Everything happened so suddenly that you didn’t have time to discuss it with me.” They had just come out of the Samsara Pavilion and witnessed Luo Tinghe’s breakthrough, then they were invited over by the Sect Master.

Saying so, she walked over to Yang Kai’s side and held his arm, placing her head on his shoulder, “Master once said that when a woman marries a chicken, follow the chicken, when one marries a dog, follow the dog. To me, there’s no difference if you marry into my family or I marry into your family, but to others, the difference is huge.”

The others she was referring to were naturally Su Yan and the others.

If Yang Kai really married into Yin Yang Heaven, Su Yan and the others would definitely come as well. At that time, they would be living under someone else’s roof. Although Yin Yang Heaven wouldn’t be harsh on them, there would always be some unexpected situations where they might suffer grievances one day.

“But what method do you plan to use to convince Sect Master and the others? Master isn’t here right now, if it’s him, he should be able to help,” Qu Huachang asked curiously.

Yang Kai smiled, “I plan to spend a lot of money to buy you out.”

Qu Huachang turned her head to look at him and said, “You want to buy me out? Then you’ll have to pay a great price, I’m very expensive.”

“No matter how great the price, I can accept it as long as Yin Yang Heaven let you go!”

Qu Huachang smiled sweetly, “Then you should prepare to bleed.”

For the next few days, Yang Kai followed Qu Huachang around Yin Yang Heaven, enjoying the scenery of the Spirit Provinces, living a carefree life. The many years of conflict and slaughter had suddenly disappeared, giving Yang Kai a sense of surrealism.

Ten days later, two guests arrived at Qu Huachang’s residence.

Looking at the two of them, Yang Kai was both surprised. Smiling, he asked, “Martial Aunts, are you here to persuade me?”

Luo Tinghe was still the same. Even though she had broken through to the Eighth Order and became a Supreme Elder of Yin Yang Heaven, she was still extremely carefree. Sitting down cross-legged, she held a Spirit Fruit in her hand and ate it with relish. As she ate, she said, “I was almost annoyed to death by that little brat surnamed Zuo, he insisted that I come here to ask what you mean. Since I couldn’t do anything to him, I came.”


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