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“My Yin Yang Heaven has three great incantation, and the Ten Thousand Incantation is one of them. However, this chant technique is too powerful and requires many people to work together to chant it. It doesn’t have much lethality, but it has a miraculous effect on calming one’s mind and spirit,” Yu Xiangdie explained.

Yang Kai nodded in understanding. Thinking back to how he had just chanted the Ten Thousand Incantation, he felt an unprecedented calm.

But then again, he was the son-in-law of Yin Yang Heaven and was considered half a Yin Yang Heaven's people, so even if he didn’t chant this Ten Thousand Incantation, it wouldn’t change anything.

After waiting for a few more days, Luo Tinghe was finally able to control her strength.

Yin Yang Heaven’s Sect Master led a group of High Rank Open Heaven masters forward and stood in front of Luo Tinghe before saluting, “Greetings, Supreme Elder!”

Luo Tinghe walked up to him and grabbed the Sect Master’s long beard with a smile, “Junior Brother Zuo, it’s been many years since we last met, why do you have such a big beard?”

The corners of Zuo Qiu Ming’s eyes twitched violently as he smiled bitterly to himself. After so many years, this Senior Sister was still the same. In the past, she had always been so carefree, and only Senior Brother Sun could deal with her. Now that Senior Brother Sun had died more than two thousand years ago, it was likely that no one in the same generation could stop her.

Not to mention, she was now an Eighth Order Supreme Elder.

“Supreme Elder Luo, my surname is Zuo Qiu, not Zuo,” The Sect Master explained weakly.

“It’s all the same!” Luo Tinghe patted the Sect Master’s shoulder, but she had just broken through a few days ago, so her control over her strength wasn’t very good. With a single palm, Zuo Qiu Ming’s shoulder became shorter.

The group of Seventh Order Elders following behind him watched with twitching eyelids.

Luo Tinghe suddenly walked up to Zuo Qiu Ming and winked at him, “Junior Brother Zuo, where are all your intimate friends? Why haven’t I seen any of them? When you went out in the past, didn’t you have a lot of lovers?”

As soon as these words were spoken, many Elders revealed shocked expressions.

Many people didn’t know about the Sect Master’s romantic past, but the Sect Master had always been solemn and dignified in front of others. The image of the Sect Master was deeply ingrained in everyone’s hearts, so no one would associate him with someone like that.

However, Luo Tinghe’s words made their imaginations run wild.

Zuo Qiu Ming’s face flushed red, “Supreme Elder Luo can’t speak nonsense. I am now Yin Yang Heaven’s Sect Master and represent Yin Yang Heaven’s prestige. If these words were to reach an outsider’s ears, it would cause a misunderstanding and damage my Yin Yang Heaven’s honor.”

Luo Tinghe began counting with her fingers, “Let me think about it, when you were fifteen, you had a Senior Sister Zhou who was three years older than you. After that, you fell in love with someone else, and that Little Girl Zhou even ran to me and cried for a few days, annoying me to death. When you were twenty, you found a Senior Sister Zhang who was ten years older than you. It seems that the time you spent together with her wasn’t long, only a few months. Oh, the year you broke through to the Emperor Realm, there was also Martial Aunt Tan…”

Every time Luo Tinghe talked about this matter, Zuo Qiu Ming’s face would darken a bit. When she mentioned Martial Aunt Tan, Zuo Qiu Ming finally couldn’t hold it in any longer. With a smile on his face, he interrupted Luo Tinghe, “Senior Sister’s memory is really good, she’s not as elegant as she used to be!”

Luo Tinghe looked at him with a smile and patted him again, “That’s right, why are you calling me Supreme Elder? Since you were young, Senior Sister has wiped your ass countless times. Isn’t it too awkward to call me Supreme Elder?” [MSN: Eighth Order is also called Ancestor, while Ninth Order is called Old Ancestor.]

“Whatever Senior Sister says!” Zuo Qiu Ming wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “But now that Senior Sister is an Eighth Order, according to the rules, she is indeed Yin Yang Heaven’s Supreme Elder. Senior Sister needs to find some time to go to my place. Junior Brother will help you register, and Senior Sister’s name will remain on the Evergreen Record, enjoying the treatment of a Supreme Elder.”

Luo Tinghe replied casually, “En, I’ll look for you when I have time, I’ll be leaving first.”

Saying so, she turned around and flew towards Yu Xiangdie and the others. After giving her a meaningful glance, she summoned her strength to wrap her up and quickly left.

Leaving Yang Kai and Qu Huachang staring at each other.

“Farewell, Supreme Elder!” Zuo Qiu Ming bowed, and the others followed suit.

“Does Headmaster like older people?” An Elder behind him suddenly asked.

Zuo Qiu Ming stroked his beard and said lightly, “Junior Brother Wang, you’ve entered the Sect quite late, so perhaps you don’t know our Supreme Elder Luo’s temperament very well. Just listen to her words, there’s no need to take them seriously.”

Before Junior Brother Wang could ask anything else, Zuo Qiu Ming suddenly turned to Yang Kai and Qu Huachang and said, “The two of you, come with me. Elder Chen, you come too, bring your disciple with you!”

Not far away, Chen Xiu bowed and said, “Yes!”

Yang Kai immediately understood that Zuo Qiu Ming wanted to discuss the marriage with him.

Luo Tinghe’s promotion to Supreme Elder and the many Open Heaven Stage viewing ceremonies had ended, so they naturally dispersed quickly. However, this exciting news would likely cause a great stir in Yin Yang Heaven for a long time.

Yang Kai held Qu Huachang’s hand and followed Zuo Qiu Ming forward while Chen Xiu and Tao Lingwan chased after them from behind. After a few steps, they arrived beside Yang Kai and called out, “Nephew Yang!”

“Elder Chen!” Yang Kai nodded before turning to look at Tao Lingwan beside him and smiling, “Junior Sister Tao.”

He didn’t have a good impression of Chen Xiu, but towards Tao Lingwan, he felt an inexplicable sense of guilt. Perhaps he also understood that he was destined to be unable to give her anything.

Tao Lingwan blushed slightly and whispered, “Senior Brother Yang.”

Qu Huachang glared at Yang Kai, “I was wondering before, why did you take advantage of her?”

Yang Kai felt wronged, “How did I take advantage of her?”

Qu Huachang argued with him, “In the Sect, Senior Sister Tao is my Senior Sister, so why are you calling her Junior Sister? Are you also calling me Junior Sister?”

Yang Kai was speechless.

It was just that when this Senior Brother and Junior Sister title were spoken, Tao Lingwan was the one who first called out to him, and he also followed her words, not really trying to take advantage of her.

Qu Huachang glared at him again before suddenly moving away from him and arriving next to Tao Lingwan. Holding her hand, she said, “Senior Sister Tao, you must be careful of this person. Now that he’s taking advantage of you verbally, who knows how he’ll bully you in the future? If you really get bullied later, you must tell me and I’ll bully him for you back.”

Tao Lingwan blushed and lowered her head, “I won’t.”

It's unknown what she mean when she said she wouldn’t.

Qu Huachang didn’t have much contact with Tao Lingwan in the past, but she knew that this Senior Sister’s personality was quite reserved. Looking at her current performance, she was no different from the Qian Qian who served Meng Ru in her first life.

She couldn’t help feeling pity for her.

Chen Xiu and Yang Kai flew forward side by side, turning to look at Qu Huachang and Tao Lingwan before smiling, “Martial Nephew Qu is a magnanimous person, I wonder if Nephew Yang can be magnanimous for once?”

Yang Kai said, “What does Elder Chen mean?”

Chen Xiu sighed, “Martial Nephew, why pretend to be ignorant? This Chen’s previous actions were indeed a bit selfish, but there was no malicious intent. This Chen can understand why Nephew has such grievances towards me, but Wan’er’s future is in your hands, so I hope Nephew can consider it carefully. If I can see this child happy, this Chen will die without regrets.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly but didn’t comment.

Seeing this, Chen Xiu didn’t say anything. He knew that Yang Kai’s resentment towards him was not small, so saying too much would only make things worse.

A short while later, a group of people followed the Sect Master to a hall in Spirit Province. This should be the place where the Sect Master usually handled official business.

Everyone sat down and the Yin Yang Heaven disciples served them tea.

This was the first time Yang Kai had come into contact with the Yin Yang Heaven’s Sect Master. In the past, whether it was during the Dao Exchange Conference or the last time he had entered the Samsara Pavilion, this Yin Yang Heaven’s Sect Master had never appeared, so Yang Kai was unable to judge his temperament.

Zuo Qiu Ming clearly had the dignified aura of a Sect Master. This was the temperament of many people who had occupied high positions for a long time. There was no need for words, his expression was already dignified.

However, to Yang Kai’s surprise, Zuo Qiu Ming first stood up and bowed to him.

Yang Kai was startled and quickly stood up, “What does Sect Master mean? This Junior cannot bear it.”

Zuo Qiu Ming slowly straightened his body and said, “This bow is on behalf of Yin Yang Heaven, this Sect Master thanks you for saving Supreme Elder Luo from the Samsara Pavilion.”

The person Yang Kai had rescued from the Samsara Pavilion was not only Luo Tinghe who directly advance to the Eighth Order when she came out, but also a supreme cultivator who had a chance of advancing to the Ninth Order in the future.

This meant a lot to Yin Yang Heaven.

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “It was just a coincidence. Before this, Junior didn’t know that Martial Aunt Luo was trapped in the Samsara Pavilion. I entered the Samsara Pavilion just for Senior Sister Qu.”

As he spoke, he turned to look at Qu Huachang.

Zuo Qiu Ming nodded, “This Sect Master knows about the matter between you and Martial Nephew Qu. Elder Chen’s previous actions were not worth considering, so I hope Martial Nephew can forgive him.”

Yang Kai said lightly, “Elder Chen has already told me about this.”

He suddenly remembered that Chen Xiu’s actions must have been approved by the higher-ups of Yin Yang Heaven. In other words, Zuo Qiu Ming should have known, but he had not stepped forward to stop him.

However, from his perspective, he would support anything that benefited Yin Yang Heaven, regardless of personal honor or disgrace.

“Now that Martial Nephew Qu has been brought out of the Samsara Pavilion by you, it can be seen that the relationship between the two of you is stronger than gold. In my Yin Yang Heaven, anyone who can pass the Samsara Pavilion’s Heart Tempering Test will become each other’s lifelong companion.”

Yang Kai respectfully replied, “I came to Yin Yang Heaven to marry Senior Sister Qu.”

Zuo Qiu Ming nodded, “Good! Since you have such intentions, this Sect Master will not beat around the bush. Do you have any plans on when the wedding will be?”

Yang Kai calmly replied, “I haven’t considered this matter yet. Sect Master may not know, but before I met Senior Sister Qu, I had several partners who had accompanied me for many years and had yet to marry. But now, for various reasons, they have all gone to different places, so I want to wait until they all gather together one day to give them an explanation.”

Zuo Qiu Ming nodded, “It’s not strange for a man to have many wives. You being able to obtain the favor of so many women is also your own ability. Yin Yang Heaven is not a backward place, this Sect Master won’t care about this, I believe Martial Nephew Qu won’t care either.”


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