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Yang Kai began to talk about everything from the moment he arrived in Yin Yang Heaven. He talked about how Chen Xiu had assigned Tao Lingwan to take care of him, but in the end, this woman had suffered a Qi Deviation in front of him. Yang Kai was kind enough to help her, but because of the Yin Yang Heaven’s special technique, he had left his aura in her Small Universe.

If Tao Lingwan wanted to break through to the Seventh Order in the future, she would need his help.

Qu Huachang listened carefully for a while before sighing, “Senior Sister Tao is too innocent.”

If one were to say about who is innocent here, Yang Kai was the most innocent in this whole matter, because he had no idea that someone had suffered from Qi Deviation in front of him. Especially since this person was a disciple of Yin Yang Heaven, Yang Kai’s first reaction was naturally to help, but he didn’t expect that it would cause some trouble.

From Tao Lingwan’s perspective, she was obeying her Master’s orders. With her personality, if Chen Xiu had any instructions, she would definitely not refute.

From Chen Xiu’s perspective, in order to protect Yin Yang Heaven’s face and resolve the awkward situation, he was willing to sacrifice the happiness of his disciple.

Of course, in his opinion, with Yang Kai’s status and aptitude, he was indeed worthy of Tao Lingwan. If the two of them could become partner, it might not be a bad thing.

As for Qu Huachang from the Samsara Pavilion, she would be handed over to Feng Cheng Si to save. This way, it would be the best of both worlds. [MSN: What a BS.]

Chen Xiu’s ideas and methods were the most beneficial to Yin Yang Heaven, but they were not things Yang Kai wanted to see, so he entered the Samsara Pavilion and experienced nine reincarnations with Qu Huachang.

“What do you plan to do?” Qu Huachang asked.

Yang Kai frowned, “Is Junior Sister Tao’s problem something only I can solve? Is there no precedent in Yin Yang Heaven?”

Yu Xiangdie shook her head, “No, besides you, there is no one else who can help her break through to the Seventh Order. If you don’t help her, her cultivation will stop here for the rest of her life, and she will face the risk of Qi deviation in the future. Sooner or later, her Small Universe will collapse because of the imbalance of Yin and Yang.”

This question wasn’t a small one, causing Yang Kai’s head to ache as he silently cursed, “Yin Yang Heaven’s Cultivation Technique is too strange.”

Qu Huachang said, “Don’t forget, Senior Sister Tao took a blow for you!”

The various aspects of the Samsara World were deeply imprinted in the heart. In the first reincarnation, Tao Lingwan had used her body to block the sword thrust towards Yang Kai, and that was her intention. In this real world, if Yang Kai encountered such a situation, she would have made the same choice.

Thinking of that scene, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling touched, but how to face Tao Lingwan was still a difficult choice for him.

Qu Huachang reached out and grabbed Yang Kai’s hand, leaning into him.

Inside the Samsara World, Tao Lingwan blocked a sword for Yang Kai.

On the other hand, she had stabbed Yang Kai twice, both times nearly taking his life. Just as Yang Kai had said in the Samsara World, if she couldn’t repay him in this life, she would repay him in the next.

Luo Tinghe’s breakthrough didn’t seem to have been affected at all.

The World Strength around her became denser, and as the Small Universe's phantom behind her began to fade, it also began to expand and shrink as if it was being blown away.

Her aura grew stronger step by step and soon reached a critical point, the peak of the Seventh Order.

At this point, there was no way for her to advance any further. the Small Universe's growth had given her an unimaginable shock, and the danger that no one else could see was now engulfing her.

She had to persevere with all her might and not relax in the slightest, thinking about life and death. Right now, she is walking in the edge of life and death.

A few days later, the breakthrough that had been going smoothly suddenly changed.

Although Yang Kai had never experienced such a situation before, he still felt that something was wrong.

Looking around, the phantom of the Small Universe behind Luo Tinghe continued to expand, occasionally contracting, but unable to return to its original state, as if she could no longer suppress her own Small Universe's explosive strength.

Yu Xiangdie’s expression became extremely solemn, further confirming Yang Kai’s guess.

On several occasions, Yang Kai even felt Yu Xiangdie trying to step forward to help her, but she stopped herself.

An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to help with the breakthrough in the Open Heaven Stage. If they acted rashly, it would only make the situation worse, especially since Luo Tinghe was now a Seventh Order promoting to Eighth Order while Yu Xiangdie was only a Seventh Order. Even if she tried her best, what could she do?

Yang Kai quickly understood the key point.

With Luo Tinghe’s own aptitude, if she were to cultivate step by step, there shouldn’t be any risk for her to reach the Eighth Order from Seventh Order. Even if there was, the risk wouldn’t be too great.

However, she had been trapped in the Samsara Pavilion for two thousand years. During these two thousand years, she had been reincarnating in different Samsara World. Although it was because Yang Kai and Qu Huachang’s nine reincarnations had broken her heart barrier and allowed her to regain her freedom, these two thousand years of delay had somewhat affected her.

If she could rest for a while and stabilize her cultivation before advancing, perhaps she would be safe.

However, as soon as she left the Samsara Pavilion, Luo Tinghe felt the opportunity to break through and barely had time to breathe.

What she lacked now was not her foundation, rather her foundation accumulation was already enough since long ago. Otherwise, she would not have been able to advance.

What she lacked was her control over her own strength. After two thousand years, she had become somewhat unfamiliar with her own strength.

Thinking so, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling worried.

Luo Tinghe was a terrifying existence that had broken through to the Seventh Order directly. In the future, she would have a chance to reach the Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage. If she were to die here because she was unable to control her own strength, the losses to Yin Yang Heaven would be too great.

Not to mention Yin Yang Heaven, Luo Tinghe had also helped him a lot during his reincarnations, so Yang Kai didn’t want to see anything happen to her.

However, even Yu Xiangdie couldn’t help in this matter, so Yang Kai couldn’t intervene.

At this moment, in the depths of the seemingly distant void, an ancient and desolate voice suddenly rang out, “Guh!”

After this voice, another voice came from another direction, similarly speaking a single word, sounding extremely profound.

Immediately after, a third sound came from the third direction.

The fourth syllable…

The fifth syllable…

A series of short syllables rang out from all directions, one after another, as if they had come to an agreement. These strange syllables were linked together and transformed into a single sentence that contained a mysterious power.

These words were definitely spoken by the Supreme Elders of Yin Yang Heaven. It was unknown where their main bodies were in secluded cultivation, but all of them had noticed the situation here and had spoken up to help Luo Tinghe.

Yang Kai’s entire body seemed to have been cleansed, his mind suddenly becoming clear and his consciousness becoming unprecedentedly tranquil.

Next to him, Qu Huachang and Yu Xiangdie opened their mouths and chanted a phrase. Yang Kai turned his head and saw the two of them wearing extremely solemn expressions.

More and more voices came from different corners of Yin Yang Heaven, from the top to the bottom, from the bottom to the ordinary disciples. These voices were like streams converging together.

Streams converged into rivers, rivers converged into lakes, and lakes merged into the sea.

The entire Yin Yang Heaven began to resonate with this ancient and solemn chant.

Under the influence of this voice, Yang Kai was delighted to discover that Luo Tinghe’s situation was gradually improving.

Yang Kai also turned himself into a part of the stream and gathered himself into the sea.

He didn’t want any accidents to happen to Luo Tinghe’s breakthrough, so now that he had something he could help with, he naturally wouldn’t refuse.

A single person’s strength was insignificant, but with a thousand people, ten thousand people, it would grow.

He had never heard such a magical phrase before, but now it came out of his mouth as if he had learned it for many years.

Qu Huachang turned her head to look at him and smiled, her grip tightening.

With the power of these words, Yang Kai’s entire body seemed to merge into the Yin Yang Heaven, allowing him to feel every single existence in the sea. Everyone in the Yin Yang Heaven seemed to have merged into one, yet they were also distinct from one another. This feeling was extremely wonderful, something he had never experienced before.

He was filled with awe.

This was the power of an inheritance, a power that the Void Land and High Heaven Palace couldn’t compare with. Compared to these Cave Heaven Paradise that had been passed down for countless years, the Void Land and High Heaven Palace were like newly rich people who had suddenly become rich overnight. They lacked both foundation and accumulation, just like the floating pavilions in the sky. If they couldn’t hold on to their prosperity for a lifetime, it would only be a flash in the pan, and sooner or later they would be forgotten by the world.

The chanting continued.

Luo Tinghe gradually regained control of her strength while the Small Universe, which was constantly flashing behind her, returned to normal.

After an unknown period of time, a powerful aura suddenly burst out from Luo Tinghe’s body. It was the aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master!

She had successfully broken through.

Having just broken through, she was clearly not familiar with the sudden increase in her strength. The World Strength flowed around her uncontrollably, causing the surrounding space to distort.

She continued to sit cross-legged, familiarizing herself with her own strength, working hard to achieve her goal.

At some point, the chanting began to die down until it was no longer heard.

All of the Open Heaven Stages of Yin Yang Heaven revealed looks of joy and pride.

From now on, Yin Yang Heaven had an additional Eighth Order Supreme Elder.

Although Cave Heaven Paradise had been connected together since ancient times, there were still some who competed with each other, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each generation’s disciples, comparing the number of Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, the number of Supreme Elder…

If they were better than the other families, it would be more glorious for the disciples to go out and even speak to the disciples of other families.

At this moment, Yang Kai wore an extremely strange expression.

Because in this short period of time, he had actually lost track of how to chant those magical phrase, even though he had just been singing along with everyone else.

He remembered every single word clearly, but he didn’t know how to begin.

It was as if there was a mysterious force in his mind preventing him from speaking.

“Chanting the Ten Thousand Incantation together. From now on, you’ll be considered half a Yin Yang Heaven disciple,” Yu Xiangdie suddenly smiled at him.

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Ten Thousand Incantation?”

It was only at this moment that he realized what those magical phrase were.


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