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Rumor had it that the disciples of Yin Yang Heaven had an immoral and unrestrained style, but who knew that these seemingly frivolous and unrestrained people were the most infatuated?

Many Yin Yang Heaven Disciples entered the Samsara Pavilion to cultivate and set up heart barriers for themselves, but from then on, they were unable to extricate themselves.

From ancient times until now, countless Yin Yang Heaven Disciples had been trapped in the Samsara Pavilion, unable to distinguish between the cycle of reincarnation and reality, floating and sinking in the cycle of reincarnation.

Luo Tinghe was one of them. Two thousand years ago, after she entered the Samsara Pavilion, there was no news of her until today.

“Senior Sister cultivates the Emotion Dao and also has a companion who is connected to her heart. Although that experience was quite difficult for the two of them, it was still possible to complete it. Unfortunately…” [MSN: Wait, doesn't she need her partner to be promoted? Like Tao Lingwan?]

“What happened?” Qu Huachang asked nervously. Although she knew that something must have happened later, causing Luo Tinghe to be trapped in the Samsara World for two thousand years, she couldn’t help feeling anxious.

Yu Xiangdie shook her head and sighed, “Senior Sister’s temperament is quite unpredictable. Sometimes, when she thought of something, she would act and no one would be able to stop her. On that day, Old fellow Xu argued with her for some reason and said that no one would be able to complete the nine reincarnations test in the Samsara Pavilion. Senior Sister said she could, so she ran into the Samsara Pavilion without even informing anyone. Old fellow Xu and I couldn’t stop her, and at that time, Senior Brother Sun was in seclusion trying to break through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage.”

She didn’t introduce who Senior Brother Sun was, but Yang Kai and Qu Huachang both knew that he was Luo Tinghe’s partner. She believed in the relationship between her partner, and she also believed that Senior Brother Sun could bring her out of her nine reincarnations, so there was no need to discuss anything with him.

“Senior Brother Sun met with some kind of accident when he was advancing to the Eighth Order and died!” Yu Xiangdie recalled the past two thousand years with a sad look on her face, “The higher the grade of the Open Heaven Stage, the more difficult it is to break through. Although Senior Brother Sun made all the necessary preparations, in the end he was still unable to break through.”

“So Martial Aunt Luo was trapped in the Samsara Pavilion?” Qu Huachang asked.

Yu Xiangdie nodded, “With Senior Brother Sun’s death, no one can break Senior Sister Luo’s heart barrier, so naturally no one can bring her out.”

At this moment, Qu Huachang seemed to remember something and suddenly said, “So the person Honored Master mentioned before was Martial Aunt Luo.”

Yu Xiangdie glanced at her curiously, “What did Old fellow Xu say?”

Qu Huachang said, “Honored Master seemed to have gotten drunk once and said that he had let down a Senior Sister in this life, but he didn’t say much, so I wasn’t too sure. Now it seems that Honored Master was talking about Martial Aunt Luo.”

If he hadn’t argued with Luo Tinghe back then, Luo Tinghe wouldn’t have rushed into the Samsara Pavilion and been trapped inside, unable to free herself.

Yu Xiangdie coldly snorted, “He has let down more than one Senior Sister!”

Qu Huachang should have known about the relationship between her Honored Master and Yu Xiangdie, so she didn’t dare to speak up and just stuck out her tongue at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai suddenly realized a problem, “After Martial Aunt Luo entered the Samsara Pavilion, that Martial Uncle Sun fell. Now that two thousand years have passed, Martial Aunt Luo has finally escaped from the Samsara Pavilion. Doesn’t this mean that Martial Aunt Luo doesn’t know about this?”

“Senior Sister should know,” Yu Xiangdie smiled bitterly, “In the past, Old fellow Xu and I both went deep into the Samsara Pavilion to look for her, and one time we successfully found her and told her this news. In that life, Senior Sister recovered her memories, but she soon entered her next life, so Old fellow Xu and I could no longer find her.”

Yang Kai nodded.

Qu Huachang asked in confusion, “If that’s the case, why did Martial Aunt Luo escape with me?”

Yu Xiangdie said, “This is what I should thank you for. You should have experienced nine reincarnations, right?”

Yang Kai and Qu Huachang nodded.

“Back then, Old fellow Xu and Senior Sister argued that there was absolutely no one who could complete the test of nine reincarnations here. Senior Sister said that she and Senior Brother Sun could definitely do it, so she barged into the Samsara Pavilion. Old fellow Xu and I both thought that the heart barrier she set up for herself was related to Senior Brother Sun and herself, and that the two of them needed to undergo the test of nine reincarnations together. But now, it seems that this may only be one of the way to break the heart barrier, but the other way is to personally witness someone complete the test of nine reincarnations. You two completed it, so Senior Sister Luo’s heart barrier was also broken, allowing her to escape from the Samsara Pavilion.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “No wonder, no wonder from the sixth life onwards, Martial Aunt has always appeared by our side. So our reincarnation also involves Martial Aunt Luo’s heart barrier.”

This was the most reasonable explanation and the only one.

Yang Kai had always wondered why Xiao He had appeared beside him and Qu Huachang in a different identity since his sixth life. He had thought that the will of a Yin Yang Heaven master had been drawn into the cycle of reincarnation, but now it seemed that it had something to do with Martial Aunt Luo’s heart barrier. She wanted to witness the nine cycles of reincarnation, and from their sixth life onwards, she had personally participated.

The experiences of his other lifetimes aside, when Yang Kai thought about his ninth life, Martial Aunt Luo serving as his personal guard, and how he had shouted at her, he couldn’t help sweating.

Quietly asking, “Martial Aunt Yu, is Martial Aunt Luo a petty person?”

Yu Xiangdie glanced at him and asked, “What? Did you do something to her in the Samsara Pavilion?”

Yang Kai quickly denied, “No, no, how is that possible?”

Yu Xiangdie smiled lightly, “I don’t know about Senior Sister’s narrow-mindedness, but in any case, Old fellow Xu was bullied by her when he was young and couldn’t even lift his head. Speaking of which, Old fellow Xu and I were practically brought up by Senior Sister. To the two of us, Senior Sister is both a sister and a mother. If Old fellow Xu knew that Senior Sister had escaped from the Samsara Pavilion, he should be very happy, right?”

Yang Kai casually replied, “When Elder Xu returns to Yin Yang Heaven, he will naturally receive great news.”

Yu Xiangdie and Qu Huachang remained silent.

“This formation seems to be quite big!” Yang Kai suddenly raised his head and looked a thousand kilometer away. Even from a thousand kilometer away, he could clearly feel Luo Tinghe’s powerful World Force, and as they were talking, the old monsters who had been hidden in Yin Yang Heaven for many years had also appeared, obviously aware of the commotion here.

Chen Xiu led his two disciples over and quietly observed from several dozen kilometers away. Tao Lingwan and Feng Cheng Si, who were standing beside him, both nodded slightly towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai returned the gesture.

There were also many Sixth and Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage that Yang Kai had never seen before.

In less than an hour, hundreds of Open Heaven Stage masters appeared, either in groups of three or five or alone, searching for a place to observe Luo Tinghe’s breakthrough.

Breaking through from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order was a rare sight even in the various Cave Heaven Paradise. Every time this happened, it would attract countless Open Heaven Stage cultivators.

For those who wanted to break through to the Eighth Order, this kind of observation was greatly beneficial to them. Even if they didn’t have the chance to break through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage, they could still watch the show and perhaps reap some benefits.

Yang Kai didn’t find any traces of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, but he could faintly sense that there were some people watching from the shadows. Obviously, these were the Supreme Elders of Yin Yang Heaven.

“Senior Sister is a heaven-gifted genius, one of the top geniuses in all of the Cave Heaven Paradise. When she broke through to Open Heaven, she was able to directly advance to the Seventh Order!” Yu Xiangdie spoke of Luo Tinghe proudly.

Yang Kai and Qu Huachang were both shocked, “Direct promotion to the Seventh Order?”

Yu Xiangdie nodded.

The two of them looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

In this world, most Open Heaven Stage cultivators could not even dream of reaching the High Rank Open Heaven Stage in their entire lives. The starting point of their own breakthrough to Open Heaven Stage would determine how far they could go in the future.

Open Heaven Stage cultivator who directly advance below Fifth Order basically had no hope of advancing to the High Rank.

Even if one broke through to the Fifth Order directly, there was still a risk of dying during their breakthrough.

However, Luo Tinghe had actually broken through to the Seventh Order directly! In other words, when she broke through to Open Heaven, her starting point was higher than ninety percent of the Open Heaven Stage.

Compared to this, it was simply despairing for others!

Yang Kai knew that there were people in this world who could break through to the Seventh Order directly. In the past, he had also dreamed of breaking through to the Seventh Order directly, because in the future, he would have a chance to break through to the Ninth Order!

That was the peak of the Open Heaven Stage.

However, his life was not as good as he had hoped. Although he had a good foundation, he still chose to break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage outside Shadowless Cave Heaven.

After consuming a Mid Rank World Fruit, his Open Heaven Stage cultivation was only at the Sixth Order, similar to the Core Disciples of the various Cave Heaven Paradise.

Why the Cave Heaven Paradise had repeatedly obstructed him from reaching the Seventh Order directly, to the point where they didn’t even care about how they bullied the weak, Yang Kai didn’t know at the time and was filled with indignation. Although he gradually learned that the reason was related to the Black Ink Clan, he couldn’t let it go so easily.

[MSN: Which is bullshit btw, in that situation, others will definitely follow the black ink clan since their cultivation was cut off.]

After all, what was destroyed was his lifelong pursuit of the Martial Dao.

This kind of thing was absolutely unforgivable.

As for those who had the qualifications to enter the Seventh Order directly, in all of the 3000 Worlds, only those who had come from the Cave Heaven Paradise, had their loyalty, character, and temperament tested were qualified.

Such a disciple, in the entirety of the 108 Cave Heaven Paradise, there were countless heroes, but in a thousand years, often not a single one would appear!

Luo Tinghe was such a person.

Directly advancing to the Seventh Order was a great honor, a symbol of strength.

Only such a person had the qualifications to pry into the power of a supreme Ninth Order.

Yang Kai didn’t expect Luo Tinghe to be a direct Seventh Order master. This was the first time he had seen such an existence.

It was easy to imagine how much pain Yin Yang Heaven felt when Luo Tinghe was trapped in the Samsara Pavilion. Perhaps Yin Yang Heaven had put in a lot of effort to rescue Luo Tinghe, but the result was undoubtedly a failure.

On the other hand, Qu Huachang and Yang Kai’s nine reincarnations had coincidentally brought Luo Tinghe out of the Samsara Pavilion. In other words, to Yin Yang Heaven, the two of them had both made extraordinary contributions.

Because what the two of them had saved was not just a High Rank Open Heaven, in the future, it might even be the Prime Pillar of Yin Yang Heaven.

Of course, Yang Kai’s contributions were undoubtedly greater, because throughout his nine reincarnations, he had been the one working hard to break Qu Huachang’s heart. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he had saved Luo Tinghe and Qu Huachang.


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Rein Larsa
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[MSN: Which is bullshit btw, in that situation, others will definitely follow the black ink clan since their cultivation was cut off.]

Yes this is the biggest plot hole in this novel.

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