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In this great battle, both sides had invested more than ten thousand people, and in the end, less than ten had survived! Even powerful masters could not guarantee their absolute safety in this environment.

Lin Taidou had died under Yang Kai’s hands, and all of the Justice League’s higher-ups had been wiped out.

However, Yang Kai himself was also seriously injured. Compared to the robust Lin Taidou, Yang Kai’s age was much older and his vitality was much weaker.

Only by risking his own injuries could he kill Lin Taidou.

Xiao He was also covered in blood and her aura was weak.

Both of them were on the verge of death.

The remaining White Lotus Cult disciples didn’t even have time to call out before they heard a rumbling sound from the top of the cliff. In an instant, the entire mountain shook.

Looking up, everyone who was still alive paled.

At the bottom of the cliffs on both sides of the canyon, countless huge rocks and flaming oil fell down.

Although Yang Kai was covered in blood, he still held his spear and looked up.

In that direction, the White Lotus Mother’s face flushed red as she looked down. Behind her, Qu Huachang’s fists were clenched tightly as her body trembled slightly.

When the rolling stones, fire, and arrows covered the entire Scarlet Wind Canyon, the White Lotus Mother finally couldn’t help laughing.

The final obstacle to unifying the world was not the Justice League.

Instead, it was Yang Kai! From beginning to end, she had never been Yang Kai’s opponent. Even if she destroyed the Justice League, she would not be able to take the lead in this world.

But now, this obstacle had finally been cleared.

The Death Qi, which had been lingering around the White Lotus Mother for many years, had been swept away, and the wrinkles on her face seemed to have lessened greatly. Looking at her radiant face, it would not be a problem for her to live for a few more decades.

Qu Huachang understood that she had been used. What the White Lotus Mother was using was precisely the ambition she had been burning in her heart for many years.

Over the past few years, the White Lotus Mother had been constantly showing signs of exhaustion, all in order to fuel her ambitions.

The cheers of the surrounding White Lotus Cult Disciples resounded through the sky, but in Qu Huachang’s ears, everything in this world seemed to have nothing to do with her.

The Justice League had been destroyed, Lin Taidou had died, and Yang Kai had also died. No one in this world could stop the rule of White Lotus Cult.

In this world, the White Lotus Cult was the dominant force, and the Mother of the White Lotus Cult had finally displayed a vitality and enthusiasm that was incompatible with her age, as if she was the leader of the entire world.

Two months later, the smell of blood filled the hall.

The White Lotus Mother’s chest was pierced by a sharp sword and she was lying on a tall chair, her clothes stained with blood.

She stared at Qu Huachang in disbelief and clutched her chest, “You… how dare you?”

Qu Huachang stood ten meter in front of her. Although the White Lotus Mother was about to die, a cunning old fox like her could counterattack at any moment. Qu Huachang was not stupid enough to give her a chance.

At this moment, the enchanting beauty was like a poisonous snake, her expression extremely cold as she indifferently said, “Why wouldn’t I dare?”

The White Lotus Mother coughed out a mouthful of blood, “I haven’t taught you the formula for the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill yet, so even if I die, you won’t be able to survive. At most, you’ll die in three months.”

Because she trusted the effects of the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill too much, the White Lotus Mother had never been wary of Qu Huachang, allowing her to succeed.

As for the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill formula, only the White Lotus Cult’s Religion Master had the qualifications to obtain it. Every Religion Master would only hand over the recipe to the next Religion Master before they died.

“Are you talking about this?” Qu Huachang suddenly took out a jade bottle and poured out a few dozen blood-red pills from it.

The White Lotus Mother’s eyes widened in disbelief, “How could this be? Where did you get the formula?”

She was certain that she had never told anyone about the formula, nor had she left any traces behind. Qu Huachang would never have obtained it.

“He gave it to me.” When Qu Huachang talked about him, her expression became a bit sad as she recalled the incident at Scarlet Wind Canyon.

Before Yang Kai left, he gave her something, and after that day, she found out that it was the formula for the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill.

Judging from the material of this thing and the traces of its formulas, it seemed to have been there for more than a dozen years.

In other words, Yang Kai had obtained this formula more than a decade ago, and he and Xiao He had probably already removed the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill's poison, so it was impossible for them to be controlled by the pill anymore.

He could leave at any time, but he had never left and had always been by her side. Even if her request was unreasonable, he had never refused.

Even if she wanted him to die, he was willing to die!

The White Lotus Mother naturally knew who Qu Huachang was referring to, so she was stunned for a moment before smiling bitterly, “I didn’t expect him to be an Alchemy Master!”

The only possibility that the White Lotus Mother could think of for obtaining the antidote formula without any clues was that Yang Kai had analyzed the composition of the antidote he obtained every three months.

This kind of skill was not something an ordinary Alchemist could achieve. The White Lotus Mother even suspected that her guess was correct.

“Yes, I didn’t expect this,” Qu Huachang muttered.

The White Lotus Mother suddenly smiled, “Very good, as White Lotus Cult’s Religion Master, you should be cold and ruthless. You are a woman, so you are naturally inferior to a man. If you continue to be indecisive, you will ruin my Sect’s hundreds of years of foundation. I really didn’t misjudge you! After you take over this Religion Master position, I can rest assured.”

Qu Huachang bowed respectfully, “Religion Master, please go on your way!”

The White Lotus Mother nodded and slowly closed her eyes, her aura gradually weakening until it was completely gone!

A moment later, Qu Huachang stepped forward and checked the White Lotus Mother’s breathing to make sure she was dead before moving her away and sitting down on the Religion Master’s throne.

This was her dream since she was young!

Now, her wish had finally come true.

The towering throne symbolized supreme power, the ability to control life and death, the source of all righteous and evil.

Everything she had now was even bigger than her childhood dream, and in this world, White Lotus Cult is invincible.

Looking down with her beautiful eyes, she seemed to be able to see countless heroes kowtowing to her, the scene of countless sects coming to her.

Qu Huachang’s mouth twitched as she silently laughed.

A person’s life was very short, and only a few dreams were born. To be able to realize one of these dreams was a great fortune.

Qu Huachang had done it!

A general’s success was equivalent to ten thousand deaths.

The empty hall echoed with her wild laughter. No one could share the joy of this moment with her, and now there was only a corpse accompanying her.

Laughing and laughing, she cried.

Tears streamed down her face like broken pearls. She covered her face with her hands and wore a pained expression.

When she was loved, she has no fear, but when it's lost, she knew how to cherish it.

As she sat in this position, she realized that her dreams were not even worth mentioning. What had once been ignored was the most precious thing in her life.

But she couldn’t go back, she couldn’t go back anymore. All she could remember now was the house by the lake. Those two months had been the most carefree time of her life.

As the warm wind blew, she placed her hands behind her head and stared at the stars in the sky, listening to the story of their nine lives of love. At that time, all she felt was love and affection, not the slightest bit of deceit or sword light.

What a nostalgic time.

“What I owe you in this life, I’ll repay in the next!”

Qu Huachang slashed her sword across her neck, the sharp edge cutting through her tender skin. As tears filled her eyes, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her like a ghost.

The man wore an iron mask that concealed his face, but his figure was extremely familiar.

Qu Huachang felt that this must be an illusion, so she stared at the person in front of her in a daze as the strength of her sword increased.

The man grabbed her wrist.

Qu Huachang’s body trembled.

Behind that person, Xiao He stuck her head out, showng a puzzled look on her face, “Why are you still thinking so hard? You were smiling so happily just now, how strange.”

“Un… Uncle?” Qu Huachang quickly wiped away her tears and asked in a trembling voice.

The man in front of her took off her long sword and threw it to the side, letting out a crisp sound as he rubbed her head, “Good people don’t live long while evil people live a thousand years. I won’t die so easily.”

Qu Huachang almost couldn’t believe it as she lifted her hand, wanting to remove the iron mask covering his face.

“I was burnt, I'm afraid it would scare you,” Yang Kai said.

Qu Huachang wasn’t affected at all. As soon as his mask was lifted, what appeared before her eyes was a face distorted by burns, terrifying to the extreme, enough to stop children from crying at night.

Qu Huachang, on the other hand, desperately rushed forward and hugged him tightly, as if she wanted to fuse her entire being into his body and deeply smell his scent, wanting to engrave this scent into her soul so that she would never forget it no matter how many reincarnations she had.

Her tears and snot were all over Yang Kai’s body as she laughed and cried.

Xiao He tilted her head to the side and couldn’t help sighing, “It’s so nice to finally have a lover!”

Suddenly, Qu Huachang’s body froze for a moment before she lifted her head from Yang Kai’s chest and looked at him blankly, “Junior Brother?”

Yang Kai let out a long sigh, “Senior Sister, you’re finally awake!”

This life was far too difficult. Compared to the previous eight lives, it was far more difficult to awaken Qu Huachang.

This time, Qu Huachang’s ambitions were simply too great, so great that her emotions were cut off. Although Yang Kai had worked hard by her side for nearly twenty years, and although he had some results, he was still unable to break her heart barrier.

As such, Yang Kai could only take the risk and allow her to fulfil her dreams and life's ambitions. Only at this moment would she have the time to examine her heart.

During the battle at Scarlet Wind Canyon, even if the White Lotus Mother didn’t have such plans, Yang Kai was prepared to fake his death and escape.

The White Lotus Mother’s plan had almost killed him.

Yang Kai didn’t know what would happen if he really died there, but fortunately, the final result was what he wanted to see.

Qu Huachang, who had experienced nine reincarnations, clearly saw her own heart, and the barrier in her heart broke, awakening.


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