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Excluding the Seven Great Sects, there were countless people in the world who hated the White Lotus Cult. The bloodbath caused by the White Lotus Cult caused countless people to lose their families, their wives and children.

This was how the people around Lin Taidou slowly gathered.

The White Lotus Cult had unified the world and was now invincible. The higher-ups of the White Lotus Cult lived a life of luxury every day, and even White Lotus Mother had let down her guard.

It wasn’t until half a year later, when the Justice League led by Lin Taidou revealed itself, that the White Lotus Mother became slightly vigilant.

But that was all. After all, Noble Spirit Palace and the Seven Great Sects had all been destroyed by White Lotus Cult, so how long could this dog shit Justice League last?

However, each time the White Lotus Cult and Justice League encountered such a situation, they suffered a great loss, their disciples were killed one after another, and even several Hall Masters suffered misfortunes within six months time.

Only then did the White Lotus Mother wake up and alert to this newly established Justice League. She ordered her elite subordinates to search for traces of the Justice League and to kill them all.

The Justice League was different from Noble Spirit Palace or the Seven Great Sects.

At that time, when White Lotus Cult was enemies with Noble Spirit Palace and the Seven Great Sects, the former was in the dark while the latter was in the light, but now the situation had reversed.

When the White Lotus Cult invaded Noble Spirit Palace, although they had their own headquarter, they had also exposed their existence to the world.

On the other hand, Justice League had been hiding in the shadows since its establishment.

With a powerful and charismatic leader like Lin Taidou, every time the Justice League made a move, it would bring great trouble to White Lotus Cult, giving him great prestige and influence.

Over the past five years, under the constant encirclement of White Lotus Cult, the Justice League had not only not been destroyed, but had instead grown stronger.

Although he had not yet reached the point where he could confront White Lotus Cult head-on, he had already grown his wings and was capable of posing a fatal threat to them.

The White Lotus Mother would never allow a second voice to appear in her territory. She had thought that breaking through the Grand Battle Sect would be a feat that none of the previous Cult Lords had been able to accomplish, but now it seemed that the Justice League is indestructible.

The White Lotus Mother was in a precarious position, no longer daring to act like a lecherous dog, instead focusing all her attention on eliminating the Justice League.

She had never thought that the Justice League would be so tenacious.

In the tenth year, the Justice League's scale was no less than Noble Spirit Palace's, and they had clashed several times with White Lotus Cult, both sides winning and losing.

This made the White Lotus Mother extremely angry. Every time she thought about how she had broke through the Grand Battle Sect, she would regret it.

At that time, if she had paid more attention to this Lin Taidou and ordered someone to find him and kill him, she wouldn’t have been in such trouble today.

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world. The mistake she had made back then had caused today’s mess, so no matter how angry she was, she had to clean it up.

In the following ten years, the entire world was embroiled in a fierce battle between the Righteous and Evil paths.

As long as a cultivator was successful in their cultivation, they would either choose to join the White Lotus Cult or join the Justice League. There was no other choice, nor was there any way they could remain uninvolved. Battles between the two sides could be seen everywhere on the continent.

The White Lotus Mother was slowly aging, her face was no longer beautiful, and her lifespan was short. Her originally black hair had gradually turned silver, and the muscles on her face had become loose.

She could feel that she wouldn’t be able to live for much longer. When she was young, she had suffered many injuries because of her fight with Noble Spirit Palace, most of which had side effects. As she grew older, her bodily functions would be affected.

Perhaps one night when she fell asleep, she would never see the sun again.

However, the long-cherished wish of unifying the world and the Righteous and Evil paths had yet to be fulfilled. The rule over more than a decade ago was just an illusion to deceive others. As long as Lin Taidou and the Justice League were not eliminated, the White Lotus Mother would not rest in peace.

She had recklessly launched a decisive battle with the Justice League.

In just a year, more than half of the cultivators from White Lotus Cult and Justice League had died, and the intensity of each battle far exceeded that of the previous decades.

In the end, the White Lotus Cult army surrounded the Justice League in Scarlet Wind Canyon!

Scarlet Wind Canyon was a natural canyon that was wide enough for dozens of horses to ride side by side, and the narrow part was barely wide enough for several people to pass through.

On both sides were steep cliffs.

Scarlet Wind Canyon was a place with no way to advance or retreat.

To be able to trap the Justice League here, Yang Kai had made great contributions, and it was thanks to his leadership that they had been able to lure the enemy here step by step for three months. During this time, the two sides had engaged in countless battles of wits and courage, and had almost succeeded several times.

The final assault was launched, and the White Lotus Cult Disciples who had been prepared to attack from both ends of the Scarlet Wind Canyon launched a decisive battle.

Every moment, someone fell to the ground and died. In less than an hour, the Scarlet Wind Canyon was covered in blood.

After several days of fierce fighting, the White Lotus Cult’s dozen or so assaults had been forced back, and both sides were now completely exhausted.

The White Lotus Mother was sitting on a huge rock on the side of Scarlet Wind Canyon, quietly watching the battle below, when she suddenly waved her hand.

Qu Huachang stepped forward and stood beside her.

The White Lotus Mother asked, “Little Qu’er, do you have a good plan to defeat the enemy?”

Qu Huachang had also been watching for a few days, so naturally she was able to see what was going on. Hearing this, she said, “Capture the leader. There is nothing to worry about in the Justice League beside Lin Taidou. As long as we can kill him, the Justice League will collapse.”

Finished speaking, she cupped her fists and said, “Cult Lord, this subordinate requests your permission to personally kill Lin Taidou!”

The White Lotus Mother smiled and shook her head, “I am very gratified that you have such intentions. In the future, if White Lotus Cult is handed over to you, I can rest assured.”

“Cult Lord…” Qu Huachang lowered her eyes. Over the past few years, White Lotus Mother had mentioned this to her more than once, as if she intended to pass on the Religion Master position to her after a hundred years.

Although in the current White Lotus Cult, she was indeed the most qualified to inherit the position of Religion Master, she didn’t dare show any of this on her face. Every time White Lotus Mother mentioned this matter, she would pretend to be deaf.

The White Lotus Mother raised her hand and interrupted her, “I’m old and won’t be able to live for much longer. Every night, I feel as if the people who died in my hands are chasing after my soul. The position of Religion Master will eventually be passed to you.”

Her words were extremely sincere, as if she wasn’t testing her, but Qu Huachang remained silent.

“Lin Taidou’s strength is unparalleled. Although you are also extraordinary, you are not his opponent. In this world, there is only one person who can contend with Lin Taidou!”

As the White Lotus Mother spoke, she suddenly stared at Qu Huachang.

She didn’t say who it was, but Qu Huachang knew who she was talking about.

Yang Kai!

After spending nearly twenty years together, Qu Huachang had never even figured out just how strong Yang Kai was. If there was anyone in this world who could defeat Lin Taidou, it would be Yang Kai alone.

“Let him take action. After killing this Lin Taidou, the Justice League will cease to exist in this world,” White Lotus Mother ordered.

Qu Huachang had been accompanying the White Lotus Mother the entire time, so the White Lotus Cult disciples fighting at the foot of the mountain hadn’t noticed anything, but she had.

Now that White Lotus Mother said so, she seemed to realize something and hesitated.

The White Lotus Mother grabbed her hand and gently patted it, “I know you have ambitions to inherit the position of Religion Master, to become the most noble woman in the world. To you, love is nothing but fleeting clouds. If not for that, after twenty years of living together, can’t you tell what kind of affection Yang Kai has for you? Why must you remain so distant from him? I promise you, after this battle, I will pass the position of Religion Master to you. This Cult Lord only has this one wish before she dies. When you become the Religion Master, the Righteous and Evil paths will only listen to you.”

Qu Huachang pursed her lips, a look of struggle appearing on her face.

“Think about it yourself!” The White Lotus Mother glanced at her and said no more.

She knew that Qu Huachang would make a wise choice.

Sure enough, after a moment, Qu Huachang raised her head and said, “I’ll go tell him.”

“Go,” The White Lotus Mother nodded.

Qu Huachang turned around and floated down the mountain.

At one end of the canyon, Yang Kai was supervising the battle.

More than twenty years didn’t seem to have left much of a mark on him. He didn’t look much different from when he first joined the White Lotus Cult. Although he was old, he wasn’t as old as the White Lotus Mother.

Xiao He remained by his side, not moving an inch.

When Qu Huachang arrived, Yang Kai immediately saw her and smiled at her, “Is Religion Master in a hurry? Tell her that in less than seven days, the Justice League won’t be able to hold on. This Lin Taidou is quite a character, but that’s all.”

Qu Huachang looked at him quietly for a moment before saying, “I want you to kill Lin Taidou.”

“Now?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Qu Huachang nodded imperceptibly.

After a moment of silence, Yang Kai smiled, “There’s no need for such formalities between us. If you want him to die now, I’ll take his head right now. I don’t think he can stop my spear.”

Qu Huachang’s face was slightly pale, her mouth slightly agape as if she wanted to say something, but no words came out.

Yang Kai seemed to have thought of something and suddenly took out an item from his chest pocket and handed it to Qu Huachang, “Take good care of this, don’t let anyone else discover it.”

Qu Huachang’s heart was in a mess as she received it in a daze.

Yang Kai looked up in the direction of the White Lotus Mother and whispered, “White Lotus Mother, don't believe her!”

Qu Huachang suddenly felt as if she had been struck by lightning, her originally somewhat blood-red face suddenly fading.

Looking up, Yang Kai had already drawn his spear and was striding towards the battlefield.

Xiao He followed closely behind and suddenly turned to look at Qu Huachang, “You must take good care of yourself in the future!”

Saying so, she made a face at her.

Tears welled up in Qu Huachang’s eyes as tears began streaming down her face.

When she returned to the White Lotus Mother’s side, the fierce battle below had already begun. Yang Kai’s personal appearance had greatly boosted the morale of the White Lotus Cult, causing the Justice League, which had been able to resist, to fall back in defeat and suffer heavy casualties.

The White Lotus Mother smiled as she looked down at the battle, “Little Qu’er, you’re really lucky. This Yang Kai is very loyal to you.”

Qu Huachang remained silent, feeling as if a knife was being twisted in her heart!


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