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However, from the looks of it, the progress was not too smooth.

In this life, Qu Huachang’s heart was not so easy to open up. After spending several months together, Yang Kai had also noticed it.

In this life, although she was still a woman and behaved obediently under White Lotus Mother, she was still an extremely ambitious woman. This kind of ambition was as hot as the sun, something Yang Kai had never seen before.

Before, she had been captured by Yang Kai and had lived in seclusion in the mountains for several months. Perhaps it was a disguise, or perhaps it was a display of her true feelings, but after she regained her freedom, her hidden ambition once again revealed itself.

With the addition of Yang Kai and Luo Tinghe in the White Lotus Cult, their forces is like a tiger with wings. The two of them were top masters in the world, and if these two joined forces, few people in the world could resist them.

News of Noble Spirit Palace's higher-ups being assassinated continued to spread, causing everyone in Noble Spirit Palace to panic.

At this time, if the seven great Sects could work together, they might be able to overcome this crisis. However, because of Yang Kai, the entire Shence Palace was rejected, and even the Green Smoke Sect, which Luo Tinghe came from, suffered the same treatment.

Coupled with the death of Noble Spirit Palace's new Palace Master, Yu Xingzhou, the entire Noble Spirit Palace was in chaos.

The White Lotus Mother decisively took action at this moment and led her White Lotus Cult disciples to openly attack Noble Spirit Palace's headquarter.

This battle lasted for half a month and the number of deaths on both sides was difficult to calculate.

Noble Spirit Palace had suffered a great loss and their headquarter had changed hands. The surviving masters of the Seven Great Sects had scattered and returned to their respective Sects to recuperate.

In this battle, White Lotus Cult’s display of strength had shocked the world. In the past, White Lotus Cult had always acted stealthily in the shadows, like a mouse that couldn’t be seen in the light. Although everyone knew that White Lotus Cult had developed many followers, no one knew exactly how many they had.

This time, they really saw it.

When they attacked Noble Spirit Palace's headquarter, the White Lotus Cult disciples swarmed towards them like a tide.

For a time, the White Lotus Cult’s reputation soared!

The White Lotus Mother had also accomplished something that no other Cult Lord had been able to accomplish in the past hundred years; taking down Noble Spirit Palace's headquarter.

Over the past hundred years, White Lotus Cult had attempted to attack Noble Spirit Palace's headquarter three times, but all of them had failed. The worst of all was that even the White Lotus's Cult Lord had died in that battle.

The battle at Noble Spirit Palace had pushed White Lotus Mother’s personal prestige to the peak.

Since then, White Lotus Cult had its own headquarter, which was located in the ruins of Noble Spirit Palace's headquarter. It was now openly visible to the world, no longer as secretive as before.

In this battle, Yang Kai had also put in a great deal of effort. At least twenty masters from Noble Spirit Palace had died under his hands, allowing White Lotus Cult to occupy the main altar and defeat Noble Spirit Palace.

It was only now that the White Lotus Mother completely trusted him.

Because of him, Qu Huachang’s status in the White Lotus Cult had greatly increased. Originally, there were several other Saintesses in the Sect who could compete with her, but now, among all the Saintess, she was the only one who stood out. The White Lotus Mother held her in high regard, and although she didn’t say anything, all the White Lotus Cult disciples felt that she was the best successor to be the next Cult Lord.

As the White Lotus Cult’s reputation continued to rise, many small and medium-sized sects that were originally attached to Noble Spirit Palace on the continent began to pledge their allegiance to the White Lotus Cult.

The power of the White Lotus Cult was like a rolling snowball.

After several months, Yang Kai had returned to this familiar headquarter and was still living in the same place as before, following Qu Huachang around every day.

All of the White Lotus Cult disciples knew that no matter what Qu Huachang’s request was, whether it was reasonable or unreasonable, Yang Kai would immediately satisfy her.

As for Qu Huachang’s current status, it could be said that most of it was thanks to Yang Kai’s efforts. If it weren’t for him, the previous assassinations wouldn’t have been so easy to complete and would not have been able to suppress the higher ups of the Noble Spirit Palace. The conflict between White Lotus Cult and Noble Spirit Palace wouldn’t have been so smooth.

The elevation of her status and the importance of the White Lotus Mother one her made Qu Huachang’s ambitions swell even further. In the entire White Lotus Cult, she was basically the second most powerful existence.

In the corridor, Yang Kai and Xiao He followed behind Qu Huachang and quickly walked forward.

On the opposite side, an enchanting and graceful woman led two guards.

The two women’s eyes met in mid-air and the enchanting woman smiled towards Qu Huachang before nodding and greeting, “Sister Qu.”

Qu Huachang smiled sweetly, “Sister Tian!”

This enchanting and graceful woman was also one of the Saintess of White Lotus Cult. Before Qu Huachang’s rise to fame, she was the most outstanding Saintess of White Lotus Cult. Whether it was in terms of appearance or strength, she was stronger than the other Saintess and was the most valued by White Lotus Mother.

“Sister Qu, where are you going?” Tian Jie asked with concern.

Qu Huachang replied, “I just came back from the Cult Lord's place and am preparing to go back and rest. Does Elder Sister also want to go to the Cult Lord's place?”

Tian Jie pursed his lips and smiled, “No, I had nothing to do, so I decided to take a look around. This Noble Spirit Palace's headquarter used to be quite mysterious, but now it seems it isn’t much.”

“It feels mysterious when you don't obtain it, but when you obtain it, it’s just so-so,” Qu Huachang smiled lightly.

Tian Jie looked at her thoughtfully and chuckled, “Sister Qu’s words make sense, but when you haven’t obtained it yet, you always want to know if it’s mysterious or not. You’ll only know after you obtain it. What does Sister think?”

“Yes,” Qu Huachang nodded, her expression turning cold, “I heard that Elder Sister is very interested in my guard?”

Tian Jie’s face was filled with surprise, “Where did Little Sister hear these rumors? Everyone in the Sect knows that he is one of your people, so why would Elder Sister have any ideas about him?”

Qu Huachang smiled lightly, “Is that so? Then why was there someone who didn’t sleep last night and went to someone else’s room naked?”

A look of shame and anger immediately appeared on Tian Jie’s face as she glared fiercely at Yang Kai, who was standing behind Qu Huachang.

She hadn’t expected Yang Kai to tell Qu Huachang about this.

Yang Kai remained indifferent.

At this moment, Qu Huachang suddenly rushed forward, her jade white hand transforming into an eagle’s claw as her strength surged towards Tian Jie’s neck.

Tian Jie also didn’t expect that Qu Huachang, who was also a Saintess of the White Lotus Cult, would actually dare to attack her here. It was a great taboo in the White Lotus Cult to have allies fight each other, so she couldn’t react in time.

Fortunately, the two guards behind her never let down their guard. The moment Qu Huachang attacked, the two of them drew their swords and slashed down.

If Qu Huachang didn’t stop, her arm might be cut off. The Saintess’ guards were extremely loyal to the Saintess they protected and never cared about the lives of others.

Qu Huachang, however, had no intention of stopping and instead attacked.

Before the sword light could land, Yang Kai and Xiao He, one on the left and one on the right, easily sent the two guards flying. At the same time, Qu Huachang had already grabbed Tian Jie’s slender and fair neck, and with a burst of energy from her palm, Tian Jie’s body stiffened, not daring to act rashly.

“You… are you crazy?” Tian Jie’s beautiful face paled.

Qu Huachang just stared at her coldly, “It’s you who’s too bold, daring to scheme against my people.”

Feeling the pressure on her neck and seeing the murderous intent in Qu Huachang’s eyes, Tian Jie finally panicked.

She really wanted to kill her! Tian Jie deeply regretted her decision last night.

In fact, all of the Saintess felt that Qu Huachang’s current achievements were all thanks to Yang Kai. The former Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace had been brought to their side, Qu Huachang has done nothing much.

Yang Kai was a man and the Saintess was a woman, so the methods they could think of to win him over were naturally simple and direct. Tian Jie could never have imagined that Yang Kai would not accept her intentions, but instead tell Qu Huachang about such a shameful matter, causing her to fall into a passive position.

“Little Sister, please spare my life, I won’t dare to do this again, I will only follow your lead,” Tian Jie begged, her expression pitiful, “If you kill me here, Little Sister will also be punished.”

Qu Huachang did not move.

Yang Kai frowned and said, “Spare her this once, I’m sure there won’t be a next time.”


The light in Tian Jie’s beautiful eyes gradually disappeared as her body fell limply to the ground.

Qu Huachang turned around and glared at Yang Kai angrily, “Why are you begging mercy for her?”

Yang Kai opened his mouth and sighed lightly.

Everything in the Samsara World was born from Qu Huachang’s heart, and the people and things here were all illusions. As the Saintess of White Lotus Cult, she was naturally hostile to Noble Spirit Palace and fought and killed each other, so no matter how many people Qu Huachang killed, Yang Kai would not say anything.

But no matter what, he didn’t want to see Qu Huachang’s heart twist like a snake and kill without blinking.

When he tried to persuade her, he did not think of any counter effects and instead let Tian Jie die.

Qu Huachang’s personality was naturally not like this. It could only be said that the reincarnation of her ninth life had completely sealed her memories, and in this life, Qu Huachang was a completely different person.

“Although she was in the wrong, she didn’t deserve death,” Yang Kai frowned.

Qu Huachang was like a child protecting her beloved toy, gritting her teeth and saying, “If anyone dares to have any ideas about you, I’ll kill them!”

Xiao He, who was watching from the side, poked Yang Kai’s arm and whispered, “She likes you.”

Yang Kai didn’t know if he should be happy or sad…

Although the conflict just now was short, someone had obviously reported it to the White Lotus Mother, so she quickly rushed over.

Seeing Tian Jie’s corpse, the White Lotus Mother’s face became extremely gloomy.

Among all the Saintess, besides Qu Huachang, Tian Jie was the one she valued the most, but now she had died at the hands of another Saintess.

This had never happened before!


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