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The White Lotus Cult originally had a Left and Right Protectors, and all of them had extraordinary strength. However, under the orders of the White Lotus Mother, Yang Kai was given the position of Left Protector while the original Left Protector didn’t even dare to fart.

On one hand, it was out of respect for the White Lotus Mother, but on the other hand, this Left Protector also knew that his strength was indeed inferior to Yang Kai’s, so competing for this position would only embarrass him.

During the banquet, this Left Protector was the one who toast a drink the most.

After the feast, Yang Kai and Xiao He had perfectly blended into the White Lotus Cult, and since then, no one had treated them as outsiders.

The days passed by uneventfully. The White Lotus Mother was undoubtedly very concerned about Yang Kai and would come to him from time to time to discuss the situation of the world with him, analyzing the current situation of White Lotus Cult and the strength of Noble Spirit Palace, as if she regarded Yang Kai as a trusted aide.

However, she had never asked Yang Kai to do anything, instead treating him as a kindred spirit.

Several months had passed.

On this day, White Lotus Mother and Qu Huachang were deploying an assassination attempt against the current Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace when they suddenly stopped and turned to look.

Yang Kai and Xiao He stood next to Qu Huachang like two guards, but at this moment, both of them couldn’t help trembling slightly as a chill spread from their bodies.

Xiao He shivered and asked in confusion, “Why is it suddenly a bit cold?”

The White Lotus Mother smiled slightly, “The effects of the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill are starting to take effect. It’s a bit cold now, but it will become hot soon. The cold and hot will continue to change, and each cycle will become more intense until the person who takes the pill can no longer bear it and dies.”

She spoke casually, as if she was talking about a trivial matter.

“Ah? It’s been three months?” Xiao He was surprised. She had been happily playing with the White Lotus Cult disciples every day and hadn’t even noticed the passage of time. She stretched out her hand towards the White Lotus Mother, “Then give me the antidote!”

The White Lotus Mother smiled and shook her head, “There’s no need to rush, this is your first time experiencing the effects of the medicine, so you should feel it first. After all, you won’t necessarily be able to obtain the antidote every time the medicine takes effect in the future. Perhaps you’ll need to endure it for a while. If you can get used to it now, you won’t feel too uncomfortable in the future.”

“You’re right!” Xiao He heard her words and immediately closed her eyes, focusing all her attention on sensing what was happening.

Facing the same situation as Xiao He, the chill in Yang Kai’s body suddenly burst out without warning, pulling his own strength and rampaging through his meridians uncontrollably. Immediately after, the chill suddenly turned into a hot stream, like magma, burning every inch of his flesh.

An unbearable pain engulfed Yang Kai’s entire body, but his face remained expressionless as his clothes were instantly soaked.

He turned to look at Xiao He and was secretly shocked.

Xiao He had an extremely special physique, which made her immune to all poisons. Yang Kai didn’t know why she had such a physique, but ever since he met her, she had become like this.

Half a year ago, in the secret base of the White Lotus Cult, it was because of her physique that she was able to eat so many poisoned dishes and remain safe.

It could be said that ordinary poisons in this world were completely ineffective against her.

But even with her physique, she was unable to resist the effects of the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill.

From this, it could be seen that the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill was not a simple poison.

The White Lotus Mother and Qu Huachang continued to perfect the details of the various attacks, deducing various possible scenarios and countermeasures, hoping that this attack would be carried out perfectly.

Qu Huachang listened attentively, ignoring the pain from the two people beside her.

After talking for two hours, the White Lotus Mother nodded and said, “That’s all. If you fail again this time, you don’t need to come back.”

Qu Huachang replied, “Please rest assured, Cult Lord, this subordinate will definitely complete this mission.”

The White Lotus Mother nodded and suddenly ordered, “Kill them!”

There were only four people in the room. Besides the White Lotus Mother and Qu Huachang, there was only Yang Kai and Xiao He.

Over the past two hours, the two of them had experienced countless torments of alternating hot and cold temperatures. The energy in their bodies was extremely chaotic, and all of their strength had been used to resist the effects of the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill.

Not to mention masters like Qu Huachang and White Lotus Mother, even an adult male could easily kill them on the spot.

After hearing this order, Qu Huachang didn’t hesitate in the slightest and immediately responded. In a flash, she appeared in front of Yang Kai, stretched out her slender hand, and a bright dagger appeared in her palm, stabbing towards Yang Kai’s heart.

Two inches into his chest, her wrist was caught by someone and was unable to move forward.

Qu Huachang turned her head and looked at the White Lotus Mother in confusion, the latter smiling lightly, “Enough, bring them along for this operation.”

Qu Huachang cupped her fists, “Yes!”

The White Lotus Mother floated away, leaving behind two Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill's antidote on the table.

Qu Huachang took out the antidote and fed it to Yang Kai and Xiao He, allowing their symptoms to quickly ease.

Opening his eyes, Yang Kai looked at Qu Huachang and smiled lightly, “You stabbed me again, I’m afraid you won't be able to pay it in your next life.”

Qu Huachang said lightly, “If I can’t pay it back, then so be it, who would be willing to?”

Turning around and walking out, she paused for a moment when she passed by Yang Kai and said in a low voice, “Cult Lord is suspicious by nature, it was a test just now, you don't need to care.”

Of course, Yang Kai knew that White Lotus Mother was trying to test whether Qu Huachang was still loyal.

If Qu Huachang had hesitated even the slightest bit under her orders just now, her position as Saintess would have been difficult to maintain. The White Lotus Mother needed subordinates who would obey her orders, so she didn’t need these subordinates to have their own thoughts.

The second was to test whether Yang Kai and Luo Tinghe had really been poisoned by the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill.

Although the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill was powerful, both Yang Kai and Luo Tinghe were top masters in this world, so even the White Lotus Mother wasn’t certain if she could control them with the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill.

If the two of them had deliberately acted as if the poison was acting up, she wouldn’t have been able to tell if it was real or fake.

When Qu Huachang attacked, Yang Kai didn’t resist at all, which meant he was really poisoned.

This simple order allowed the White Lotus Mother to dispel the doubts in her heart, making her extremely cunning.

Yang Kai had stepped down from his position as Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace, and the Sixth Palace Master was Yu Xingzhou from Flying Star Palace. When Yang Kai was the Palace Master, he was one of the Six Vice Palace Masters, and his strength was slightly stronger than the other Vice Palace Masters. His prestige was barely high enough, so it was only natural for him to assume the position of Palace Master.

Under normal circumstances, assassinating the Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace was an extremely difficult task. When Yang Kai was the Palacec Master, he had encountered countless assassinations, but each time, White Lotus Cult had failed.

However, there was a heaven-sent opportunity.

Yu Xingzhou, as a personal disciples of the Old Palace Master of Flying Star Palace, had to return to celebrate his 80th birthday no matter what. This was also the most sensational event in the world recently. Countless heroes had rushed to Flying Star Palace from all directions, and the White Lotus Cult, which had been dormant for more than half a year, had also become active.

Since that day in Eastern Star City when the White Lotus Mother had been severely injured, the White Lotus Cult had been holed up in hiding. The White Lotus Mother had also been recuperating during this period of time, and only a few days ago had she fully recovered.

If the White Lotus Cult didn’t make a move, it would be fine, but if they did, it would be earth-shattering!

The Sixth Palace Master, Yu Xingzhou, had been assassinated on his way back to Flying Star Palace, and none of the sixteen accompanying masters from Noble Spirit Palace had survived.

Many heroes who had gone to Flying Star Palace had also died along the way, with traces of the White Lotus Cult stirring up trouble everywhere.

Originally, Flying Star Palace’s Old Palace Master’s 80th birthday was a great event, but in just a few days, it became a disaster that swept through the world. When the old Palace Master heard this news, he fell ill.

When the news spread that Yu Xingzhou had actually died under the Great Unrestrained Spear Technique, the entire world’s righteous path was in an uproar.

One had to know that the Great Unrestrained Spear Technique was the unique skill of the previous Palace Master, Yang Kai, and only he was proficient in it.

Some people didn’t believe it, but the famous Elders who had gone to investigate the scene said with heartache that it was indeed an injury caused by Great Unrestrained Spear Technique.

In other words, Noble Spirit Palace's Sixth Palace Master had died under the spear of the Fifth Palace Master!

In fact, before this, there was a rumor that the Fifth Palace Master had betrayed the Righteous Path with his confidant Luo Tinghe after removing the position of Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace and thrown himself into the arms of White Lotus Cult. Now, he was the Left Protector of White Lotus Cult.

However, no one believed this news. Everyone knew what kind of conflict Yang Kai had with the White Lotus Cult during his reign, especially the Shence Mansion. They hated the people who spread this rumor and would publicly defend Yang Kai’s reputation.

But this time, even Shence Palace didn’t dare to speak.

The Great Unrestrained Spear Technique was an extremely mysterious spear technique. Yang Kai had once sought out a disciple with excellent aptitude and comprehension in the Shence Palace and had intended to teach this spear technique to them, but after two or three years of hard work, even the most outstanding disciples were unable to comprehend its mysteries. Even if they had only learned a few superficial knowledge, it was still difficult to comprehend its essence.

In this world, only Yang Kai could use the Great Unrestrained Spear Technique.

This was indelible evidence, and it was also something the Shence Palace could not erase.

The Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace had been ambushed and died, causing chaos everywhere. At this moment, the White Lotus Cult had once again swept over, causing the entire world to be filled with smoke and fire as a storm approached.

The old Palace Master of Flying Star Palace fell ill for only a few days before dying, and in the end, he didn’t get to celebrate his 80th birthday.

First, Yu Xingzhou had been assassinated, and then the old Palace Master had died from a serious illness. The entire Flying Star Palace had placed this debt on Yang Kai, and even Shence Palace had been rejected by Noble Spirit Palace.

After Yang Kai’s exposure, this rejection became even more severe.

After Qu Huachang assassinated Yu Xingzhou, the three of them rushed to the next battlefield. In the fierce battle with the masters of Noble Spirit Palace, Yang Kai inevitably exposed his whereabouts and identity.

In fact, he had never thought of hiding anything.

This Samsara World was built around Qu Huachang’s opinion and was not real. It was just an illusory reincarnation, so he didn’t need to worry too much about it. All he needed to do was find a way to win Qu Huachang’s heart and complete his task.


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Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
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"All he needed to do was find a way to win Qu Huachang’s heart and complete his task."

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