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Yang Kai handed over Qu Huachang, who was still in his arms, to her. The Saintess quickly brought Qu Huachang back to the White Lotus Mother and placed her on the ground in front of her.

The White Lotus Mother lowered her head and glanced at Qu Huachang before drawing in a deep breath with her left hand. A powerful force burst forth and sucked Qu Huachang up, her right hand tapping a few times.

Qu Huachang let out a soft moan and slowly woke up.

Her face was still filled with pain, and under the impact of the energy in her body, her body was sometimes hot and sometimes cold, as if she could explode at any moment.

Under the indifferent gaze of the White Lotus Mother, she knelt down on one knee, her teeth chattering, “Mother, I’ve brought you a big present!”

The White Lotus Mother nodded slightly, “Well done, you really didn’t disappoint me.”

Qu Huachang lowered her head, “It's this subordinate duty.”

“Retreat first,” The White Lotus Mother waved her hand.

Only then did Qu Huachang stand up and stand behind White Lotus Mother. With a flip of her hand, she took out a pill from somewhere and swallowed it.

The moment the pill entered her mouth, Qu Huachang’s condition improved greatly.

Xiao He stared at this scene in shock and exclaimed, “Ah, this little girl is too good at lying, we’ve been tricked!”

Qu Huachang obviously had the antidote to the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill on her, but even though she had faced the risk of exploding several times before, she still insisted on not taking it and instead slowly led Yang Kai to this place.

This was undoubtedly a great gamble, and the slightest mistake would result in a complete loss, but the final result proved that Qu Huachang had won.

She had led Yang Kai here and was surrounded by many masters from the White Lotus Cult, as well as powerful masters like the White Lotus Mother.

What she was using was none other than Yang Kai’s feelings. Perhaps she wanted to prove something, but the result was something ordinary people couldn’t bear.

She quietly observed Yang Kai’s expression, but she didn’t see any signs of anger on his face.

On the other hand, Luo Tinghe, who was standing next to Yang Kai, couldn’t help feeling annoyed, “This girl is a bit cruel. You treat her so well, yet she wants to harm you. Do you feel bad?”

Yang Kai smiled, “It's nothing.”

The White Lotus Mother laughed loudly, “I didn’t expect Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master to one day be trapped by love, this Cult Lord really saw a good show! What a pity, what a pity, these disciples of mine are all loyal to this Cult Lord, if you want to take advantage of her, you’ve miscalculated.”

Her voice suddenly became cold, “Yang Kai, all these years, you have slaughtered countless disciples of my White Lotus Cult. Now that you have fallen to such a state, do you have any last words?”

Yang Kai slowly shook his head and asked, “Does Cult Lord think she has me under her thumb?”

The White Lotus Mother Lotus smiled disdainfully, “This Cult Lord naturally knows how strong you are, but my White Lotus Cult isn’t completely useless, so this Cult Lord is confident in killing you.”

Yang Kai glanced around and said, “That will depend on the price Cult Lord is prepared to pay.”

He turned to look at Xiao He, “Kill half?”

Xiao He unsheathed her sword and said excitedly, “More than that, at least sixty percent!”

“Fight for seventy percent?”


Yang Kai then turned to the White Lotus Mother and smiled slightly, “Is Cult Lord ready to sacrifice seventy percent of the people here? The people here should be the backbone of White Lotus Cult, right? If they die, White Lotus Cult will never recover.”

The White Lotus Mother’s face instantly became ashen. Although Yang Kai and Xiao He’s conversation seemed somewhat arrogant, she didn’t think they were exaggerating.

Experts like Yang Kai and Luo Tinghe, if they were to fight to the death, they would have the ability to kill sixty or seventy percent of the people here.

Perhaps even she herself would be seriously injured, and at that time, the only one who would benefit would be Noble Spirit Palace.

However, the opportunity in front of her was too rare, so it wasn’t realistic for her to give up now. For a moment, she found it difficult to stop halfway.

Yang Kai didn’t embarrass her too much, instead raising his hand and pressing down on Luo Tinghe’s sword, saying in a clear voice, “Cult Lord, I have a proposal, I wonder if Cult Lord is interested.”

The White Lotus Mother coldly said, “If you have something to say, say it!”

Yang Kai stretched out two fingers, “Cult Lord, please give me two Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill!”

His words shocked everyone present.

Especially Qu Huachang, who was standing behind the White Lotus Mother, her eyes widened as she stared at Yang Kai in shock, wondering if she had heard wrong.

The White Lotus Mother was also shocked and blurted out, “Why do you want the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill?”

Yang Kai smiled slightly and said, “Rather than wasting so many people to kill us two, does Cult Lord not want to have two more Great Generals under her command?”

“You…” The White Lotus Mother was completely stunned. Although she had a vague guess after Yang Kai said those words, she still couldn’t believe it.

After all, the one standing in front of her was Yang Kai, the former Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace!

She even suspected that the information she had gathered was wrong. Yang Kai’s resignation as Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace was just a cover. At this moment, the outside world was surrounded by many masters from Noble Spirit Palace, waiting for Yang Kai’s order to sweep over.

As this thought appeared in her mind, it grew stronger, causing the White Lotus Mother to feel a little jittery. It was as if someone was hiding in the swaying grass, ready to jump out at any moment to harm her.

“What kind of scheme do you have up your sleeve!” White Lotus Mother asked sharply.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “There’s no point in talking about it, Cult Lord can just take out two Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill and wait.”

The White Lotus Mother stared at him as if this was the first time she had met Yang Kai, a look of struggle and hesitation appearing on her face.

However, she was not an ordinary woman, so Yang Kai’s proposal greatly tempted her. Compared to spending a large number of people here to kill Yang Kai and Luo Tinghe, if she could control them, White Lotus Cult would undoubtedly be like a tiger with wings.

Not only was Yang Kai the world’s top master, he was also the former Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace. Once this news spread, it would be a huge blow to the entire Noble Spirit Palace.

So after just a moment, she made a decision and took out a jade bottle filled with blood-red pills. She poured out two pills and flicked her finger.

Yang Kai and Xiao He each took one.

The White Lotus Mother’s eyes began to shine as she stared fixedly at Yang Kai’s actions. If this man really took the pill, it meant that what he said just now was true. If he really had some kind of trick up his sleeve, she would naturally order him to be eliminated immediately, no matter the price she had to pay.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to swallow the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill.

Xiao He, on the other hand, held the pill in her hand and examined it for a moment before tossing it into her mouth and chewing it. After swallowing it, she spat a few times and complained, “It’s disgusting, what the hell is this!”

“Open your mouth and let me see!” The White Lotus Mother said excitedly to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai opened his mouth, but there was nothing inside.

The White Lotus Mother’s eyes almost lit up as she couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer.

The White Lotus Cult disciples who had been tense all this time also relaxed, glancing around and many of them smiled.

After taking the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill, Yang Kai would be under the control of others, so no matter how strong he was, it was impossible for him to escape. In other words, this former Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace would be a member of White Lotus Cult from now on.

This was truly the fickleness of the world.

When such a powerful master was fighting against his opponent, it was terrifying, but now that they were on the same side, it gave them a sense of security.

It was easy to imagine what kind of blow his appearance on the battlefield between White Lotus Cult and Noble Spirit Palace would bring to the morale of Noble Spirit Palace.

“Kneel!” The White Lotus Mother’s laughter suddenly subsided as she stared coldly at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “Cult Lord is mistaken. Although I am willing to take this pill, I will not be manipulated by others. From now on, I will only obey one person!”

The White Lotus Mother’s eyes suddenly became sharp as she looked back at Qu Huachang thoughtfully before turning to Yang Kai, “Your antidote can only be refined by this Cult Lord, she can’t refine it.”

Yang Kai smiled, “I believe that Cult Lord won’t let me die from the poison.”

The White Lotus Mother lowered her head and pondered for a moment before nodding, “Of course not, a person like you is a rare helper. From today onwards, you will be my White Lotus Cult’s Left Protector, you can only obey the orders of Qu Huachang in the entire White Lotus Cult!”

Experts had their own pride, and the White Lotus Mother also knew that if she really wanted to make things difficult for Yang Kai, it would only backfire on her, so she decided to take a step back and simply follow Yang Kai’s wishes. However, she also casually added the title of Left Protector to Yang Kai, which could be considered a shackle in name.

No matter what, once this Left Protector’s name spread, it would be a great blow to Noble Spirt Palace.

Yang Kai nodded, “Many thanks for Cult Lord’s kind intentions!”

The White Lotus Mother then instructed Qu Huachang, “In the future, you must treat them well.”

“This subordinate understands!” Qu Huachang replied seriously.

The White Lotus Mother looked very happy, “Today, my White Lotus Cult has a new Left Protector, so we should celebrate. Men, prepare a feast for the Left Protector!”

Many White Lotus Cult disciples agreed.

There were many wild animals in the wilderness, and the White Lotus Cult's stronghold had been developing for quite some time now. Under the Cult Lord's command, fine wine and delicacies were quickly served. Many disciples, regardless of their status, sat together. At first, the atmosphere was a bit stiff, but after three rounds of drinking, it became lively.

Yang Kai was sitting next to Qu Huachang, and from time to time, someone would come over with a cup of wine to toast him.

Although Yang Kai had killed many White Lotus Cult Disciples when he was the Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace, times had changed. Now that they were all family, they naturally had to maintain a good relationship with each other. What if one day Yang Kai saved their lives on the battlefield?

Yang Kai’s alcohol tolerance wasn’t bad, but he didn’t drink much, but when people come to offer a toast, he would drink a lot, causing many White Lotus Cult disciples to have a good impression of him.

This was the first time everyone had discovered that this man, whom they had regarded as a ferocious beast in the past, was actually so amiable.

The one who was the happiest was none other than Xiao He. When others didn’t ask her to share wine with them, she would simply run around with a wine jar in her hands, her bold and unrestrained manner causing the group of White Lotus Cult disciples to be stunned.


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