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Xiao He had always been carefree and crazy.

Yang Kai had never seen the sadness on her face when she said these words, just as he was about to ask a few more questions, Qu Huachang suddenly let out a soft snort and her body began to tremble.

Yang Kai’s expression changed as he quickly looked towards her, “What’s wrong?”

“No… nothing!” Qu Huachang shook her head stubbornly.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, could tell that something was wrong. Under the moonlight, Qu Huachang’s face was obviously pale and her aura was fluctuating wildly.

Xiao He placed her hand on Qu Huachang’s forehead and exclaimed, “It’s so cold!”

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he grabbed Qu Huachang’s arm and placed two of his fingers on her wrist, using his strength to investigate.

It was just as Xiao He had said, Qu Huachang’s body was as cold as ice, and even if Yang Kai only got close to her, he could clearly feel the chill from her body.

However, this chill only lasted for a moment before dissipating, replaced by a burning heat.

Qu Huachang groaned with difficulty, her eyes turning hazy as her face turned red.

Moreover, under Yang Kai’s investigation, the Qi in her body had become chaotic, and the energy she cultivated was like a wild horse that had lost its reins, rampaging through Qu Huachang’s meridians.

Yang Kai and Xiao He looked at each other and said in unison, “Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill!”

There were countless Spirit Pills in the world, but if one were to call them the most sinister and mysterious, it would undoubtedly be this Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill!

This pill was developed by the second Sect Master of the White Lotus Cult and was a secret technique of the White Lotus Cult. Only the Sect Master of the White Lotus Cult knew how to refine it.

This pill was one of the most powerful tools that the higher-ups of White Lotus Cult used to control their subordinates.

If someone who eat this pill did not take the antidote from time to time, their aura would become chaotic, just like Qu Huachang’s current state, sometimes hot and sometimes cold. As time passed, the situation would become more serious, eventually causing her to explode and die.

There were countless White Lotus Cult believers, and there was no need to mention the low level disciples. There were also many Mid Rank and High Rank disciples. Although the White Lotus Mother was powerful, she could not guarantee the loyalty of her subordinates.

As such, many of the middle and high ranking members of the White Lotus Cult, especially the Hall Master, were controlled by this Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill all year round. Only by completely obtaining the trust of the White Lotus Mother would they be spared such treatment.

Yang Kai had thought that with Qu Huachang’s status as Saintess, she would be able to obtain the complete trust of the White Lotus Mother and wouldn’t need to take any Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill.

However, it wasn’t until the poison in Qu Huachang’s body acted up that he realized his mistake. Even though Qu Huachang was one of the few Saintesses of White Lotus Cult, she was still controlled by the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill.

According to what Noble Spirit Palace had learned, after taking this Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill, one had to take the antidote once every three months, otherwise they would suffer a fate worse than death.

Counting the time, it had been almost three months since Qu Huachang had been captured by him.

In other words, before she came to see him last time, she should have taken the antidote. Now that the time had come, the effects of the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill had taken effect.

“Who is the Medicine Pilot?” Yang Kai asked seriously.

In fact, even without asking, he knew that the medicine pilot was definitely White Lotus Mother herself.

The refinement of the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill required the blood of a person, and the refinement of an antidote also required the blood of the same person. The person who paid for this blood was the catalyst, and only the blood of this person could refine the corresponding antidote.

Qu Huachang’s identity was that of the Saintess of White Lotus Cult, and only by White Lotus Mother personally refining the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill for her would she be able to maintain her loyalty.

“What should we do? What should we do?” Xiao He asked nervously. She knew how powerful the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill was, she is afraid that Qu Huachang would die.

If Qu Huachang died, she would not be able to see what she wanted to see.

Yang Kai only hesitated for a moment before picking up Qu Huachang by the waist and using his strength to protect her heart while walking out, “Let’s go!”

If he wanted to save Qu Huachang, he would have to find the White Lotus Mother!

In the end, he had still underestimated the difficulty of this ninth life. Originally, he had thought that if he could capture Qu Huachang here, as long as they lived together for eight to ten years, sooner or later he would be able to break her heart barrier, but since Qu Huachang had been poisoned by the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill, he could only abandon his previous plans.

Now, saving Qu Huachang’s life was the key.

Noble Spirit Palace and White Lotus Cult had been fighting for so many years, but none of them knew where White Lotus Cult's headquarter was. It wasn’t that Noble Spirit Palace was bad at gathering information, but that White Lotus Cult simply didn’t have a permanent headquarter.

There were countless strongholds in White Lotus Cult, and the place where White Lotus Mother resided was the home. However, she would change locations every once in a while, and only her most trusted subordinates would know about this pattern. Normally, even White Lotus Cult's Hall Masters can't find her.

Fortunately, Qu Huachang’s status was not low, the Saintess was naturally qualified to know where the White Lotus Mother was hiding.

Qu Huachang’s consciousness was sometimes awake and sometimes unconscious, so Yang Kai was constantly asking her about White Lotus Mother whereabouts.

After nearly a month, Yang Kai and Xiao He arrived at a remote mountain.

There were traces of people living in the mountains, and in the depths of the most hidden jungle, there were even many buildings.

This was another secret base of White Lotus Cult.

Yang Kai and Xiao He’s arrival had obviously been noticed by the surrounding White Lotus Cult disciples, so as soon as they entered, they were surrounded by countless White Lotus Cult disciples.

Several powerful auras locked onto the two of them, and some of them even stared suspiciously at Qu Huachang in Yang Kai’s arms.

Naturally, they knew the Saintess, so they couldn’t understand why the Saintess was being hugged by a man like this, causing Yang Kai to receive many hateful glares.

Xiao He was like an enraged leopard, letting out a low growl from her throat, her expression filled with eagerness.

With so many White Lotus Cult disciples, she really wanted to kill them all!

However, even though the two of them were the most powerful masters in the world right now, facing so many White Lotus Cult masters, it would still be a fierce battle.

In other words, when the two of them stepped into this place, they could no longer completely control their own fate.

“I was wondering why the magpies on the branches were chirping so early in the morning, so it turns out that an honored guest has arrived,” A tender laugh rang out as a middle-aged woman wearing a white dress slowly walked over from the back of the crowd.

Although this woman was quite old, her charm was still present. It was obvious that when she was young, she was a rare beauty. Even at her current age, she was still a rare beauty. Time seemed to have not left much of a mark on her.

Dressed in a pure white dress, she was like a lotus flower, untainted by the mud.

Yang Kai turned to look at her, his eyes indifferent.

They were old enemies and had fought more than once, so there was no need to say anything.

“Don’t be so nervous, do you know who this is?” The White Lotus Mother giggled like a young girl, “This is the previous Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace, Yang Kai. If he wants to kill you, this Sect Master won’t be able to save you!”

Many of the White Lotus Cult disciples gathered around him suddenly panicked.

Yang Kai’s name had an unimaginable deterrent effect on the White Lotus Cult. Countless White Lotus Cult disciples had died under his hands, and he was also regarded as the number one enemy by all of them.

The actions of her subordinates caught the White Lotus Mother's attention and she snorted lightly before arrogantly turning to Yang Kai and asking, “May I ask why Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master has come to this Sect?”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “I’m no longer Noble Spiti Palace's Palace Master, Noble Spirit Palace's matters have nothing to do with me, so there’s no need for Sect Master to be so hostile. I came here to save someone!”

The White Lotus Mother’s eyes swept over Qu Huachang in Yang Kai’s arms for a moment, “Save her?”


White Lotus Mother coldly snorted, “There are only two kinds of people in this world. One is those who are useful to this Cult Lord, the other is those who are useless! Since she has been captured by you, she is useless. If you want to kill her or whatever, you can decide for yourself.”

Behind the White Lotus Mother were a few young and beautiful women who seemed to be the Saintesses of White Lotus Cult. When they heard what the Sect Master said, they couldn’t hide their joy.

These Saintesses had undergone many trials and tribulations to be promoted, but Qu Huachang had been promoted to become a Saintess without contributing anything to the White Lotus Cult. Naturally, these Saintesses were jealous and felt that their Mother was biased.

However, they didn’t dare show any dissatisfaction in front of their Mother. If they could see Qu Huachang die, they would have one less powerful competitor, so they were naturally happy.

“I want to save her!” Yang Kai said lightly.

“Then go save her!”

“She was poisoned by the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill!”

The White Lotus Mother burst into laughter and looked at Yang Kai mockingly, “Naturally, I know she was poisoned by the Solidifying Blood Washing Soul Pill, but what does that have to do with me? What benefit does saving her bring me?”

“After all, she is the Saintess of White Lotus Cult. If you refuse to help her, aren’t you afraid your subordinates will be disappointed?”

“Who dares?” The White Lotus Mother shouted, causing many of the White Lotus Cult disciples to fall silent. Her sharp gaze swept around like a hawk, causing everyone who saw her to involuntarily lower their heads.

The Saintesses behind her were like quails in the cold winter, shivering in fear.

After a while, she gritted her teeth and looked at Yang Kai, “I didn’t know you were such a sharp-tongued person.”

“Do you want to save her or not?” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed aggressively, a faint murderous intent emanating from his body, as if he would kill as soon as the White Lotus Mother said no.

“She is a member of my White Lotus Cult, whether I want to save her or not is none of your business. This Cult Lord can save her if she wants to, but if she doesn’t want to save her, she won’t!” White Lotus Mother grit her teeth and snorted, but even so, she still turned her head slightly.

The next moment, one of the Saintesses who had been standing behind her leapt forward and landed in front of Yang Kai.

It was obvious that this Saintess was very nervous. After all, facing a top master like Yang Kai, she still needed some mental fortitude.

She carefully stretched out her hands towards Yang Kai, indicating that she had no ill intentions.


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