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A month later, a man and a woman arrived at a village.

The man’s face was slightly pale as he coughed from time to time, carrying a long spear on his back. The woman’s figure was small, but her face was extremely beautiful, holding a long sword in her hand.

This man and woman were Yang Kai and Luo Tinghe, who had set out from Noble Spirit Palace and arrived here.

The village was just an ordinary village, surrounded by a dilapidated wall. Children were laughing and playing, and smoke was rising from the chimneys of every house, the smell of food lingering in the air.

There was also the sound of a woman calling out to her child to go back to eat.

The children who were playing around with various weapons made from wooden branches were very curious about the arrival of these two uninvited guests, so they quickly gathered around and looked around.

Xiao He sniffed and rubbed her flat stomach, “I’m hungry!”

After that, she stared at Yang Kai helplessly.

Yang Kai sighed, took out the money pouch from his waist, took out a small piece of silver, and held it in his hand, saying to the surrounding children, “Whoever can take us to eat something delicious, this silver will belong to them.”

The dozen or so children’s eyes suddenly lit up as they rushed forward.

“There’s good food at my house, I’ll take you there.”

“My family has one too!”

“They lied to you. Their family doesn’t eat meat, but my family has salted fish!”

After a series of struggles, a slightly older child finally managed to snatch the piece of silver. Because of this, he suffered a few punches and kicks from his friends, but he didn’t seem to care. He simply gripped the piece of silver tightly in his hand and tugged at Yang Kai’s clothes, “Follow me!”

Yang Kai nodded and motioned for Xiao He to follow.

The two of them soon arrived at the child’s home, where their parents were both still alive. They were dressed in standard peasant clothing, and their years of hard work had left deep marks on their bodies.

The man wasn’t good with words and simply smiled foolishly as he faced Yang Kai and Xiao He, as if he was facing two rich masters.

The mistress of the house was tall and well-built, she was extremely enthusiastic.

Seeing the silver pieces handed over by the child, they quickly filled two large bowls of rice and placed their precious salted fish on the table.

Xiao He picked up the big bowl and began eating.

At home, the male master of the family was sitting by the door, smoking a dry cigarette while the female master stood by with a smile on her face. The child was sitting at the table, watching Xiao He wolf down her food with an excited expression.

“You’re not eating?” Xiao He quickly finished her portion and looked up to see Yang Kai sitting there, the rice in front of him untouched.

“You eat,” Yang Kai smiled.

Xiao He didn’t hesitate to take the big bowl of rice in front of Yang Kai and began eating.

It was hard to imagine that such a petite woman would have such a big appetite. In fact, Yang Kai had brought a lot of money with him when he left Noble Spirit Palace, but in the past month, almost everything was used to feed Xiao He.

“My little sister is born with a big appetite, Madam, please don’t mind,” Yang Kai turned his head towards the smiling woman.

Although the woman was enthusiastic, she was not good with words. Hearing this, she waved her hand and said, “It’s fine, there’s still some rice at home, you can eat as much as you want.”

Yang Kai looked at the child sitting next to him and asked, “It’s your growth period, why aren’t you eating?”

The child smiled and said, “You guys eat first, I’ll eat later.”

Yang Kai nodded and said no more.

Xiao He suddenly raised the bowl in her hand and said to the woman, “Another bowl!”

“Cough cough cough…”

The man who was smoking at the door coughed and almost lost his breath.

The corners of the woman’s eyes also twitched as she took the big bowl with a somewhat unnatural expression, turned around, and went into the kitchen to get some rice.

One bowl after another…

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the woman took the empty bowl and said to Xiao He, “It’s gone, you've finished it.”

The man at the door was no longer in the mood to smoke. When Xiao He added the third bowl of rice, he had been staring at her without blinking.

The child sitting next to Yang Kai wore a cold expression.

Xiao He looked disappointed, “I’m not full yet…”

The woman turned her head to look at Yang Kai, a look of disbelief on her face. She couldn’t understand how he could raise a girl like this. With this amount of food, she could eat an entire stock of a rich family.

“Is it delicious?” Yang Kai looked at Xiao He.

“It’s delicious, just a bit bitter,” Xiao He replied honestly.

“Something poisonous, of course it’s a bit bitter,” Yang Kai chuckled.

Saying so, three figures rushed towards Yang Kai and Xiao He.

The man who had been sitting at the door all this time suddenly curled up into a ball and smashed towards him like a meatball. The sharp blade aura hidden in his hand was faintly discernible and carried a sharp killing intent.

Throwing down the empty bowl in her hand, the woman took a step forward, her fan-like hand sweeping towards Xiao He.

The child sitting next to Yang Kai took out a long sword from somewhere and stabbed it towards Yang Kai’s heart.

Xiao He’s figure suddenly flickered.

The man and the woman both let out a muffled groan as they were sent flying, blood spraying into the air.

Yang Kai stretched out his finger and gently caught the long sword that was stabbing towards him. The child tried to struggle, but was unable to break free, his face turning red.

Xiao He was furious, “Why didn’t you say it was poisonous?”

“Aren’t you immune to poison?” Yang Kai blinked at her.

“That’s right!” Xiao He instantly became silent, but she still felt wronged, “You can still tell me about it.”

“You won’t eat after I tell you?”

Xiao He was a little shy and coy, “I still have to eat.”

“Isn’t that right?” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and gently pushed his hand forward, causing the child to cry out and fall backwards. A strange force slammed into his meridians, causing him to be unable to move.

“Who are they?” Xiao He’s brow wrinkled. This family of three were all cultivators, and they had even poisoned their food. Obviously, they were not good people.

“White Lotus Cult!” Yang Kai slowly stood up, “This is a secret base of White Lotus Cult.”

Xiao He was extremely surprised. She had been following Yang Kai all this time, she didn’t need to pay any attention to him. She would go wherever Yang Kai went, she hadn’t expected Yang Kai to bring her here.

She wasn’t afraid of anything. With her and Yang Kai’s strength, if they were to fight one on one, there weren’t many in this world who could hurt them.

The reason why Yang Kai knew this was the secret base of White Lotus Cult was naturally because he had been the Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace for three years.

Yang Kai also knew of a few other secret strongholds like this one, but he had never ordered anyone to eradicate them. Originally, he had planned to use them as bait to catch a big fish, but now that he had resigned from his position as Palace Master, all of his previous arrangements were useless.

“What are we doing here?”

“Looking for someone!” Saying so, Yang Kai frowned and turned his head to look outside.

Under his perception, the house was surrounded by many people. It was obvious that the attack just now had been noticed by more White Lotus Cult disciples.

“I’ll go!” Xiao He had eaten a stomach full of poisonous things and was in a fit of anger, so after she finished speaking, she rushed out with her sword.

Soon, screams rang out from outside.

The faces of the man and woman who had fallen to the ground finally changed.

The woman asked, “Who is this excellency?”

“Yang Kai!” Yang Kai slowly called out.

Hearing this, the man’s eyes widened and his body trembled. The woman’s face also paled as she cried out, “Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master, Yang Kai?”

After fighting each other for hundreds of years, even if the lowest level disciples of the White Lotus Cult had never met Yang Kai in person, they still knew of him.

To them, Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master was like their White Lotus Mother, extremely noble and rarely seen.

No one had expected Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master to appear in such a remote village.

“I am no longer the Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace,” Yang Kai shook his head, but these words undoubtedly confirmed the woman’s guess.

The woman’s face was filled with despair. Just now, she had been thinking of a way to escape, but after learning that this person in front of her was actually a legendary character, she had given up. The difference in strength between them was too great, so how could she possibly escape?

“Sir, why have you come to my White Lotus Cult’s stronghold?” The woman asked.

“Like I said, I’m here to find someone, someone from your White Lotus Cult.”


“You don’t need to worry about who it is, just inform the higher-ups, the person I’m looking for will naturally come to see me.”

The woman’s expression fluctuated for a moment before she clutched her chest and slowly got up. Her figure suddenly shot backwards, knocking down the wall behind her as she fled.

Yang Kai’s voice rang out next to her ear, “I’ll wait here for a month. If I don’t see the person I want to see, I’ll pay a visit to all eight of White Lotus Cult’s hidden strongholds!”

The woman shivered and ran even faster.

Xiao He flashed in and looked around, “Ran away?”

“It’s fine,” Yang Kai waved his hand and looked at the bloody sword in her hand, “No survivors?”

Xiao He replied indifferently, “Nope, you want them alive? You should have said so earlier!”

Looking towards the fallen man and child, her eyes burned with murderous intent.

“You should at least leave two people to cook for you, right? I don’t know how to cook,” Yang Kai’s words immediately dispelled Xiao He’s intention to kill.

Although the man and his child had managed to escape death, they had suffered a tragic fate. As White Lotus Cult’s people, if they were to fall into the hands of these two, they would likely suffer a fate worse than death.

The two of them could already imagine what kind of torture they would suffer.

In fact, it wasn’t what they thought. In the following days, the two of them didn’t suffer any abuse.

The man was responsible for cooking for Xiao He and Yang Kai every day while the child was being pulled by Xiao He to play some childish games.

During this time, it wasn’t that the two of them didn’t want to escape, but rather that they had tried various methods.

But what the two people considered extremely serious, seems like another game for Xiao He.

She was always able to appear at random times and capture the two who were preparing to escape or had already run out of the village.

Every time they were caught, a strand of their hair would be cut off as punishment.

In less than half a month, both of them had become bald.

Xiao He couldn't cut any more hair, so she told the two of them seriously, “The next time I catch you, I’ll have to cut your head!”

If their hair was cut, it could grow back, but if their head was cut, it would be gone.

The two of them didn’t dare verify whether Xiao He’s words were true or false. After that day, they became extremely honest and didn’t dare try to escape again.

Xiao He suddenly felt bored and regretted using such a method to threaten them.


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