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Strange scenes flashed across his mind as Qu Huachang’s name seemed to possess a mysterious power that resounded in his mind again while he was unconscious, knocking on his memories.

Finally, at a certain moment, the seal was broken, and the experiences of one lifetime after another appeared in his dreams.

The hazy figure that had only appeared in his sleep for a long time finally became clear, and when he suddenly turned around, he saw a face filled with joy and anger.

Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes.

His body was still somewhat weak. After all, he had suffered a sword wound and had been poisoned. Even if his strength was strong, it was impossible for him to fully recover after just waking up.

The scene in front of him was very familiar. It should be his own palace in Noble Spirit Palace.

Sitting by his bed was Luo Tinghe, the only one who could freely enter and leave his room while he slept.

At this moment, Luo Tinghe looked at him strangely, as if she had noticed something and asked the same question again, “Do you remember?”

Yang Kai nodded.

Luo Tinghe’s expression changed as she asked, “What did you remember?”

“Many things,” Yang Kai struggled to get up but didn’t have much strength. Seeing this, Luo Tinghe quickly helped him up and placed a pillow behind him.

Then she looked at him eagerly and said, “Tell me about it.”

Yang Kai shook his head and looked at her with a strange expression, asking, “Do you remember?”

Luo Tinghe’s face went blank as she asked, “What should I remember?”

“I don’t know.”

In his sleep, he finally broke the seal on his memories and remembered who he was, what this place was, and what his purpose in coming here was.

There was some lingering fear. The Samsara Pavilion really was a strange place. This was already his ninth reincarnation, but after living in this world for so many years, he had actually forgotten who he was, let alone the fact that he had originally come here to break Qu Huachang’s heart barrier.

The more times he reincarnated, the more his memories would be affected.

If he hadn’t met Qu Huachang by chance this time, Yang Kai probably wouldn’t have been able to recover his memories and would have thought of himself as the Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace and fought for the Righteous Dao.

However, the difficulty of this reincarnation's life was extraordinary.

He was now the Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace, while Qu Huachang was actually a disciple of the White Lotus Cult, his arch-enemy. The two of them were enemies, like fire and water.

The moment they met, Qu Huachang stabbed him in the chest and nearly killed him!

This was not a good sign. If he wanted to capture Qu Huachang’s heart and break her heart barrier, he would need to plan carefully.

What he was particularly concerned about was Luo Tinghe.

After recovering his memories, Yang Kai realized that this personal guard was no ordinary person.

Since his sixth life, Luo Tinghe had been by his side!

In his sixth life, Yang Kai had saved a starving beggar. It was Luo Tinghe, the exact same name and appearance as the one around him now.

He had thought that this was just an illusion of the Samsara World, so he didn’t pay too much attention to it.

However, in his seventh life, Luo Tinghe had once again appeared by his side. This time, she was no longer a beggar, but a female general who served as a country's protector. She rode her horse across the battlefield, and his identity was that of a Lord.

In his eighth life, she became the master of a Sect, while Yang Kai joined that Sect to cultivate.

After so many years of reincarnation, Yang Kai had finally figured out the secrets of this world.

These Samsara World were completely formed from Qu Huachang’s heart barrier. In other words, Qu Huachang’s intentions were the key to these Samsara World.

The reason why Yang Kai always appeared in these Samsara World was because Qu Huachang’s heart was connected to him, so no matter how many times he reincarnated, Yang Kai was always able to appear in the Samsara World where Qu Huachang was.

If he was like this, what was Xiao He’s situation? Since his sixth life, she had always appeared in the same Samsara World, which was formed from Qu Huachang’s Heart Barrier. This meant that she was definitely related to Qu Huachang.

Was she a very important person in Qu Huachang’s life? That was why she had always appeared in these reincarnations.

However, Yang Kai had never heard Qu Huachang mention this person.

Moreover, every time Xiao He appeared, she would always be by his side! Yang Kai couldn’t understand.

Now, he couldn’t even be certain if Xiao He was like him, entering the Samsara Pavilion, the Samsara World, or an illusory existence in the Samsara World.

If it was the former, it meant that Luo Tinghe was refining her heart in the Samsara Pavilion and her true body was hidden in a large tree.

If it was the latter, it should only be a manifestation of Qu Huachang’s memories.

She had repeatedly asked him if he had remembered anything and seemed to have noticed that he had sealed his memories. From this, it seemed that she was not an illusory existence, but a will that had truly broken into this Samsara World.

However, she was also quite muddle-headed and sometimes even a bit crazy, so Yang Kai couldn’t ask her even if he wanted to.

Luo Tinghe tilted her head to look at Yang Kai for a moment and found that he didn’t want to say anything more, so she didn’t ask any further and instead said, “I found out that Qu Huachang is one of the Saintess under White Lotus Mother. She recently came out of seclusion and she placed a lot of hope on her.”

“Saintess…” Yang Kai was speechless. He had thought Qu Huachang was just an ordinary White Lotus Cult Disciple, but who would have thought she was actually a Saintess of White Lotus Cult?

This is difficult.

There were countless White Lotus Cult Disciples, but there were only a few Saintess, all of whom had a chance of becoming White Lotus Cult’s Sect Master. Every Saintess had extraordinary aptitude and means.

Every Saintess was loyal to the White Lotus Cult and regarded the Noble Spirit Palace as a fierce beast.

Under such circumstances, with the status of Noble Spirit Palace's Palacec Master, wanting to capture the heart of White Lotus Cult’s Saintess was simply a fool’s dream.

Moreover, this was his ninth life.

Yang Kai estimated that this was the last cycle of reincarnation, and also the most difficult one. Even his own memories had been sealed for several dozen years, and after meeting Qu Huachang, they had been unsealed. Qu Huachang’s own memories had been sealed for even longer.

It would no longer be like his first reincarnation, where Qu Huachang would fall in love with him after he saved her life.

As such, there was no hope in placing his hopes on Qu Huachang. If they were to meet again, she would only kill him without any hesitation, just as decisive as she had been in the previous attack.

“There’s news that White Lotus Cult’s actions this time, sacrificing Eastern Star City was actually a cover, their original goal was to assassinate you!” Seeing that he wasn’t going to speak, Xiao He took the initiative to report the recents news from Noble Spirit Palace.

Yang Kai nodded, “Understood.”

The White Lotus Mother’s plan was a beautiful one, sacrificing Eastern Star City was not necessarily a cover. If Noble Spirit Palace failed to stop her, refining the Ten Thousand Soul Banner would be a huge success.

If Noble Spirit Palace were to intervene, they would naturally plot against Yang Kai, the Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master.

In fact, they had almost succeeded. Yang Kai naturally knew who the Saintess of White Lotus Cult were, but he didn’t know anything about the new Saintess Qu Huachang.

Coupled with the impact of that familiar back, when Qu Huachang stabbed out, Yang Kai was completely unprepared.

“The people outside are panicking, they think you won’t be able to wake up,” Xiao He said, “The Vice Palace Masters have already fought several times, do you want to go out and comfort them?”

“No need,” Yang Kai shook his head.

“Up to you!” Luo Tinghe wore an indifferent expression. Everyone knew that the only person she cared about in this world was Yang Kai. Even her Master Sect, Green Smoke Sect, she never cared about it.

Otherwise, she would not have become Yang Kai’s personal guard, but one of the six Vice Palace Masters.

Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master had been seriously injured, it shouldn’t have been a big deal. Which cultivator hadn’t been injured before? But the main point was that Yang Kai’s injury this time was unusual, and the sword he had been stabbed with was poisonous.

Everyone felt that the Palace Master’s chances of survival this time were extremely slim. Even if he managed to survive, his strength would be greatly reduced.

In fact, this was indeed the case. Although the Palace Master was lucky enough to survive such an injury, after waking up, he had remained in seclusion for a long time. Even when he occasionally showed up, his face was pale and his footsteps were somewhat unsteady.

This was obviously a sign of his strength being greatly reduced.

A month later, the six Vice Palace Masters reached a consensus, and at a general meeting of Noble Spirit Palace, they tactfully proposed to remove Yang Kai from his position as Palace Master.

After all, every Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master was the strongest of the Seven Great Sects. The title of Palace Master was not just a symbol, but also a pillar of support for Noble Spirit Palace's will.

Every year, White Lotus Cult would plot countless assassinations against the higher-ups of Noble Spirit Palace. The Palace Master’s strength was weak, so if he was killed, it would be a huge blow to the entire Noble Spirit Palace. At that time, if the morale of the sect fell, White Lotus Cult would take advantage of it.

Facing the six Vice Palace Masters trying to remove him, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to hand over the Palace Master's Seal. As for who would become the next Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace, that wasn’t something he needed to worry about.

If he hadn’t recovered his memories, Yang Kai wouldn’t have compromised so easily. After all, in this life, as a member of Shence Mansion, he had always been fighting against White Lotus Cult and had long since made up his mind to completely eradicate it.

But now that he had regained his memories, Yang Kai naturally knew what he should do.

After politely refusing the invitation to become the Vice Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace, Yang Kai led a horse and left Noble Spirit Palace one morning.

Luo Tinghe followed closely behind him, and although the entire Green Smoke Sect was slightly annoyed by this, none of them were able to stop her. In the eyes of others, Luo Tinghe was a crazy woman with an abnormal brain. Only Yang Kai could communicate with her, so no one else could communicate with her.

During these three years, she seemed to have perfectly accepted her identity as a personal guard. Even though Yang Kai had resigned from his position as Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace, she still followed him closely.


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