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Eastern Star City, in the dead of night, only the occasional barking of dogs and the cries of babies could be heard.

Under the moonlight, on the top of the tower, Yang Kai’s eyes were like a hawk’s as he looked down.

Beneath the calm surface, however, there was a dark tide.

Noble Spirit Palace and White Lotus Cult’s large number of people were hiding in this small city, seemingly aware of each other’s existence.

During the second shift of the day, the first conflict broke out. This conflict broke out quickly and ended quickly, with almost no repercussions.

But soon after, the second and third fight began…

By the third night, more than half of the forces from both sides had been mobilized, and the streets and alleys of Eastern Star City were filled with fierce battles.

The doors of Eastern Star City’s residents were tightly shut, not even daring to breathe.

Suddenly, a sharp cry rang out from a certain direction, causing Yang Kai’s eyes to sharpen as he looked in that direction.

As the sounds of explosions rang out and the Spiritual Force fluctuations surged, more than a dozen figures flew up and down, each of them executing a Secret Technique that caused a brilliant light to flash.

Even from a distance, Yang Kai could still see the figure of a middle-aged woman dressed in white.

White Lotus Mother!

The history of White Lotus Cult was even longer than Noble Spirit Palace. The current Religion Master of White Lotus Cult was this White Lotus Mother. Her methods were brutal and ruthless, and countless Sects on the continent had been destroyed because they offended the White Lotus Cult.

Although Noble Spirit Palace had organized several attempts to kill this person, White Lotus Mother was a cautious person and her whereabouts were always a mystery.

This time, during the sacrifice of Eastern Star City, White Lotus Mother actually appeared.

At this moment, she was leading a few White Lotus Cult masters to break out of the encirclement, but unfortunately, they were stopped by the Vice Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace and were unable to escape.

However, the White Lotus Mother’s strength was also top-notch in this world. Although the Vice Palace Masters of Noble Spirit Palace were extraordinary, they were unable to stop her for long.

After just a few exchanges, one of the Vice Palace Masters had been stabbed by a sword and a violent burst of energy had erupted from his body, causing him to lose all combat strength. It was unknown if he could survive.

Yang Kai leapt down from the top of the tower and flew over like a great roc.

In mid-air, he had already sent out his spear.

The White Lotus Mother suddenly felt a chill run down her spine, and when she turned her head to look at Yang Kai, her expression changed drastically as she fiercely pushed back the people around her with a single move. Her sword flashed brightly as she slashed towards Yang Kai.

As soon as the spear appeared, the sword light shattered and a stream of blood spurted out from Yang Kai’s cheek. It was a wound caused by the Sword Qi.

He didn’t even blink as the spear in his hand shot out like a bolt of lightning.

In the next instant, the White Lotus Mother spat out a mouthful of blood as her strength collapsed.

In terms of strength alone, Yang Kai and the White Lotus Mother were both at the top of this world, so they were on par with each other. However, Yang Kai’s spear strike just now had caught her off guard, causing her to suffer greatly.

Before she could land on the ground, Luo Tinghe had already appeared behind her.

No one knew when she had appeared, but she was as silent as a ghost, the long sword in her hand constantly ringing.

It looked like the White Lotus Mother had taken the initiative to collide with the long sword.

At this critical moment, the White Lotus Mother forcefully twisted her body to avoid being hit in the vitals, but she was still injured by Xiao He, her sword almost piercing through her chest.

However, the White Lotus Mother’s desperate counterattack sent Luo Tinghe flying into a nearby house, her fate unknown.

Although the White Lotus Mother managed to escape from the two top masters’ attacks, her condition was extremely poor. At this moment, her face was as pale as paper and her white dress was dyed red with blood.

Staring at Yang Kai, she grinned maliciously and changed her hand seals, suddenly gritting her teeth and shouting, “Open the array!”

Squatting down, she pressed her hands on the ground and released her full strength.

Yang Kai wanted to stop her, but it was too late.

The entire Eastern Star City shook violently as everyone lost their footing.

The blood flowing on the ground seemed to have been imbued with some kind of power as it wriggled and flowed, quickly forming a massive array in the Eastern Star City.

A dark red light enveloped the entirety of Eastern Star City, and the sound of wailing ghosts and howling wolves rang out in everyone’s ears, sending chills down their spines.

The expressions of the Vice Palace Masters changed drastically, and Xia Hongtao from the Green Smoke Sect shouted, “Ten Thousand Souls Formation!”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the White Lotus Mother quickly retreated and disappeared into the night, her voice echoing from afar, “Noble Spirit Palace, this Mother will remember today’s gift and return it a hundredfold!”

Yang Kai only hesitated for a moment before making up his mind and shouting, “Break the formation and save the people!”

If this Array was allowed to continue operating, all of the hundred thousand living beings in Eastern Star City would be sacrificed. Although the White Lotus Mother deserved to die, there was still a chance to kill her in the future, but saving the people now was the most important.

Inside the city, there were still remnants of White Lotus Cult guarding the various nodes of the Array.

However, with the White Lotus Mother escaping, these people from White Lotus Sect were like a group of dragons without a leader, while Noble Spirit Palace was under the command of the Hall Masters.

As the nodes were taken down one by one, the operation of the city’s array became stagnant.

Yang Kai had already rushed towards the core of the Ten Thousand Souls Formation, which was the most important node of the entire array. As long as it was broken, the power of the array would be halved.

Unexpectedly, there was no sound of fighting, but rather silence.

However, the smell of blood was extremely strong.

Carrying his spear, Yang Kai arrived in front of the node and saw the corpses of White Lotus Cult believers all around him. In front of the node, a beautiful figure stood tall, her hands forming various hand seals as she used powerful Secret Techniques to bombard the node.

She must have been busy for a while now, her entire body drenched in sweat and her clothes wet.

Looking at this woman’s back, Yang Kai was in a daze.

He recognized this back, the hazy figure that had appeared countless times in his sleep perfectly coinciding with the person in front of him.

The woman obviously noticed Yang Kai’s approach and turned her head, revealing a beautiful face. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead as she bit her red lips and said, “Hurry up and help, if we don’t hurry, it will be too late!”

“Get out of my way!” Yang Kai snapped back to his senses and shouted before thrusting his spear forward.

The woman quickly dodged to the side as spear shadows filled the sky. When the violent power burst forth, the node which no one was guarding exploded.

The red light that shrouded the entire Eastern Star City suddenly dimmed.

Yang Kai let out a long sigh, his tense mind finally relaxing after an entire night. Thinking of the woman beside him, he turned around and was about to ask her which Sect she came from when he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

Lowering his head, he saw that a long sword had pierced through his chest, and a small white hand was tightly gripping the hilt of the long sword. The sword's master’s expression was very strange, filled with excitement, excitement, guilt, and even a trace of inexplicable pain.

The strength in his body burst out involuntarily as his muscles locked onto the long sword piercing through his chest. Yang Kai raised his hand high and pushed his palm towards the woman in front of him.

With his strength, even if there was a stone in front of him, it would be reduced to dust.

The woman wanted to dodge, but it was too late.

The giant hand that was strong enough to shatter stone and metal gently landed on the sword's master’s head, not exerting any strength at all.

“Are you from White Lotus Cult?” Yang Kai asked gently, afraid that his voice would scare her.

The Sword Master’s expression became even stranger. From the moment she accepted this mission, she had been determined to die. After all, she knew how powerful Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master was. With her strength, even if she succeeded, it was impossible for her to survive.

However, she had actually survived, and this Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master in front of her had not killed her.

Facing this giant hand that was patting her head, she suddenly felt a sense of warmth.

“What’s your name?” Yang Kai asked again.

The Sword Master pursed her red lips, “Qu Huachang!”

Yang Kai grinned at her, “My name is Yang Kai!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly frowned and turned his head to the side, immediately saying to Qu Huachang, “You should leave, if you don’t, it will be too late.”

Qu Huachang seemed to have also noticed this and after glancing in that direction, she released her sword and quickly retreated.

A short while later, a petite figure rushed over with a sword in hand.

Luo Tinghe, who had just arrived, saw Yang Kai sitting on a nearby broken wall, holding his spear in his hand and a long sword stabbed into his chest.

Xiao He walked over and glanced at him, placing one hand on the hilt of the sword and the other on his shoulder, “Bear with it!”

Yang Kai nodded.

In the next instant, the sword was pulled out and blood spurted out as his body trembled slightly.

Xiao He’s hand moved as fast as lightning, tapping on Yang Kai’s acupoints several times to stop the blood from gushing out before saying, “White Lotus Mother ran away.”

After the White Lotus Mother activated the array and escaped, Luo Tinghe quietly chased after her, but even though she was seriously injured, it did not hinder her escape.

Luo Tinghe chased after her for more than ten kilometers before finally losing her, leaving her no choice but to return.

In the end, Yang Kai was injured.

“There will be a chance in the future,” Yang Kai nodded casually. Since the White Lotus Mother had been severely injured this time, she would probably be safe for a year or so before asking, “Have you heard of the name Qu Huachang?”

Luo Tinghe shook her head, “I’ve never heard of it.”

Staring at the sword wound on Yang Kai’s chest, she frowned.

With her eyesight, she could naturally tell that Yang Kai had been injured from the front! However, she couldn’t figure out who in this world could hurt this man from the front.

Even the White Lotus Mother wouldn’t have such ability.

However, she didn’t ask what was going on. If Yang Kai wanted to talk to her, he would naturally tell her.

“Go ask around,” Yang Kai ordered.

Luo Tinghe said, “You should recuperate first.”

Yang Kai nodded, “There’s poison on that sword, so I may fall into a coma for a while. Before I wake up, I’ll leave many matters in the hall to the Vice Palace Masters, and you can assist them.”

“Got it,” Luo Tinghe replied.

When she looked at Yang Kai again, she found that he had already fallen unconscious. Sighing lightly, she bent down and picked him up before flying out of the city, preparing to return to the headquarter of Noble Spirit Palace.


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