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It was the same in his fifth life, and the difficulty of breaking Qu Huachang’s heart barrier had clearly increased. Her heart was no longer so easily captured, and after the two of them met, all sorts of misunderstandings and even fights broke out.

In the sixth life, the difficulty increased yet again. Qu Huachang no longer has her original appearance, but a completely unfamiliar face, just like the reincarnation of Tao Lingwan, Qian Qian.

However, Tao Lingwan was in a special situation. Her heart barrier was to allow Yang Kai to identify her true identity without knowing it, so it was impossible for her to appear in front of Yang Kai with her own appearance. It was only normal for her to be like Qian Qian.

Qu Huachang was different. In the first five lifetimes, her appearance had not changed, so Yang Kai only needed to find her to recognize her.

However, in her sixth life, she had become a completely different person. If Yang Kai had not repeatedly confirmed this, he would have almost missed her.

The more reincarnations one experienced in the Samsara Pavilion, the more difficult it would be. During the reincarnation cycle, one’s memories would be greatly affected. Needless to say, Qu Huachang’s memories would be sealed every time she reincarnated. At first, Yang Kai was safe and sound, but after experiencing that life, his memories would inevitably be affected.

The seventh life…

The eighth life…

The ninth life…

Noble Spirit Palace, a vast hall filled with countless Masters.

The entire continent’s struggle between the Righteous and Evil had lasted for several hundred years. Each year, countless people would die, causing the continent to be plunged into misery and suffering.

More than a hundred years ago, Noble Spirit Palace was born under the joint efforts of the Seven Great Sects, and only the strongest and most upright of the Seven Great Sects were qualified to become Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master and unify the world’s righteous path.

Correspondingly, it was the White Lotus Cult that brought disaster to the common people, the White Lotus Cult, the kindness that bewitched the hearts of the people. In this chaotic world, countless believers had developed to stand on equal footing with Noble Spirit Palace, making them its greatest and only opponent.

In fact, after so many years of struggle between the Righteous and Evil paths, both sides had won and lost. For the past few decades, the Evil path had been growing and disappearing, in the next few decades, the Evil path will be suppressed. However, no matter which side had the advantage, it was impossible to completely eliminate the other.

There were seven top Sects on the continent: Shence Mansion, Grand Battle Sect, Brushing Willow Monastery, Concealed Sword Villa, Flying Star Palace, Green Smoke Sect, Lion Building. These seven Sects were the ones who raise the Righteous Path’s banner and jointly established Noble Spirit Palace.

Noble Spirit Palace had existed for more than a hundred and thirty years since its birth, and during that time, there had been a total of four Palace Master, all of whom had died in battle with the White Lotus Cult Masters.

In his prime, Yang Kai was the Fifth Palace Master of Noble Spirit Palace, born in the Shence Mansion of the Seven Great Sects. His Divine Spear had reached the acme of perfection and his character was upright. Three years ago, after the Fourth Palace Master’s death, he had managed to turn the tide and reunite Noble Spirit Palace, which had nearly collapsed into a pile of loose sand.

In comparison, whether it was in terms of strength, courage, or methods, the Fifth Palace Master was far stronger than the previous four Palace Masters.

In fact, during the three years he had been the Palace Master, he had planned dozens of large and small attacks against White Lotus Cult, each of which resulted in a great victory, causing White Lotus Cult to suffer heavy losses.

Everyone felt that this was an opportunity for Noble Spirit Palace. Under Palace Master Yang’s leadership, Noble Spirit Palace might really be able to completely eradicate White Lotus Cult.

At night, Yang Kai woke up from his sleep!

A figure appeared beside his bed like a ghost and looked down at him, grinning, “Did you dream again?”

Yang Kai glanced at her lightly before sitting up and nodding slightly.

This person was his personal guard, Luo Tinghe from the Green Smoke Sect. Although she was small and delicate, she was extremely strong. Three years ago, she and Yang Kai had competed for the position of Noble Spirit Palace's Palace Master, but unfortunately, she had been defeated by Yang Kai.

No one knew what she was thinking. With her strength, even if she couldn’t obtain the position of Palace Master in Noble Spirit Palace, she was more than capable of becoming a Vice Palace Master.

However, she did not and instead took the initiative to become Yang Kai’s personal guard.

The entire Green Smoke Sect was strongly opposed to this. After all, if a person from their own Sect could obtain a Vice Palace Master position, Green Smoke Sect’s authority in the Noble Spirit Palace would greatly increase.

However, Luo Tinghe insisted on becoming Yang Kai’s personal guard, so no one could do anything to her.

Although she was a guard, the truth was that when she interacted with Yang Kai, they were more like friends. In front of Yang Kai, she had no scruples at all, and after spending three years together, Yang Kai had no secrets to her.

So she knew that in the eyes of others, this Palace Master that the Noble Spirit Palace has high hopes for has a problem.

At night, he would often have strange dreams about a woman with a vague appearance. Yang Kai didn’t even know who this woman was, nor had he ever seen her before, but he had a faint feeling that she was someone very important to him.

“You… haven’t remembered?” Luo Tinghe suddenly asked.

Yang Kai rolled his eyes and asked, “Do you know what you’re asking?”

Luo Tinghe shrugged, “I don’t know what I’m asking, I just want to ask.”

There was something wrong with the Palace Master, Yang Kai, who always seems to have a strange dreams. This personal guard also had a problem. Every time Yang Kai woke up from his dreams, she would ask him this question.

The first time Yang Kai had discussed this matter with her, Luo Tinghe had been unable to explain herself.

Moreover, after three years of living together, Yang Kai found that his personal guard’s head seemed to have some kind of problem, often making unexpected moves.

For example, laughing for no reason, crying silently at times, all kinds of emotions erupting suddenly.

“What time is it?” Yang Kai turned to look out the window.

“It’s only three in the morning,” Luo Tinghe said as she skillfully took out a towel and placed it in a water basin she had prepared beforehand, wetting it before handing it to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai took it and wiped his face, feeling much more awake.

However, the blurry woman in his dreams still lingered in front of him.

He always felt that this woman who had appeared in his dreams was someone very important to him, but after carefully recalling his life’s experiences, Yang Kai was certain he had never met this person before.

This bizarre matter left him puzzled.

A faint sound suddenly came from outside, and Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly became sharp, while Luo Tinghe’s petite figure flickered and disappeared.

Outside the door, a cold wind blew.

A moment later, Luo Tinghe returned, blood dripping from her sword.

Yang Kai looked up and saw Luo Tinghe calmly saying, “A few arrogant White Lotus Cult fanatics trying to assassinate you.”

“How many survived?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

“Three,” Luo Tinghe giggled.

“Don’t hesitate to dig out everything they know!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.

“Don’t worry!” Luo Tinghe couldn’t help nodding, “I’ll take out everything in their stomachs.”

Saying so, she left.

The next day, in Noble Spirit Palace's meeting hall, all the heroes gathered.

Below the Palace Master Yang Kai were six Vice Palace Masters. Because Yang Kai came from the Seven Great Sects’ Shence Mansion, the remaining six Vice Palace Masters were the leaders of the other six Great Sects.

Below the Vice Palace Masters were the various Hall Masters, with around thirty people.

These were the upper echelons of Noble Spirit Palace, and when they gathered together, they could command all the righteous forces in the world.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on Yang Kai. Three years was enough time for Yang Kai, the Fifth Palace Master, to establish enough prestige. Although there were many people in the hall, none of them dared to speak.

After a while, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Ten days later, White Lotus Cult plans to sacrifice Eastern Star City to refine Ten Thousand Soul Banner.”

Hearing this, everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

Vice Palace Master Gan Wenshan from the Grand Battle Sect asked in shock, “Palace Master, is this true?”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “The information Xiao He personally dug up came from the mouths of those assassins last night.”

When he mentioned Xiao He, everyone couldn’t help shuddering, even the Vice Palace Master Xia Hongtao from the Green Smoke Sect.

Although Luo Tinghe usually acted like a madman, everyone knew her methods. In Noble Spirit Palace, she was definitely an anomaly. If it weren’t for the fact that she had never committed any evil deeds and was indeed from the Green Smoke Sect, many of her methods would have been no different from those of the Evil Sect.

No one could hide secrets from her.

Yu Xingzhou, who came from Flying Star Palace, frowned and said, “Can these assassins be taken seriously? Sacrificing Eastern Star City to refine the Ten Thousand Soul Banner isn’t a trivial matter. It should also be a top level secret in White Lotus Cult. Only the higher-ups should know about it, right?”

Yang Kai said, “Sacrificing Eastern Star City isn’t a small act, it requires a large number of people to cooperate. Even if the upper echelons of White Lotus Cult want to conceal this matter, they can’t hide it from the speculations of those who are interested. Xiao He’s judgment was only a guess, it wasn’t completely from the assassin’s confession.”

Hearing this, Yu Xingzhou nodded slightly, “If that’s the case, then Eastern Star City is in danger.”

Yang Kai stood up and said, “Eastern Star City isn’t too big, but it still has a hundred thousand people, all of them innocent. If White Lotus Cult succeeds and the Ten Thousand Soul Banner is complete, who knows how many innocent people will suffer in the future, so this time my Noble Spirit Palace must stop them.”

“Moreover… the Ten Thousand Soul Banner is of great importance to the White Lotus Cult, and the White Lotus Mother may even personally appear to offer a sacrifice. If we can kill the White Lotus Mother in Eastern Star City, then the White Lotus Cult will collapse on its own, and my Noble Spirit Palace will be able to end the hundreds of years of struggle between good and evil and restore the world to its former glory!”

When everyone heard this, their blood began to boil as they all stood up and said, “We will follow the orders of the Palace Master!”

Yang Kai nodded in satisfaction as he issued a series of orders in an orderly manner. Obviously, he had made preparations beforehand, so everyone agreed.

After a short while, the arrangements were completed, and Yang Kai swept his eyes over the crowd, “This is an opportunity for my Noble Spirit Palace. If we succeed, we will be able to severely damage the White Lotus Cult. Everyone, receive your flag and lead your forces to await orders. If anyone leaks any information, we will definitely kill them!”


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