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At the edge of the cliff, Yang Kai stood alone in front of the carriage, surrounded by a large number of knights.

There was no way to advance, no way to retreat, it could almost be called a death zone.

Meng Deye stared at Yang Kai, his eyes almost spitting fire. His daughter had actually been snatched away by a guard in her wedding day. This matter had shamed the Meng Mansion, causing him, Meng Deye, to lose face all the way to his ancestors. If today’s matter wasn’t resolved perfectly, he, Meng Deye, would never be able to raise his head again in White Jade City.

In his heart, he was determined to tear this guard into a million pieces to appease the hatred in his heart.

“You bastard, how dare you!” Meng Deye glared at Yang Kai, gritting his teeth as he shouted, “The Meng Mansion’s efforts to nurture you have gone to waste, you actually repay them in such a manner. You really have the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog. Return Ru’er and this old master will spare your life!”

Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Patriarch, please forgive me, but this is the last resort. It’s just that my relationship with the Eldest Young Lady has come to this, so I hope Patriarch can agree!”

Meng Deye was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on and was about to explode, “Bullshit! Who do you think you are? What kind of status does Ru’er have? How could she have fallen for a slut like you? Bullshit!” Turning his head to Feng Cheng Si, he explained, “Young City Lord, this child is spouting nonsense, don’t take it to heart. He must have used some kind of forceful method, otherwise Ru’er would never have left the Meng Mansion!”

Feng Cheng Si wore a faint smile on his face and did not comment.

As soon as he finished speaking, Meng Ru, supported by Qian Qian, came down from the carriage, her expression somewhat miserable.

Seeing this, Meng Deye was overjoyed and quickly asked, “Ru’er, were you injured?”

Meng Ru was like a child who had done something wrong, not daring to meet her father’s eyes as she slowly shook her head.

Meng Deye let out a sigh of relief and comforted her, “Ru’er, don’t be afraid. Father will save you now and let this thief know the consequences of bullying you! Right, the Young City Lord has also come, he won’t let you suffer.”

“Father…” Meng Ru called out softly.

Meng Deye quickly replied, “Father is here!”

Meng Ru lowered her head and said, “Father, please bless me and Big Brother Yang's relationship.”

Meng Deye’s face instantly became ashen as if he had been struck by lightning, his sharp eyes staring at Meng Ru, “What did you say?”

He could still reprimand Yang Kai for his nonsense just now, but when it came from Meng Ru, it was a different story. This was equivalent to the Meng Mansion’s Eldest Young Lady admitting to having an affair with her guard in front of everyone.

This piece of news was extremely shocking, and the surrounding knights were all shocked when they heard it. They had been ordered to chase after her, thinking that the Eldest Young Lady had been taken away by the guard called Yang Kai, but now it seemed that the situation was not like this. Instead, it was the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Mansion who had voluntarily followed him.

This wasn’t snatching a bride, this was an escape, an elopement!

The two were completely different in nature! The Meng Mansion's Eldest Young Lady’s actions not only brought shame to the Meng Mansion, but also to the City Lord’s Mansion.

Many people carefully looked towards Feng Cheng Si, only to discover that their Young City Lord still wore that faint smile on his face, as if he didn’t care about his bride’s elopement at all.

“Father, you have always pampered your daughter for so many years and never forced her to marry. Your daughter has also told you many times that she has been waiting for a fated person all her life,” Meng Ru lowered her head and said, her thin body seemingly gaining a lot of courage as she looked up at her father, “And now, your daughter has finally meet her fated one. Big Brother Yang is the person your daughter has been waiting for!”

Meng Deye was so angry that his whole body was trembling, his anger like a volcano about to erupt.

Meng Ru had indeed mentioned about meeting her fated person to him many times, but he didn’t take it to heart, only thinking that his daughter was just casually brushing him off. But now, she was actually talking about some fated person, how could he believe her?

“Ru’er, you’re sick!” Meng Deye’s voice was low, “Come home with Father, Father will find a doctor to treat you!”

Meng Ru shook her head, “I’m not sick!”

Meng Deye glanced at Yang Kai beside her and said lightly, “If you’re not sick, you should care about his life and death. Come home with Father, he can live, but if you insist on being stubborn, today will be his death anniversary!”

Meng Ru’s face suddenly paled. She knew that although Yang Kai was strong, he was definitely not a match for so many people.

Meng Deye had used Yang Kai’s life to threaten her, causing her to panic.

Turning around, Yang Kai grinned at her when their eyes met.

Meng Ru’s hesitant gaze instantly became firm as she turned to look at her father, “Father, I beg you, please let us live!”

Meng Deye’s face was filled with pain. The current situation was not something he could decide. Only a small number of these people who were pursuing them were Meng Mansion guards, and most of them were guards of the City Lord’s Mansion, only listening to Feng Cheng Si’s orders.

Even if he wanted to forgive his daughter, he couldn’t. With the Young City Lord by his side, as the Patriarch of the Meng Mansion, he had to act appropriately.

Shaking his head with difficulty, Meng Deye said, “You’re young and ignorant and have been deceived by others. The Young City Lord is a magnanimous person and will forgive you this time. Follow me home and serve the Young City Lord well in the future.”

The last bit of hope in Meng Ru’s eyes disappeared as she slowly knelt down and kowtowed three times to Meng Deye.

Meng Deye panicked, “What are you doing?”

Meng Ru stood up and turned to look at Yang Kai with a sweet smile, “Since we can’t live in the same room, we’ll die together. Big Brother Yang, Ru’er is very happy to have waited for you.”

Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief and stepped forward, pulling out his sword from his waist and standing in front of Meng Ru, his sword clashing with hers, “Before I fall, no one can hurt you!”

“You’ve all gone mad!” Meng Deye’s eyes turned bloodshot.

Feng Cheng Si, who had been smiling all this time, suddenly went crazy and roared, “Kill them! Let them know the consequences of offending this Young City Lord!”

Meng Deye was shocked, “No, Young City Lord!” Saying so, he tried to stop him, but was kicked off the horse by Feng Cheng Si and fell to the ground in pain.

One figure after another flew towards Yang Kai from all directions, instantly surrounding him.

Saber light flashed, sword light surged, and a miserable scream rang out as severed limbs flew out, staining the ground red.

One by one, the corpses fell to the ground. Just like before, Yang Kai stood guard in front of the cave, not moving a single step.

As the sword and saber crisscrossed, they reaped the lives of the newcomers like they were cutting through straw. In a short time, a small mountain of corpses had formed in front of them.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of slaughter was enough to make one tremble in fear. No matter how many people there were, they might not have the courage to continue attacking. After all, no one knew if they would be the next to die.

However, with Feng Cheng Si personally overseeing this place, no matter how frightened the people from the City Lord’s Mansion were, none of them dared to take half a step back. If they wanted to be safe, they could only kill Yang Kai first.

From the beginning of this fierce battle, there had been no second result. Either Yang Kai had died, or the pursuers had been completely wiped out.

However, the number of people Feng Cheng Si brought this time was too many, at least two or three hundred, two or three times more than when Yang Kai had faced the bandits of Treasure Field Peak.

Human strength was sometimes limited. Under such circumstances, no matter how strong he was, how could he persist until the end?

The Overturning Clouds Saber and Overturning Rain Sword had performed a great service. Although Meng Deye had previously wanted Yang Kai dead and had even planned to let him escort the goods to Dingyuan City, Meng Deye had indeed attached great importance to him.

The Overturning Clouds Saber and Overturning Rain Sword could be considered divine weapons, so when the enemy’s sword came into contact with it, they would often break in half, greatly saving Yang Kai’s strength.

Meng Deye was still begging Feng Cheng Si, but he was suddenly tied up and thrown to the side by the angry Young City Lord.

The many guards of the Meng Mansion only dared to be angry but didn’t dare to say anything. Under Feng Cheng Si’s command, they had no choice but to step forward and oppose Yang Kai.

A stick of incense time passed, half an hour passed…

At the edge of the cliff, blood flowed like a river and Yang Kai’s entire body was dyed red.

This blood belonged to both the enemy and himself.

Although he was strong, in the face of so many people’s attacks, he was unable to protect himself, especially when Feng Cheng Si’s orders were not only to kill him but also to kill Meng Ru. Many people from the City Lord’s Mansion saw that Yang Kai was too strong, so they tried to kill Meng Ru in order to distract Yang Kai and create an opening.

Even a Divine Weapon like the Overturning Clouds Saber and Overturning Rain Sword would find it difficult to endure such a high-intensity battle. The blades were all wrapped up and their destructive power was greatly reduced.

Yang Kai was nearly exhausted, his body staggering as he persevered with all his strength.

A sword light came from the left and Yang Kai saw it, but he couldn’t avoid it. If he tried to avoid it, Meng Ru would be in danger.

All he could do was tighten his body and avoid a fatal blow, preparing to take it head on with his flesh and blood.

A muffled groan rang out and everyone was stunned.

Yang Kai didn’t feel any pain or impact, as if someone had blocked the sword.

Turning his head, his eyes narrowed.

The one who had blocked the sword was a soft body, and the sword piercing through her chest was the most fatal injury. The usually timid and shy Qian Qian opened her arms and stood in front of Yang Kai, finally mustering her last bit of courage to look into his eyes.

Then, she smiled sweetly, blood dripping from the corner of her mouth, “Big Brother Yang, it’s good that you’re alright!”

Yang Kai felt as if an invisible hand was gripping his heart, causing him to be unable to breathe.

Memories of the past few months of interacting with Miss Qian Qian flashed across his mind as he recalled her shyness and tenderness.

When he had first entered the Meng Mansion, Qian Qian had also entered the Meng Mansion. Although she had just arrived, she had somehow managed to win the favor of the Eldest Young Lady and become her personal maidservant.

When she was practicing martial arts, the talent she displayed was on par with Meng Ru’s.

Every time their eyes met, Yang Kai felt like he was looking at a frightened little beast. Yang Kai had seen this kind of panic in the eyes of another woman.

It was a woman he was not familiar with but was destined to be entangled with.

The two figures slowly overlapped.

Suddenly, Yang Kai blurted out, “Junior Sister Tao?”

Qian Qian was already on her deathbed, but after Yang Kai said these words, her body seemed to have been infused with a new vitality, her dark eyes suddenly becoming bright and clear.

“Senior Brother Yang!”


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